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Turning the Tables: the New Neighbor

Title: Turning the Tables: the New Neighbor
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee
It was a cold winter morning. There was a snowstorm the night before. All of Matthew's classes were cancelled for the day, and he had the place all to himself. His only project was to shovel. Around mid morning, Matthew finally pulled himself out of bed. The house still had a chill in it, so he decided to start a fire, and then he would take a shower. He went into the bathroom and ran the water, letting it heat up nicely. He then stripped, and wrapped a towel around himself. As he made his way into the living room, the curtains were open on the large picture window. It sent shivers down his spine, as he looked out into the snowy, winter wonderland. He then bent down and started the electric fireplace. While doing so, his towel slipped. He picked the towel up and tossed it over his shoulder and headed back to the bathroom, massaging his tight buns along the way.
What he didn't realize was that his next-door neighbor was outside, enjoying the show. His neighbor was Joshua. He had just moved into the neighborhood a few weeks ago, and was simply fascinated with Matthew. They had never spoken, but Joshua's bedroom looked right into Matthew's, and he had gotten quite an eyeful. Joshua was still in disbelief that someone older than him was still getting spanked, by someone clearly not his father at that.
Joshua carefully made his way around the house, so he was in view of the bathroom. Lucky for him, the shade was busted, and again he could see right in. Matthew was enjoying the shower, and the fact that he was all alone, or at least alone to his knowledge made it even better. As the soap cascaded down his toned body, he became aroused. With time to spare, he decided to pay special attention to his arousal. He let the soap roll around his groin. Joshua was just in heaven at the sight before him. He closely watched as Matthew pleasured himself in the shower. Just as Matthew orgasmed, he caught a glimpse of the window. Joshua bolted as he realized he had been spied. Matthew sprang out of the shower and threw his bathrobe on, determined to catch the pervert peeping on him.
"Hey, what the hell you doing?" Matthew said grabbing Joshua, who had tripped in the midst of his escape.
"I...a...I was a..."
"You were watching me _f_u_c_k_ing jerk off, that's what you were doing."
"I am so sorry. I couldn't help but..."
Matthew dragged the peeper inside, it was _d_a_m_n_ cold out there. He shoved him down on the kitchen chair, and headed for the phone.
"You will be sorry once I call the police."
"No PLEASE. Don't do that, I'm sorry." Whoa, that sounded strange coming from someone other than himself. It also gave Matthew an idea.
"Honest, I didn't mean to stare," Joshua continued. "I was outside shoveling, and happened to see you lose your towel, and the next thing I knew, I was watching you in the shower."
"Oh you're the one who just moved in next door."
"Yeah, I'm Joshua." He said extending his hand out of habit. Matthew didn't return the courtesy, he was still embarrassed and peeved at what had happened.
"Sorry, habit. I guess I wouldn't want to shake some little perverts hand either," Joshua chuckled nervously.
"So do you always peep on your new neighbors? Or is this your first time?"
"Oh my gawd, you have been watching us here haven't you?"
"My bedroom looks right into yours. I was at my computer studying last week. I happened to look up for a minute, and I saw..."
"Okay, I know what you saw. And you sat there and watched the whole thing, I'm sure. You probably got off on it too."
"I'm sorry. I did watch. I couldn't believe it. Who, I mean what was he, um..."
"Not that it's any of your business, but that was Rolf. This is his house and I am his companion. He has taken on the role of disciplinarian, and when I step out of line, he sets me straight again. Obviously, that is something you could use." Joshua just looked down at the floor after that comment.
"That is exactly what you could use, isn't it?" No response.
"ISN'T IT?" Matthew was starting to scare himself with his assertiveness.
"Yes it is."
"Perhaps a solid spanking would teach you not to be peeping in people's windows."
"You are probably right." Joshua said softly.
"What did you say, speak up."
"You are right Sir, a spanking would teach me."
"Alright then. I want you to strip to your underwear. And stand in that corner over there until I return. Do you understand?" Joshua nodded yes.
"Then do it."
Matthew's head was swimming now. He had never been in this position before, and he was starting to like it. He made his way to his bedroom so he could change, after all he was still in his robe, with nothing on underneath. As he passed his dresser, his hairbrush caught his eye.
Meanwhile, Joshua was starting to undress. He thought about leaving. But he knew Matthew would come after him. And this was something he had fantasized about. He was never spanked growing up. And once he found the internet he grew curious about spanking. He had even tried spanking himself on several occasions, but this would be different.
After about ten minutes in the corner, Matthew returned, with the brush in hand. He stopped in the doorway, staring at Joshua. Joshua had a very nice body, with a very spankable butt. Matthew drank in the sight of this boy, standing in the corner. He looked down at the hairbrush in his hand, and the rush of emotions was unbelievable. Matthew had always been the boy in the corner, waiting nervously to be taught some lesson. He had never even really thought of being on this side of the equation. That would never work with Rolf. But, standing here in his corner, was a chance to see what it would be like. He didn't think Joshua was experiencing any of the emotions that Matthew usually did while waiting. Joshua, he was sure, had never been spanked, at least since he was a child. He had no idea how much pain and embarrassment he would be facing shortly. Well, Matthew was going to teach him a lesson in manners, and Joshua would leave with nothing left to the imagination. Joshua was studying the paintbrush marks in the corner. He was feeling several emotions, but none of them was fear. He was excited by the prospect of this spanking. He knew he shouldn't have been spying, and the spanking would clear his conscience. His stomach was a little jittery, since he had no idea what to expect. He just wished it would begin, the waiting was torture. Matthew walked to the chair in the center of the kitchen, and sat down. He was going to enjoy this. He steeled his nerves, and tried to get angry again at what Joshua had done. He wanted to be able to chill Joshua with "the look" that Rolf always gave him. The one that dropped the stomach to the toes. When he thought he was ready, he said in the sternest voice he could muster, "Joshua, come here."
Joshua turned around, and saw Matthew in the chair. So, he was to be spanked in the kitchen. When he looked at Matthew, he noticed a very different look on his face. Gone was the embarrassed/pissed look, in its place was a tough, stern face. Joshua began to wonder what he had gotten himself into. Matthew noticed a slight bulge in Joshua's underwear. Well, that wouldn't last long. Joshua walked up close to Matthew, and he noticed the hairbrush in his hands.
"Now, wait a minute Matt. I haven't been spanked before. I don't think we need that hairbrush." Matthew continued his icy stare at Joshua. He watched Joshua start to weaken.
"Joshua, I don't think you understand the situation. YOU are the one that did something they shouldn't have. I am the one who caught you, which means I am the one that chooses the punishment. You lost your say in the matter the minute you screwed up. Now, get your ass over here, right now" Matthew said, pointing at the floor directly off to his right. Joshua was beginning to lose some of his nerve. Matthew had an attitude that wasn't to be messed with, and it scared him some. He walked right up next to Matthew, and looked at the floor. His emotions were running high, and he didn't know whether to run and hide, or jump for joy.
"Young men learn their best lessons on a bare ass, drop your shorts."
Matthew was having a hard time remaining stern. He knew what that command usually did to him. No matter how many times he was over someone's knees for a spanking, it was always so very difficult to bare your ass yourself. It was like you were agreeing to the punishment, that you couldn't wait to begin. And it was ALWAYS so very embarrassing. Even if you knew, deep in your heart, that it was deserved, baring your ass for a spanking always made you feel like a 5 year old. He watched Joshua closely, trying to read what was going through his mind. Joshua was shocked. He hadn't planned on pulling his shorts down.
"Come on, Matthew, I..." Matthew was waiting for this. He jumped up and began striding to the phone.
"Alright, mister, if that's the way you want to handle this, I can call the police. I'm sure your family will be so VERY happy to go down and bail you from jail, for being a peeping tom."
He picked up the phone and began dialing. Joshua realized he was in all kinds of trouble. There was no way he could go to jail. He was just going to have to suck it up, and beg for forgiveness.
"Please, please, Matt, I'll do it. Please don't call the police, please." Matthew hadn't dialed the police. He knew Joshua wouldn't let it get that far. He just wanted to see Joshua beg.
"You'll do WHAT? Make me have to keep repeating myself? Fight me at every turn of event that you’re not expecting? That doesn't work for me." Matthew released a big sigh, saying "They put me on hold." He was waiting to see how Joshua responded.
"Matt, please, PLEASE hang up the phone. I can't go to jail. I....I know I was wrong, peeping in. I....I'll do what you say."
Joshua said that last part softly, too softly for Matthew's satisfaction.
"I'm not hanging up this phone until you make it clear to me, crystal clear to me, exactly what is going to happen."
Matthew was absolutely relishing this "in charge" power. It was quickly going to his head. Joshua realized he was going to have to say it, flat out.
"Okay, okay, I deserve a spanking for watching you. I'll drop my shorts and accept a spanking in whatever fashion you deem necessary. Please, just hang up the phone."
Joshua couldn't believe he was actually having to beg for a spanking. He was extremely embarrassed, but if that's what it took to keep the police out of the matter, so be it. Matthew's stomach jumped a little. He was having such a hard time, trying to look stern. Inside, he had a smile from ear to ear. He turned around, to compose himself, and took a few seconds, saying into the phone, "Sorry, I have the wrong number."
He hung up, clamped down on the smile, and headed back to the chair. Time to watch Joshua dance.
"Matt, thanks for hanging up. I'm so..."
"Joshua, you will be begging for police intervention, when I am though with you. I don't appreciate being spied upon, and when we're done here, you won't think of doing that again. Now get those shorts down, and get across my knees."
Matthew watched Joshua pull his underwear slowly down, then he about burst when Joshua leaned over his knees. The power! A perfectly white butt, all ready and waiting for Matthew. He decided he had to begin by spanking with the hand. He wanted to see the handprints, and feel the connection, a lot more personal than the brush. He got a good hold across Joshua's back, and raised his arm up high. He brought it crashing down upon Joshua's butt. The smacking sound was loud, and it stung Matthew's hand. He could, in all honesty, know exactly how that felt to Joshua. He'd been there many, many times before. Joshua let out a surprised "Aaaahhhh". He had no idea that one spank could hurt so much. He had a million thoughts, swirling around in his head. But, that would end soon enough, as he was going to have everything in his head driven out from the pain in his backside. Matthew watched as his handprint took shape on the milky white skin. He brought his hand down again, below that print. Joshua flinched a little at that one, but no sound was made. Matthew kept going, a few seconds between each spank, up to about 10. By that time, he had covered all of Joshua's ass, at least once. Joshua was jumping a little with each spank, but not making much noise. A moan here or there. Matthew was trying to figure out why Joshua wasn't crying yet. He most certainly would have, if it were him getting his ass beat. Maybe because it was the first time, and Joshua still had no idea what lay ahead. Matthew picked up the pace a little, turning up the heat on Joshua's bare backside. Joshua had tears in his eyes, but he wasn't ready to shed them yet. His ass was starting to really sting, but he wasn't about to let Matt know how bad it hurt. He started to have trouble breathing without crying once Matt picked up the pace. By the 15th spank, Joshua was sobbing with each one. By the 20th, Joshua was in serious pain. He started to apologize.
"Matt, ahhhhhaaaaa, I'm...sorry..*sob*..I....aahhhaahhha...won't do it.....aaahhha...again. Please...*sob*..aaahhhhaa....stop. Please.....aaahhhhaaa...._d_a_m_n_IT....I said....AAAHHHHA...I was sorry....STOP!"
Matthew kept right on spanking. He paid no attention to Joshua's pleas. He was going to make good and sure that Joshua never looked in his window again. He was having to hold on pretty good to Joshua, who was trying in vain to jump off the lap. Joshua kept fighting Matthew. He had learned his lesson, and now that he knew what a spanking felt like, wanted it to end right now. But Matthew wasn't quitting, he was spanking faster, if that were possible. Joshua finally gave up on the pleas, he needed the air so he could cry. And cry he did. He didn't care what Matthew thought of him, he just wanted it to stop, and if crying did that, he was going to win an Oscar. Finally, Matthew stopped. His hand was hurting. He looked down at his handiwork. Joshua's ass was a nice shade of red. He left his hand on it, and felt the heat rising. But, he wasn't done yet. He let Joshua calm down, until he thought that Joshua would be able to understand what he was saying.
"Joshua, that was for spying on me in the living room. I'm now going to spank you 20 times with the hairbrush, for walking all the way around the house, just to watch me in the shower."
Joshua couldn't believe what he just heard. He couldn't handle another spanking. Matthew's hand was hurting just by touching the skin.
"No..*sob**sob*...I learned...*sob**sob*."
Matthew picked up the hairbrush, and brought it down hard, on Joshua's already torched backside. It made a very loud THWACK, and Joshua shot forward, yelling in pain. He couldn't believe how bad that hurt. He took in a quick breath, before the second lick landed. He yelled again, and burst into fresh tears, and didn't quit yelling until the end. He was kicking furiously, trying in vain to lesson the fire. It didn't help. Matthew watched Joshua kicking, and knew every emotion that Joshua was feeling. He put down the hairbrush, and rubbed Joshua's back, waiting for him to quit the yelling and kicking. Joshua kicked for several minutes, trying to soothe the fire in his backside. He cried, big long, heaving cries, shedding all emotion. Now that Matthew was done, Joshua just wanted to run and hide. His dignity was gone, Matthew had just spanked it out of him. He was so embarrassed. Just when Matthew was ready to let Joshua up, he heard the back door open, and Rolf saying "I'm home."
Rolf entered the house and was taken by surprise. Here was Matthew with a nude stranger across his knees, crying. Rolf scared the hell out of Matthew, and he inadvertently 'dropped' Joshua to the floor. Joshua just curled into a ball out of embarrassment.
"What is going on here Matthew, and who is that?"
"Go over into the corner and keep your hands on your head and don't move." Matthew said to Joshua. Matthew led Rolf into the living room.
"Your home early Rolf."
"My meeting was canceled, my afternoon client was snowed out. Now would you like to tell me what the hell is going on?" Matthew proceeded to tell Rolf everything that had happened. And Rolf listened intently.
"Well, I think you handled things well. I can't say I would have done things the same way." Rolf looked around into the kitchen at the young man's ass.
"But you certainly did a hell of a job. It's nice to know you did SOMETHING today."
"What are you talking about?"
"You know the routine, whenever it snows you are to be out there FIRST THING shoveling. I am glad you dealt with a peeping tom, that is a serious offense. But of course I told you before about walking around nude."
"I wasn't walking around nude, the towel slipped."
"Whatever, that wasn't where I was going. I am the owner of this house, and I am responsible for the walkway. If someone slipped and fell, they could sue me. I have asked you as a favor, or as a chore, however you wish to look at it, to shovel the walk when it snows. Instead, you sleep all morning, then play with yourself in the shower, instead of doing your work. I've told you before you have to prove to me you can be responsible, and set your priorities. And you haven't done that, now I am going to have to remind you to do that in the future." Rolf drew the curtains, and sat down on the couch.
"Drop your jeans, and get over my knees."
"Please Rolf can't we do this later, after our 'guest' leaves. Please."
"No, now drop your jeans, or I will do it for you."
"But Rolf..."
_d_a_m_n_it, there was no talking out this. Matthew lowered his jeans to his ankles and lay across Rolf's knees. Rolf adjusted Matthew accordingly. He then began bringing his large hand crashing down on Matthew's brief covered bottom. Rolf was hitting fast and hard, Matthew was kicking and begging for him to stop, but he was refusing to cry. Tears welled up in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall, not with Joshua in this house. Finally, Rolf stopped after about 5 minutes of solid, non-stop spanking. He knew he had gotten his point across, and admired Matthew for not crying.
"Now get those jeans up and finish dealing with our new friend."
Matthew slowly pulled up those jeans(_d_a_m_n_it why did he always have to buy the tight ones). And headed into the kitchen to finish with Joshua. Matthew went over to Joshua.
"Okay you can put your arms down, and turn around." Joshua turned around, and saw Rolf and Matthew staring at him.
"Joshua this is Rolf." Joshua's shook Rolf's hand.
"I am so sorry to be meeting you like this. I am totally ashamed by my behavior." He then turned to Matthew.
"Thank you Matthew, I am sorry for spying on you I know it was wrong. It won't happen again."
"You better hope not, next time I will let Rolf loose on you, and today will be nothing compared to that."
"That won't happen, I assure you."
"Okay," Matthew said smiling.
"Now get dressed and head on home. And don't be a stranger. If you need to talk or anything, I am here."
"Thanks. It was...uh...nice meeting both of you...under the circumstances."
Joshua tossed on his shirt, and carefully pulled on his jeans, not bothering with his underwear. He gingerly walked home, never again peeping in ANYONE's window.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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