Sunday, February 21, 2010

MMR Universe Stories

By Rolf
Matthew's First Spanking
Matthew Gets His First Taste of Discipline
The First Paddling
The Motorcycle Crash
The Ticket
The Day After the Ticket
The Second Strapping
The Opening Night of Hockey
Getting Tossed From the Arena
Through the Eyes of Another
Having Kittens
Christmas Cheer
The Sense (scents) of Christmas
Where were you?
Drabble: Rolf and Matthew
Drabble: That Damned Cat
Change of Plans
Drabble: My Pet 

How a Turkey Can Still Bite you in the Ass
Drabble: He's Home!
A Double Drouble
Drabble: Ode to the Red Phone

Drabble: Freedom
Drabble: Daydreaming

By Rolf and Gayspankee

By Rolf and Ranger
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Fun and Hockey Games
When It All Goes Wrong
The Flame Game
Cold Justice
A Scratch on the Surface
Give Me a Break
Stargazing (Crossover with Val and Luke)
I Wanna Be Like Mike
Truth or Dare
Let it Snow
The Mockingbird
Knife to the Heart
Cabin Fever
What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Family Bites
Welcome to the Weekend
48 Hours to Freedom
The Quitting Technique
Speed Demon
When the Bough Breaks
Interview with Matthew and Rolf
Michael and Eric
Over the Edge
Todd and Stephen
To Mow or Not to Mow. That is the Question
Stalked Part 3 (Crossover with Val and Luke)
Stalked Part 4 (Crossover with Val and Luke)
Stalked Part 5 (Crossover with Val and Luke)
Stalked Part 6 (Crossover with Val and Luke)
Christmas Spirit Part 1 (Crossover with Val and Luke)

Matthew and Mark have supporting roles in the following stories:

Crimsom Blossoms
Through the Garden Gate


Anonymous said...

Good Morning All,

Just a couple of things I have noticed. The link to "Knife to the Heart" appears to be broken, the error message read, "file not found".

On The Falls Chance Story extra portion on the Book for Silver Bullet Shennanigan's Outlook is not linked there.

On The Falls Chance Book Shennanigan's Outlook is called Shennangigan's Overlook.

I am simply amazed with the amount of time, effort and care setting up this blog Rolf & Ranger's stories most of taken. Thank you so very much for all of the hard work.

Unknown said...

I would like to echo some of the previous comment in terms of the amazement at the amount of time, effort and care in setting this up. I had found you sometime before but this new set up is so nice. All involved are such a gift to the spanking community. Thanks so much for all the hard work and for the hours of reading pleasure

Unknown said...

just one more comment: the writing is so well done, the stories and characters are well developed, you do get a sense of them as people

In terms of Tops, I found Rolf stories first and he is still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I agree. These stories are such a gift. This set up is beautiful. I am 10000% in love with Nick and Damien. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is so beautifull written..

a fan from Belgium


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Val and Luke, I hope to read part 2 soon of the "Christmas Spirit".

CrazyFantasygirl said...

I love all of these stories. But my fav's are the MMR universe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love all your stories but could you tell us when part 2 of the
Christmas Spirit with Val and Luke is coming I keep reading but
there is no ending��

Anonymous said...

I love most of the stories on this blog, and the Falls Chance Ranch books are some of my favorites in my ebook library, but I have to say that the MMR stories seem a bit...well...abusive. Rolf frequently punishes Matthew in anger, and some of the punishments are ridiculously excessive. There's a difference between spanking and beating, and Rolf appears to not know where to draw the line. One story even used the word "assault," (as in, "Rolf continued his assault on Matt's backside") and it seemed very accurate indeed.

Matthew may be a brat, and he may be thoughtless, but he's a sensitive character, and young. You can't beat maturity into a person if they're not mentally capable yet. Some parts of the brain don't develop until the age of thirty--that's why car insurance premiums are so high for men ages 16 to 25.

No Top's brat should be so afraid of a punishment that they run away from home, can't do their job, or cry all day. Yes, spankings hurt, but overly harsh punishments take an emotional toll that a just punishment doesn't. The MMR stories are painful to read.

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