Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change of Plans

 Title: Change of Plans
Author: Rolf
Author's Note: Feel better R!
Warning: I'm NOT responsible for any heat stroke!

"The movie is starting," Rolf yelled upstairs.

"Just a minute!" Matthew replied, putting the lid back onto the two liter of coke he'd poured and getting the popcorn out of the microwave. He put the bowl onto the tray and started downstairs, mindful of the cats trying to trip him. He put the tray on the coffee table in front of Rolf and plopped down on the couch, curling up against Rolf's side with his legs tucked up beneath him.

"Thanks love," Rolf said, reaching for the iced tea and taking a sip.

"Anything happened that I missed?" Matthew asked, snagging the bowl of popcorn and resting it on Rolf's lap.

"It's just been music and road scenes. No dialogue yet."

They were thirty minutes into the movie when Matthew snagged the last popped kernel of corn. Rolf moved the bowl back to the tray and Matthew settled more firmly against Rolf. Ten minutes later the phone rang.

"Hello?" Rolf asked after picking up the cordless phone on the table next to him. Matthew grunted as Rolf turned the volume down a few notches and stood up, taking the call a bit farther from the sounds of the television.

"No, no. The fence needs to be fifteen feet from the inside of the sidewalk," Rolf said to the neighbor on the phone.

Great, Matthew thought. Another stupid neighbor with another stupid question for Rolf to answer. They were watching a movie on satellite, which at the moment meant there was no way to stop it. He knew Rolf didn't seem to mind, but he sure did when someone interrupted Rolf and they were trying to do something together. He couldn't make out the voices from the movie, so he moved down onto the floor, closer to the television.

When Rolf walked closer to him, he snagged his legs and held him there, then pulled him down when Rolf hung up the phone. Rolf settled on the floor and Matthew promptly put his head in his lap. When Matthew started to get sleepy, he rolled off of Rolf and got the laser pointer out to play with the cats.

"Hey, be careful with that," Rolf said, stretching out on the floor himself. "I don't want to be gored."

Matthew continued playing with the cats, making them jump up the walls and go around in circles trying to catch the red dot. When he moved it between them and then across Rolf, this time one of the cats clawed the tender skin of Rolf's glutius maximus.

"Ow!" Rolf shouted, quickly sitting up to rub the scratch. "What did I tell you a few minutes ago?" Rolf asked, not waiting for an answer. He settled on the floor and pulled a protesting Matthew across his legs, pulling the shorts down in one quick movement and landing about a dozen solid spanks across his young lover's wriggling bottom.

"Ow! Ow! Rolf! I'm sorry!" Matthew yelled, the stinging swats bringing tears to his eyes. When Rolf stopped, he quickly got to his knees and pulled his shorts back into place, rubbing tenderly at the now inflamed skin. "I didn't mean to," Matthew pouted, settling with his back against the chair, his legs pulled up.

"It's hard enough to get through a day without being scratched in play without you helping them," Rolf said, standing up. "I'm going to get changed, make sure I don't need a bandaid," Rolf said, gathering up the drinks and the empty popcorn bowl to take upstairs.

Matthew glared at Rolf as he left the room. As soon as he heard the feet on the floor upstairs, he said "That's IT. The game is ON."


Matthew looked through his calendar at work the next day and made one change to the appointments scheduled, the only one for the coming Friday. Moving that to Monday, he checked with Julie to make sure there wasn't anything going on that he needed to be aware of for that day. Once that was confirmed, he called Rolf's office.

"Good morning, Jordan, Williams and McCann Architects."

"Hi Sarah, it's Matthew. How are you?"

"Hi yourself, I'm fine. Let me find -"

"No, no. I needed to see if you could help me."

"Help you do what?" Sarah asked with interest. After a short explanation, she said she'd do what she could and hung up.


"Matthew Christopher. Where have you been?" Rolf asked sternly when Matthew slunk into the kitchen on Wednesday evening.

"I....I got stuck at work with Julie," Matthew said, stopping against the counter. "You know how she is, talking all the time. She had a financial she was trying to get done before she went home and had a question on it. I helped her, then it took a further ten minutes for me to leave."

"How many times have we talked about this?" Rolf asked exasperatedly.

"A few," Matthew mumbled, looking down at his shoes. He then looked up. "I should have called, I'm sorry."

"Yes, a call would have been nice. You are to be home at 5:30 the next two days, no excuses. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Matthew replied, breathing a sigh of relief. He felt only a little guilty for the slight mistruth about why he was late, but only a little. Getting away without a spanking was a good thing.


"What are you doing?" Rolf asked as Matthew bounced back out of the bed again.

"I think I left the car unlocked. I'll be right back."

Rolf was left with his mouth hanging open. He sat up and listened, unable to make out any of the sounds coming from below.

"I did," Matthew said, entering the room. The look on Rolf's face slowed him down.

"How many more cats do we now own?" Rolf asked without the hint of a smile.

Matthew gave a nervous bark of laughter at that and tried to walk around Rolf to his side of the bed. He was stopped by a firm hand on his wrist and pulled back to stand in front of his partner. "What?" Matthew asked, heartbeat quickening.

"You have been acting very strange today. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

Rolf's direct stare was extremely hard to stand up under. If he were truly guilty of something, there'd be no way he could pull it off. As it was, it was going to take an extremely convincing act to do it now. Keeping his eyes on Rolf, he said "No, sir, there's nothing that needs to be said. There are no kittens downstairs, no chocolate bars in my jeans pockets, no traffic tickets in the garbage can. I just remembered I'd left the car unlocked and I was right."

Rolf listened, keeping his eyes on his partner's face for signs of lying. While he still wasn't convinced it was nothing, Matthew seemed pretty sure that it was at least nothing serious. As it was late and they had work the next day, he decided to let it go. "Then get into bed and stay there," Rolf said, swatting the shorts covered bottom before Matthew had a chance to get too far.

"Meanie," Matthew said, hopping over and getting into his side of the bed. He turned his light off and a few minutes later was sound asleep.


"Marc Diablo," Marc said, picking up the phone on the third ring.

"That took long enough. What are you doing?"

"Hello to you to, Matthew. I'm trying to get some projections done for tomorrow's meeting. What are you doing?"

"I need a favor. Can you watch the cats this weekend? Friday to Sunday?"

"This weekend?" Marc asked, sitting back in his chair.

"YES, this weekend. Yes or no?"

"Well, I guess I could -"

"Thanks. I'll call when we get back to town."

"Wait, what's" Marc said, hearing the click of the phone. He said the rest to the dialtone. " - up and what about your homework. Brat." He hung up the phone and thought about calling Rolf to check but the projections were far from done. He went back to crunching numbers.

Matthew left the office at four, turning off his cell phone and telling Julie if Rolf called that he was in a meeting and would see him at home. He zipped around town to finish up the last of his errands, arriving home just before the 5:30 deadline and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Dinner was over quickly as Rolf had an extremely well timed meeting with members of the neighborhood board. Five minutes after he left, Matthew went into overdrive and packed the car with what they would need for the weekend, putting more ice into the cooler as it would need to stay outside overnight to keep from ruining the plan. Matthew then buzzed around the house, doing the few chores that Rolf had asked him to do, thanking his lucky stars that Rolf's meeting was running about thirty minutes late. He was putting the finishing touches on the kitchen when Rolf came back in.

"Sorry hon. We had a disagreement that we needed to work out before adjourning," Rolf said, kissing Matthew before reaching for a bottle of water.

"It's okay," Matthew said, a touch of resignation in his voice.

"How about we watch the tape of NCIS we have before we think about bed?"

"Sure, that sounds nice. Can we have some cookies and milk?"

Rolf gave Matthew a look, then relented. "Alright. I'll get those and the milk, you head on upstairs and get ready for bed."

Matthew grinned as soon as he was out of the room, knowing that Rolf's longer meeting was probably the only reason they were snacking so late. He got changed, sitting on the bed for a couple of minutes before he made the final decision to say nothing. He was going to get up when the alarm went off and things were going to change.


When the alarm went off at six-thirty, Matthew waited until Rolf got up and headed in for a shower before he sat up as well. He snagged his toothbrush and went down the hall to brush his teeth, splashing water on his face to wake up. He tried brushing his wild morning hair, gave up and rather than throwing the brush in anger, found a baseball cap and put it on backwards. Looking at himself in the mirror, he decided it would be enough.

Rolf turned the water off in the shower and ran his hands through his head to squeeze out any excess water. He pulled back the shower curtain and nearly jumped out of his skin in shock.

"Wha...what are you doing?" he asked suspiciously, taking the towel that was offered to him by his partner. "It's still before seven. You're dressed and everything. What HAVE you done with my partner?"

"He's taking the day off. I'm taking his place," Matthew said firmly. "You've got fifteen minutes to finish getting ready. Your clothes are laid out on the bed." Matthew turned and walked out before Rolf had a chance to recover his voice.

"Matthew. Matthew?" he asked, stepping out of the tub. When he didn't get an answer, he finished drying off and looked around the bathroom door to the bedroom. On the bed where a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and his sandals were sitting on the floor. He went ahead and finished his morning routine, but instead of stopping at the bed, wandered down the stairs in search of Matthew, still wrapped in the towel.

"Matthew? Hon? I've got to go to work this morning. What's going on?"

Matthew was sitting in the kitchen and looked up appreciately when Rolf walked in. He ignored the erection beginning and stood up, speaking as firmly as he could. "You have the day off." He raised his hand as Rolf began to speak. "You have the day off, I arranged it. They're not expecting you. You have been working far too hard the past few months and we've been absolutely no where. Since you weren't going to do anything, I took matters into my own hands. I'm kidnapping you for the weekend. You need to go back upstairs and get into the clothes I've laid out. You then need to pack up the few things we need for the bathroom. We're going to leave in twenty minutes and you need to be ready."

"What about packing clothes -"

"You heard me. Change, bathroom stuff. The rest is taken care of."

Rolf nodded his head in disbelief. "Ooookaaaayy."

Matthew stood, watching the emotions play across his partner's face. He was trying so hard not to laugh as he was SURE Rolf's eyebrows were going to march up and into his hairline. When Rolf didn't move, he stepped forward and turned Rolf around and in the same move, snapped the towel from his waist. He slapped hard at one of Rolf's cheeks. "GO."

"Yes, SIR," Rolf said, snagging the towel from his partner before walking out of the kitchen. Matthew stood and admired the single pink handprint on an otherwise smooth, white backside, finally releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding.

Rolf walked upstairs, finally giving into the sense of fun that this weekend seemed to have in store. He got dressed and put a few things into the shaving kit and headed back downstairs.

"Have you seen my phone?" Rolf asked, looking over at the counter where he usually left it.

"I've already packed it. Marc's taking care of the cats. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I suppose I am. Any hints on where we're headed?"

"Not one," Matthew said, taking the shaving kit. "Let's go."

"What about break-"

"What about you STOP with the questions. I said I had it handled. You need to sit back and relax. I mean it," Matthew said, adopting his best Rolf impression used when he was short on sleep or otherwise out of good temper.

"Alright, I give up," Rolf said, locking the door behind them. "What do I call you anyway?" Rolf's only answer was a light punch to his arm and a giggle from Matthew.

"Where's my phone?" Rolf asked, opening the glovebox and then the center console.

"Don't worry," Matthew said, turning out onto the main road.

"I'm not worried, I'd just like to know where it is." When Matthew didn't answer, Rolf said a bit more sharply, "Matthew."

"It's in the trunk, with out stuff," he replied tersely. "I told you, I have everything handled."

Rolf sighed quietly and resigned himself to the fact that Matthew was wanting to be in control at the moment. He knew Matthew wouldn't have told him his office knew he wasn't going to be there if it wasn't true, even though he'd far more appreciate being able to call and check on his own.

"Breakfast," Matthew said a few minutes down the road, pulling into his favorite donut shop that usually remained unvisited since it was mostly out of the way of everyday life. "Wait here," Matthew instructed, going inside to order. He reappeared a few minutes later with a dozen-sized box and a drink holder. He handed that to Rolf and got back in the driver's side.

"Large coffee to help you wake up. Give me one of the chocolate fluff stuffs," Matthew said, getting his diet coke out of the container and popping his straw into it.

"Did you need to get a bladder blaster size?" Rolf asked, eyeing the drink incrediously.

"Donuts always make me thirsty," Matthew said, taking a few napkins and then the donut he wanted. He ate it with only one near miss with the fluff leaving the donut when he bit it. Rolf looked over when he was done and laughed.

"Come here, you," he said, pulling Matthew's head towards him and licking his cheek.

"Ew!" Matthew said, pulling away and quickly wiping his cheek. "You could have just said."

"And miss my only chance at tasting one of those donuts? Never," Rolf said, laughing again.

Matthew took a glazed donut next and make quick work of that. Rolf handed over a wet wipe which Matthew accepted gratefully, cleaning up his sticky hands. He pulled back out onto the road a couple minutes later, stuffed and on the way up the sugar high hill.

"Are you going to tell me where we're headed?" Rolf tried again a few minutes down the road.

"Nope," Matthew said smugly.

"How long until we get theeeerrrrrreeee," Rolf said in his best imitation of Matthew.

"Long enough for you to lie back and take a nap if you don't knock off the whines," Matthew replied, glaring at Rolf.

"Yes, sir," Rolf said, sipping slowly on his coffee.

It was apparent a couple hours later where Matthew was probably headed. Rolf relaxed and let himself enjoy the drive, getting a chance to really look at the passing scenery as he was the one that was usually driving to the cabin. It was just before eleven when Matthew pulled up into the town right before their turnoff towards the lake.

"Do you want to eat at Moe's or over at the Garden Cafe?"

"How about Moe's," Rolf replied, startled out of a light doze.

Matthew pulled into the mostly empty parking lot, turning off the engine. "I thought this would be easier, allow us to get onto the water a little sooner. Man, it's HOT out here."

"Yes, it is. I think we're supposed to have a high of 95 today. Should be a bit cooler here I would think, but still pretty humid."

"No kidding," Matthew said, opening the screen door and entering the small storefront for lunch.

An hour later Matthew pulled onto the their driveway and carefully manouvered around a few potholes that had been made by the recent rains.

"We're going to need to -"

"NOT this weekend. There is absolutely nothing to do here that even remotely resembles work," Matthew said, parking at the front of the cabin. "We're here to have fun, that's all that is allowed."

Rolf shook his head, getting out of the car and stretching his hands above his head and working out the cramped muscles in his back. He took the cooler that Matthew handed him and they both headed inside to unpack.

"I'll get the rest," Matthew said, stopping Rolf from leaving the kitchen. He came back a moment later with a box of snacks and dry goods, as well as their overnight bag on his shoulder. "Is everything in the fridge?"

"Yes, it's all in there. Are we having guests I'm not aware of?"

"NOooooooooooooooooo, it's JUST us," Matthew said, dropping the box on the kitchen table. "Okay. We're finished here for the moment. Go get changed and we'll go down to the water."

"Yes, sir," Rolf said, saluting smartly before heading upstairs with their bag. Matthew put a couple of waters together into one of their small coolers and added a couple of candy bars as well. He followed Rolf upstairs and put on his swimsuit and suffered through the application of the cold sunscreen without complaint. When he finished getting Rolf coated, they grabbed the towels, the cooler and Rolf took his book that Matthew had brought for him and they headed down the hillside to the dock.

The afternoon was spent on, in, or near the water, both young men taking the time to fully relax as they had their corner of the lake to themselves. Tomorrow would bring a few more people out into the main part of the waterways, but today was basically theirs. At 4:30, Matthew's stomach growled again.

"Okay. I'm going to go on back to the cabin," Matthew said, putting their empty water containers back into the cooler. When Rolf sat up, Matthew continued. "You can stay here. I'm going to do dinner, you stay and relax. No getting into the water without anyone else here, you know what happens to young men who do," Matthew said, an air of superiority clearly apparent. "I'll ring the bell when it's time to come up for dinner."

Rolf smiled and settled back down on his towel, stretched out in the shade as he watched his partner disappear into the tree line. He laughed when he heard a muffled curse followed by "I'm okay, I'm okay," when Matthew must have tripped over a tree root.

Just under an hour later Rolf heard the bell and stood up from where he'd been waiting on the bench. He'd already put everything away on the dock and thought it would be best if he just did as Matthew instructed. As he stepped into the grassy part of their yard, the delicious smells of a couple of roasting hamburgers wafted across the still air. His pace quickened as his mouth watered.

"What do we have here?" Rolf asked, grabbing Matthew from behind and kissing his cheek.

"No messing with the chef!" Matthew laughed, trying to get the hamburgers off the flames. Rolf looked over and saw the outside table was laid out with the buffet, and the citronella buckets were lit and placed around the edges of the porch.

"Here, go dress this as you want," Matthew said, handing a plate over with two hamburgers on it. He pulled the other two off and followed Rolf over to the table.

"This looks and smells wonderful," Rolf said appreciatively, taking a couple slices of freshly sliced tomato to put on his hamburgers. Matthew had even thought to add sliced onion for him.

The two men make quick work of the dinner that Matthew had prepared. He made Rolf sit still as he did the minimum cleanup required, before bringing out a strawberry daquiri for the two of them to share. Rolf had moved over to the swing and Matthew settled down next to him. The swing creaked quietly as Rolf pushed it gently back and forth against the backdrop of the birds settling down for the night. The only other sound was the occasional pop of the candles as they burned.

Rolf kept his hand running gently through Matthew's hair or down his back as the lake slowly darkened with the setting of the sun. Matthew was trying hard not to fall asleep and finally had to sit up. "Okay. You've had a busy week and a long day. You should go on upstairs and get a shower, get ready for bed."

"But there's some light still left out here, I don't want to waste it," Rolf said with a whine.

"See, you ARE tired. Go on, up to bed," Matthew said, laughing as his partner tried to snuggle up and kiss him.

"Are you sure you can't be persuaded to let me stay up," Rolf tried, nibbling on his partner's neck.

"No, no GO!" Matthew said, pushing Rolf off of him. "I need to finish cleaning up and I'll join you. Go!"

"Alright, if you insist," Rolf said, standing up. He looked around, then headed inside and upstairs to the shower.

Matthew quickly went around and blew out all the candles, then went inside and put a few more things away. He waited until the shower ended, then stood at the bottom of the stairs until he heard Rolf's footsteps into their room. Smiling, he went back into the kitchen and changed his shorts out for a racy red thong. He kept trying to arrange himself, finding it far more binding than he was used to and immediately disliking the back piece as it slid between his cheeks. Shrugging, he turned out the lights and headed quietly up the stairs, knowing it wouldn't be on him much longer. The hallway light was on as well as the light in the bedroom near the end of the hall. He turned the light in the hall off and stopped in the doorway.

His face fell almost immediately, as Rolf was rolled on his side and facing him but his eyes were closed and he seriously looked like he was sleeping. His erection started to fade as he stood and stared at his sleeping partner. Rolf hadn't put on a tshirt as it was still pretty warm in the cabin. The windows were open and the ceiling fan was on high to try and move the stale air around. Admiring the strong shoulder and arm above the sheets, and the smaller hips hiding demurely beneath only a sheet, Matthew moved forward quietly and knelt down on the floor. Thinking that Rolf probably needed the sleep if he had fallen asleep that fast, he was hesitant to wake him. He sat and watched his parnter for a long few minutes, then leaned in to kiss him. The kiss was gentle and Matthew just about ready to back away when Rolf's arm moved to wrap him from behind.

Matthew let out a startled yell and fell backwards onto his rump. "I thought you were asleep!" he squeaked when Rolf started to laugh. He scrambled up from the floor, brushing off his bottom. "Stop laughing!" Matthew said, stomping his foot for emphasis.

Rolf sat up, pulling the sheet off as he did so. Matthew quickly noticed that Rolf had nothing on and he felt himself respond even as he saw Rolf's smile change from one of mirth to one of appreciation for the little that he was wearing. Matthew inched forward when Rolf crooked his finger to come closer, grabbing the thin piece of fabric and pulling him directly to him. Rolf turned Matthew around slowly, devouring his partner with his eyes. When he had Matthew facing him again, he put his other hand up and slowly pulled the small piece of fabric down.

Matthew felt shivers run down his spine and a knot form in his stomach when his member was freed from the confining fabric. The thong landed without a sound around Matthew's feet and his stomach jumped several times as Rolf gently kissed it, wrapping his hands firmly around Matthew's ass and squeezing gently.

Matthew put his hands on Rolf's neck and moved forward, the tickling sensations almost too much to take. That didn't deter Rolf, who moved with almost sadistic slowness, kissing higher and then lower, not letting Matthew squirm from the firm grasp behind him. His knees almost buckled when Rolf ducked from his grasp, kissing slowly up the shaft before taking him firmly into his mouth.

Matthew rocked up onto his toes, the sensations causing his head to swirl and colors to explode behind his closed eyes. His stomach tumbled as Rolf exerted pressure, then coldness and longing took over when he was released again. He barely felt himself leave the floor as Rolf pulled him down on the bed. He was starting to come back to himself when a whole new set of sensations began, this time between his cheeks. He sucked in air as the cold gel hit his hot skin, then moved in time to Rolf's motions as the fingers moved in and around his anus. He felt his hips being pulled up and Rolf's member straining against his leg only a moment before all thoughts and feelings were driven from his head as Rolf entered and filled him completely. He threw his head back and moaned, unable to even match Rolf's movement, unnecessary as it was. He felt more than heard Rolf's heated breaths across his back, and arched his back when Rolf's breath caught before a long moan. A moment later Matthew too moaned, finding himself on his side when the spasms stopped, Rolf still nestled deep within him. He barely heard Rolf say a deep, meaningful thankyou before he dropped off to sleep, the fan cooling his sweat soaked body.

~ The End ~

Copyright Rolf 2010


Ranger said...

Gorgeous, I never get tired of these guys and you do it the best {}

Anonymous said...

This was sweet.
You guys don't do much "on screen" lovemaking, so this was a pleasant surprise.
I've missed that in the Falls Chance series a bit.

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