Saturday, February 6, 2010


Title: Unleashed
Authors: Rolf and Gayspankee

Marc flung open the door of the hotel room, stepping out onto the open hallway that ran along the front of the building.

"Come ON, you slugs, I'm ready to check out the beach!"

Matthew eagerly followed him out while Rolf picked up the hotel key card and locked the door behind them.  They'd already been warned that swimming wasn't allowed today because of the severe undercurrents, but that didn't temper anyone's enthusiasm for walking along the shoreline, least of all Marc's.  This was the first vacation he'd had in months and he was all set to enjoy it.

The three young men walked across the wooden walkway over the dunes and onto the sand.  Matthew slid his hand into Rolf's for a short while before Marc got too far ahead and Matthew ran to catch up.

"Are you going to be able to stand?" Marc asked, his head swiveling in all directions.

"What?" Matthew asked.

"Looked like Rolf was holding you up back there!" Marc replied, still looking for cute hard bodies.

Matthew punched him in the arm. "Shut-up!" he replied with a snicker. "Just jealous."

"Hakuna matata, means no worries, for the rest of our days," Marc sang, looking at Matthew straight-faced.

"It's no wonder you don't have someone!"  Matthew ducked away from Marc, but not before Marc had yanked Matthew's shorts halfway off his backside.

"You ASS," Matthew hissed, pulling his shorts back up and looking to see if anyone had noticed.

"Gotcha, Peanut.  Maybe you be a little nicer if you want to keep those on."  Marc turned and continued on down the beach, surveying everyone with a critical eye.

Marc's head spun as a handsome, toned, blonde stud jogged down the surf. Marc walked backwards as he ogled the fine specimen, and promptly lost his footing on a stray seashell.

"Smooth move, Exlax! You know what they say about karma," Matthew snickered as he passed Marc.

"Matthew," Rolf admonished, stopping to help Marc to his feet.  "You all right?"

"Yeah."  Marc brushed sand from his shorts, scowling.

"Are you guys going to argue all day?" Rolf asked, feeling the very beginnings of a headache.

"No," Marc said quickly, not wanting Rolf to get any ideas.  He walked on, in no hurry to catch up to Matthew who was in the lead.  It was getting rather warm, and when they happened upon an arcade blowing out cold air, Matthew and Marc headed straight for it.

"Are you TRYING to get us in trouble?" Marc barked in Matthew's ear.

"Me?! Whose ass was just hanging out on the beach?"

"C'mon, that WAS priceless," Marc chuckled.

Matthew glared.

"All right, too far. But you DID ask for it," Marc replied looking at Matthew.

Matthew shrugged and they walked around the arcade aimlessly.

Rolf's headache was slowly getting worse.

"Guys?  Let's get some lunch, shall we?"

"Yes!" Both replied, mouths watering at the copious amount of junk food available all around them.  They settled on a fifties burger joint and all ordered burgers, fries and shakes. Conversation was distinctly lacking as they all hungrily polished off their plates.

"What's wrong?" Matthew asked, taking a French fry from Rolf's plate.

"Headache.  Would you two mind terribly if I headed back to the hotel room to lie down for a while?"

"I think we can manage," Marc replied. "Did you bring those cuffs with you? You know, in case Matthew gets too rambunctious."

"HEY! Bite me!"

"Perhaps you should both join me," Rolf replied.

"No!" Matthew said quickly.  "He can just chill and we'll be fine, RIGHT?"

Marc bit back his preferred comment, knowing he could use that later. Right now he had to make sure that Rolf knew everything was cool. "Yeah, we'll be fine.  Just give us $50 to spend?"

Rolf laughed.  "Fat chance, Sunshine.  Have a key?"

Marc pulled out his wallet to double check.  "Yes, got it."

Rolf kissed Matthew on the cheek. "I want you both back by three."

"We'll be back before that, since we have no money!" Marc replied, trying one last time for funds.

Rolf laughed. "Good try; you still aren't getting any. Behave. And I will see you in a bit."

"Sleep well," Matthew said, a bit saddened to see Rolf leave.

Matthew turned towards Marc, and Marc smiled.

"Did you see the daiquiri bar across the street?" Marc asked.


"It's one of those that sell the $1 try me sizes, with the twenty flavors, or you can buy the keg sized one for like $5.99.  I'm still hot; that would be good walking around with, don't you think?"

"I'm willing to try the different flavors," Matthew replied, getting up.

"I need to visit the boys' room, be right with you," Marc said, heading towards the bathroom.

Matthew waited a minute, before deciding to head on over to peruse the menu first.

Marc came out of the bathroom and looked around for Matthew, not seeing him anywhere inside.  He stepped outside, expecting to find him waiting and was again disappointed.  A quick scan of the street and he spotted him standing at the bar.  He headed across the street when the traffic cleared.

"Couldn't you wait for me?"  Marc asked when he made it across the street.

"I wanted to see what they had.  Besides, you KNOW where I was going."

"Next time, just WAIT," Marc said, thinking it would be a good thing to have a leash on Matthew, who managed more often than not to get ahead of him and 'lost'.

Marc was lost in thought when Matthew poked him, snapping him back to reality.

"What?!" Marc asked, after being poked repeatedly.

"Look over there," Matthew said pointing. "That is SO wrong! Whoever invented that should be shot!"

Marc looked up the street to see a woman walking her son on a kiddie leash, harnessed around his chest.

"Makes me want to get a Frisbee and throw it," Marc said jokingly.

"Yeah, right at her head!"

"I meant more to see if the kid would fetch."

"That is just SO wrong for a child! Just because she's too damn fat to chase after him and watch him properly!" Matthew said fuming slightly.

"I agree, that is not an article that should be used on children. But brats I could see."

Matthew turned around and looked at Marc. "Don't you go getting ANY ideas."

"Too late," Marc said, laughing, ducking away from Matthew's punch. "Let's shop a bit before we drink?  I'm still stuffed from lunch and I'd like to try several flavors, not just one."

It took only a moment for Matthew to decide that was a pretty good idea.  "Okay.  Where to?"

Marc looked down to the left and spotted a large glass dome with a shark the star window attraction.  It advertised all types of souvenirs
and the requisite "3 shirts for $9.99!!!" sign.  "Want to see what's in there?" he asked, pointing.

Shrugging, Matthew headed that way.  "They're usually all the same, but at least that LOOKS interesting.  Some people need to check the mirror before they leave the house," Matthew whispered, nudging Marc to look at a particularly large man in a tiny Speedo suit.

Marc took off running, diving into the first store door he came to. Matthew followed more sedately.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I wasn't sure when that was going to let loose.  I didn't want to be in firing range," Marc finished, watching as the guy walked past the window.

Matthew stood in morbid fascination, watching as parts of the suit disappeared as the guy walked down the street.  He looked at Marc and the two of them died laughing.

"Is it safe yet?"

"I THINK the worst has passed," Marc replied, trying to catch his breath.

Matthew continued to giggle as Marc looked around, his eyes darting in every direction.  It didn't take long before he was laughing again.

"What?" Matthew asked looking frantically outside, thinking the man had returned.

Marc couldn't speak through his laughter, just spun his finger around in the air.

Matthew finally took the hint and looked around.

"Eeek! Girly things!" Matthew exclaimed as he grabbed a bra off the table.  He tossed it at Marc and watched as it landed on his head. Exploding with laughter, he ran out of the store.  Marc took a moment to compose himself as he removed the offending clothing from his head and placed it back on the display table.  He gave a lopsided grin and a shrug of his shoulders to the surly older lady minding the checkout counter halfway down the store and walked out.

"Bitty," he said, looking first to the right, then back down the street to the left where they'd come from.  As usual, no sign of Matthew, though there was that lady with the leash on her kid.  Wishing he could buy that from her, he turned to head back towards the store, as it seemed Matthew must have headed there already.

"Ahhhh!" Marc yelped, stepping forward quickly and turning around.  He found Matthew standing there sipping on a lemonade, the picture of innocence.  "Could you GET lost any quicker?!?" Marc asked angrily as he shook the piece of ice from his shirt.

"I wasn't lost!" Matthew countered.  "This lemonade looked good when we walked past.  Want some?"

Marc scowled, but took the proffered drink.  "Thank you, I think."

"You're welcome," Matthew said, taking the drink back and smiling. "Let's go on into that store, before that guy comes back."

"I don't know what we're going to find there with limited funds," Marc groused, heading down the sidewalk.

"If there's anything REALLY good, we have a credit card.  OR we can always drag Rolf back here."

"He wouldn't appreciate either one."

"Oh for heaven's sake, quit your bitching.  It's not like there's going to be fifteen rows of movies that are calling your name," Matthew said, opening the door and being blasted with the wonderful cool of the air conditioner.

"No drinks, please," a young clerk said, pointing at a sign.  Matthew looked at his drink, then downed half of it in a few good pulls on the straw.  He handed it over to Marc who polished off the last of it and turned to throw it away.  When he turned back around, Matthew's fair head was disappearing around the end of an aisle.

"I swear..." he grumbled to himself, heading down another aisle, figuring they'd meet up before too long.

Marc perused the aisles, looking at all the little tchotchkes. This store had it all, from shrunken heads to plaques that said 'Porn Star'. He kept one eye on the aisle waiting for Matthew to reappear, but after five minutes Marc decided to actively look for him, getting more frustrated.  Fifteen minutes later, he found Matthew on the third floor, digging through barrels of shells.

"Where have you BEEN?" Marc demanded as soon as he got close enough.

"Looking at the stuff," Matthew replied in an exasperated tone.  "Where have YOU been?"

"Looking for you!"

"You didn't have to waste that time; it's not like I left the store or anything."

"How was I to know?!"

"Will you PLEASE be QUIET?" Matthew demanded, stalking away.

Marc followed, catching him in the back corner of the floor.


"Why didn't you wait for me?"  Marc asked.

"What is wrong with me looking at one thing and you another?  It's NOT like I'm three and need constant supervision!" Matthew spat, looking to make sure no one else was interested in their conversation.

"It just would have been nice to spend the time WITH you, not looking
FOR you."

Matthew glared for a few minutes before softening a bit.  "Do you want to check out the fourth and fifth floors now?"

Marc waited a second before answering.  "Okay."

They headed up the stairs to a much smaller fourth floor, and an even smaller fifth floor.  At the top were windows in all directions, giving a good view of the beachline and close in the town before the hotels of several floors got in the way.

"This is pretty cool."

"Yeah, I guess.  Ready for that drink?  Because I am," Marc replied.

"You don't want any souvenirs?"

"I didn't find anything I needed."

"I wouldn't mind a shell or something, where I had been."

"Why?  We can take another walk on the beach and see what we can find for free.  If we don't find anything, we can come back here before leaving."

Matthew couldn't argue with that logic.  Besides, he was getting thirsty again himself.  "All right, let's go!"  Matthew zoomed down the stairs, both sets of spiral stairs and the two flights of regular steps, nearly knocking one young child to the ground as he rounded the last corner.

"I'm sorry!" he said, before disappearing down the steps.

Marc rolled his eyes heavenward and followed at a more sedate pace. When Marc emerged outside, he looked around and Matthew was nowhere to be found. Matthew was beginning to get on Marc's last nerve with this constant disappearing act. As Marc grumbled towards the hotel, he saw the child on the leash again, and was finally satisfied that such an invention DID have a place in this world. As he continued down the boardwalk, a storefront caught his eye. Marc looked around one last time for Matthew, and went in when he saw no sign of him.

Marc emerged from the store within five minutes, carrying a bag, and a smug grin. He continued his route towards the hotel. As he looked down the boardwalk, he saw a mop-topped young man walking clumsily, looking around. It was Matthew, and he was starting to panic at having misplaced Marc, yet again.

Marc picked up pace and stood right behind Matthew.

"Are you lost, little boy?"

Matthew turned around, trying to hide the panic in his eyes.

"Where the HELL did you go!??" Matthew asked sharply.

"ME?? YOU were the one who took off, again!" Marc replied.

"Well," Matthew started, as he spotted the bag. "At least *I* didn't go shopping!"

"I didn't buy this for me. It's a gift for you."

"Me?" Matthew asked, his face softening, and a smile starting to crack.

"Mmmhmmm," Marc replied, trying to contain his wicked grin. "I hope you will use it immediately."

Marc guided Matthew over to the side of the boardwalk so they were out of the way and handed him the bag.

The smile slipped from Matthew's face when he pulled out the leash contraption.  "Very funny, asshole!" Matthew exploded, throwing the
leash on the ground and stalking away.  Marc had to chase the bag in the wind a few steps, then retrieved the leash and put it back, laughing to himself.  He missed the few angry stares of the passersby who had overheard the conversation.  Looking up, he spotted Matthew going into the daiquiri bar.  He took a minute to compose himself, then walked down the street to join him.  Entering the bar, he spotted Matthew at the end with two cups in front of him.

"Want to try our newest flavor?  It's Kahlua and cream," the pert young lady asked from behind the bar.

"Sure," Marc said, going to sit next to Matthew.  "What flavors do you have?"

"Here you go," she said, before walking off to serve another customer.

"Are you not talking to me?" Marc asked after a healthy swallow of his very small drink.

"Why should I?" Matthew spat, draining the first cup in two more swallows.  He grimaced, hand going to rub his head.

"Freezer burn?"


"What flavor?"


"This Kahlua is good."

Matthew pushed the empty cup away and pulled the Kahlua one to him.  "I have one too," he said, taking a sip.  "Mmmm, it IS good."

"As good as the watermelon one?"

"I think the watermelon is better.  Kahlua is good, but better as a drink, not frozen," Matthew said, draining the second cup.  "You're already one ahead of me," Marc said, signaling the waitress.

"Not my fault," Matthew said, ordering up two new flavors.

"I'll have the peach and the pina colada," Marc said, attempting to get caught up.

"Give me the kiwi-strawberry next," Matthew added, sticking out a very red tongue at Marc.

"And a Kahlua," Marc added, as he eyed Matthew. "And a cherry zinger."

The waitress poured the requested drinks and lined them up in front of both boys.  "Trying to outdo your friend?" she asked Marc.

"Catch up to him is more like it," Marc replied with a wink.

"Yeah, that's where he stays, on my ASS," Matthew said, poking a finger in Marc's ribs.

"Best watch it, sparky, or I will have you on that leash yet," Marc replied, guzzling the zinger.

"Fat chance.  How's the cherry?"

"Sweetily tart!" Marc said as his cheeks puckered. He quickly grabbed the peach to flush out the taste filling his mouth.

"You look like you're wearing lipstick!"

"Maybe that is the look I am going for. I will become Buffy Beethoven, world renowned female impersonator!"

Matthew dissolved into a fit of the giggles, the liquor making it seem a lot funnier than it was.  He went to exhale a deep, recovering breath and burped instead, causing him to laugh more.

Marc snorted as he finished his Kahlua, and began to laugh at Matthew. He punched him in the arm. "Pig! We ain't back on the farm," Marc said in his hick voice.

"It brings back such happy memories," Matthew drawled back, draining his neon green kiwi-strawberry.  He stuck his tongue back out, trying to look at it.  "Whath cala nah?" he asked, eyes crossing with his effort to see.

Marc buried his head into his arms on top of the table laughing hysterically at Matthew.

"Ready to go?" Matthew asked, standing up and having to grab the barstool for a moment as the bar began to spin.  He dug out enough money to pay for the drinks and walked back out into the sunshine, enjoying the heat on his face after drinking all the frozen daiquiris. He looked across the street, the walkway to the beach right there.  The waves seemed to be crashing harder than before and with a basically empty beach, Matthew headed on over to enjoy that until Marc decided to join him.  He'd stay within sight of the walkway; Marc should find him without a problem.

Marc lifted his head enough to finish his pina colada daiquiri, having not heard Matthew leave. He wiped away his tears of laughter as he brought the empty cup to the table.

"You're a dork, you know that?" Marc said as he turned to the empty barstool.

"Matthew?" Marc asked, looking around quickly, causing his head to spin.

"He headed out a minute ago," the waitress said, stepping down to clean up and collect her money.

"That little sshhhh," Marc stopped himself and grabbed his bag. "Thank you," he replied tossing down his share of money for the drinks and a substantial tip.

Matthew kept turning around, waiting for Marc to emerge from the bar. Finally he spotted him and began to wave.  "MARC!  OVER HERE!!"

Marc spun around, hearing Matthew's voice, but his sense of direction completely lost to the alcohol.

"OVER HERE, STUPID!!!" Matthew yelled again, waving.  He then grabbed his head, a sudden, splitting pain making him grunt.

Marc managed to spot Matthew, and pulled out the leash, dropping the bag on the ground.

"Don't feign illness, it's TOO late for that!" He barked as he padded across the street.

Now that Marc had seen him, Matthew dropped into the sand to let the headache pass, eyes closed against the sun.  A moment later the worst of the pain had passed and he opened his eyes, watching the waves as they crashed on the sand.

Marc made a beeline for Matthew, and had the makeshift harness on Matthew with a blink of the eye.

"Hey!  What are you DOING?" Matthew asked, trying to fight off Marc and roll away in the sand.

"I am doing what I SHOULD have done hours ago!"

"Let me GO!  STOP!" Matthew said, slinging sand in all directions as he worked his way to his hands and knees, immediately trying to remove the harness that Marc had placed on him.  "Get it OFF!" Matthew directed, standing up in frustration, unable to reach the back where the harness was hooked.

Marc tugged on the leash, pulling Matthew backwards slightly.

"There, NOW I want to see you go running off without me!"

"Get this fucking thing off me!" Matthew spat, jerking away from Marc. "Get it OFF ME!"

"It will come off AT THE HOTEL!" Marc spat back, jerking Matthew towards the direction of the hotel.

" GET IT OFF!" Matthew yelled, jerking and twisting, trying to find any purchase in order to pull it off.  When Marc went to pull on it again, Matthew yanked HARD on the cord and nearly split Marc's hand open. "You fucking son of a bitch!" Matthew spat, turning and running back down the sand towards the hotel, holding the leash in his hand, tears burning his eyes.

Marc held his rope-burned hand, and stalked after Matthew, following him to the hotel.

"Let me in!" Matthew yelled, knocking hard on the door, clearly upset. Rolf bolted upright from the bed, crossing the room in three strides and opened the door, nearly bowled over as Matthew barged in, tears streaking down his face.  "Get this OFF!  Get it off!" he yelled, handing a completely surprised Rolf the end of the leash.

Rolf stared in confusion, not certain of what he was staring at.

"What IS it?" Rolf asked, trying to focus from his slumber.

"It's a leash!" Matthew sobbed, diving into Rolf's arms for comfort, shaking in anger and frustration.  Rolf managed to find the clip and unhooked it, pulling it from his partner's shoulders.

"Shhh, shhh," Rolf said, holding Matthew and trying to calm him down. He stepped back a moment to pull the contraption off.  "Why were you wearing that?"

"Marc thought it was fucking funny!" Matthew said, too furious still to censor himself.

"That's enough of that language," Rolf admonished, checking over Matthew's face.

"Have you been drinking?" Rolf asked as he leaned in to further console Matthew.

As if on cue, Marc let himself into the hotel room, having held onto his key.

Matthew started towards Marc before being brought up short by a firm hand on his upper arm, and an even firmer hand landing across the seat of his jeans.  "Matthew, have a seat there," Rolf said, guiding Matthew to the foot of one of the double beds.  "Marc, sit there, please," he added, pointing to the other bed.

Marc glared at Matthew as he walked past him, holding his wounded hand.

"Would SOMEONE like to tell me what is going on?" Rolf asked.

Both Matthew and Marc pointed at each other and began to tell their sides of the story - loudly.  It took Rolf a moment to regain control of the situation.  "That's ENOUGH," he said, cutting across the two boys.  "I was resting comfortably not five minutes ago, to be woken up by beating on the door and the two of you trying to outdo one another. Marc, WHY was Matthew wearing the leash?"

"If he didn't keep running away on me, he wouldn't be wearing one!" Marc replied, staring at Matthew.

"I didn't RUN anywhere; I can't help it if you weren't paying attention!" Matthew rebuked.

"I SAID that's ENOUGH!" Rolf interrupted again, glaring at Matthew until his partner dropped his eyes down.

"Marc," Rolf said, looking until Marc's eyes met his.  "Do you realize how much you upset Matthew?"

"He kept leaving me," Marc said quickly, too pissed off to take Matthew's feelings into consideration.  "I asked him SEVERAL times to stop doing that -"

"It's NOT like I -"


Matthew shut up quick.

"You can wait RIGHT outside, young man," Rolf said, pointing at the door.  Matthew got up slowly and fairly snarled at Marc as he passed, more than happy to leave Marc with his partner, hoping that it meant death and destruction upon his head.  He slipped outside, making sure not to slam the door like he really wanted to.  Rolf's thundering voice was now muted to a low rumble as he leaned on the balcony, cursing the unfairness of life.  When he raised his head up a few minutes later, he was surprised to see a small kitten sitting on the railing.

"Hiya, sweetie.  Where did you come from?" he asked, slowly moving his hand forward, not wanting to spook the kitten.  The kitten meowed and stood up, moving towards Matthew's hand with no fear.  He petted her gently, then scooped her up and stepped off the porch into the sand. He looked back up at the door to make sure Rolf wouldn't have to search for him.  It was bad enough waiting, he didn't need to add hiding to
the list of fun to be had.  He pulled a weed from the sand and played with the kitten, calming down somewhat while he waited.

Meanwhile, Rolf continued to hold Marc under an icy gaze inside.

"What on earth possessed you to do that?" Rolf asked.

"I spent the better part of the day looking for him in one location or another."

"So that makes this all right?" Rolf asked, holding up the harness.

Marc dropped his eyes.

"Would you have liked it if I put one on you and walked you through the streets?"

"I wouldn't NEED one!" Marc refuted.

"Necessity is NOT the issue here. Now answer the question."

"No, sir."

"No, I didn't think so either. And I don't think your judgment would have been clouded either if you weren't off drinking," Rolf replied, watching for a reaction.

Marc's eyes quickly met Rolf's.

"I could smell the alcohol on Matthew's breath. Where were you, and what were you drinking at two in the afternoon?" Rolf demanded.

"It was just a sample," Marc replied coyly.

Rolf stepped over to the end of the bed.  "Look at me," he said sternly, waiting for Marc's eyes to reach up to his.  "Unless you'd like your mouth washed out, I'd rethink that answer, young man," Rolf said in a very unpromising tone.

"It was just," Marc's voice cracked as he tried to swallow hard.  "One of those daiquiri bars. We only had a couple shots."

"How many is a couple?" Rolf asked relentlessly.

"Two or three?  We didn't set out to get drunk or anything."

Rolf looked hard at Marc, the silence lengthening.  Marc shifted on the bed but didn't say anything.

Judging the outcome from the actions more than the words, Rolf wasn't convinced it was that few.  He took Marc by his upper arm and started towards the bathroom.  "I've had just about enough from you."

"Nooooo," Marc replied dragging his feet. "It was no more than five."

Rolf stopped Marc just outside the bathroom door, leaving him facing the wall.  "I think that's a few more than a couple, don't you?" Rolf asked rhetorically, taking one of the small bars of soap and peeling the wrapper before working up a fair amount of lather.

"You weren't there! You didn't see how he kept disappearing!"

Rolf returned to Marc.  "Open, please."

"Rolf," Marc started, his teeth gritted together. "Please?"

"I won't ask again," Rolf said firmly.

Marc opened his mouth partially, not at all eager to have that cheap hotel soap inside his mouth.

Rolf didn't argue the half-hearted attempt, just pushed the small bar in.  "When I ask you a question, I expect an answer, not cheek or subterfuge.  You can turn back to the wall and think about that."

Marc faced the wall, attempting to not get the taste too involved in his mouth.

Rolf walked over to the door and opened it, spotting Matthew on the sand below.  "I'd like to talk to you, please."

Matthew looked at the kitten, and then back at Rolf.  "Stay here, sweetie; I hope I will be back. Don't be scared if my eyes are a bit more bloodshot than they are right now!"

Rolf pushed the door closer shut to conserve the air conditioning and waited for Matthew to step in the room.  He shut the door behind him with a solid click.

Matthew saw Marc standing in the corner, and noticed immediately that he hadn't yet been spanked.

"Have a seat please," Rolf said, waiting for Matthew to settle on the end of the bed.  "The first thing I'd like to know is how many daiquiris were consumed at the bar," Rolf asked, hoping Matthew would have enough sense to tell the truth, knowing Marc would have already been grilled.


Rolf saw Marc deflate a little against the wall.  He transferred his gaze back to his errant lover.  "Five of the sample sizes?"


"Matthew Christopher!  Would you have had that many if I'd been with you?" Rolf asked.

Matthew shrugged.

"ExCUSE ME?" Rolf thundered.

Matthew jumped. "No, sir."

"While that does NOT make the harness a good idea, I do see how your alcoholic consumption would have affected things," Rolf said, standing up a little straighter.  "Was that a smart thing to do?"

"They were small. He had NO RIGHT to do that! Alcohol or not!!"

"I agree, and I'll discuss that with him momentarily.  I'd like for you to tell me why you kept disappearing on Marc, please," Rolf said, bringing the conversation back to Matthew.

"I didn't 'disappear'! He just couldn't keep up!" Matthew protested.

Rolf saw Marc stiffen, but control the urge to turn around.  "DO you bound ahead when you're with me?"

"Yes," Matthew replied, having seen Marc's reaction to the goading.

Rolf made a quick decision, knowing he very obviously wasn't getting his point across at the moment.  "Stand up," he said, pulling Matthew to his feet.

Matthew slowly stood up, as Marc strained to figure out what was going on.

Rolf took a seat on the end of the bed and started work on Matthew's button, pulling his jeans down in short order.  His shorts followed quickly.

"Rolf, I didn't DO anything!" Matthew attempted to protest, knowing he had little to lose at this point.

Rolf paid no attention, and a moment later Matthew found himself looking at the carpet, the room air conditioner cool on his exposed skin.

Rolf anchored Matthew in place.  "When you're out with someone, you stay WITH them, not run off on your own agenda," Rolf said firmly. "And you most certainly don't work on consuming that much alcohol."

With that said, Rolf began a steady barrage of hard smacks to Matthew's upturned bottom.

Matthew squirmed, trying to get his bottom out of target range, well aware that Marc was standing against the wall and listening to every sound.  It didn't take long for Matthew's grunts and moans to turn into yelps and quickly to tears.  Rolf stopped when Matthew's bottom was a solid shade of deep pink.  He gave Matthew only a moment to catch his breath before setting him on his feet.  "Face that wall, please," Rolf said firmly, watching as Matthew quickly gathered up his shorts and pants and hobbled over to the wall.

Matthew faced the wall, and quickly began trying to rub out the fire behind him, all while trying to resume normal breathing.

Rolf walked over to Marc, and turned him around.

"Ready to take this out now?" Rolf asked gripping the bar of soap.

Marc nodded furiously.

"Going to dance around my questions in the future?" Rolf asked, still holding the soap in Marc's mouth.

Marc shook his head no.

"Are you going to lie OUTRIGHT to me again?" Rolf asked.

Marc again shook his head no.

Rolf pulled the soap free from Marc's mouth, and walked into the bathroom.  He rinsed the soap off and put it in the holder, then turned to give Marc the command he was dying for.  "Spit."  Marc turned quickly and dove for the sink, suds and saliva pouring out before he even got there.  He spluttered and spit, wishing fervently that he hadn't said a wrong word to Rolf.  The cheap hotel soap had practically half dissolved in his mouth and he feared he was going to be tasting it for a long time to come.

"You may rinse once," Rolf said, wiping his hands off on the towel.  He waited a moment more before saying "Okay, that's enough."

Marc spit once more, feeling no less soapy than he had when Rolf first pulled the bar from his mouth.  He grabbed a couple of tissues and mopped up his face before spitting into them one more time and dropping them in the trash.

Rolf had walked back into the room and took his seat on the end of the bed.  "Come here, please."

Marc slowly walked towards Rolf.  When he was within reach, Rolf unbuckled Marc's belt silently and quickly had his jeans around his ankles.  Marc's underwear soon met his jeans, as he was guided across Rolf's sturdy knees.

"I am not at ALL impressed with your actions today, young man.  Matthew may have had trouble staying with you today, but that did NOT warrant the treatment you gave him.  You thoroughly upset and embarrassed him, and I won't have either one of you doing that to the other.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Marc said, trying to get comfortable in a most uncomfortable position.

With that, Rolf began his silent barrage on Marc's upturned rear end. Matthew cringed in the corner as he heard Marc's muffled grunts turn into more audible yelps.

Rolf continued, not at all interested in Marc's attempts to move.  He kept his hand going in a steady rhythm, covering both cheeks and concentrating a few solid swats to the underside, bringing Marc swiftly to tears and causing him to jump and squirm a little harder. When Marc went limp, Rolf swatted a few more times and stopped, resting
his smarting hand on Marc's back.  He gave Marc a moment to collect himself, then helped him to his feet.

Rolf shuffled Marc back to his corner. He stared at both young men, red butts on display, as he rubbed his throbbing hand.

"I am going to be right outside, if I hear one peep from you two . . . Well let's just say that will feel like a tickling."

Rolf opened the door and took a deep breath of the ocean scented breeze, shutting the door behind him.  He needed a quiet few moments to collect himself.  He walked over the short berm to the beach and settled into an empty chair, rubbing his hands together to try to lessen the sting.  He shut his eyes and relaxed back into the chair only to sit up quickly when he felt something tugging on his shoe. Thinking there might be a crab somehow tangled in his laces, he looked down only to find a small kitten, industriously trying to take off with one end of the shoelace.

"Well hey there, little cutie," Rolf said, bending down to pick up the little kitten. "Are you on vacation?"  Rolf asked the kitten chuckling. "Yeah, I thought I was too."  He sat back, petting the squirming ball of fur.

Matthew had settled down quickly, his spanking not nearly what Marc's was.  He risked a look over at Marc, head pressed against the wall and his shoulders hitching along with his breath.

Marc could almost feel the look, and turned around.  He got a watery, lopsided grin along with a shrug of the shoulders before Matthew turned back to his corner.  Marc couldn't yet muster a smile, thinking that he'd seriously picked the wrong person to put a leash on.  The wolf really COULD have used it more.

~The End~

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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