Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Delusions of Love - Whole New World Part 4

Title: Delusions of Love
Authors: Rolf and Gayspankee

Matthew laid in the middle of the bed. His bare chest glistened with sweat. His white Calvin Klein briefs were flung at his face.

"Ew, gross!" Matthew said, as he pulled them from his face and tossed them on the floor.

"Gross? They're your shorts!" Marc replied with a laugh. He continued to slowly kiss up Matthew's abdomen, to his neck.

"Still gross," Matthew insisted.

Marc smiled, and kissed Matthew full on the lips. The kiss intensified, from soft yet firm, to completely animalistic yet passionate. Matthew ran his hands down Marc's bare back, stopping just above the buttocks.

"What time is Rolf due home?" Marc asked, coming out of the kiss, but still nibbling on Matthew's neck.

Matthew peered over Marc's shoulder. He found himself staring into the eyes of his lover.

"Now, I think," Matthew replied quietly.

Marc turned quickly and met Rolf's gaze.

"Is that 
ALL you do while I am out?" Rolf asked, as he walked over to the bed, taking the opportunity to smack Marc's upturned bare bottom. Marc ground his hips into Matthew.

"Well if we waited for you, mister neighborhood watch, we wouldn't get started until....well never since you have us in bed at ten sharp," Marc replied, rolling off of Matthew and on to his side of the bed.  He gingerly rubbed at the sting on his left cheek.

"Keep it up and you'll be going to bed at nine!" Rolf replied with a wink.

"It's just another manic Monday," Matthew said as he turned to Marc.

"What?" Marc asked curiously.

"It's just another manic Monday. Oooo ooo. Wish it was Sunday!"

Marc's eyes popped opened. He turned his head and stared at the clock.

"WHY do the best dreams always get interrupted with songs from the 80's?" Marc screamed into the room. He reached over and turned off the alarm.

Marc slowly rose from the bed. As he passed his dresser, he stopped and admired the picture of Rolf and Matthew.

"It's going to be a whole new world!"


Marc headed to the library after work, as he'd told Matthew he would help him with a paper in his economics class.  He wound his way between the stacks of books and found Matthew almost hidden on the fifth floor, sitting on his book bag between shelves, three books spread out around him.

"Hey, Fruitloop."

Matthew looked up and gave Marc a distracted grin.  "Hey," he said, going back to his book.

"Having any luck?"

"Not really."

"Can I help?"

Matthew continued to search through the book he had.  Finally he looked up again.

"Actually, yes.  Will you find a free computer and search the internet for me?"

After making a face, Marc said  "I am guessing you don't want me to look up the latest news on Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt?"

"Um, no. Here," Matthew said, handing Marc a paper.  "I need to know what those stocks are listed at as of 
noon , two and four."

Marc looked at the paper, then back at Matthew's green eyes. "If you weren't so adorable I would have to consider putting up a fuss."  He grinned, then headed towards the computers.

Matthew smiled half-heartedly and continued working from the books in front of him. They spent the next hour working steadily.  Marc is startled out of his daydream when Matthew slams his book closed.

"Did you HAVE to be so loud?" Marc asked.

"You needed to come back to the present.  I think I'm finished now," he said, all but confidently.

"Do I need to look over your work?"

"NO! I'm done."

"Good, let's get some dinner. Rolf home?"

"No, he has the neighborhood watch meeting tonight."

Marc shook his head.

"What?" Matthew asked.

"Nothing, just a dream I had."

"You had a dream about the neighborhood watch?"

"Sure, something like that. Come on, pick up a pizza at Alejandros." Marc said, putting his arm out as if to guide Matthew.

"Pizza? I want a sub."

"Fine, they have those too. Now let's get going."

"I'm about to choke on this university dust anyway," Matthew said as he picked up his book bag and proceeded down the steps, Marc following behind.  "I'll NOT miss this building when I graduate.  IF I graduate," Matthew grumbled.

"You'll be there sooner than you think fruitloop.  You do have your truck here?"


"Why don't you go home -"

"And let you order dinner?  I don't THINK so," Matthew said, heading down to the student lot.  "I'll meet you at Alejandros!"

Marc shook his head and headed towards the visitor lot, a lot closer than Matthew's truck was to him.  He headed straight to the restaurant in order to decide what he wanted.  Matthew pulled up only two minutes later.

"How did you get here so fast?" Marc asked when Matthew made it over to the counter where he was.

"I know my short cuts.  Whatcha getting?"

"Do any of those short cuts involve going about twenty miles over the speed limit?" Marc asked.

Matthew batted his eyelashes and put forth his best angelic face. "I would never..."

Marc flashed a look, then answered Matthew's question. "I think I will get the personal pan with onions and peppers. You?"

"Yuck! You and those onions and peppers. You're going to look like a giant green pepper." Matthew replied laughing. "I think I will get the lasagna."

"Lasagna?! I thought you wanted a sub?"

"I changed my mind?"

"Fine. What about Rolf?"

"He can fend for himself."

"Aren't you sweet," Marc said with a chuckle.

"He will eat before he goes, I'm sure."

"Alright." Marc placed the order, then returned to Matthew. "That will be twenty minutes. Shall we go to Vide-O-Rama and rent something?"

"On a Tuesday?"

"That IS when the new stuff comes out. Besides, you don't have THAT much homework, do you?"


"You can finish up after we eat. That should leave us just enough time to get good and involved before Rolf gets home."

Matthew smiled and followed Marc out. They walked across the street to the video store, choosing the smaller store because it was closer.

Marc went directly to the new release wall.  Matthew started wandering around the outside edges, wondering if there were any action movies that he hadn't seen lately that he had wanted to. Marc quickly motioned for Matthew, who sighed heavily, and reluctantly joined him.

"What?" Matthew asked in a huff.

Marc flashed a look, and held up a video. "We have to get this one. It's a wonderful gay love story."

"All Over The Guy? Sounds kinky. Don't you have that one at home?"

"I do, but that isn't on the way."

Matthew shook his head. "Do you really need to spend money on something you own?"

"Oh my god. You are sounding MORE and MORE like Rolf every day!" Marc replied with a laugh.

Matthew blushed gently and smiled. "I want an action film."

"What about the Time Machine?"

"That's old."

"No, it's a remake." Marc said flashing the shiny cover with Guy Pearce on the front.

"Ok. No it's a REMAKE of something old." Matthew said with a laugh.

Marc put the 
DVD down, and kept looking. "Panic Room? I didn't know this was out!"

"Isn't that with um, what's her name." Matthew asked snapping his fingers. "That gay actress who just had a baby."

Marc laughed. "Jodie Foster, and she is unconfirmed."

"Oh please! She's no more unconfirmed than I am."

"You're a lesbian?"

"Ha, ha. I said GAY actress. So THERE. That DID look good though I guess." Matthew replied.

"See anything else?"

"Well I don't know, I got torn away from my area!"

"We don't need anything old. If it's good I have it." Marc replied with a wink.

"Like I ever get to watch anything."

"Well maybe that will change." Marc replied softly.

"What?" Matthew asked.

"I was just wondering if you had any change."

Marc smiled and guided Matthew to the checkout. Along the way he managed to pick up a package of Milk Duds and a bag of extra buttery microwave popcorn. Marc shook his head, but produced his video card and checked out. As they left, Marc handed Matthew the bag and they walked back to the restaurant. Their orders were ready and waiting. Marc paid the bill and grabbed the dinners.

"Now go directly home. And-"

"Don't pass go. I KNOW!" Matthew replied.

"Go." Marc replied with a wink. "See you there."

Matthew walked over to his truck, and Marc got into his car. Marc was behind Matthew nearly all the way home, only getting caught by the last light before their street. When Marc arrived he took the meals into the kitchen then headed into the bathroom to freshen up.  Matthew had tossed the video stuff on the table and was upstairs, doing the same thing.  Since Marc finished first, he served the meals with a beverage of iced tea, and took them to the dining table. Matthew finished shortly thereafter and joined Marc. Then quickly ate, making mostly small talk.

"Alright, I will do dishes, you go up and finish your homework."

"I don't have any?" Matthew said unconvincingly.

"Yeah, and I hardly have any DVDs. Go on."

Matthew opened his mouth to combat, but knew it would do no good. He sighed heavily and headed upstairs.

"And I will be up to check it too," Marc added as he grabbed the plates on the table.

Matthew grumbled and continued up the stairs. Marc took his time in the kitchen, knowing Matthew wouldn't be done anytime soon. When he was finished he headed downstairs to catch the tail end of Buffy.

"Oh Spike!" Marc settled in and watched until 
8pm . Then went upstairs to check on Matthew in the office. Just as Marc entered, Matthew slammed his book.

"Can't be that bad?" Marc said.

"Nope. Done." Matthew said as he passed over his notebook, proud of the work he completed.

"Looks good."

"Good. Now let's go 'panic'." Matthew said as he sprung to his feet.

"I thought perhaps we could watch it in the bedroom. You know just to make it look good."

"If you say so," Matthew said, thinking the bed would be nice to stretch out on.  "I'll make the popcorn!" he said, bounding down the stairs.

Marc followed and got the drinks and napkins and headed up behind Matthew with the movie.  He put that into the 
VCR and sat back on the bed, getting another pillow from the extra room to set up against the headboard.

"Make sure you don't drop popcorn all in the bed.  Rolf probably wouldn't appreciate that," Marc said, getting a handful for himself.

"Just don't pull the bedspread down, we'll be okay," Matthew said.

"Why? Are you vacuuming when this is over?"

"Shhh, trying to watch the movie."

Marc cracked a smile, and watched the video. As the movie intensified, Marc slid over slightly closer to Matthew. Marc was trying not to be too obvious, as he never was smooth at making the first move. As time ticked along, Matthew became more comfortable, which also meant he became more tired. Finally, Matthew allowed himself to rest his head on Marc's shoulder, which was conveniently close. As soon as the last frame faded out, Matthew immediately fell asleep. Marc watched him sleep. Instead of insisting he get up and get ready for bed, Marc leaned back and closed his eyes, falling asleep quickly himself.

Large hands slowly unbuttoned Marc's shirt, exposing his hairy, bare chest. The hands pushed the shirt back, allowing it to slide right off his shoulders and down his arms. As Marc focused his eyes, he saw Rolf gently massaging his chest. Rolf was perched on the bed, straddling Marc's legs. He leaned in and kissed his chest and down his abdomen. Rolf reached down to Marc's belt and started to unbuckle it.

As Rolf began to undo Marc's pants, Matthew tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his attention to Matthew, who continued to tap his shoulder gently.

"What?" Marc asked softly.

Matthew mumbled something and continued to tap his shoulder.

"WHAT?" Marc barked louder.

"You fell asleep," Rolf replied.

Marc gasped as he looked around at his surroundings. Rolf was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at Marc. As Marc looked around the room, saw the television was off, and the bathroom door was closed.

"Looks like someone got a bit too comfortable," Rolf said gently.

Marc stretched. "I guess." He replied with a grunt. "What time is it? Where's Matthew."

"After ten. And getting ready for bed."

"Oh. How was the meeting?"

"Long. How was the movie?"

Marc puzzled for a minute, before memories of Jodie Foster, small spaces and popcorn replaced the naughty images circling in his mind.

"It was good. You know what a good actress Jodie is."

"Yes she is. But don't you think movies are better enjoyed in the living room?" Rolf asked, as he reached for the bucket of popcorn. "Especially when food is involved."

"Well, I thought Matthew would be more relaxed up here. It wouldn't wind him up as much."

Matthew emerged from the bathroom, dressed for bed.

"Good point. I see he wasn't the only one relaxed. If you would like to, you are welcome to the guest room for the night," Rolf offered.

That was not the offer Marc was hoping for. "Um, nah. I should go home. Check on stuff there."

"Okay, I will walk you out so I can lock up."

"I can do that!" Matthew replied, bouncing.

"No. You can get into bed. I will be up shortly," Rolf said, as he retrieved the tape and handed it to Marc.

Matthew sighed heavily and slowly turned down the bed.

"Goodnight fruitloop."

"Goodnight Scooby."

Marc smiled as he walked downstairs. He gathered his stuff, and met Rolf at the door.

"Thanks for your assistance with the studies, as always."

"No problem. Sorry you missed the movie," Marc replied.

"Well, I am sure I will catch it sometime. I have no doubt you will own the 
DVD soon."

"Right you are. What are you doing tomorrow night?" Marc asked.

"Not sure actually. Why?"

"When we were at the video store, I had realized you haven't seen that movie yet, All Over The Guy. Thought we could watch that."

"I don't know. I think one movie during the week is enough. It's supposed to be a nice night, I was hoping to get out for a walk."

"Mmm, a walk would be nice this time of year."

"You are welcome to join us if you would like. But be prepared for a good hike."

"I may just take you up on that."

"Okay. Sleep well my little one," Rolf replied, gently rubbing Marc's back. "Don't stay up too late either."

Marc smiled and walked to his car.


"Meatloaf AGAIN?"

"One more whine about dinner, and you can go directly to bed after eating," Rolf said, putting a plate down in front of Matthew.  He settled down in his own seat, looking meaningfully at his partner.

Matthew looked down and picked up his fork, stabbing at the meat.  An onion squirted out and he took a small bite, careful to drop another onion before doing so.  When dinner was finished, Matthew got up to clean up the kitchen, quickly rinsing his mostly eaten plate of meatloaf into the sink.  He debated throwing away the small chunk of meat left, but knew without a doubt that Rolf would look for it tomorrow for a sandwich.  As long as he didn't have to eat it, he'd wrap it up. As soon he was finished, he plopped in front of the television.

"What about the trash?" Rolf asked.

"I'll get it later," Matthew said, channel surfing.

"Now, please.  The cats will dump it over."

Matthew declined to answer, and to move.

Rolf got up and clicked the television off.  "Trash," he said, implacably.

Matthew stood up, huffing, and headed into the kitchen.  Just then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Matthew said, bouncing out of the kitchen.

"No! I will get it. YOU get the garbage." Rolf replied, as he headed Matthew off, pointing to the kitchen.

Rolf walked to the door, once Matthew returned to the kitchen. He answered the door, finding Marc on the other side.

"I got my walking shoes on. Ready?" Marc asked enthusiastically.

"Come in." Rolf said, allowing Marc to pass. "That will depend on Matthew."

"I'm taking the stupid garbage out." Matthew wailed from the kitchen.

"If you keep it up, you will find yourself in the corner with a sore bottom!" Rolf replied, with extreme seriousness.

"So how was work today?" Marc asked, trying to alleviate the attention from Matthew.

Matthew took the opportunity to take the trash outside.

"I was stuck in the office most of the day. Which was a shame given the gorgeous day we had. But I got lots accomplished."

"Well that is what counts."

Matthew finished up in the kitchen, and joined Marc and Rolf.

"Done?" Marc asked.

Matthew gritted his teeth and nodded.

"Let me get my shoes on then." Rolf replied walking upstairs.

Once Rolf was out of ear shot, Marc spoke. "Hey fruitloop, you better watch it. You seem to be on thin ice."

"Tell HIM that! He's been on my case 
ALL night."

"And I am sure you did nothing to provoke that."


"Keep it down, or you're going to end up over his knee. Or maybe you like it there."

"Yeah, that's it. I love paw prints on my ass."

As Matthew turned around towards the front door, Marc land a firm, yet playful swat to Matthew's backside.

"Hey!" Matthew said, turning around sharply, as Marc burst into laughter.

"You said you liked it!"

Matthew reached around and smacked Marc's backside. "You like it?"

"Ooh yeah baby, harder."

Matthew couldn't help but dissolve into laughter.

"What is going on in here?" Rolf asked, descending down the stairs.

"Nothing." The boys chimed in unison.

Rolf looked on unconvinced, but accepted it. "Ready then?"

Matthew filed out the door, with Marc behind him.

The walk was a good three miles, with Marc and Matthew joking between them about how long it was and that they weren't sure they'd make it back.  Matthew enjoyed the company while Rolf stopped to say something to everyone that said hi along the way.  He could be a non-stop talker sometimes, but neighbors weren't on his list of fun conversations to have.

They were nearing the end of the walk, and Rolf stopped to talk to yet another neighbor.

"We'll see you back at the house!" Matthew said, pulling Marc down the sidewalk.

"Want to go swimming?" Matthew asked as they rounded the corner and starting walking up the driveway.

"Big Brother is on, I wanted -"

"Give me a FUUU...freaking break!" Matthew said, hitting his head.

"Good catch," Marc said, somewhat sternly.

"I can't believe you'd rather watch that than swim."

"Well if your 
VCR wasn't crap when it comes to recording-"


"What? It's true."

The boys approached the front of the house.

"Besides," Marc continued. "I don't have my suit. Unless we were to go, skinny dipping?"

"Um, right. Like I am going to let my naked ass anywhere near you," Matthew replied with a laugh.

Marc replied with another swat to Matthew's backside.

"Bare or clothed, it's all good!" Marc replied.

"Stop that!" Matthew replied, rubbing his pants.

"I have to watch Big Brother, see who gets power of veto. Maybe we can do the swim tomorrow night?"

Matthew looked up the street to make sure Rolf was still a safe distance away. He then leaned in close.

"I haven't told Rolf yet, but I am working on getting tickets for the comedy club tomorrow."

"On a Thursday?" Marc asked, somewhat loud.

"Sssshhhh!" Matthew replied, watching Rolf.

"That should go over like a lead balloon, but count me in."

"That wasn't an invite, but alright, I think I can swing that. Assuming you don't have to watch Big Brother tomorrow night?" Matthew replied smartly.

Marc gave him a look. "I can tape it. And you better watch it, or I am bound to pants you."

Matthew eyed Marc up and down. "You wouldn't DARE!"

"Oh, wouldn't I?" Marc replied, lunging forward slightly, before sticking out his tongue.

"Wouldn't you what?" Rolf asked, walking up and unlocking the door.

"Oh, nothing," Marc replied.

"Give up Big Brother to go swimming," Matthew replied, not looking at Marc.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Marc," Rolf said, shutting the door behind them.

Marc thought he was caught for a moment.  "Oh, but I don't have my suit," he said, smugly, glaring at Matthew.

"You know we've got one of your older ones upstairs, just in case.  Go on up and change, we have about an hour before the sun goes down," Rolf said, heading into the kitchen.

Matthew said "Yeah!" and ran upstairs, being chased by a slightly irate Marc.

Matthew immediately entered the bedroom stripping off his shorts. Marc popped his head in, as Matthew turned around, fingers in the waistband of his underwear.

"Eeeek!" Matthew squealed. "Can't you knock?"

"You are SO dead." Marc said with a serious look and exited the room, not seeing Matthew's tongue stuck out just for him.

The young men finished changing, and joined Rolf in the kitchen, who was also suited up. Rolf passed out towels, and opened the sliding glass door. Matthew took off in a mild sprint for the large in-ground pool, located in rear of the yard away from the neighbor's line of sight. Marc followed Matthew, with a bit less enthusiasm, as Rolf walked right behind him, carrying the wireless phone. They entered the partially enclosed pool area. The large pool was surrounded by a concrete sidewalk. And there were several chairs placed around the area, along with a chest full of "toys". Matthew walked around the pool, as if searching for a tiny hole to jump into. Marc set his towel on the lounge chair and sat for a minute, trying to come up with a reason to leave. Rolf walked up behind Matthew, and wrapped his arms around him, holding him tightly. Marc watched, as Rolf whispered something into Matthew's ear.

"You wouldn't?!" Matthew replied.

Rolf jumped Matthew into the deep end of the pool, holding him tightly, with a big smile. Marc smiled at the sight of a playful Rolf. They swam up to the top, Marc's gaze affixed on Matthew. Matthew's thick, dark blonde hair, overgrown slightly, was hanging down in front of those mischievous green eyes. Rolf helped scoop the hair back, and was met with a large splash of water, courtesy of Matthew.

"Are you coming in, or what?" Matthew hollered, as he shielded himself from Rolf's retaliatory splash.

Marc smiled, and walked towards the area they were at. "Surf's up," he replied, before doing a cannonball into the pool.

Matthew almost swallowed a mouthful of the wave that Marc created, spitting it out before laughing and splashing water at Marc.

Rolf grabbed the ball that he had set out next to the pool, and a heated game of horse started with the water goal.  Marc was the first one out, not a big fan of basketball.  He swam over to the deep end and propped himself up in the corner, watching Rolf and Matthew compete.  The easy camaraderie that existed between the two was always nice to  watch.  It was almost magical, the usually stern Rolf and the mischievous Matthew disappearing.  It was simply best friends playing a game together.

Rolf won the game, Matthew pouting for a moment before Rolf splashed him and the ball was thrown into the corner by the fence.

"I think I'll head to a chair," Rolf said, swimming over to the side.  Matthew looked at Marc, who had come closer and gave him a wicked grin.

"Watch this," he hissed, sliding quietly out of the water while Rolf had his head covered with the towel, trying to get some of his hair dry.

"Gotcha!" Matthew hooted, jumping into the water after he had yanked Rolf's suit to his knees.

Marc had watched Matthew get out of the water, wondering what he was up to.  He half expected Matthew to take the towel and toss it into the water, or try pushing Rolf back into the pool.  When the shorts came down, he was rather surprised.  He watched in near awe the profile of Rolf's body, Marc's eyes quickly glimpsed Rolf's thick, dark pubic hair before he turned around, prominently displaying his perfectly shaped buttocks as Rolf quickly pulled the suit back into place. Marc, in all his time spent with Rolf and Matthew, had never seen him that fully naked. The perfectly shaped buttocks, the nicely packaged front sent hot flashes through Marc.

He was brought back when Matthew splashed him, giving him a very strange look.  Marc blushed slightly, then splashed Matthew back, trying to get over the awkwardness of the situation while Rolf threatened Matthew from the side of the pool, having missed completely Marc's look. Rolf stepped into his sandals, and reclined in one of the lounge chairs. Matthew decided to kick it up a notch.

"How about a game?" Matthew asked.

"A game of what?" Marc asked skeptically.

"Marco Polo."

"And I guess I am Marco?"


Rolf reclined back, watching the two young men playing the nonsensical game. Just as the name 'Marco Polo' began to grate on Rolf's nerves, the phone rang. As Rolf's attention was diverted, Matthew seized the opportunity.

"Time to go under!" Matthew giggled, as he tackled Marc and held him under the water.

"Matthew, stop that!" Rolf scolded, as he covered the mouth piece of the phone momentarily.

Marc resurfaced, with the look of evil in his eye. "That is gonna cost ya!"

"Gotta catch me first!" Matthew spat, as he swam to the other side of the pool, reaching for the ball. He managed to grab it and tossed it at Marc, hitting him in the head.

"Excuse me a moment," Rolf spoke into the phone before muting the call. "Matthew out of the pool 
NOW ! You can have a seat while I finish my call."

"Noooo. I don't want to," Matthew replied, as he swam back towards Marc, intending to dunk him again.

"Do NOT make me come in there after you," Rolf said firmly.

"Roooolf..." Matthew whined, blushing.

Rolf took a step forward, towards Matthew, who swam to the ladder and got out of the pool. Rolf greeted him, and took firm hold of his arm, spinning Matthew around. Marc watched as Rolf lifted his leg up to his free hand, and removed his sandal. Rolf landed six or seven swats in rapid succession to Matthew's wet, bathing suit covered behind. Matthew howled and immediately rubbed his bottom when Rolf let go.

"Now SIT down, and don't move until I return," Rolf said, replacing his sandal. He returned to his phone call and left the pool area, heading inside.

Matthew sat at the edge of the pool, his feet swirling in the water. He looked exactly as he felt, like a child scolded in front of his friend. His eyes were moist, but the tears didn't fall. Marc couldn't help but stare at the adorable sight. Marc always knew Matthew was a good looking guy. But, he never realized that he was sexy too.

"What are you staring at?" Matthew asked in pure brat tone, barely raising his head.

Marc grabbed the ball that was thrown at him earlier, and looked back at Matthew. "I'm staring at you, brat," Marc replied with a smile, as he tossed the ball at Matthew, who ducked, causing the ball to land in a chair.

"Well, don't," Matthew replied as he stood to his feet.

Marc gave him the evil eye, and climbed out of the pool. Matthew walked over to the chair and grabbed the ball. When he turned around, he was face to face with Marc.

"Do you 
MIND ?" Matthew replied, still pouting.

Marc didn't speak, but in one quick motion, he seated himself on the chair and had Matthew across his knees.

"Perhaps Rolf didn't spank you hard enough?" Marc asked rhetorically.

"He did just FINE! Let me UP!"

Marc kept one arm around Matthew's waist firmly. His attention was drawn to the buttocks across his knees. The thin, wet fabric clung to Matthew's well defined glutes, outlining them in just the right way.

"I told you, you were going to pay for what you did. Using Rolf to make me stay. I think this is rather poetic, don't you?" Marc asked mischievously, as he rubbed Matthew's bottom.

"NO! I think it fuc-"

Matthew's sentence was interrupted by a hard smack to his right cheek.

"OW!!! It fricken sucks!" he howled.

Marc continued to taunt Matthew as he squirmed across his lap. "Yeah, I should redden your bottom good. First for making me miss Big Brother, then for disobeying Rolf. Maybe I should yank these shorts right down."

Marc grabbed the top of the waistband, exposing the crack of Matthew's buttocks. As Marc pulled on the shorts, he released his hold on Matthew, and started to become physically aroused. Matthew bounded off his lap as soon as the grip was lightened.

"Geez!" He replied, pulling his shorts way up, while glancing at the tent forming in Marc's shorts. "Are you happy to see-"

"Matthew?! I thought I told you to stay SEATED?" Rolf roared, making his presence known.

Matthew stammered for a response, as Marc sprung to his feet, fortunately Rolf's tone caused the erection to deflate quickly.

"You can march upstairs and get ready for bed," Rolf said sternly.

"But Roooolf?" Matthew whined again.

"Right now, unless you want me to do a more thorough job with my sandal."

Matthew sighed, grabbed his towel, and headed towards the opening to the yard.

"Say goodnight to Marc," Rolf reminded Matthew of his manners.

"Goodnight to Marc," Matthew replied, not turning around.

Marc smiled and shook his head. "Goodnight fruitloop."

Matthew paused waiting for further instructions, then continued on his way.

"Marc would you grab the toys and put them away while I unroll the cover?" Rolf instructed in the form of a question.

Marc stared blankly at Rolf for a moment, having a flashback to his undressed state earlier.

"Marc?" Rolf called. "Today!"

Marc snapped out of his vision, and cleaned up as asked. He grabbed the towels and wiped down the chairs. Rolf covered the pool, and walked with Marc back to the house. Marc went upstairs and changed quickly into his dry clothes.  He was going to speak to Matthew, but the door was closed.

"Bye Matthew," Marc shouted, and headed downstairs to Rolf.

They exchanged a few words, and Marc decided to inquire some about Thursday night.

"Any plans for tomorrow?" Marc asked.

"No. Looking forward to a quiet night at home."

"Oh? I thought perhaps you'd be interested in a movie or something."

"Too expensive at night. And Matthew always insists on candy, soda and popcorn. NONE of which he needs."

"Maybe over the weekend then."

"Sure, could be fun. Even though you watch entirely too much television and movies."

Marc shrugged, trying to finding a witty comeback, but luckily was interrupted by Matthew's whine.

"I will see you soon. Goodnight," Marc said, as he headed out the front door after Rolf offered the same salutations.

Marc got in his car and returned home, immediately heading upstairs for a shower.  He peeled off his clothes, and got under the hot spray. As his mind wandered between visions of Rolf's bare bottom, Matthew's sexy pout and his well defined buttocks under the wet bathing suit, Marc soon became fully erect again. This time he did something about it.  He began to slowly pump his hard cock with his soapy hand.  The visions continued and the pumping quickened as Marc pictured the glistening chests, heard the smack of the sandal, and saw the full, thick pubic hair.  Marc's moan echoed through his bathroom as he orgasmed, hitting the shower wall. Marc let the water cascade over him, as he held his crotch.


"Matthew, I thought I told you to go to bed," Rolf said sternly as he came upstairs after Marc left.

"I AM going to bed.  I...I just needed to talk to you."

"This had better not be a delaying tactic," Rolf warned, entering the bedroom.

"It's not," Matthew said, sitting down on the bed.

Rolf eyed him for a moment, but seeing that Matthew was indeed ready for bed, sat down next to him.

"What is it?"

Matthew wasn't quite sure of what he was feeling or thinking, and didn't quite know how to begin.

"Did....was there anything funny about Marc today?" he finally asked.

"What do you mean?" Rolf replied.

Matthew shrugged.  "I don't know....he was just....different."

"Different how?  Appearance, actions, what?"

"I don't know," Matthew finally said.

Rolf kissed Matthew's face, then stood up.  "Then how about you get under the covers and work on what you want to say, and we'll talk about it tomorrow, hmmmm?"

Matthew really didn't know how to phrase anything, or even if he was just over-reacting.  He sighed and crawled up to the top of the bed and slid under the covers.

"Can I watch some tv?"

"No.  You're going to learn to do as I say sooner or later.  Now go to sleep," Rolf admonished quietly, kissing Matthew goodnight.

"Night," Matthew said, rolling over to his side and petting the first cat that chose to join him.

Rolf left the door open and headed back downstairs.


Angelus: So did Rolf get frisky after hours? Was there any hot action between the sheets? Did he throw you a bone?

TiggerMC: Marc!!!

Angelus: Oh come on, enlighten me! I live vicariously thru you!

TiggerMC: I am staying closed tightly on this.

Angelus: I hope you don't say that to him.

TiggerMC: MARC!!!!

Angelus: LOL. Alright prude! So did you get the tickets?

TiggerMC: Yes. Tonight at 
7:30 .

Angelus: Tell Rolf yet?

TiggerMC: No?

Angelus: Eek. Good luck.

Matthew watched as Marc disconnected, then sat back.  How WAS he going to break this to Rolf?  Finally he just called.

"Hi Sport, what's up?" Rolf said.

"I've got good news," Matthew said, smiling.

"What good news?"

"I managed to get tickets to see Heywood."

"This weekend?" Rolf asked when Matthew didn't continue.

"No...tonight," Matthew said after a moment's silence.

"Tonight," Rolf said, unpromisingly.

"Tonight.  They were sold out on the early shows this weekend, and this one wasn't, it's at 7:30, so we won't be out late at all, isn't that great?"

Rolf shook his head, smiling.  When Matthew wanted to do something, he just went ahead and did it.  One of his cute charms, as well as irritating habits.

"Marc's going too, I got three," Matthew said when Rolf didn't answer.

"Then I suppose I don't need to remind you to come straight home after work so we can get dinner?" Rolf said.

"No, sir!" Matthew said, feeling relieved.

"And I suppose Marc already knows?"  Rolf's question was met with silence.  "Brat."

Matthew laughed.  "I told him just a few minutes ago, don't worry."

Matthew hung up the phone a few minutes later, breathing much easier.


"A pina colada please." 
Marc ordered, as they took their seats.

"You never try anything different." Matthew replied.

"That's because I never like anything different. Mister white russian."

"Not tonight." Rolf replied, before Matthew could finalize the order.

"But Roolllff!" Matthew whined.

Rolf gave him a look that spoke volumes.

"Coke please, large." Matthew order, defeated.

"Iced tea, thank you." Rolf replied, rounding out the orders.

The waitress left the table to get the drinks.

"I still don't know why I couldn't have 
ONE drink." Matthew spat. "Marc's getting one."

"Well Marc doesn't need one either. But we discussed it before we left. And unless you wish to continue this discussion in the bathroom, you will back off." Rolf said firmly.

Marc shifted slightly, feeling the tension.

"What do you want to drink for anyway Matthew? Your ears and nose turn redder than your backside ever has."

"Hey! ShutUP!" Matthew replied.

Marc responded by gently poking him in the ribs, causing Matthew to giggle.

"Hey, both of you quit IT!" Rolf said in a stern voice.

The two young men settled down, just as the drinks arrived. Matthew eyed Marc's alcoholic beverage, while pouting at his own soft drink. Marc took a sip and made a sour face.

"See you aren't missing a thing." Marc replied with a wink.

"Yeah, right!"

Marc slipped off his shoe, and gently ran his foot up Matthew's calf. Matthew jumped at the sudden touch. Marc retracted his foot, and stifled a laugh.

"What?" Rolf asked, watching Marc's demeanor.

"Nothing." Marc paused. "Finally got a weekend off."

"Oh?" Rolf inquired.

"Yes, next Friday thru Monday."

"That's when Rolf and I are going up to the cabin." Matthew chimed in.

"Really? I would love to get up there for the weekend." Marc replied, hoping for a bite. "You wouldn't mind a third, would you?"

"I, well that would be alright." Rolf replied. "I didn't think you liked it up there, with no television and all."

"If you would rather I didn't..."

"No, I didn't say that. It will be nice." Rolf finished.

Marc smiled warmly, as they flashed the house lights, giving the five minute warning. Marc kicked off his shoe again, and teased Matthew with his foot. Matthew jerked from the gentle touch, shaking the table.

"WHAT are you doing?" Rolf asked thru gritted teeth, directed at Matthew.

"It wasn't ME!" Matthew said, trying not to cause a scene.

Rolf watched as Marc started to shift and jiggle. He looked under the table, and saw him replacing his shoe. Rolf pushed his chair back, and rose to his feet. He walked over to Marc's chair and pulled it out.

"A word please." Rolf replied in a serious tone.

Marc rose silently and followed Rolf to the bathroom. Matthew shifted in his seated, knowing that tone all too well. He smiled partially, glad it wasn't him being escorted away.

Rolf held the door open for Marc, and closed it behind them. He did a quick sweep of the room, until satisfied they were alone.

"Marc Ryan, need I remind you that you are twenty four years old?"

"No sir." Marc replied, trying to avoid direct eye contact, which was difficult considering Rolf was inches from his face. Instead he focused on Rolf's mouth, or his full lips to be exact.

"Need I remind you that your behavior is completely inappropriate for someone your age in public?"

"N-no sir."

"If I have to speak to you again, I WILL take you in here by your ear, and there will be LOTS of unpleasantness. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Marc replied, feeling himself blush.

Rolf nodded, and headed towards the door. "Are you coming?"

"As long as I m here, I might as well pee."
Marc replied with a half smile.

"Then I am glad I didn't take you outside."

Marc laughed, as Rolf responded with a wink. After Marc relieved his bladder, and washed his hands, he stared in the mirror, getting flashes of those full, red lips.  He splashed his face and returned to the table just in time for the show to start.

The opening act was pretty funny, getting several large laughs from the audience, though everyone was there to see the headliner.  Within twenty minutes, the opening act announced that Heywood was up.

Matthew had polished off his large coke quickly, and had even had a few sips of Marc's drink while he was off with Rolf, finding the coconut taste was not his favorite.  He was trying desperately to make it through to the end of the show so as not to miss anything, but wasn't sure he could.  Finally he could stand it no longer and disappeared into the restroom.  They had speakers in there so he didn't miss anything, but he still hated the few minutes away from the table.  He passed by the bar again and debated a drink, but decided he was having enough fun and didn't want to ruin it.

"That was great," Marc said as they exited the club.

"Yes, it was.  I want his CD," Matthew said, heading over to the table where Heywood had set up his "Heymart".  He stood in line for a few minutes, got the CD and got it signed, then headed back over to where Rolf and Marc were waiting.

"Look, he signed it."

"I see that," Rolf said, putting his arm around Matthew and walking towards the car.

"Goodnight." Marc shouted before getting into his car.

Matthew and Rolf waved, before getting in their own car, and heading home.


"Then I suggest you get busy." Rolf replied, pointing towards the cat box room.

"Rolf, I can do this later, when we get home." Matthew combated.

"At this rate, we won't be going anywhere." Rolf said firmly.

Matthew huffed loudly, and headed for the room. He had grown fond of the new Friday night tradition of dinner and a movie, out. Just as Matthew entered the area, the doorbell rang. Rolf walked towards the door and opened.

"Howdy!" Marc said, holding a sheet pizza, and a large mystery bag.

"Well, howdy yourself." Rolf replied cautiously. "Did we have plans?"

"No. Thought I would surprise you two!" Marc responded, as he stepped in, walking directly for the kitchen.

"This must be a record. 4 days in a row, and you aren't even grounded." Rolf replied as he shut the door.

Marc laughed and placed the pizza on the counter, and opened the bag. He pulled out an extra large garden salad with dressing, and ingredients to make white russians.

"I thought we could do dinner and double feature?"

"Who was at the d-" Matthew trailed off, as he saw Marc and Rolf in the kitchen.

"Hey fruitloop. I brought dinner and a couple movies."

"We're going out!" Matthew replied ungraciously.

"Since Marc went through the trouble, we can go out another time."

"But-" Matthew continued, a tantrum on the verge of being thrown.

Rolf was ready to take Matthew aside when Marc spoke up.

"I brought stuff for white russians..." Marc said enticingly.

"Why didn't you say so?" Matthew said, cracking a smile.

Rolf breathed a silent sigh of relief. "So what movies did you have in mind?"

"Thought perhaps we could watch All Over The Guy. Then something scary, since you two need to be introduced to horror."

"Well, we'll see about the latter choice, but the first one sounds nice."

"I'll get the ice and the blender hooked up." Matthew replied, not wanting to risk another alcohol-less night.

"Let's wait until after dinner, when we settle in for the movie?" Rolf ventured.

"No! I want it now."

"Me too." Marc replied, in hopes of earning extra points with Matthew.

Matthew chuckled and nodded. "See two against one."

"Just go easy on the vodka then. No snoring during the first feature." Rolf replied, allowing himself to be defeated.

Rolf got a couple bowls, while the boys made the drink. Rolf served up the salad, making sure Matthew got his greens in.

"Can we eat downstairs and watch the movie?" Matthew asked, knowing it was a rare treat to eat meals anywhere other than at the table.

Rolf looked at the two young men, the pleading eyes, and again, gave in to keep the peace. "
 JUST for tonight."

Marc and Matthew smiled, and served the drinks, in large glasses. Rolf got out some trays, and made sure they each had their own. They piled everything on, and filed down stairs. Marc grabbed his movies, and followed up the rear. He put the movie in, as they took their seats. Rolf and Matthew snuggled on the couch and Marc took the chair. They enjoyed their meals, placing their trays on the floor within a half hour. Marc sipped his drink, allowing his eyes to shift over towards Matthew and Rolf. Marc watched them nuzzle each other and sip on the last of Matthew's white russian. Marc finished his drink and placed the glass on the table. About an hour into the movie, Marc closed his eyes for a moment, overtaken by the alcohol. When he opened them again the television was off, and the room was dark. Marc rubbed his eyes and looked around.

"Matthew? Rolf?" He called.

Marc walked up the stairs to the main floor. He walked around, calling their names, but got no response. He continued up to the second floor. As he walked down the hallway, he saw their bedroom door open. He slowly approached the room, and stood in the doorway. Rolf was kneeling on the bed, leaning over Matthew, whose legs were spread and rested on either side of Rolf. Both were completely naked. Rolf's firm buttocks flexed and pulsated as he teased his younger lover with his large hands. Marc crept into the room and pulled off his shirt and tossing it on the floor. He watched as Rolf's fingers disappeared between Matthew's cheeks, causing Matthew to become fully erect. Rolf slowly stroked Matthew's hard cock, making him groan with delight.

"Could you two use another hand?" Marc said, as he cleared his throat.

"Marc?" Matthew barked.

"We thought you would never rejoin us." Rolf added.

"Huh? REjoin?" Marc replied, as his shoulder began to shake.

"You fell asleep." Rolf said.

Marc jumped, and looked around, finding himself downstairs. Matthew giggled.

"Snore much?" Matthew said, as Marc's eyes focused.

"What?" Marc said, thoroughly confused. "What time is it?"

"It's after 
9:30 , you've been asleep for nearly an hour." Rolf answered.

"Must have been the drink." Marc said.

"Well it's probably not a good idea for you to drive home. You can stay in the guest room."

"No, I should be fine after the second movie."

"It's too late for another movie, and you 
ARE staying here. You don't need to be out on the road." Rolf finished firmly.

Marc nodded and they settled in for a few minutes of television, before heading up to bed.


Marc continued to make daily visits to Matthew and Rolf's, missing only one day due to work. The monthly poker game was cancelled since Eric was working and Joe and Chris were out of town. But Marc thought it would be fun to get together and still play a board game with Matthew and Rolf. So Wednesday evening at 6, Marc came over, having actually been invited.

"Hi Marc," Rolf said, drying his hands on the dishtowel.  "I just checked on the lasagna, we should have dinner in about fifteen minutes."

"Yum.  Can't wait to eat, I'm starved.  Where's Matthew?" Marc asked, helping himself to a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

"He's cleaning the pool as I asked him to do yesterday," Rolf said taking out a bowl for salad.

"I'll go supervise," Marc said, winking at Rolf.

"Why don't you help me with the salad instead?"

Marc wanted to say hi to Matthew, but something in Rolf's request made him rethink his idea.  He set his water down took the cucumber, carrots and tomatoes that Rolf had laid out and started working on cutting them.

"How was work today?" Rolf asked as he pulled the lettuce into shreds.

"It was alright.  Had to go out to the north end to the store on 
Ventura and tell the manager she needed to be doing things much better and soon if she wanted to keep her job."

"That can't have been the most pleasant conversation to have," Rolf remarked.

"No, not when she's an outright bit- .... unpleasant person," Marc finished.  "I don't think she'll be around much longer."

"I'm sorry to hear that.  Turnover is pretty rampant in your line of work, and it's a real shame when it's the management that leaves."

"Yeah.  But Ted Williams is an assistant, and from what the rest of the team members say, he's a good one.  I'd take a bet that says he'll have the job by the end of the month."

Rolf's reply was cut short by a rather large thump from outside.

"Excuse me a moment," Rolf said, heading out the door.

Marc looked out the window and saw a thoroughly peeved Matthew trying to fish one of the chairs out of the pool.

"Keep it civil," Marc said under his breath, going back to cutting.

"What was that thump?" Rolf asked as he neared the gate.

"The friggen catcher," Matthew spat, leaning over to grab the edge of the chair.  He leaned just a little too far and Rolf heard a muffled curse and a splash as Matthew went face first into the water.

Matthew found his feet, spitting furiously and looking distinctly akin to a wet cat.  He jerked the chair up from the bottom and started to throw it when Rolf held out a hand.  He thumped it down in Rolf's hand and walked to side, jumping out and muttering a mile a minute.

Rolf wanted nothing more than to burst out laughing at his angry lover.  The dripping wet hair, flashing green eyes and short, angry movements hit Rolf's funny bone.  He controlled himself only because he knew Matthew's barely held temper would flash.

"Go on and shower, dinner will be ready soon," Rolf said as he set the chair down.

Matthew burst through the fence.  "It's NOT FUNNY!" he said as he stamped up towards the door, dripping water in all directions.

Rolf laughed quietly towards the pool, picking up the equipment and locking the gate behind him.

Matthew burst into the house, Marc laughing loudly as he had seen and heard everything from the splash.

"ShutUP you ass," Matthew spat, stomping upstairs to the shower.  That only made Marc laugh harder, tears running.

"I guess you saw?" Rolf said, as he entered the kitchen with a chuckle.

Marc was unable to speak at the moment but nodded, and continued chopping the vegetables. Once he had himself under control, he spoke.

"So it will just be the three of us at the cabin?" he asked innocently.

"Yes it will be. Why do you ask?"

"No reason. I was just thinking it'd be nice. You know? Be away from everything and everyone."

"I agree. Just what the doctor ordered."

Marc smiled and tossed the ingredients together. "Now what?" he asked as he finished the salad.

"Set the table?" Rolf asked, without it being a question.

Marc jumped to the task, and had the table set by the time Matthew returned. He was dry, but his attitude was still a bit washed up. Matthew promptly seated himself at the table, and sat silently, still feeling like a wet cat. Marc wanted to say something smart, but knew Matthew would explode.

"Matthew, would you get the drinks?" Rolf asked, again without it being a question.

"Marc's closer!"

"Marc is a guest," Rolf replied.

"He's not a guest, he's Marc," Matthew combated.

"I don't mi-" Marc tried to offer.

"Matthew, I asked YOU to do it," Rolf replied in that unmistakable tone.

Matthew roughly slid the chair back and stomped to the fridge.

"Would you like to go to bed after dinner?" Rolf asked.

"No SIR," Matthew said, through gritted teeth.  He pulled out three sodas.

"Milk," Rolf said flatly, without seeing what Matthew had in hand.

"But I want-" Matthew began to combat again.

"Milk! If you behave, you can have soda later."

Matthew grumbled and pulled out the milk. He poured three glasses and placed them on the table. "Anything 

Marc winced as he saw the look Rolf shot Matthew. Matthew blushed slightly, having seen it too, and sat back down at the table.

Marc also took a seat as dinner was served. Dinner conversation was minimal at first.  Marc decided to test the waters.

"Did you read the new issue of Genre?" Marc asked.

"No we haven't. Why?" Rolf asked.

"They had a big article on the latest trend."

"What trend is that?" Rolf asked, as Matthew barely listened.

"Apparently being a couple is out. The new thing is being a part of a trio."

"Really? Hmmm, that is, well interesting I guess."

"Interesting?! That's horrible!" Matthew exclaimed.

"W-why do you say that?" Marc stammered.

"One wolf is MORE than enough. I can't imagine living with TWO!" Matthew said with the first signs of laughter during dinner.

"What if the third wasn't a wolf?" Marc asked.

"That doesn't work either. A true brat wouldn't want to share," Matthew replied, matter of factly.

"Well, sometimes I could use another set of eyes with you," Rolf chimed in.

"And what am I?" Marc asked.

"Partner-in-crime," Matthew and Rolf said at the same time.

They laughed and continued eating dinner.  Matthew immediately steered the conversation to safer waters, wondering why Marc had brought that up.  Marc tried to figure out if the response he'd gotten was good, bad or indifferent.

Matthew and Marc started immediately on the cleanup, deciding dessert could come later as they were all full.  Matthew washed, Marc dried, and Rolf sat at the table, sipping coffee while thumbing through the mail for the day.  He looked up a couple of times and finally had to warn the two not to be so boisterous around the dishes.  Matthew finally finished with the serving dish, hating the cheese that inevitably got stuck and wouldn't wash off easily at all.  Marc tried to tell him that it wasn't clean.

"It was when I rinsed it.  YOU wash it if it's not clean!"  He stomped off to the bathroom.

In order to forestall any arguments, Marc finished the dish and rinsed the sink out.  "Want to play Monopoly?" Marc asked as he settled down at the table.

Rolf looked up over the letter he was reading.  "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"I haven't played in forever.  I'd enjoy it," Marc said.

"You know Matthew -"

"Matthew will just have to get over it," Marc said quickly.  "Do you want to play Monopoly?"

"It would be a nice change from cards.  Go on and get it then, it's in the game closet downstairs.  I've got to do the upstairs trash run while Matthew does down here, then we'll settle to play," Rolf said, heading down the hall.  He rapped on the bathroom door.  "Trash run before we play," he said, walking around the corner and heading upstairs.

Marc went down and got the game from the closet, coming back up to the kitchen and setting it out.  He started counting out the money and setting out the pieces to be chosen, choosing the shoe for himself.

Matthew wandered out of the bathroom and sat down.  "I want to be the shoe," he said, taking the piece for himself.

"That's MY piece," Marc said, trying to swipe it back.

"Nope, mine.  My board too," Matthew said snidely.

"I think you have trash to do?" Marc said with a 'so there' look on his face.

Matthew stuck out his tongue, and waved the shoe in front of Marc, before dropping it in his jeans pocket. He continued onto his task of doing trash, and was joined outside by Rolf. They returned inside and joined Marc at the table. Rolf perused the game pieces and took the iron, as Matthew pulled out the shoe.

"Got your piece picked Marc?" Rolf asked, not seeing his at the start.

"Well, I guess I will settle for the dog," Marc replied, placing the token at the start. "Since SOMEONE swiped the shoe from my hand."

Marc leered at Matthew, who glared back. Rolf looked from brat to psuedo brat before speaking.

"Is that true Matthew?"

Matthew just continued to glare, not speaking.

"Matthew, give Marc the shoe and pick another token."

"Fine," Matthew said. He slid his shoe off under the table and leaned down quickly to pick it up.  "You want it, you can have IT!"

Matthew tossed his sneaker across the table, hitting Marc in the head.

"OW!" Marc exclaimed, having not ducked in time. "What the fuck did you do that for asshole?"

Matthew's hand slammed onto the table as he leaned forward. Marc sprang to his feet. Their eyes locked, ready to brawl, before they crashed back to reality when Rolf roared.

"Matthew UPSTAIRS! Marc with ME!" Rolf snapped.

Matthew's gaze turned to Rolf, who's blue eyes were icy cold. Matthew exited the room, sprinting up the stairs. Marc remained frozen in his spot by Rolf's deadly tone. Rolf stood to his feet and walked over to Marc, taking firm hold of his left ear and marched him over to the kitchen sink.

"Marc Ryan do we use language like that in this house?" Rolf asked as he turned the water on after letting go of Marc's ear.

Marc's head bobbled around, as he watched Rolf lather the conveniently placed bar of Ivory.

"DO we use that kind of language in my home?" Rolf asked again.

"N-no sir," Marc managed.

"Matthew's actions were completely inexcusable, and he will be made 
WELL aware of that. But that doesn't give you the right to speak like that, does it?" Rolf asked, lathering the bar furiously.

"N-no sir," Marc stammered again.

Rolf turned towards Marc, holding the foamy bar. Marc eyed the bar nervously, his mouth tingling from the scent.

"Open." Rolf said.

Marc hesitantly opened his mouth, as Rolf slowly glided the bar past his lips. He maneuvered the bar around Marc's mouth with purpose, making sure to coat it evenly. Once he was satisfied he had done so, Rolf walked Marc to the corner. He then grabbed a chair from the table, and placed it directly behind Marc, pulling on his shoulders and making him sit in the chair.

"You, young man, can sit there and think of ten words you could have used instead of the filth you chose.  Leave the bar there and don't move."

Marc's mind swirled, distracted by the bitter taste in his mouth. Rolf walked over to the kitchen drawer and pulled out the wooden spoon and headed upstairs.

Matthew had kicked off his other shoe as soon as he hit the bedroom, falling face first down onto the bed and beating a pillow in anger.  He knew he shouldn't have lost his temper and he was upset with himself for doing so.  When he heard the footsteps on the stairs, he quickly sat up on the edge of the bed, tears threatening.

Rolf opened the bedroom door and closed it immediately behind him.  He stood, surveying his young, impetuous lover.  The sight made his heart squeeze.  The mass of blond hair made unruly from the shower, one long strand hanging down across his forehead.  The green eyes, bright and sad.  The full lips, the bottom one out in his classic pout.  Rolf had to work hard to shelve those feelings for the next few moments.

"Do you want to tell me what prompted that outburst?" Rolf asked sternly.

Matthew's eyes were locked on the wooden spoon.  With effort, he dragged his eyes from it and looked down, shrugging his shoulders.

"That's not an answer and you know it.  Do NOT try my patience, young man," Rolf replied.

"I don't know," Matthew quickly said, not interested in the least in aggravating his wolf further.

"Do you think Marc appreciated being hit with your shoe?"

"No, sir."

"Look at me, please," Rolf said sternly.  He waited until he had Matthew's full attention.  "Do you think that was appropriate behavior?"

Matthew's head started to drop until Rolf's hand stopped his chin and pushed it gently upwards.  "No, sir," Matthew managed quietly, knowing those were his sunk words.

"No, it wasn't, and it won't be tolerated, nor go unpunished.  Lower your pants, please," Rolf said, stepping to the side and sitting down on the end of the bed.

Matthew stood up and without saying anything, slowly pulled down his shorts.  He wanted to argue, but knew he didn't have a leg to stand on.  One tear slipped out as he turned towards Rolf.

Rolf pulled his partner down across his knees, making sure he was securely situated.  "I don't want to see that type of behavior again, is that clear?" Rolf asked.

Matthew squirmed, lifting his face from the comforter.  "Yes, sir," he said, nearly sounding strangled.  He took a quick look behind him, but his head shot forward again when Rolf's hand connected solidly to his bare bottom.

"Aaaahhh," Matthew moaned, both eyes overflowing.  He began to breathe heavy, as usual trying to deal with the pain.  And as usual, losing the battle quickly.  He was still trying to come to grips with the tenth swat when Rolf was finished with a far longer spanking.  And then he picked up the spoon.

Matthew kicked the bed and howled when the spoon connected with his already very sore bottom.  There would be no shoe throwing ever ever EVER again, at least for another two days.

Rolf expertly applied a good dozen swats with the spoon, making sure his lover wouldn't forget shoe throwing was not a recognized Olympic event.  He laid the spoon down and let Matthew settle for a couple of moments before pulling him up and crushing him in a large bear hug.

Matthew sobbed piteously against Rolf's shoulder for several minutes, finally coming to grips with the pain, and very thankful that it was over.

Marc was also thankful it was over.  Being an extra ear when Matthew was spanked was not his idea of a good night, and the soap in his mouth was, if possible, tasting even more bitter.

 Wash up," Rolf said as he let Matthew go.

Matthew padded into the bathroom, leaving his shorts on the floor where they fell during the spanking.  He washed his face, only choosing to run a dry brush across his teeth because toothpaste after a spanking was more like glue than anything else.  When he was finished, he stepped back into the bedroom, certain Rolf's next words were going to be "hop in bed."

"Alright sport.  You can get yourself under the covers," Rolf said, pulling down the duvet.

"But Rooooollffff, Marc's here to play a game," Matthew tried.

"Neither of you are playing anything tonight.  Under the covers," Rolf said firmly.

Matthew's lip slipped out, but he changed his shirt for the one he slept in, and grabbed his shorts, pulling them gently into place before getting under the covers.  He turned his back on Rolf, but didn't move when he dropped a kiss on the side of his face.

"Goodnight, brat," Rolf said gently before going back downstairs.

Matthew's heart smile didn't quite make it to his face.  He rolled back over and strained to hear downstairs, sobbing gently to himself for being left out. He kicked off the blanket and rolled onto his stomach.

Rolf walked downstairs to Marc, and tapped his shoulder.

"Have you thought of ten words you could have used instead of cussing?" Rolf asked.

Marc nodded vigorously, still staring at the corner.

"Stand up." Rolf replied.

Marc stood up and faced Rolf. Rolf took hold of the soap.

"Open." Rolf said.

Marc opened his mouth, and Rolf pulled the bar free. He walked over to the sink, with Marc following.

"Spit." Rolf said as he poured a small glass of water from the tap.

Marc spit feverously.

"That's enough. What are your ten words?"

Marc stared at the floor, still concentrating on the bitter taste.

"Would you like me to replace the bar?"

"Son of a biscuit. 
Um, pickle. Frankfurter.Cerebral. Ornery. Peach pit. Freckle." Marc paused, trying to think of this rather than the lingering taste in his mouth.

"Did I not give you enough time?"

"Fiber, pothole and onus."

"Thank you." Rolf said handing him the glass of water. "Use it wisely: that is all you are getting."

Marc took the first mouthful of water and rinsed his mouth with vigor. He spat, and took in the remaining mouthful. As he swished the water around, Rolf took a notepad and pen from the drawer and sat it on the table.

As Marc released his sudsy water, Rolf called to him. "So I can be sure that you remember those ten words, you can have a seat and write each 
one ten times for me."

Marc opened his mouth, ready to combat the demand, but his gaze focused on the wooden spoon. Marc knew that must have been the implement that echoed thru the house, and didn't want to feel it first hand. He sat down and complied. With Marc writing, Rolf started to put away the game, dashing another hope of Marc's. Marc was more than halfway thru when the doorbell rang. Rolf answered the door. Marc tried to hear who it was, but was still too focused on his assignment and the lingering taste of Ivory.

Marc finished, and stood up. He looked at the front door and saw it was closed, leading him to suspect Rolf went next door to the neighbor's. Marc paced the ground floor, staring at the stairs. He inhaled deeply, and climbed up to the second floor. He cautiously walked down the hall to the master bedroom. He stood in the doorway, silently. Marc watched Matthew, trying to determine his state. Marc had decided Matthew was asleep, until he saw him shudder, the result of a few falling tears. Marc entered the room.

"Got any chocolate?" Marc asked, flicking his tongue.

Matthew jerked his head towards, then laid it back down on the pillow. He was uncertain on how Marc's reaction would be. He wanted to speak, apologize, or something, but no words came out. Matthew tensed as Marc walked across the room, and sat on the bed next to him.

Marc stared hard at Matthew, examining his clothed body. His eyes locked on Matthew's shorts clad behind.

"So how much do you hate me?" Matthew managed, the silence deafening

Marc snapped from his trance, and gently ran his hand across Matthew's back. Matthew tensed more, but managed to melt under the gently touch.

"I don't hate you. I don't think that would ever be possible. I could do without this after taste, but I will live."

"I'm...sorry." Matthew said quietly.

"It's okay. How are you doing?" Marc asked, as his hand slid to the small of Matthew's back.

"How do you THINK?" Matthew responded.

"I think I would need to see, to give an accurate opinion." Marc replied, placing his hand on Matthew's waistband.

When Matthew didn't object, Marc carefully yanked Matthew's shorts down. Marc winced at the sight. But the longer he stared at the fiery red bottom, his crotch began to stir.

"Rolf really laid into you." Marc said, not removing his gaze from his friend's beautiful buns.

"Duh!" Matthew replied.

"It looks hot. Perhaps I should cool it down?" Marc offered.

Marc leaned down and kissed Matthew's right cheek. Matthew trembled slightly. Marc's kiss escalated into a lick. Using the tip of his tongue, he traced the still visible spoon marks. Matthew quivered, biting the pillow. Marc stopped the motion with his tongue, and placed the palm of each hand on each of Matthew's cheeks. His firm touch cause Matthew to whimper slightly. Marc gently spread Matthew's battered cheeks. Marc leaned in, his tongue extended and firm.

"Aaaaaah!" Matthew exclaimed into the pillow. Matthew raised his head and looked around the room. But no one was there. He turned his head towards the doorway, and saw Marc walking towards the stairs. Matthew breathed heavily. He leaned over and smelled the pillow for the overpowering scent of Ivory. But only Snuggles was there. Matthew laid his head down again, and stared at the wall.


"Matthew, I told you yesterday, we're fine! I am NOT mad at you." Marc said pulling the cooler from the back of his truck.

"Are you certain?" Matthew asked one more time, while pulling out the last of the luggage from his and Rolf's truck.

"Would you feel better if I lathered your mouth up with Ivory?" Marc replied.

"Only if you would feel better having Rolf work your butt over with a spoon."

They both laughed, and headed up to the cabin, where Rolf was already waiting.

"I still don't know why you had to bring your truck up here too!" Matthew whined, before they got to the door.

"I told you, I am on call this weekend."

"Tough tit. That store can do without you for a weekend." Matthew spat.

"If you want to make it to the water, you need to speed this up," Rolf said, holding open the door."

"I'm there!" Marc said, taking the cooler over to the refrigerator while Matthew took the suitcases upstairs.  In a little over fifteen minutes, all three men were dressed in their swimming trunks.  Rolf had a book and the sunscreen.

"Why don't you put some water in the jug and bring that down.  I know we'll be thirsty later."

Matthew grabbed the cooler and filled it with the ice, then topped it off with water.  "Ready!"

"Wait, what's that?" Rolf asked, acting like he heard something.

"I don't know," Matthew and Marc said, craning their necks to hear.

"It's the water calling us," Rolf said, opening the door.

"Oh, real funny," Matthew said, flying past Rolf and down the porch steps.  Rolf laughed, shutting the door behind him and following the two eager young men down the path.  The instant he came out of the tree line, Matthew and Marc both jumped off the dock into the water with matching yells.

Rolf pulled out his chair from the box on the dock and got that situated.  "Alright guys, lets get the sunscreen on.  I don't think burns are on any of our to-do lists this weekend."

Matthew huffed, but swam over to the dock, getting there before Marc.  He climbed up and took a seat in front of Rolf and let Rolf slather him with the gooey mess.  He then took enough to coat his legs and got out of the way for Marc, who took his spot on the dock.

"Alright, off to the water you go!" Rolf said with a gentle pat to Marc's behind.

"No, not quiet yet." Marc said looking at Rolf.

ELSE is there?" Matthew whined, ready to jump in.

"Rolf of course!" Marc said, taking a hold of the sunscreen bottle.

"If anyONE is going to be touching Rolf it should be me!" Matthew said holding out his hand.

Marc thought for a moment. "You can do the front, I'll do his back, it will speed up the process."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Rolf asked.

"No!" Both young men replied at that same time.

Rolf smiled and stood to his feet, as Marc squirted a healthy amount across his back, before handing the bottle to Matthew. Marc slowly worked his hands across Rolf's broad shoulders. He sensuously worked his hands down Rolf's spine, evenly applying the lotion. Marc's gaze affixed to the to of Rolf's swim trunks. His hand paused on Rolf's back as he recalled the scene he witnessed just over a week ago. Marc returned to the present, when he felt Rolf tense up some. He continued down his back to the swim trunks. Marc took a deep breath and place his hands on Rolf's waistband.

"What are you doing?" Rolf asked, twisting to look at Marc.

Marc inched Rolf's shorts down just enough to expose his crack.

"You're bound to shift some, want to be sure you're covered." Marc replied innocently, his eyes drawn to Rolf's crack.

Marc finished the job, repressing the urge to let his hands slide into Rolf's trunks.

"Are we ready 
NOW ?" Matthew asked impatiently.

"Last one there is a rotten egg!" Marc said taking off for the water.


Rolf pulled his trunks back up to the proper area, and stared at Marc. Rolf shook his head and settled down on the deck intending to read his Christopher Rice novel. His attention was soon to Matthew who screamed and bounded onto the deck. Rolf stood up.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Oh Matthew saw a water snake." Marc said with a chuckle.

Rolf breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down. "It's not going to kill you."

"DARN straight. I ain't getting back in." Matthew replied, lying down on the dock.

Matthew laid down on his stomach, his back glistening from the water beads. His buttocks tightly outlined from the wet trunks. His hair flopping down into his eyes. Rolf looked over the top of his book, and watched Marc. Marc gently swam in place, never taking his eyes off of Matthew.

"Marc, why don't you get out for a bit and we can start lunch." Rolf called.

Marc jumped slightly at the voice. He found himself on the verge of a problem.

"Two more minutes?" He asked.

Rolf nodded. "TWO more."

Matthew stood up and walked towards Rolf, having had enough of the sun. Marc breathed a silent sigh of relief, and swam around, pleased that his growing erection subsided. Once he was confident that his trunks were no longer tenting, he climbed onto the deck.

The day continued without incident. Matthew and Rolf seemed particularly close, which warmed Marc's heart. He found himself staring more than once, wondering if there could be room for one more.

The day wound down, and they settled into the living room. Matthew sat in Rolf's lap, as Rolf read. And Marc appeared to be working on a crossword puzzle.

"What?" Matthew asked, catching Marc in deep stare.

Rolf tipped his book and looked to see what the exchange was about.

"I...n-nothing." Marc stammered, quickly blushing. "Racking my brain."

Matthew gave him an uncomfortable glance, and held onto Rolf tighter, who returned to his book. Marc continued to fake his puzzle for a few minutes, then tossed the book onto the table.

"I think I am going to turn in. Feel like getting an early start tomorrow?" Marc asked the happy couple.

"No promises." Rolf replied, grunting as Matthew burrowed deeper into him, turning his face into Rolf's neck.

"Ok. Goodnight." Marc said with a smile.

"Goodnight, little one." Rolf said, before gently poking Matthew.

"Yup, 'night." Matthew said unenthused, without looking around.

Marc climbed the stares to his bedroom, and closed the door. Once Rolf heard the door close, he put the book down and looked at Matthew.

"What's wrong?" Rolf asked.

Matthew shrugged.

"Come on, something is bothering you. What is it?"

Matthew looked at the stairwell. "Him!"

"Marc?" Rolf asked.

"Tell me you haven't noticed ANYTHING abnormal?" Matthew said, trying to maintain a whisper.

"Something is amiss. I'm not sure what though."

"Oh come on. THINK about it! The looks. The touching. The discussion the other day."

"Discussion?" Rolf asked.

"About three being the new coup..." Matthew trailed off, uncomfortable with the very thought of it.

"Come on, let's go up to...bed" Rolf said with a twinkle in his eye.

Matthew smiled, standing to his feet. He helped Rolf up and headed towards the stairs.

"Want to see if Marc would like to join us?" Rolf said tickling Matthew.

"ROLF!" Matthew replied, not amused.

Rolf shushed him and they headed to their bedroom, Matthew giggling all the way from Rolf's tickling. They got into the bedroom and Rolf shut the door behind them. But in the moment of passion, the door didn't fully latch, and opened more than a crack.

Marc had removed his shirt and shorts when he heard Matthew and Rolf pass. Marc stood in his white briefs, and walked over to the door. He listened at the door, contemplating his move.

As Marc listened at the door, he lost himself in his thoughts. All of the fantasies and sexy images he had been witness to, flooded his mind. Marc knew the time was now. He opened his door, and crept down the hall to the lovers' bedroom. Marc's heart raced as he peered into the partially open bedroom.

Matthew laid naked on his side with Rolf behind him, nibbling on his shoulder. Rolf's large, powerful hand gently ran down Matthew's side, and around to his buttocks. Rolf's hand teasingly massaged between Matthew's cheeks, causing him to writhe with pleasure.

Marc watched silently from the doorway. He was trapped between wanting to throw himself into the action, and wanting to pleasure himself to the action. Marc's right hand slid down into his briefs, and firmly wrapped around his hardening cock. His left hand gently tweaked and pinched his nipples, alternating between the two. He continued to watch in silence.

Rolf had gently rolled Matthew onto his stomach, and was slowly easing himself in. Matthew reached around and grabbed onto Rolf's firm buttocks. Both men moaned with ecstasy when Rolf fully entered Matthew.

Marc continued to breathe heavier and heavier, as he stroked himself faster and faster. But Marc knew it was now or never, if he was to make his move. Marc removed his hand from his underwear. He took a deep breath, and placed his hand on the door. Before he could move, he saw Matthew turn his head.

Matthew turned his head, and stared deep into Rolf's eyes. Rolf stopped the gentle grinding rhythm, and listened as Matthew spoke from the heart.

"I love you."

Rolf leaned in and kissed Matthew deeply. When Matthew turned his back, Rolf continued the deep penetrating love-making rhythm.

Marc stared into the room, and slowly backed down the hallway, his eyes brimming with tears. He quietly returned to his room. He dressed quickly, throwing on a t-shirt and jeans. He gathered his stuff into his suitcase, and quietly walked back downstairs. He placed his suitcase at the door, and wiped his eyes. He walked over to the kitchen counter and wrote a short note, displaying it prominently. He grabbed his keys from the table, picked up his suitcase and left the cabin quietly.


The morning sun lit up the room. Matthew and Rolf continued to lay naked in each other's arms. Rolf woke up, and saw that Matthew was also awake.

"Good morning." Rolf said as he stroked Matthew's hair before getting a kiss. "Been up long?"

Matthew shrugged as he stared at the partially open door.

"What is it?" Rolf asked.

"The door must have been open all night." Matthew said quietly.

"Hmmm, it must have not latched last night. Why? Does that bother you?"

Matthew didn't respond.

"Is this about Marc's behavior?" Rolf asked.

Matthew shrugged. Rolf gently stroked Matthew's hair.

"Do you really think Marc is trying to take our friendship to a new level?" Rolf asked.

"It adds up! The talk of trios and the awkward looks. And the touching."


"Yesterday on the dock?"

"That was sun protection. The rest could be any number of things."

"I knew you’d think it was crazy." Matthew said quietly.

"I don't think you are crazy. Alright, let's suppose Marc does want us to become a three." Rolf paused, trying to contemplate this himself. "Would it be so different?"

Matthew squirmed slightly.

"I mean, we all take care of each other now. Would it be so bad?" Rolf asked.

"Yes!" Matthew replied, near tears.

Rolf stroked his head, trying to calm him.

"It's alright." Rolf said soothingly.

"NO! It's NOT. I don't..." Matthew trailed off.

"What, what is it?" Rolf asked.

"I don't want to SHARE you!" Matthew said, clinging onto Rolf tightly, tears streaming his face.

"Shhh. It's okay. I don't want to share you either." Rolf said hold Matthew tighter.


Marc sat on the dry, brown grass. He continued to stare at the name engraved in the marble monument.

"Oh Luke, I have to wonder if things could have been different!" Marc said aloud. "We were FAR from perfect together, but it was easier. Oh god was it easier. Damn you! Damn you for being such a prick! Damn you for leaving me like you did! Do you know what I did? I nearly ruined the best friendship I have ever had, trying to get a good fuck! How is that your fault? I don't know! I guess I couldn't have loved you too much, since this is only the second time I have been here. NO! I DID love you. Why did you have to leave me?"

Marc felt a presence behind him, and turned around sharply.

"Does that help?"

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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