Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day With Marc

Title: A Day With Marc
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee
Rolf was ready to head out. He had a Saturday morning meeting scheduled with a client across town who was interested in beginning a large construction project.
"Matthew, I will probably be busy all day. I should be home at least by dinner, though. Could you get the yard cleaned up and raked, so we can mow it tomorrow? I want one more good mow before winter. And remember, you're grounded this weekend. No friends, and no leaving the house. Understood?"
"Yeah, yeah. I know. Don't worry about me. I'll get the yard picked up."
Matthew had come in very late the night before, and Rolf had grounded him for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, he had no plans, he thought he'd just settle in to watch tv all day.
"I'll see you later."
With that, Rolf headed out the door to his meeting. Matthew headed out to the yard to begin the cleaning. They had many trees, and the branches always had to be picked up before mowing, then be raked. Fall had come early this year, and the lawn was a mess. He worked in the back yard some, then decided to head out front. He looked up when he heard a horn. Marc, Matthew's friend, had just pulled up in his jeep. Marc was one of Matthew's good friends from college. Rolf adored Marc. Marc was similar to Rolf, he was always the voice of reason, and never put up with anyone's _s_h_i_t_. It was this very reason that Matthew refused to tell Marc that he was grounded.
"Hey buddy, what's up?"
"Just doing some raking. Rolf wants to get one more good mowing before winter."
"Aren't you sweet, volunteering to help."
"Yeah, volunteering," Matthew said laughing. "Rolf had a meeting and asked me to help him out."
"That's a pretty big job for one person, want some help?" Matthew knew better than to let someone else do his work, especially when being punished.
"Nah, it's cool, I can handle it."
"Don't be silly I insist, what are friends for? I either help or I'm going to supervise, and if I supervise I'm going to be picky." Marc said laughing.
Matthew was cornered. He brought out the spare rake and let his friend do *his* work. The lawn was clean in no time.
After finishing their labor, they went inside. After cleaning up a bit and cooling down(no matter how cold it is outside, lawn work still makes you sweat), the guys went downstairs to the game/family room. Matthew and Marc were rather competitive, and soon found themselves staring at the ping-pong table.
"You up for a round of ping pong Marc?"
"You bet I am."
"I can't wait to kick your ass."
"Like that is going to happen."
"Wanna bet?"
"Okay, how about $10."
"Let's make it more interesting, how about strip ping pong? For every point scored, the winner gets a piece of the losers clothing." Marc thought it over, he would never walk away from a bet, he was too stubborn. He agreed.
Both guys were rather skilled at the game, so scoring took some time. Finally Matthew broke the ice by scoring. It only earned him a shoe, but it boosted his confidence, but his confidence was boosted to _c_o_c_k_iness, and was scored on shortly after. The game continued like this, for hours. Finally, both guys were in their underwear. Matthew in his sleek, black boxers, and Marc in his bold red thong. The next point was the big one. Then the game came to a screeching halt. Matthew thought he heard a car pull in the driveway.
"Oh _s_h_i_t_, Rolf's home."
"So what? We are just playing a game."
"That's just it. I'm grounded. I'm not supposed to be playing games with people. You are not supposed to be here."
"What do you mean you're grounded? Why the hell didn't you tell me that earlier. Do you know what kind of position you are putting me in? _d_a_m_n_ it Matthew, don't you ever think?"
"Oh _f_u_c_k_ off. I tried to get rid of you this morning, but you had to be Mr. Good buddy, and help."
Marc was pissed. He would do just about ANYTHING not to be in Rolf's doghouse, and he wasn't really worried about today, since he had no knowledge of Matt's punishment, but the little brat just told him to _f_u_c_k_ off, after he helped with the yard work. That was a _d_a_m_n_ big yard, and he volunteered, and Matt obviously could care less. He stepped towards Matt, intending to grab his arm and drag him upstairs.
"I think it's time to teach you a little respect." Matthew stepped backwards, slapping Marc's arm away.
"You just leave me the hell alone. Who do you think you are, anyway?" Matthew was afraid, and that made him angry. He knew he was going to be punished and was pissed at the fact that Marc was going to be a witness. He absolutely hated it when Rolf yelled/punished him in front of anyone.
"Why don't you just leave?" Marc tried to grab Matt's arm again.
"I think you have some explaining to do. I'm not about to get yelled at by Rolf for your stupid mistakes."
"_f_u_c_k_ OFF, you piss ant" Matthew yelled, as he tackled Marc. Rolf was at the top of the stairs when he heard Matthew's yell, then came the sounds of a bar room brawl. Matthew and Marc were furiously punching, kicking, tossing, and each other around the room. Someone hit the table next to the chair, and the lamp went flying, the bulb breaking when it hit the floor. Both boys were concentrating so hard on each other, they didn't see Rolf enter the room, and only realized he was there when he boomed
The boys had come to rest, Marc on top of Matthew, facing Rolf. Marc looked up, and saw Rolf, hands on hip, waiting for an answer.
"Sorry, Rolf, I didn't know Matt was being punished. I was trying to get him to go upstairs, and he resisted." Marc did not want Rolf angry with him. Matthew punched Marc in the arm, trying to get him off. Marc's response was to punch Matthew back, and they were at it again. Rolf quickly stepped in, grabbing Marc by the arm and pulling him off Matthew.
"Get up, GET UP, and STOP this foolishness NOW!" He had a death grip on Marc's arm. Matthew scrambled to his feet, wanting to protect his dignity.
"He started it" Matthew said, pointing at Marc.
"I did NOT, you ungrateful...OOWW"
"QUIET! BOTH of you." Rolf shook Marc by the arm, causing him to moan in pain.
"I don't know what the HELL this is about, but I WILL NOT tolerate fighting. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for behavior like this. You boys should be old enough to know better." He let go of Marc's arm, and Marc began to rub the sting out.
Both boys were starting to cool off, and they realized the seriousness of their predicament. They looked around the room, and saw what a wreck they had left it. The lamp was broken, magazines had fallen to the floor, and their clothes were scattered from one side of the room to the other, where they had thrown them at each other during the intense ping-pong game.
"Matthew, you have some explaining to do. Want to tell me why I come home to find you playing games with Marc?" Why did he have to be picked on first he wondered.
"Well...I was working in the yard, and he drove up, and insisted on helping me.."
"I did.."
"Marc, be quiet. I'm talking to Matthew. You'll get your turn in a minute." He turned back towards Matthew. "Go on."
"He wanted to help, I wasn't going to refuse."
"Matthew, I left YOU with the chores, not you and Marc. And that still doesn't explain what you're doing down here, obviously having played a long game of strip ping pong, I gather." Matthew just looked at the floor. He had no excuses.
"I'm waiting..." Matthew shifted his weight from foot to foot. He didn't know what to say.
"Alright, Marc, what is your explanation." Marc shuddered. He didn't want Rolf's attention directed towards him.
"I came over, and Matt didn't say anything about being grounded until he heard you come home. I just tried to get Matt to go upstairs, so he could explain to you that he didn't tell me about it."
"And when he refused, you just lashed out? Is that it?" Rolf was going to get to the bottom of this.
"No, no sir. He pushed me first, I just pushed back."
"You did..." Matthew wanted to get his two cents in.
"Matthew, you had your turn. You are in enough trouble already, mister, I suggest you be quiet."
He turned to Marc. "You have known me long enough to know that fighting is NOT something that I tolerate. I expected more from you."
Rolf continued for a short time, making Marc feel very, very ashamed. Underneath that shame though, was anger at Matt for getting him into this situation. Rolf finished the lecture, and Marc just stood, staring at the floor. He knew, from experience, what was next. Rolf walked over to the ping-pong table, and picked up one of the paddles. He headed over to the chair.
"Marc, come here."
Marc's stomach began to tumble. He didn't want a spanking. Not in front of Matt. Not one, period.
"Please, Rolf, I'm sorry...I"
"Get over here, RIGHT NOW, young man."
Marc walked slowly over to Rolf. He realized how naked he was, that Rolf wouldn't even have to pull the underwear down, (_f_u_c_k_ing wrong day to wear a thong!) to get good, bare bottom coverage, with a paddle at that. He was shivering.
Rolf grabbed Marc by the arm, when he was close enough, and pulled him down across his knees. When Marc was in position, Rolf cracked that paddle down hard, leaving Marc with no air in the lungs. The sound made Matthew jump. The second crack landed, and Marc let out a loud "aaaaahhhh". The third, then the fourth came crashing down, and Marc's resolve not to cry quickly left him. Rolf knew exactly how to drive home a lesson in responsibility. Marc was kicking and bouncing, pleading and promising, anything to get that paddle stopped. He realized, quickly, that Rolf wasn't listening to him, so he gave up on the promises, and just cried. He was sooooo ashamed. He hadn't been spanked like this in a long, long while. Finally, Rolf stopped.
"Get your nose in the corner, hands on head. Don't even think of moving."
Marc sobbed out "Yes, sir" and headed for cover.
"Matthew, come here."
Matthew had watched Rolf paddle Marc. His stomach was doing flips, knowing he was next. The only thing to be happy about was that Marc had his nose buried in the corner, and wouldn't be able to see. Hear, definitely, but not see. Matthew drug his feet, slowly approaching Rolf in the chair. When he was close, Rolf yanked down Matt's boxers, then pulled him over his knees.
"Give me your arm."
Matthew slowly put his right arm behind his back, where Rolf held it. Matt knew it was going to be bad. The paddle landed with another loud smack, and soon, Matthew too was begging for the end. Rolf worked the paddle all over Matthew's backside, leaving no area untouched. Matthew soon lost his voice, and cried, his sobs punctuated by the paddle. He was beating the floor, and kicking up a storm, but that didn't alleviate the pain. Rolf stopped, only when Matthew's ass was a deep, hot, red. He had given Matthew at least twice what he had given Marc, and Matthew felt every last one. Rolf hustled Matthew upstairs, to the kitchen corner. He didn't trust the two of them alone.
He left the boys, sobbing out their pain, for about thirty minutes. When they both settled down, he had them clean up the downstairs, then fed them dinner. He then sent Matthew to his room, so he could talk to Marc alone.
"I've got another meeting, a short one, but I've got to leave. I trust that you learned your lesson?"
"Yes, sir. You, and the paddle, made it very, very clear. I'm ashamed that I acted the way I did. I hope you're not angry with me."
"No, Marc, I'm not angry. Everyone needs a little reminder now and again, and I know I won't have to do that again for a long, long time. You're much too responsible for that. I'd like for you to stay, to make sure Matthew doesn't get into any more trouble. I'll only be gone for two hours, and if you have nothing better to do, I'd appreciate it."
"No problem. I'm feeling much more responsible now, you've got nothing to worry about."
Rolf went in to talk to Matthew. "Matt, I've got another meeting. I'm leaving Marc in charge."
"But Rolf, I.." Matthew didn't need a babysitter, especially not Marc.
"No buts. You are to do whatever he tells you, or you and I will have a repeat performance of a little earlier, is that clear?"
"Yes, sir."
As soon as Rolf left the room, Matthew threw his pillow at the door. He did NOT want to have to listen to Marc, not when Marc was angry with him. What a fun evening this was turning out to be. Matthew decided it would be best if he stayed in his room, pouting.
Meanwhile, Marc was in the living room cooling down. He couldn't help but keep playing the day's events over and over in his head. He wasn't so much pissed at the fact that he got his ass paddled. That was something he deserved and it will keep him in line for a few months. There were two things that did piss Marc off, the first was the fact that Matthew lied to him. Sure he probably would have lectured his buddy on whatever misdeed he had done to get grounded, but that would have been that. But no, Matthew had to cover things up, little brat! The second thing that pissed him off was the fact that the little brat saw him get his ass beat, and what a beating it was. Even the comfy couch was little relief for his still sore buns. But Marc had resolved to just put it all behind him, unless provoked.
Well Matthew's middle name was trouble, and he just didn't know when to let things go. After pouting in his room for about an hour, he was thoroughly bored. He sheepishly moped out to the living room, and carefully plopped down on the sofa across from Marc. He didn't care much for Marc's programming selection, so he grabbed the remote, and began channel surfing.
"Excuse me, I was watching that."
"Too bad, my house. Hockey is on."
"I don't care, Rolf left me in charge, I'm going to watch what I want. Besides I am pretty sure you owe me that much."
"I don't owe you shit! I don't need a damn babysitter. Rolf can just kiss my ass if he thinks otherwise."
That was it, the brat had crossed the line. Rolf treated this punk with nothing but love and respect, and this was how he talked about him.
Marc was pissed. Marc jumped up and grabbed Matthew by the hair, pulling him to his feet. He took hold of his arm, similar to what Rolf had done to Marc earlier, and marched Matthew to his bedroom. Matthew was stunned by Marc's assertiveness, and could only go along with it in disbelief. Once in the bedroom, Matthew was thrown face down on the bed. Marc grabbed Matthew's hairbrush from his dresser, and pinned Matthew to the bed. Marc sat on his back, keeping him in place, while he pulled his shorts, and boxers down to his knees. Marc was still too angry for words, so he just began walloping Matthew's ass with the large, wooden hairbrush. The only sounds in the room, were the loud smacking of the wood meeting bare flesh, and Matthew yelling in agony as his earlier spanking was reignited. Matthew's bottom was still tender from the spanking of just 3 hours earlier, and the added pain of this spanking made near excruciating. It didn't take long before Matthew's ass was bright crimson, and his voice was once again hoarse from the crying. Finally Marc stopped. He left Matthew sobbing on the bed. He realized Rolf would be home soon and he would probably have to explain what happened.
After about ten minutes, Matthew came back into the living room. He was still sniffling, his eyes bloodshot, and naked from the waist down. He went over to Marc and hugged him. He knew he had much to be grateful for, and Marc helped remind him of all that. Rolf never did find out what happened during those two hours, by the time he returned Matthew was worn out, and was sound asleep.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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