Friday, February 12, 2010

The Man in the Making


Anonymous said...

Dear Ranger,
Are you going to let us know what happens to Will and John and Ned, and the kingdom? I know you are busy on the book, but if you could just write one more part to Blood on the Mountain. If you still have time another Nick and Damien is always good lol! Thank you your fan Lauran

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting and waiting...can you please at least give a hint as to when we'll get part 4?

papergirl said...

Just re reading the old stories. This one is so rich with human feeling. Would love to have more.
The new stories are just as great and I imagine it's difficult to go back to these older ones. I'm just a nutcase for historical novels. I've made two trips to the UK and was fascinated by the depth of history we don't have here in the States. You know the difference between Americans and Europeans? You think a 100 miles is a really long distance and we think 100 years is really old.

Anyway - thanks again for sharing your talent with us . I've past many an hour both reading and daydreaming.

Monu said...

Oh, i very badly want to know what happens of the kingdom! Does Ned gets it back? What happens of Lord John and Will's relationship? What of Richard and Will? Wanna read how Will becomes a knight... Please do write Ranger....... Pls continue this series.....

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