Monday, February 1, 2010

How A Turkey Can Bite You In The Ass Even After It's Been The Honored Guest At Thanksgiving - Also Known As The Drabble And A Half (Or Dribble If You Will) With A Title Almost As Long As The Drabble

by Rolf

"You are not to get up until that turkey is gone."

I waited until he was on his way upstairs before I unleashed my death scowl at his back. I am SO done with turkey, but this is the last bit, it's still good, and it won't kill me. It might, there was a huge chunk of it still on my plate and I was SO done with turkey, in case I hadn't made that clear the first dozen times. I sat, and sat, and sat. Then, a fuzzy face popped up across the table from me. I smiled.

All finished, time to get on with the evening. An hour later I heard retching. Two minutes after that my stomach tied itself into a knot. Rolf was standing there with the wooden spoon and talking in a quiet, conversational tone.

"I need to clarify what I meant when I said you aren't to get up until the turkey is gone. When I'm finished, you can clean up said turkey from the hallway." He beckoned me.

I glared at the cat. You turkey.

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Copyright Rolf 2010

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