Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Tossed from the Arena

Title: Getting Tossed from the Arena
Author: Rolf
Author’s Note: This story can stand alone, but is better read after The Ticket, The Day After the Ticket, The Second Strapping, and Opening Night of Hockey.

Matthew moped around his bedroom most of Sunday. He had been absolutely devastated earlier today when Marc had donated the big screen television that Matthew had won from the hockey game. The only thing that kept him from saying anything to Rolf was that he would be in so much trouble if Rolf knew he had been to the game while on restriction. Matthew wanted to confront Marc, but he had left, and Matthew had no grounds to stand on anyway. Rolf tried several times to get Matthew interested in something, but Matthew wasn't willing to leave his own pity party. Finally, it was time for Rolf to leave for the hockey game. He knocked on Matt's door, and entered when Matt bid him to do so.
"Hey, I hate to see you so disappointed. It really wasn't your television to begin with, I don't know why you are so upset." Rolf really couldn't understand Matthew's mood.
"You just don't understand." Matthew couldn't say much more than that.
"You're right, I don't understand. You come home with Marc, bawling like you just lost your best friend, and you mope around your room all day. You act as if you had every right to that television, and from what I know, you had nothing to do with it. I don't understand what is so upsetting about Marc donating it. It was his after all, and he was nice enough to take you along."
"Can we just drop it? I'm tired of talking about him, and that stupid tv. I can't help it, I wanted it. He used my name, it should be mine, to do with as I choose. Just drop it, okay?" Matthew was becoming increasingly angry, talking about his loss.
"Okay, I'll drop it. I'm heading out to the game. Please try to get your homework done so you're not doing it at the last minute. I'll be back soon after the game. Remember, no tv or computer. 'K?"
"I KNOW, I know. You really don't have to tell me that everytime you leave. Give me a break, why don't you?" Matthew's tone had become increasing argumentative.
"Matthew, don't take that tone of voice with me. You need to get that attitude under control before I get home tonight. I'm tired of it. Get that homework started, and I mean it." With that, Rolf turned to leave. He didn't want to get into any further arguments with Matthew, it would only lead to more punishment.
As soon as Rolf closed the door to Matthew's room, Matt exploded. The nearest thing to him was a magazine, and he chucked it towards the door. It hit with a loud thunk, then fluttered to the floor. Matt yelled out, "You don't understand, nobody understands," and flipped over face first on the bed and pouted some more.
Rolf jumped when the magazine hit the door. He stopped for a second, then realized that Matt was through with throwing things. He would ignore his temper tantrum for now. He REALLY didn't understand him today. It wasn't as if they didn't already have a big screen television, and even if it was Matthew's to do with as he wished, it wasn't going into that bedroom, no way. Maybe today's attitude was a combination of missing last night's game as well as today's. He hoped Matthew would settle down, he couldn't handle that attitude the rest of the evening. Well, it was time for Rolf to pick up Marc and head to the game.
Matthew fumed in his room for fifteen minutes. He hardly had any tears left, he had been crying practically all day. He knew deep in his heart that he didn't deserve the television, but that didn't change the fact that he really wanted it.
Matthew listened to the game on the radio. The team played well, the game was exciting, filled with lots of scoring and a few fights as well. All of the excitement he was missing caused Matthew's bad mood to deepen.
Rolf arrived home, parking the car in the garage. As soon as he turned the engine off, he heard the stereo. His blood pressure rose a few notches, that was just WAY too loud. He walked into the family room, finding Matt lounging on the couch. Rolf stepped over to the stereo and turned the music down to a more reasonable level. He walked back over to the couch, ruffling his boyfriend's hair, saying, "Good game, hey Sport?"
Matthew responded in an aggravated voice, "Like I would know. Care to leave the stereo alone? I was listening." He pushed the volume button on the remote, and the radio returned to its headache level volume.
Rolf did not appreciate that response at all. He held out his hand, saying in a very stern voice, "Give me the remote!"
Matthew slammed it down in Rolf's extended hand. "Here, I'm done anyway." Matthew started to get up, but Rolf wasn't finished yet.
Rolf placed his hand on Matthew's shoulder, holding him on the couch. He turned the stereo off, the silence almost as deafening as the music had been. He nailed Matthew with an icy glare. "You are one step away from a blistered backside young man. I warned you before I left to lose that attitude, and I won't warn you again. Is...that...understood?"
Matthew was still feeling his last strapping, and knew he was dangerously close to another spanking right now. He didn't want that, and managed to say in a somewhat repentant voice, "Yes, Sir."
Rolf removed his hand from the shoulder, and Matthew got up with a loud sigh. He was still upset, but wasn't going to give Rolf any more reason to yell.
Rolf just stood still for a few moments, letting his own temper cool some. He knew Matthew was bored, and understood why he was acting up, but it was still unacceptable. The punishment was a tough one, but Matthew needed to learn that getting a ticket and then lying about it was also completely unacceptable behavior.
Matthew got to bed that night without any more problems. He also made it through the rest of the weekend without any trouble. He was absolutely bored to death. This was the third week in a row that he was not allowed out of the house, nor allowed computer or tv time. He did a lot of reading, made a few "illegal" phone calls, and did manage to watch a little tv, all without being caught. The time was drawing nearer for his fourth and final strapping for the ticket. He remained nervous about it, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would hurt like hell, but he wanted to get it behind him. Besides, the last one Rolf had even let him keep his shorts on, maybe the fourth would be lighter still. He just didn't know when that last strapping would take place.
Rolf watched Matthew all week. He was extremely pleased with Matthew's attitude change, accepting his punishment and not making a big deal of it. Rolf, for the first time that he could remember, was thinking about cutting Matthew's punishment short. Matt had taken his last strapping very well, worked his way through a very disappointing weekend without too much fuss, and hadn't begged or pleaded to go to this weekend's hockey games. He continued to mull over what he was going to do.
Friday morning arrived. Matthew had climbed in with Rolf sometime during the night, and it felt glorious waking up next to his warm body. Matt laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling. Finally, he rolled out of bed, went to the bathroom, then rustled through Rolf's closet, looking for the belt. He found it, and approached the bed.
"Rolf, Rolf, wake up." Matthew gently shook Rolf until his eyes opened.
"Good morning Sport, you're up early." Rolf enjoyed a deliciously long, languid stretch, before sitting up. As his eyes focused on Matthew, he realized that Matthew was holding the belt.
As Rolf took the belt, Matthew said, "I want to put this behind us."
Rolf stood up, and directed Matthew to bend over the bed. While Matt got into position, Rolf was making up his mind. He was extremely pleased with Matthew. He doubled up the belt, and asked Matthew to count.
Rolf laid down the first lick, with Matthew calmly saying, "One." Rolf kept the strap falling, Matthew moving a little with each stroke, still rather calmly counting. He had tears running down his face, but no sobbing yet. When Rolf reached nineteen, Matthew began to sob quite loudly, the pain was becoming intense. Rolf laid on lick twenty, right across the fleshy seat of Matthew. Matt stood up, nearly grabbing to rub out the sting, but though better of it. He had wanted to get this over, now he just wished it would stop. He leaned back over the bed. His stomach dropped into his toes when he heard Rolf say, "You can stop counting. These next five are coming hard and fast. Stay in position." Matthew was sure he was getting five extra for standing up.
Rolf did lay on five good solid whacks. It left Matthew breathless, then crying loudly. Rolf stood back and watched Matthew shiver in pain and the anticipation of more. His backside was crimson, several of the belt marks clearly visible. In a stern voice, he told Matthew to stand up and turn around.
Matthew was scared. He was only half way through with the strapping, and here he was, about to get his head bit off for standing up. Would it ever end? He wiped the back of his hand across his face, trying to stop the flow of tears and snot that was running down his face. He looked up at Rolf, waiting for the lecture. He saw instead, the blue eyes he loved so well.
Matthew was confused when Rolf said, "Are you going to slow down in the future, and are you going to be completely honest with me in all things?"
Between sniffles, Matthew said, "Yes, sir. I never wanted to keep that ticket from you, really I didn't. The timing was just off, and I'm sorry for making that mistake. You...You do forgive me, don't you?"
"Yes, Sport, I do forgive you. You've been pretty good, though a very harsh punishment. Your strapping is finished, and if you remain on your best behavior today and tomorrow, I'll take you to the hockey game on Sunday, and end your restriction there."
Matthew's smile nearly lit up the entire room and he almost knocked Rolf to the floor when he went to give him a hug, saying over and over, "Thank you."

*****     *****     *****

Rolf left for work, and Matthew decided he'd work outside all day, making sure the yard was perfect. He still couldn't believe his luck; he was going to get to the hockey game on Sunday! He wanted to do everything he could to make sure Rolf knew how happy he was. The yard was mowed, trimmed, picked up, the large section of growth was picked up, and the entire thing looked fabulous. Rolf was impressed when he came home. When he took off for the game, Matthew hit the couch to listen, but fell asleep before the first period was over. He was worn out from his hard work. Rolf found him snoring on the couch when he returned, barely able to awaken him enough to get him into bed.
The next day Matthew worked inside, making sure the house was spotless. This time, he made it through to the second period before falling asleep.
Finally, Sunday arrived. "Aren't you ready, YET?" Matthew yelled, wanting to get out the door, ready to break free from his restriction.
"They don't open the doors for another thirty minutes. Slow down, we'll make it early, but there is no sense standing in line when we live only five minutes away." Rolf was busy, trying to wrap up a project on the computer, and Matt wasn't helping any.
"But Roolllfff..."
"But nothing Matthew. We will leave in twenty-five minutes and not a minute earlier. Take a few deep breaths and CHILL OUT."
Matthew went outside and sat on the porch swing. He knew things could only go downhill if he said anything more. Rolf had made up his mind, and it wasn't going to be changed.
Matthew waited impatiently, watching every minute tick by on his watch. Finally it was twenty after, he had to go back in. Thankfully, Rolf was getting his jersey on and ready to head out.
When they arrived at the game, Rolf told Matthew he had a seat two rows behind, since he had already promised Matt's ticket to Marc.
"What, you mean I'm sitting with Marc?" Matt asked.
"Yes, I thought you two would want to sit together, so I'll just sit behind you."
Matthew was not the least bit interested in sitting next to Marc. He hadn't thought about Marc being at the game, since they hadn't gone to pick him up, nor had he come over to their house. He asked Rolf why they hadn't picked him up.
"Marc was busy, said he'd just meet us here."
Rolf sat with Matt during warmups, then as soon as the game was set to begin, he moved back. Marc arrived a few minutes later.
"Hey Matt, nice to see you here. Happy to be free?" Marc was genuinely happy to see Matthew. He knew how tough the last three weeks had been for him.
Matthew, on the other hand, could care less what Marc thought right now. He knew he was being completely unreasonable, but he couldn't help it. He was still thoroughly upset with the whole television business. Without even acknowledging Marc's hello or presence, Matt waved his hand impatiently and said, "Sit down, the pucks in play."
Marc sat down, a little hurt by Matthew's cold shoulder. He sat quietly until the next stoppage in play. Then he asked where Rolf was.
Matthew pointed behind them. Marc turned and waved at Rolf. He mouthed out quietly "What's wrong with him?" pointing to Matt, and Rolf just shook his head. He had no idea.
Marc tried several times to get Matthew to talk, and was rebuffed rudely each time. Marc was usually too cool, and would have just ignored Matthew, but he didn't know why he was being so rude, and didn't feel he deserved to be treated that way.
Matthew got up and stumbled over Marc, going to get a drink. He didn't even ask Marc if he'd like anything, nor if Marc would mind moving so he wouldn't trip over him. When Matthew returned, Marc refused to move his legs more than a few inches, intending to make Matthew speak to him, if only to ask him to move.
Matthew wasn't about to say anything to Marc, and went to brush on by. He stumbled, there was not enough room for him to get by without Marc's help. He spilled part of his coke, thankfully not on anyone, but it made a mess of the floor, as well as his own shoes. He turned to Marc and said in a hateful voice "Thanks a lot for moving. I think you owe me a refill."
"I don't owe you crap, Matthew. It's you who owes me something. An explanation for the cold shoulder maybe?"
"If you don't know why, you're dumber than I thought."
With that comment, Marc stood up and began poking his finger into Matthew's chest, saying "Don't you talk to me that way, Mister!"
Rolf had been watching the discussion escalate, and decided now was the time to step in. He got up, moved down two rows and barked sternly "Matthew! Marc! Upstairs, NOW!" He turned and started up the stairs, confident the boys would follow.
The boys did follow. When Rolf used that tone of voice, especially when telling you to do something, you knew to jump to it, or face even worse consequences. It was a long walk up from the glass, made longer still because the boys knew who they were to face when they got to the top.
Rolf didn't stop on the concourse, he proceeded over to the doors to the outside smoking area. He stopped and held the door open, waiting for the boys to enter first.
Neither boy could quite bring himself to look at Rolf, they both knew they had a good lecture coming, in not more. The sound of the door closing behind them sounded for all the world like the cell door on the death chamber, chilling the two boys. Both of them nearly jumped out of their skin when Rolf's hand landed on each shoulder, steering them away from the door and then turning them to face him.
Rolf crossed his arms and said "Well, would either of you care to explain why you're acting like five year olds?"
Neither boy wanted to be the first to speak. They both knew that Rolf would jump right down their throats. They continued to stare holes in the floor, slowly shuffling their feet.
"May I assume from your silence, you realize that this behavior is unacceptable?"
Both boys shrugged their shoulders a little, still not looking up from the floor.
Well, this infuriated Rolf. He was expecting answers. It didn't matter that there were a few people a little ways away, smoking. He let his voice rise and barked at the two boys, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"
Both boys jumped at his command, and quickly looked around to see who might be listening, before looking at Rolf. They knew they were about to get an earful.
"Let me make this really simple." Rolf uncrossed his arms, and began speaking with his hands as well. "I WILL NOT put up with this behavior from EITHER of you. There is NO excuse for it. You obviously have some unfinished business between you, and you WILL stay right here until you work it out in a civil manner. Then, and only then, you may return to your seats. AM...I...UNDERSTOOD?"
"Yes, Sir." Both muttered at the same time.
Rolf turned and went back to the game, certain they would work this out, and soon be back in their seats. He was enjoying the game, and didn't want to waste his time disciplining the two of them.
Matthew and Marc both visibly relaxed the second the door closed behind Rolf. They had dodged a bullet, with most of their dignity intact. Matthew glared at the smokers, who quickly averted their eyes. He was ready to return to the game, and started for the doors.
Marc was ready to clear the air, not go back to the game. He grabbed Matthew's arm to stop him, saying "Hey. I think you owe me that explanation."
Matthew jerked his arm free, turning to glare at Marc. He usually had a lot of respect for Marc, but not now. Now he was just plain furious. He was mad at Rolf for yelling at them, mad at Marc for the tv, as well as keeping him from the game. "I don't owe you _s_h_i_t_, sherlock."
On a normal day, Marc would step into the disciplinarian shoes, and put Matthew in his place. But unfortunately for everyone concerned, he was just as furious as Matthew. He started poking his finger into Matt's chest again, saying "I don't know WHAT crawled up your ASS and DIED, but I'M SICK OF IT!"
The smokers quickly walked out, looking for the nearest security guard before things got too ugly.
Matthew grabbed Marc's hand, shoving it back. "Get your _d_a_m_n_ED finger out of my _f_u_c_k_ING FACE before I KNOCK you on your _f_u_c_k_ING ASS!"
"Yeah, you and what army, PIPSQUEAK!?!" Marc was trying to needle Matthew with that comment. Matthew was smaller than Marc, and usually resented that fact. It worked like a charm, though to Marc's detriment.
Matthew gave a good shove to Marc's chest, sending him flat on his butt. "Who needs an army, DIP_s_h_i_t_!"
Marc sat stunned, but only for a moment. He jumped back up and went to shove Matthew back. They were wrestling to get a good hold on each other, fussing when the security guard walked in.
"BREAK IT UP! BREAK IT UP, NOW!" The security guard barked in a commanding voice. He separated the two boys, grabbed each by the back of the shirt collar, and marched them back inside into the security office. "Take a seat."
The two boys "enjoyed" a ten-minute official dissertation on behavior expected within the arena. They could hardly keep their thoughts on the officer, both were terrified of Rolf finding out, and what HE would do. Finally, the officer was finished. The boys thought they were going to be lucky, and just sent back to their seats, Rolf none the wiser. WRONG. "I'm sorry, but you two must leave tonight. You may return to the next game, but be assured, if I catch you fighting again, you won't be coming back at all. Understood? Good. Is there anyone here with you that I need to alert to your dismissal?"
Both boys got the same sinking feeling. Marc had driven his own car, so he wasn't worried about leaving and not having a way home. What he was worried about was Rolf. He most certainly didn't want to face him tonight, but knew without a shadow of a doubt, if he left now without Rolf's knowledge, he'd be in even more trouble. Matthew had no choice. "Yes, sir. Rolf Monet, section 5, row E, seat 4."
"Mr. Monet? You must be Matthew. My, my. I don't envy you your shoes tonight." The officer spoke into his radio, asking an usher to summon Mr. Monet.
Matthew visibly deflated into the chair. He was now certain of his imminent punishment, and now come to find out, the officer knew Rolf. Marc was also certain of impending doom.
The usher went down to Rolf's seat. "Excuse me, Mr. Monet. You're wanted in the security office." Rolf got up and followed the usher upstairs. He wanted to believe that someone wanted to see him, just to say hi, but the boys had not returned, so he was pretty certain this trip to security had to do with them.
Rolf walked into the office, spotting the officer immediately. He walked up, shook hands saying "Good to see you, Tom. How have you been?"
The security officer returned the warm handshake, replying "Fine, fine. Good to see you as well."
The boys relaxed, but a moment too soon. Rolf's pleasant demeanor disappeared, replaced by a set jaw and stormy eyes. He turned towards Matthew. "Matthew, I want an explanation, and I want it now."
Matthew always loved to be the center of attention, except when it came to being punished. All of his bravado melted, the tough cookie turned back into a doughy mess. He started to mumble something, still looking at the floor.
Matthew was pricked into action by the increasing tone of anger in Rolf's voice. He stood up, and with his voice choked almost with tears, managed to tell Rolf what happened, and that they had to leave the arena.
Tom broke in. "Mr. Monet, normally I would ask that you leave, but..."
Rolf stopped Tom in the middle of his sentence. "Thanks Tom, but we WILL be leaving." He wasn't about to have the rules changed just because of who he was. Besides, the two boys needed to be taught a lesson, and the arena wasn't going to be the right place. He turned towards Marc, and nailed him with "the look". "Stand up young man. Do you have anything to add?"
Marc's stomach dropped as he stood up. He was ready to leave, his dignity was shattered. "No, Sir, not really. Just that I'm sorry."
"NEITHER of you has any IDEA how sorry you're going to be when I'm though with you. Do you know how ashamed I am of you right now? DO YOU? Having to come in and get you from the security office? For FIGHTING? INEXCUSABLE behavior. Get your butts out that door, face the wall, and DON'T MOVE, or make a SOUND. NOW!" Rolf pointed at the door, emphasizing his point to go.
Both boys practically ran outside, and quickly faced the wall. The door closed behind them. Rolf wanted to get the official side of the story before heading home. Then Rolf apologized to Tom for the boys behavior. "I can assure you, you won't be seeing them in an official capacity ever again." With that, Rolf headed out of the office, gruffly telling the boys to follow him. He headed out to the parking lot, trying to figure out what to do with Marc. "Matthew, wait for me in the car." Matthew took the keys that were handed to him and hurried off, eager to be away from Rolf for even a few minutes.
Marc, meanwhile, was wondering what was in store for him. Rolf took Marc's chin in his hand, bringing their eyes together. Marc was instantly chilled by the icy glare. "You, young man, are to go straight home. When you get there, you are to strip to your underwear. Take a kitchen chair, sit it in the corner. Sit your tail down in that chair, and DON'T get up. You and I will finish our discussion as soon as I get Matthew home. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"
"Y...yes, Sir."
Rolf let go of Marc's chin and turned towards his car. He was upset that Marc had come in a separate vehicle. It just complicated matters. Rolf knew Marc had to go to work in the morning, so he needed his vehicle. He also knew by the time he was finished with Marc, Marc wouldn't be in any shape to drive. So he decided to send him home. Maybe making him wait in the corner would help to drive the lesson home.
Matthew had made it to the car and was shivering in the front seat, near tears. He had every reason to be worried; he and Marc had embarrassed Rolf completely, and taken him from the game. Rolf loved hockey almost as much as Matthew, and now he was going to be missing most of the game. His heart felt like it jumped into his throat when Rolf opened the door and got in.
The five-minute drive seemed to stretch into hours for Matthew. He could tell Rolf was still steaming, and he was afraid to say anything. So he sat in terrified silence, watching the trees fly by the car windows, counting the minutes as if his life depended upon it.
Rolf pulled into the driveway, but not into the garage. He stopped the car, got out, and opened Matthew's door. Matthew slowly stood up, knowing what he was to soon face. Rolf took him by the arm, and marched him into the house, straight back to his room. Rolf turned Matthew towards him. "You are to stay in your room. I suggest you take a seat, enjoy it while you can. I am going to go and take care of Marc. Then I will return, and you and I will finish our discussion. UNDERSTOOD?"
"Yes, sir."
With that, Rolf turned, shut the door, and left the house.
Matthew waited a couple of minutes, to make sure Rolf had really left. He quickly ducked out of his room, and grabbed the phone. He called Marc.
Marc's phone rang 4 times, then the answering machine picked it up. Marc was sitting in the corner as instructed; he wasn't about to answer the phone. At least until he heard Matthew. "Marc, Marc, come on, pick up the phone. Please? I have something I want to tell you. Rolf just left two minutes ago, you are safe. Please? Pick up the phone buddy. Come on."
"What do you want?" Marc said when he picked it up.
"Oh, thank goodness. Marc...I just wanted to tell you...I'm sorry. I was just upset about the television. Just being completely unreasonable, I know. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, and I certainly didn't mean for us to get into this mess. I really appreciate that you didn't give me up to Rolf, at the hockey game. You had every right, to try to save your ass. But you didn't. And I thank you for that. Really, I'm sorry. Okay?"
Marc was pleased with Matthew's apology. He hadn't ever planned on telling Rolf about the game. There was no need. Had he been able to handle his temper a little better than he had, he wouldn't be in such desperate straights right now. He didn't blame Matthew for that. "Matthew, thank you. It's okay. I forgive you. Now get back to your room, and let me get back to my corner, don't need anything more from Rolf than I already have coming. Talk to ya later." With that, Marc hung up the phone, and returned to his chair. He thought about Matthew for a moment, then started worrying about his predicament again. He knew Rolf would arrive with ten minutes.
Rolf drove up to Marc's house. He walked on in the front door, which Marc had left open for him. He proceeded directly to the kitchen, all business now. He found Marc where he expected, facing the corner. "Marc, go get your paddle, and bring it here."
Those words sent shivers up and down Marc's spine. He slowly pushed back the chair, standing up, and went into his office to get the dreaded paddle. He didn't waste any time, he didn't want to anger Rolf anymore than he already was. He went back in the kitchen, and held out the paddle to Rolf.
"Get the chair, and bring it here." Rolf said sternly.
Marc got the chair he had been sitting in, and brought it to the middle of the room.
"Look at me. You embarrassed and shamed me tonight. I sincerely hope that you are ashamed as well. I expect a lot better behavior from you than what you displayed tonight. I still don't know what went on between the two of you, but I had better NOT see behavior like this again. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, sir."
With that, Rolf sat down in the chair. "Get your shorts down, and over my knees young man. I'm going to make sure you remember to behave like the young man I know you to be, not the child that you displayed tonight."
Marc quickly obeyed, fear building up in the pit of his stomach. He hated the feeling of lying bare assed over Rolf's knees, ready and waiting for the pain that was sure to come. Instead of the paddle, Rolf started with the hand. He spanked hard and fast, covering every inch of Marc's backside, landing a few good swats on the upper thighs, eliciting a healthy howl of pain from Marc. Marc was bouncing wildly around Rolf's lap, but unable to get away from the hand that was inflicting such fire on his backside. He howled and cried, to no avail. When Rolf's hand started to get tired, he quit. He let Marc cry some of his pain out, before helping him to his feet. He wasn't finished yet. "Sit down."
Marc didn't want to sit, his butt was on fire, and that hard chair wasn't going to help matters in the least. He had no choice, so he tried to sit gingerly down, but that didn't help. As soon as he put weight on the chair, he howled in pain again, tears coursing down his cheeks. Marc continued crying, trying to move around the chair to lessen the pain, but nothing was helping.
Rolf had no sympathy. The boy had misbehaved, and he was now facing the consequences of those actions. Rolf stood, watching Marc for about 5 minutes. When he thought Marc had settled down enough to face stage two, he told him to get up.
"You are to turn around, place your hands on the chair seat, and DON'T MOVE. I am going to apply 15 licks of the paddle, making sure you don't forget to behave. Get into position."
That pronouncement brought fresh tears to Marc's eyes. That paddle stung furiously, and his backside was already a red, raw mess. He stood up, and assumed the position Rolf had dictated.
Rolf let fly with the first lick, catching Marc completely off guard. Marc nearly let go of the chair, his eyes flew open, the breath whooshed out in one long howl of pain. He didn't even have time to take another breath before lick number two descended, catching him directly across his seat, right where he had been sitting. The wood in the chair groaned in protest to the grip that Marc was putting on it, nearly trying to break it in half. Rolf continued bringing that paddle down, again and again, the heat building up to absolute boiling conditions. Marc continued to howl, his pleas for mercy quickly disappearing into long sobs of absolute excruciating pain. Finally, it was all over. Marc didn't let go of the chair. He was hanging on as if his life depended upon it. The seat of the chair was wet with tears. Finally, Rolf's voice came through the haze of pain, telling him to go stand in the corner, hands on head. He let go of the chair, and headed to the corner. It took a good twenty minutes before he had stopped the loud, long sobs.
Rolf worked a little in Marc's kitchen, straightening things up while Marc calmed down. After the twenty minutes, Rolf called to Marc. "Come here."
Marc wasn't sure from those two words how Rolf was feeling. He walked slowly, wiping the tears and snot from his face. When he got close, Rolf enclosed him in a long, warm hug. That caused Marc to cry a little more, he knew he was now forgiven. Rolf walked him back to his room, tucking him in for the night. He made sure Marc's alarm was set, tussled Marc's head, and kissed him on the forehead. "Sleep well, sweet. And remember to act like an adult, not a five year old, okay?"
Marc said okay, and within a few minutes, drifted off to sleep. The spanking had worn him out.
Rolf surveyed the house, made sure everything was locked up, and headed out. He still had Matthew to attend to.
Matthew saw the headlights of Rolf's car as he pulled in the driveway. It set him to trembling; he knew his time was near.
Rolf pulled into the garage, went to the kitchen to get the paddle, and headed back to Matthew's room. He knocked on the door, and then entered. He found Matthew sitting on the bed, hugging his pillow to his chest.
Matthew looked up at Rolf with his big green eyes, a very sorrowful puppy dog look on his face, trying to garner any sympathy he could. Then he saw the paddle.
Rolf walked over to the desk and grabbed the chair, placing it in the middle of the room. He sat down, placed the paddle on the floor, and told Matt, "Come here."
Matthew got up slowly and took the few short steps over to Rolf. As soon as he got to the chair, he collapsed next to it, burying his face in Rolf's lap, the tears beginning to fall.
Rolf knew Matthew was sorry for his behavior, especially now that he was about to be punished for it. That was having no effect upon Rolf. He said in a very stern voice, "Get up."
Matthew cried harder.
Rolf took Matthew by the ear, bringing his face up to look at him. "I know you are sorry for your behavior young man, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to tan your hide for it. Now get up, get those pants down, and over my knees." Rolf pulled up on Matthew's ear, leaving him no choice but to stand up.
Matthew slowly worked the button free on his jeans and then just as slowly, pushed them down around his ankles. He was still sniffling.
Rolf was in no mood for slowness. He roughly pulled Matt's shorts down to his knees and pulled him across his lap. He didn't waste any time, quickly bringing his large hand thundering down on Matthew's white bottom, quickly turning it a rosy pink.
Matthew's kicks were hampered by his jeans, but he gave it his all. If they gave out black belts for spanking, Rolf would have earned dozens by now. He expertly covered every inch of Matthew's backside, as well as the upper thighs. Matthew was howling and crying, each spank pure torture. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't break free from Rolf's grasp. His pleas for lenience were long gone, Matthew needed every bit of oxygen just to breathe between cries.
Rolf wore his hand out again, and finally stopped. Matthew continued crying, moving around trying to soothe the heat, to no avail. Rolf helped him to stand, then as with Marc, told Matthew to take a seat.
Matthew looked up at Rolf, making sure he was serious. When he saw that he was, he collapsed onto the chair, momentarily forgetting what that first contact of butt to chair was going to feel like. He let out an involuntary yell, and started to jump back up but was prevented from doing so by the hand on his shoulder.
Matthew sat crying, in absolute misery, squirming around on the chair, trying to find a less painful spot, but wasn't having any luck.
Rolf held him down for another minute, and then he let go. He waited for Matthew to settle down a little, before he began a short, but effective lecture. "Young man, you have no idea how disappointed I am in you. You wiped out every bit of pride I had in you for taking your punishment so well. I go and cut your restriction short by an entire week, and you go and pull a stunt like this to thank me."
Matthew's backside fire had not lessened any. The chair was holding all the heat in. Now along with that pain, came the emotional pain of having disappointed Rolf. He continued sobbing.
Rolf continued the lecture. "It's obvious I shouldn't have cut your restriction short. I take you out in public, and you behave like a spoiled child. I hope you're happy with yourself, you will remain on restriction for the next seven days. The same rules will apply. You misbehave, it's the paddle for you, no questions asked. Is that clear?"
Matthew sobbed out "Y…Yes, Ssir."
Rolf reached down and picked up the paddle.
Matthew's eyes widened, he had forgotten all about that. He looked up at Rolf, fear written in his eyes.
"Stand up, place your hands on the chair seat. You've got 20 licks of the paddle coming. I want to make sure you remember to act like and adult, not a spoiled child."
That pronouncement caused new tears to form in Matthew's eyes. He got up, thankful to relieve the pressure on his backside, but knowing that he was going to be in serious pain quickly. He grabbed hold of the chair and waited, chills running up and down his spine.
Rolf thwacked the paddle down hard. Matthew screamed like a banshee, the paddle igniting his already hot ass into a raging wild fire. Rolf waited a few seconds, letting that sink in before bringing the paddle crashing down again.
Matthew lunged forward, howling again. He danced in place, trying to cool the fire. It was agony, waiting between strokes.
Rolf laid on thwacks three, four, and five slowly, making sure they sunk in good. Then the next ten came in rapid-fire succession, leaving Matthew nearly breathless. Rolf had to grab him around the middle to keep him from moving too much. The last five were again delivered slowly, Matthew continuing to howl at each one. Finally, it was over.
"Matthew, go to bed."
Matthew could hardly see through his tears and the pants around his ankles made it hard for him to move around. He stumbled over to the bed, landing face down on it, sobbing his heart out.
Rolf put the chair away and left the room, closing the door behind him. He would come back in a few minutes to tuck his boyfriend in, and kiss him goodnight.

~The End~

Copyright Rolf 2010

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