Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back in the Circuit - Whole New World Part 3

Title: Back in the Circuit
Authors: Rolf and Gayspankee

"Don't you think that is what I want?" Marc replied, abrasively. "It's not that simple."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"I mean, where do I go? I'm either at work or inside of someone's house," Marc said with his hands extended, looking around.

"We go out," Todd replied.

"Yeah, to the movies or the putt-putt. Not exactly meeting grounds."

"So what about at work?" Chris asked.

"The only thing gay at work, is the secretary, Gaye Leen," Marc answered, laughing.

"What about that neighbor? You said he was cute and sweet," Michael ventured.

" that didn't pan...out." Marc replied, shooting a glance at Matthew.

"There's something you aren't telling," Chris replied, not missing the look between the two young men.

"Yup. And it’s going to stay that way."

"Come on Matthew, you must know something," Michael added after Marc’s comment.

"I plead the fifth on all charges."

"You two suck," Chris replied.

"So why don't you go to a bar?" Todd asked, changing the subject.

"I don't want to go to a bar alone."

"So we can go with you," Michael replied.

"Yeah right, either at Stephen's place, or with the hawks watching. No thanks," Marc said with a laugh. "My only other option is the personals."

"Why don't you try looking online?" Chris asked.

Silence broke out amongst the group, all eyes on Chris.

"Hullo! Have you forgotten my last foray into personal contact on the internet?" Marc asked, as if speaking to a four year old.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

"We could...fix you up," Todd tried, breaking the silence.

"Uh..." Marc wasn't sure how to respond to that.

"We can?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, there are lots of hotties on campus,” he said, looking at Chris. “And you guys have jobs, there must be someone there?" Todd added.

"Yeah!" Matthew replied enthusiastically. "My elderly boss is newly single."

The guys all laughed heartily.

"See THAT is why I don't want to be fixed up," Marc said, pointing at Matthew.

"Oh come on, trust us," Michael said, reassuringly.


"How did I get talked into this?" Marc said to himself, looking at his watch.

He spun around on the bar stool and looked around at the crowd. How appropriate that Todd insisted that his fix up meet at Stephen's bar. Craig was a six foot philosophy major, and Marc was very nervous about meeting him. He looked again at his watch, panicking inside as the time drew near, and then passed. He was certain he had been stood up when someone sat down across from him.


"Yeah. Craig?"

"Craig Martin," he said, holding out his hand.

Marc shook the hand. "Marc Diablo."

"Sorry I was late. Got into a discussion with my group on the meaning of life. Paper due in two weeks, and we can't get anything written. It's all supposition and discussion still."

Marc smiled weakly. "It's alright. I'm not in any rush."

"I was thinking we could head over to the art gallery. They've got a very interesting exhibit on impressionist paintings. You up for that?"

Marc wasn't an art lover, but decided to go along. "Sure, fine with me."


Matthew and Todd were sitting on Marc's porch when Marc drove up.

"How did it go? What was he like?"

"Get a kiss? Where did you go?"

Marc didn't even get out of his car before the guys were all over him.


"We want answers!"

Marc sighed and shook his head.

"Oh Toddy. What can I say?" Marc said in an unreadable tone.

"I don't know, what?" Todd asked, busting at the seams.

"You are a sweetie. But don't you EVER do that to me again!" Marc said with a chuckle.

"Why? What?"

"Everything was supposition this and discussion that! Then we went to an art exhibit."

"YOU!?" Matthew asked, surprised.

"ShutUP! It wasn’t even good art. You know, naked men and stuff. No, it was stripes and dots. STRIPES AND DOTS!"

"But wasn't he a great conversationalist?" Todd asked, grabbing at straws.

"I don't know! I never got a word in edge wise! He analyzed every painting. Telling me how this dot 'represented sadness' and that 'stripe is tranquility.'"

"But he was good looking, no?" Matthew asked.

"Not good looking enough, when all night everything came back to Confucious! Sorry Todd, that date was a bust."

A look of disappointment fell across Todd's face, certain he had chosen carefully.

"Oh don't worry Toddy, I still love ya!" Marc said, giving him a gentle punch to the arm.

Todd smiled and sighed. "At least I tried."

"So who is up next?" Matthew asked.

"Trevor. Michael's pick." Marc replied.

Matthew pulled Marc's arm over and looked at his watch. "Damn, I need to fly!"

"Guess that means me too," Todd said, and followed Matthew to his truck.

"When's Trevor?" Matthew said before getting in.

"Tomorrow night! I'll call you. Goodnight!"

"Night!" Matthew and Todd chorused, before Matthew hit the pedal and was away just short of squealing the tires. He blew the horn as he pulled away from the curb.


Marc got ready the following day for his second date, very unsure of who was going to show up. His instructions had been to meet at the local cyber cafe, a place Marc had frequented before purchasing his own computer. He settled in at a table by the door and waited for Trevor, who was supposed to show up in a blue shirt.

Marc had inserted his credit card into the computer at his table and was playing minesweeper. He jumped when someone over his left shoulder said "Don't put it there!" just before he clicked on a square and the bomb exploded.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I'm Trevor."

"I'm Marc. That's ok, I've never been really good at that game."

"It's really very simple when you think about it. Once you get the first bomb uncovered, it's just basic logic."

"Never been a big fan of computer games anyway."

"Oh gawd, PLEASE tell me you aren't computer illiterate."

"No. I just don't like games."

"Whew! I thought I would have to turn right around. So what DO you do on the computer?"

"Mostly surf the internet, or hit a chat room."

"You poor thing. You probably teeter about aimlessly! There is SO much information sitting RIGHT at your fingertips. And most people just completely overlook it. Here let me show you what I mean!" Trevor said as he bumped Marc aside and took a seat at the keyboard.


Three hours later Marc came home and crashed on the couch. Trevor wasn't THAT bad to look at, but when coupled with his nerdy computer talk, Marc was about to puke. Trevor had shown him a myriad of things about the computer, things Marc didn't know, didn't need to know, and forgot almost the instant Trevor showed him. And this was all done on his OWN credit card! He groaned when the phone rang.

"Hello. I can't come to the phone right now, so if you'll --"

"How WAS it?" Matthew interrupted, laughing.

"Hello. I can't come to the phone--"

"That bad?"

"Oh, God, Matthew, I'm exhausted! Bits and bytes, ram and hard drive. I just want a hard driver to ram me, not discuss it to death!"

Matthew laughed hard. "You're a sick puppy, you know that?"

"Yes, I know. Sick and twisted, undeniably crazy."

"As long as you are aware of that."

"I am aware of every inch on my body. Did you know my left thumb is slightly longer than my right?"

Matthew just laughed. "Must have sucked it a lot as a child."

"That's me, a sucker from day one!"

"You are too much. So who is up next?"

"Jack. He is a pal of Chris. Supposed to be an all around jock. Plays lacrosse, basketball, swims."

"Sounds hot."

"The last two were supposed to be 'hot'. I’m not sure I can handle another dud."

"Don't worry Scooby, I am certain that not all of them can be duds. When is your date?"

"Saturday, after the lacrosse game."

"Where are you going?"

"The sports bar," Marc said flatly.

"Oh! Maybe this one can be a dud," Matthew said with a giggle.

"Thanks for the encouragement."

"Anything for my cyberly uninclined friend."

"Oh you be quiet. Don't you have something to be cleaning or calculating?"

"Ppplllttttt. I am going to count sheep for your information. Sleep well yourself. Don't have any nightmares of the mean cyber guy coming after you with a mouse." Matthew said laughing.

"Goodnight, smartass!" Marc said hanging up the phone.

Matthew hung up with a wicked grin as he decided it was time for him to throw someone in the mix. A high school friend he hadn't talked to for a couple of months. Sandy . Now THERE was someone who could turn heads.


Marc sat at the bar, holding a bottle of beer in his hand. He looked around at all the televisions going. They all had a sports game on, and none of them were duplicates. He felt so butch! He ogled the many groups of men that gazed up at the televisions, hooting and hollering at them. He took a swig of the beer and made a face.

"What am I doing here?" He thought to himself. He set the beer down on the bar and looked at his watch.

Marc then felt a hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump.

"Sorry dude, didn't mean to scare you. You Marc?"

"Yes. Jack?"

"Yeah, sorry I'm late. Went into overtime."

Marc turned around completely to shake hands. If nothing else, Chris had fixed him up with a sheer stud.

"Did you win?"

"Yeah baby. I scored the winning goal."

"Wow, congrats. Good for you."

"Yes it is."

Oh dear, Marc thought.


"Hey Marc! How did it go?" Chris asked as he slid into the booth at the local dairy queen where Marc and Matthew were sharing their usual weekly dessert.

"Hi. Well. It was. You know." Marc didn't want to hurt Chris's feelings.

"Go on, spit it out. Did I line up a dud as the others have?" Chris asked as he started in on his sundae.

Matthew spluttered into his ice cream. "I think you did better....."

Marc not so discreetly kicked Matthew under the table.

"Ow! Go on, tell him how it went. I'm SO interested."

Marc turned back to Chris, sitting across from him. "Jack WAS hot. That's the best bod I've seen in a while. Only problem was....he KNEW it. We ate dinner there at the sports bar, where Jack was extremely picky about what was put into his food, but hell, he drank about three beers with it!"

"I knew he could put away the liquor," Chris said quickly. "I was watching him at one of the parties on campus and I swear he had a dozen beers, and he never REALLY seemed to be affected."

"Not only that, but I would also swear he's straight. I mean, he flirted shamelessly with ANYTHING that walked by, with or without boobs, but the girls he really turned it on."

"Want to know what I think?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, AFTER you've set me up with him!" Marc said, laughing.

Matthew nearly choked on the bite of sundae he was enjoying, watching this exchange with interest.

"I think maybe he's bi."

Marc had a look of complete disbelief, then rolled his eyes. "Do you THINK?!?" he asked sarcastically.

Matthew didn't manage to keep his drink in his mouth, coke streaming down his chin when he started laughing. Marc had mentioned he thought Jack was bi the first time he mentioned his date.

"Aw, come on Matthew, can you BE any more messy?" Chris asked, as he slid further away from him.

"The was....." Matthew said, trying to clean up his face and stop laughing, neither of which were getting done.

"Jack would have flirted with a three toed sloth if the sloth eyed his pecs," Marc said. "He was cute, but entirely too stuck on himself to care about anyone else. But thanks for trying," he added.

"Sorry. I really thought he'd work out."

"I was hoping when I first set eyes on him. I was hoping...."

"So. Three up, three down. Now what?" Chris asked.

"I don--"

"Sandy," Matthew said, trying to calm down.

"Sandy ?" Chris and Marc asked in unison.

"oooooo, stereo," Matthew said, bursting into laughter again.

"I don't know WHAT you got in your sundae, but I'll take some!" Chris said, sliding the ice cream in his direction.

"It's not pixie dust you boob!" Matthew said, laughing.

Marc just shook his head, and broke in through the laughter.

" Sandy ? Different name for a guy. It reminds me of one of Carol's boyfriends on 'Growing Pains'."

"Yeah." Matthew replied.

"So what is he like?" Marc asked.

"Hmmm..well Sandy has sandy brown hair and baby blue eyes. Sandy is one of those people who turn heads in EVERY direction," Matthew said, trying not to crack a smile.

"Wow he sounds hot. What sort of personality does good ole Sand-" Marc was interrupted by an outburst of laughter from Chris. "What is so hysterical?"

"Good ole Sandy ? Isn't that a line from 'Annie'?" Chris asked, laughing.

"Oh great, so now every time I say his name, I will be thinking scruffy dog or annoying curl red-heads," Marc said, laughing.

"Just remember, the sun will come out tomorrow," Matthew chimed in.

"Yeah and it's a hard knock life," Chris added.

All three of them broke down at that point, dying of laughter. When they could catch their breaths, they picked up their ice creams and slid out of the booth, giggling all the way out of the bar.


"So, where do I meet Sandy ?" Marc asked when he found Matthew in the library.

"Here, on campus. By the fountain in Tennyson square."


"Eight, Friday night. Excited?" Matthew asked as he put down his book.

"Nervous is more like it! I'm about to the point of not caring WHAT they look like, just that they have something worth caring about on the inside."

Matthew just about wet himself, trying to hold back the laughter. He buried his head back into his book on the Russian Ruble for a moment to collect himself. When he trusted his voice, he spoke.

"You'll like Sandy ."

"Good. You wouldn't want to come along, would you?"

"No. Have... studying to do," Matthew said quickly.

Marc sighed. "I can't believe you'd decide TO study when you have a free night on me."

"You can pay me back some other time," Matthew said, closing up his book. "Sick of the ruble, let's go."


Friday came, and Marc made it to his destination on time. This was the last of his blind dates. Marc hoped Sandy would be the man of his dreams, or at least capable of a good time. He looked around Tennyson Square and not seeing anyone, sat down on the edge of the fountain. Several groups of people were sitting around, some on blankets in the grass, either studying under the setting sun or enjoying a late dinner.

As Marc waited, his mind strayed to what Sandy would look like. Would he be tall and dark? Short, fat, normal? Marc suddenly realized that Matthew hadn't told him ANY details. Somehow every time he had asked a question Matthew had answered with a generalization and changed the topic of conversation. He began to seriously wonder what in the world this Sandy guy would look like and how he was going to kill Matthew if this was another of his practical jokes. He was so lost in thought he jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder.


It took Marc a second to both catch his breath and figure out it was a female voice that asked his name. He stood up quickly, dusting his pants off.

"Yes, I'm Marc. I'm I know you?"

"I don't think so. I'm Cass, Matthew's friend?"

"Cass?" Marc asked in confusion.

"Oh, I'm sorry. He said he'd called me Sandy. It's one of my nicknames."

" Sandy ?" Marc asked as he looked Sandy up and down, trying to figure out whether this was a true female, or a damned convincing cross dresser.

Cassandra just stood there staring, trying to appear equally confused.

"Did Matthew neglect to tell you?" She asked innocently.

"That you're a whatever it is that is pc."

Cassandra cracked a smile. Marc's look of confusion turned to one of consternation when he heard a laugh that sounded a lot like Matthew's. Marc snapped his head around in the direction of the laughter. There he saw Matthew doubled over, laughing like a hyena. Marc looked at Matthew, then back to Cassandra, and realized this was no impersonator, but the real deal. His face flushed as he walked briskly over to Matthew, smacking him on his bottom.

"You ass!"

"!" Matthew got out between gales of laughter.

"Will you SHUTUP, you're making a fricken scene!" Marc snapped, more embarrassed by the second.

Matthew settled somewhat, realizing that Marc was a little upset. When he could finally talk, he motioned Cassie over.

"Marc, meet Cass. Cass, this is Marc."

"Hi Marc, nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you."

"Only good stuff, I hope."

"Always. You're not mad?"

"No, no, I'm not mad. Just a little confused," Marc said, not wanting Cassie to feel bad.

"Sorry, Marc. You know how I feel about all these dates. The love of your life WILL come when you least expect it. Since I didn't have a nice date lined up, I thought the three of us could go out and have a great time."

"You COULD have done it differently you know?" Marc said to Matthew.

Matthew hung his head.

"I was about 30 seconds away from pulling Cassie's hair and feeling her crotch."

Matthew looked at Marc and laughed. Marc laughed as well, knowing that Matthew meant no harm.

"So Cassie, how did you end up getting involved with this fruitloop?" Marc asked.

"Had you done that, Marc, we'd have been treated to a soprano concert," Cassie said with a straight face.

Marc blushed, Matthew died laughing, and then Cassie joined in as well.

"Sorry, couldn't resist," Cassie said when they could all breathe again. "I met Matthew in school when -- aaaaahhhhhhHHHH!"

Matthew had grabbed Cassie and was holding her off balance and bent over the edge of the water fountain. "Don't you DARE say a word about that, or you're going swimming."

Cassie was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"You know fruitloop, that only makes me MORE curious to the back story. I WILL find out what's going on."

"Can't you see my halo?" Matthew asked.

"Yeah, right around your neck!" Marc replied, helping Cassie to stand upright. "Now that we've made quite the scene here, what did you have in mind for tonight?"

"What were you planning on doing with ... Sandy ?" Matthew asked with wicked grin.

"It was going to be up to HIM, thank you very much," Marc replied.

"How about a movie, then a walk?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good. Let's go!" Matthew said, warming to the idea immediately.

"I've got my truck in the parking area," Marc said, motioning the way.

"I call shotgun!" Matthew replied.

"Uh, there is NO backseat. And brats get the center, so shotgun that," Marc quipped.

Matthew stuck out his tongue as Cassie laughed.

"You two are fireballs when together."

"Is that what you have been told?" Marc asked. "Funny you!"

"Ha ha. She is aware of that as well," Matthew responded.

"Really?" Marc asked inquisitively.

"She caught me on a particularly...bad morning after."

"Poor boy, he was squirming and wiggling like their were ants in his pants."

"You'll find that happens OFTEN!"

"Shut UP big mouth."

Marc winked and smacked Matthew on the rear end.

"Here we are, old glory."

"Marc! Cassie doesn't need to know about your cock!"

"What?!" Marc and Cassie replied in unison.

Matthew pointed to the stuffed chicken in the back of the truck.

"See! He so earns the nickname, FRUIT-LOOP! Get in the car you fruit."

"You can have the middle, Cass," Matthew said, holding the door open. "I'm sure you like sitting between two hunks."

"Well, if you see any, let me know, otherwise this seat will have to do," Cass said as she slid into the center. She yelped when Marc and Matthew slid in and gently leaned against her at the same time. "OKAY, okay! I'm sorry!"

Marc settled back in his seat and started the truck. They pulled out of the lot and headed down to the movieplex.

"Oh, they have Jason X playing," Marc said as they pulled into the lot and were able to view the sign.

"NO," Matthew said forcefully. "I absolutely REFUSE to see another fricken Jason movie with you!"

"What's wrong with that?" Cassie asked innocently.

Matthew looked at her, rolling his eyes. "I would allow you to observe the reasoning, but I refuse to allow you to be subject to that. I'd far rather see The Sum of All Fears."

"I don't want to see all that technical mumbo jumbo and action scenes," Marc said.

"Then we'll compromise and see Crossroads," Cassie said with a straight face.

Both Matthew and Marc wanted to vomit, but this was supposed to be her date. They climbed out of the truck and started walking up to the window.

"I'll get the tickets if you'll go in and get the popcorn," Marc said.

"If you buy me a ticket to that movie, I'll kick your ass but good," Cassie said firmly.

"What?" Marc asked, stopping to look at her.

"I was JOKING. I don't want to see that crap! Brittney Spears can kiss my ass. No talent and big boobs, no thanks. I would, however, love to see Ocean's 11. At least in that one, we all have someone to slobber over."

"Matt Damon's mine!" Matthew yelled, grabbing Cassie by the hand and heading towards the door.

"Over my dead body!" Marc yelled after them.

"You two fight over him! I get George AND Brad!" Cassie replied as Marc caught up to them.

"Hate to break the news but Brad is already attached!" Marc said.

"SSssshhhhh! I won't tell Jennifer Aniston if you don't."

Marc smiled and gave Cassie a wink. They made their way into the theater, and sat as they did in the truck.

The movie was good, keeping all three entertained and entranced. At the end of the film, they headed back out to the truck.

"It's so nice out here tonight," Cassie said.

"Perfect for ice cream," Matthew replied, smiling. "I'll even buy."

"You're such a gentleman," Cassie said, leaning against Matthew's arm and batting her blue eyes at him.

Marc went over to the other shoulder and leaned against Matthew, batting his eyes at him as well. "Yes," he mimicked, "you're such a gentleman."

"And you BOTH are full of shit," Matthew said, shrugging them both off.

They piled in the truck again and headed for Matthew's favorite ice cream shoppe near the river.

"If we're going through drive thru, I want a chocolate dipped cone with sprinkles. Two scoops, please."

"In your WET dreams, Sunshine," Marc said, pulling into a parking spot.

"You mean he sweats?" Cassie asked innocently.

Marc looked over, saw the glint in Cassie's eye. "No, he pees on himself," he replied with just as straight of face.

"BE gross, why don't you?" Matthew said as he slid out of the truck, holding the door open for Cassie. They headed over to the short line, laughing and carrying on. Once everyone had their ice creams, Cassie said "let's walk along the river. The moonlight is so pretty on the water."

Matthew and Marc looked at one another, knowing that was a place Rolf preferred...demanded that they not visit late at night. But neither was willing to say anything against that with Cassie around. They followed her down the short path to the river and walked in silence, eating their ice creams.

Cassie was a few steps ahead of the boys. She spun around, arms outstretched.

"Such a beautiful night, isn't it?" She exclaimed.

"Someone has seen Sound Of Music one too many times!" Marc replied.

"Oh you shut up!" She said with a gentle swat to his arm.

Matthew just laughed, not hearing the footsteps coming towards him slowly.

"What is a beautiful girl like yourself doing with a couple of queers?" a deep and intoxicated voice asked.

Cassie turned towards the voice, indignant. "I don't know who the hell you -"

"Mmmm. I like them sassy," the tall stranger said as he advanced towards Cassie, his buddy close on his heels.

"Hey, back off!" Matthew said, stepping towards them.

"Stop right there, queerbait," the stranger said, menacingly. "I have a knife, and I'm NOT afraid to use it," hands out to his side, close to his pockets.

Matthew stopped, looking around. They were the only ones on the riverbank, their backs to the river, and not within shouting distance of the dairy hut.

Marc was also surveying the situation, his heart racing. Two of them, he and Matthew...but he wasn't sure about the weapons.

The stranger turned his gaze back towards Cassie, reaching out his hand to touch her arm. She flinched and took a step back.

"Looks like she's afraid of you, Chuck. Maybe you're not her type."

"Shut up Bry," the taller of the two said loudly.

"Look, the girl isn't -" Marc started, before being cut off.

"I don't listen to queers, dickhead, so shut the fuck up. I just want a few quiet words with the lady here," the stranger said, stepping forward and grabbing Cassie's arm. She dropped her ice cream cone and tried to step back, panic settling in.

Matthew looked at Marc and motioned quickly. Marc let out a war cry and Matthew yelled at Cassie to run as they tried to attack the strangers.

The taller one let go of Cassie and readied for the attack from the boys. His eyes went huge a split second later as Cassie's right foot connected with his privates. His howl deafened Cassie as she ran past him, grabbing Marc's arm as he collided with the man, who fell on his side, writhing in pain.

Matthew wasn't so lucky, catching a left hook across the right cheek as he tried a right punch to the guy's face. Matthew fell, stars clouding his vision. The combatant was ready to punch again when he looked beyond Matthew and saw a couple more people heading down the hill on a run towards them. The stranger pushed Marc as he passed, dragging his friend to his feet and stumbling off into the dark, his friend uttering curses to burn the ears.

"Matthew, are you okay?" Cassie asked, falling into the grass beside him, looking at his face.

Matthew was trying to sit up and shake the fog from his brain.

"Matty? How many fingers am I holding up?" Marc said, holding up three fingers.

"Six?" Matthew said slowly, before smiling ruefully. "Remind me to duck next time, will ya?"

"Hey, are you alright?" A winded young man asked as he skidded to a halt.

"Yeah, we're fine," Matthew said, letting Marc help him to his feet. "Thanks though."

"Did they get anything?" The man asked.

"A kick in the balls," Cassie replied.

"A piece of my jaw," Matthew replied in unison with Cassie.

The man couldn't help but crack a smile on those responses.

"You should call the police anyway," the man added.

"Oh we plan to, thank you," Marc said.

The man nodded and returned to his companion who was watching from afar.

Marc examined Matthew, his face was already a bit puffy.

"Come on fruitloop we better get you home, get something on that face."

Matthew shook his head, his eyes wide. Marc returned a silent look, reassuring him they had no choice.

"I hope all of your dates aren't this exciting," Cassie said, oblivious to the looks.

"See that's why I don't date girls," Marc replied with a laugh.

"Yeah, that and the fact they don't have a any power between their legs." Matthew added. Marc promptly smacked Matthew. "Gross."

"Who says I don't have any power between my legs? I'll have you know Suzanne Summers has done WONDERS for me," Cassie replied with a laugh.

"Ooookaaaaay. I think this conversation has officially hit the gutter," Marc said leading the walk back to the truck.

"You'll have to excuse me, I'm not sure I'm all here," Matthew said as he climbed in the truck, wincing as his face began to ache.

"You were never all there," Cassie said, taking Matthew gently by the chin and turning his face to look at his cheek. "That isn't going to get any prettier anytime soon. Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, I'll manage. Nothing broken and I can see alright."

"I have a feeling you won't be seeing tomorrow," Cassie said, letting go of his face.

"Do you want to go back to campus, Cass?" Marc asked as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Yes, my car is there."

Marc pulled up a few minutes later and Matthew got out to let Cassie out. She gave Matthew a good hug. "Thanks guys. It was really nice to meet you, Marc," she said, looking back into the truck.

"It was nice to meet you. I promise a safer date next time."

"I'll hold you to it," Cassie said as she walked over to her car. Matthew got back in the truck.

"Let me see your face," Marc said, turning on the interior lights.

"It's starting to ache," Matthew said as he turned towards him.

Marc grimaced. "No wonder it hurts. Cassie's right, your eye is going to be swollen shut. Let's get home and get some ice on that."

The drive was predominately quiet. Both young men knew of the certain fate that awaited them. Finally Matthew broke the silence.

"Do you think he will be mad?"

"That guy hit you harder than I thought if you have to ask that question."

"That's what I thought. I was hoping I was just delirious though."

The drive was all too short for either of their tastes. They soon pulled in front of the house.

"Shit! My truck!"

"That is the least of your worries. You have your college pass in it, it's fine."

Marc got out of the truck first, and came around to open the door for Matthew. He put his arm out to help balance Matthew.

"I'm not an invalid."

"Shoosh. It looks better for the jury," Marc said with a chuckle.

"I could be in a full body cast, and the jury is still gonna reach the same verdict."

"There is always hope," Marc said, voicing Matthew's constant thoughts, his stomach tightening at the reception they were certain to get. He stayed at Matthew's side, opening the front door and heading straight to the kitchen.

Rolf heard the door and came out of office where he'd been. "How was the movie?" he asked as he rounded the corner.

"It was good," Matthew said, standing with his back to Rolf while Marc put some ice in a plastic bag.

"What's going on?" Rolf asked, a quizzical look in place.

Matthew turned around slowly.

"Matthew?" Rolf asked, walking over quickly to look at his face. "What happened to you?" he asked, looking closely.

"Just a lucky punch," Matthew said, looking away from Rolf's eyes.

"From who?" Rolf asked as he took the ice from Marc.

"I don't know," Matthew replied.

"Sit down, we need to get the ice on it now," Rolf said, pulling out a chair for Matthew.

"I'm going to -"

"Sit," Rolf finished for Marc before he had a chance to move. Marc pulled out a chair and sat down quietly.

Rolf got a kitchen dishtowel out and wrapped the bag of ice up with it, then put it gently against Matthew's eye.

"Oowwww," Matthew said, trying to back away.

"No, hold it there," Rolf said, waiting until Matthew brought his hand up to hold it. "Twenty minutes on, you leave it there. Now, Marc, fill me in here," Rolf said, changing his gaze from Matthew to Marc.

Marc began to squirm and fidget under Rolf's gaze.

"I...we...see," Marc stumbled.

"Marc Ryan!" Rolf said sternly.

Marc breathed heavily, and began to speak more clearly.

"A friend of Matthew's joined us for the evening-"

"How about you cut to the part where Matthew got physically assaulted."

Marc swallowed loudly. "After the movie we went for ice cream, and Cass wanted to go enjoy the nice night. So we went for a walk."


Marc looked at the placemat in front of him.

"Behind the ice cream shop."

"Which would be WHERE, exactly?"

"Downbytheriver." Marc said quickly and quietly.

Matthew had pulled the ice away as it was too cold and he slid down a bit in his chair as he listened to the interrogation. Rolf turned to look at him.

"You were down by the river?" Rolf asked sternly.

Matthew could barely nod yes.

"Against my wishes?" Rolf asked quietly.

Matthew again nodded yes, eyes on the table leg.

"And you ran into the very reason I said I didn't want you down there, didn't you?"

Marc was starting to breathe a bit easier, with Rolf's eyes on Matthew.

Rolf’s answer became clear when Matthew didn’t speak. "Alright Matthew, you're going to bed," Rolf said, standing up.

Matthew stood up and headed for the door, Rolf following. Marc started to get up and Rolf stopped and turned around.

"Did I say you may get up?"

"No...sir," Marc said slowly.

"SIT," Rolf said, turning and following Matthew.

Marc sat down quickly. Rolf voiced a tiny, three letter word, but he said volumes more. Stuff like "move and you're dead." "Speak and you're dead." "Breathe and you're dead." The common denominator was "you're dead."

Marc sat quietly, already shifting uncomfortably. He knew from Rolf's tone that the events that were to follow were not going to be pleasant. Five minutes later, although it seemed like five hours, Rolf returned from upstairs. He walked over to where Marc was sitting, and seated himself directly in front of him. Rolf stared into Marc's eyes, which only caused him to squirm more.

"Do you recall a conversation about the river?" Rolf asked in a dead serious tone.

"Y...yes." Marc said with an inadvertent stutter.

"Do you remember what I had said about the river?"

"Not to...go down there...especially at night," Marc replied with increasing shame.

"And what did you do tonight?"

"...we went...down there." Marc's face continued to flush with each word.

"I am not sure who this friend of Matthew's was, nor does it matter. You know full well that I rely on you to use your best judgment at ALL times, and especially when I am not around."

Marc tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but it refused to leave.

"Who punched Matthew?"

Marc shrugged, before he could find his voice. "I don't know. It was ..... two guys...." Marc trailed off, knowing this was only going to look worse and worse.

"What did they want?"

"Cassie?" Marc said slowly.

"Cassie? You took a young lady down by the river?!?"

"She wanted to go -"

"You took a young lady down by the river, and then you were accosted by two gentlemen who wanted her?"

Marc could only nod. He thought about telling Rolf that Cassie did pretty well protecting herself, but he somehow didn't think that would help him.

"So the two of you defended her?"

"....Yes, sir."

"Did you think about weapons? That they might have a knife? A gun? Needles? That they could have been on drugs?"

Marc could only shrug. He'd worried about that after the fact.

Matthew was upstairs in bed. Rolf had placed the ice on his eye, told him in no uncertain terms he wasn't to touch the ice, and left him with little doubt that he was going to suffer the same punishment, only tomorrow, that Marc was going to face tonight. He could only hear a low rumble once in a while as Rolf made a particularly loud point. He dreaded hearing anything else.

"I don't make rules simply to hear myself talk," Rolf continued his lecture. "I forbid the river, for the very thing you encountered this evening."

At this point, Marc couldn't even bear eye contact. His face and ears were no doubt the shade his bottom soon would be.

"Then you make matters worse by taking a young woman down there as well," Rolf added.

"Worse?" Marc thought to himself. "If he only knew that she was ten times more commanding than the average woman."

"Since simply reciting the rules doesn't seem to work, I will have to use other means to get the message across. Please get the paddle, you know where it is."

Marc's face fell when he heard the dreaded "P" word. He knew it was coming, but had hoped Rolf would surprise him. Marc slowly rose to his feet, barely able to gain the strength for that. He walked equally as slow over to the paddle, forcing his feet to move.

"Pick up the pace," Rolf barked.

Marc did his best, and soon found the dreaded piece of artillery. He returned to Rolf, who was already seated and waiting. Marc handed Rolf the paddle, which he placed on the table. He reached around Marc's waist and pulled him closer, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and pulling them down to his ankles. Marc had only hoped a man would be undressing him this evening, but for this reason, and this man, was not part of his fantasy.

"Step out," Rolf said.

Marc swallowed hard and stepped out of his jeans. He wanted to say something, anything, to get this process to end before he found himself facing the floor, but there was no excuse. No reason for him not to end up that way. He looked anywhere but at Rolf, until Rolf pulled his arm and guided him across his knees. Marc put his hands out to steady himself and grimaced when his shorts were pulled clear and his bare bottom was on display. His resolve to accept the spanking broke and he turned to ask Rolf not to, when the first swat landed with a resounding crack. Marc turned back to the floor when the second swat landed on the opposite cheek and he knew it was too late to do anything about it. He continued trying to swallow the tears as Rolf's steel like hand pounded out his displeasure across Marc's increasingly reddening rump.

When Rolf's hand connected with the softest skin at the meeting of thigh and buttocks, Marc's tears would no longer be denied.

Matthew grimaced as he heard the first few spanks landing downstairs. He felt bad for Marc, but even more so for himself, as he knew he had that to look forward to tomorrow, as well as a black and sore eye. He pulled the covers up, over his head, trying to drown out any more sounds.

Once Rolf had worn out his hand, resulting in an even tomato colored backside, he reached for the paddle. Marc's sobs were soon joined by horrific howls as the paddle seared into his flaming backside. Rolf opted not to continue a lecture, knowing that all attention was on the paddle. Rolf slowly and methodically paddled Marc's upturned bottom. He made sure each smack overlapped the other slightly, causing more tears and pleas.

Meanwhile, Matthew held onto the covers for dear life. But they did nothing to drown out the sound of the paddle, which echoed through every inch of the house. The only sound that echoed louder were Marc's pitiful pleas and promises.

Soon the paddle was placed on the table. Marc remained over Rolf's lap, still kicking and writhing, even though the last whack had fallen. Rolf brought Marc to his feet, and placed him in the corner. Marc leaned against his arms and sobbed heavily, trying to regain composure but the flames that seared his backside were stronger than he. Rolf left Marc in the corner and returned to the work he was doing before they came home.

By the time Rolf returned, some thirty minutes later, the tears had stopped; the hiccups had subsided. Other than the crimson moon on display, the only sign that remained was an occasional sniffle. Rolf reached for a tissue and walked over to Marc, handing it to him. Marc released a good blow then threw his arms around Rolf. Rolf returned the sentiment and nothing more was said about the events that led to the spanking. Rolf retrieved Marc's underwear which had been kicked across the room some time ago. Marc held them, trying to psyche himself into putting them on.

"You can stay the night if you would like," Rolf offered.

Marc shook his head. "Thanks, but I should go home. Got some stuff to tidy before bed."

Marc winced as the thin cotton fabric glided up his battered behind. He began to look for his jeans, which were also handed to him. He smiled sheepishly and put them on as well. He looked at the paddle on the table and reached for it, offering to return it.

"No, you can leave that there. That will be used in the morning."

Marc pulled his hand back sharply, as if told it was toxic. He took odd comfort in knowing that his "partner in crime" would feel the same as he did, but also bad that Matthew had that yet to come. At least his was over with. Marc looked at Rolf; there were no words that would be appropriate. Rolf walked Marc to the door.

"Good night," Marc said quietly.

"Good night, don't stay up all night," Rolf said as he gently rubbed Marc's shoulders, before sending him out.

Marc nodded and walked to his truck. He got in with care, wincing and nearly jumping out of his skin as he sat down. He was thankful the traffic was minimal, and the ride was short and was soon at home. He pulled into his driveway and made his way inside. As soon as the door was closed, Marc removed his jeans as though they were on fire, which in some sense they were. He folded them neatly and tossed them on the chair, his underwear joining them soon. He plopped down on the couch, landing on his stomach. Marc propped his head up on the arm of the couch and stared at the end table. He cocked his head to one side, and reached for the picture on the table. He reflected on the dates of the last week, and stared hard at the picture. Marc looked deep into the picture, the picture of him standing with Rolf and Matthew on either side. He smiled warmly. Anything he every wanted. Anything he ever needed. He already had with both of them. He kissed his middle and index finger, and touched it to each of their faces, and replaced the photo on the table. He soon was fast asleep on the couch.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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