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Matthew's Lesson In Responsibility

Title: Matthew's Lesson In Responsibility
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee
Today Rolf was informed that he would have to go to San Francisco for a three-day convention on Friday. Rolf didn't mind the trips, his concern was for Matthew. Memories of their last trip were still all too vivid, even after nearly two years. Rolf knew there was no way he could leave this young man home alone, with no supervision, no he proved that with that whole ticket fiasco. Rolf wanted Matthew to come; it would be a good trip for them. The city has some great sights to see, and places to go. When Rolf told Matthew the news, his response wasn't what he was expecting.
"Rolf it's the start of the playoffs, I don't want to miss that. They have an awesome team this year; this is the year they are going to win it all. I don't want to miss a bit of the action."
"I'm sorry that this came up now, but it IS only the start of the playoffs, you will be back before the series is over."
"But Rolf..."
"But nothing, this isn't open for discussion. I am not leaving you alone for 3 days. Period."
"Rolf I am a big boy, I can be responsible."
"Ha! You call concealing a mistake responsible?"
"I already bought tickets anyway, you wouldn't want me to waste them, that wouldn't be very *responsible* now would it?"
"Hey, watch that mouth young man," Rolf said shaking that proverbial finger. "I will see to it that your tickets don't go to waste. Now get your shoes on I want to go get dinner."
Matthew knew he was beat, but he wasn't happy, and made sure Rolf knew it. He pouted down the hallway, slammed things in his room, tousled things around, making sure his displeasure was known. Rolf came into the doorway, with his arms crossed.
"You call *this* responsible? Throwing a hissy fit because things aren't going your way. Any possibilities of me changing my mind are absolutely gone now. So stop pouting and deal with it. You are coming on this trip with me, and it can either be a happy trip, or it can be down right miserable. You decide. I will be out in the car, you have 2 minutes."
Matthew was still angry, and as soon as Rolf was clearly out of sight, he flipped him the bird and cursed him. Matthew also remembered their last trip and he didn't want a repeat of that. Besides, hockey was Matthew's love, and the thought of missing two very important (AND paid for) games was down right upsetting. He continued to mope about, childishly testing Rolf's limits. Finally Matthew decided to get on with his task and get ready. As he made his way to the door, he heard Rolf drive off. He then realized Rolf also had his set of keys. Looked like dinner would be alone, and what he could scrounge in the kitchen. Matthew wasn't the neatest cook, especially when he was in a bad mood. He tore the room apart and cooked a mediocre dinner at that. Matthew then left the mess and sat down to watch some television. He had finally simmered down, and accepted the fact that he had to go on this trip with Rolf.
Unfortunately, by the time he simmered down, a good two hours had passed, and Rolf had just returned home. Rolf, however was still angry with Matthew for lollygagging around, and upon entering the kitchen, his anger turned to fury.
Matthew had left an absolute mess in the kitchen. There was food on the floor, and all around the stove. There was even a burner left on, with a pot that was starting to smell really bad. Rolf grabbed a potholder and took the pot off, and then nearly fell to the floor, slipping on something. The pot flew from his hand, and singed a spot on the floor before Rolf could pick it back up. Matt heard the commotion, and came in to investigate. Rolf's back was to Matthew when he came in, so Matt couldn't see his face before he let loose with "Looks like a great break dance routine you've got there."
Rolf turned around and the look on his face caused Matt to back step, the blood draining from his face. Obviously dinner alone had not improved Rolf's mood at all, and the mess he had left in the kitchen wasn't going to help matters, let alone his very ill timed smart mouth. Rolf was a clean freak, and one thing you never did was leave the kitchen a mess. And what a mess he had left! Matt was angry while fixing dinner, and he hadn't taken the time to survey the damage before he plopped down in front of the TV. He realized he should have. Rolf was absolutely furious. Matthew had definitely crossed the line with his childish behavior. Rolf let loose.
"Responsible? You call THIS responsible? I can't even leave you alone for two hours, and you pull this crap? Get over here, now," Rolf said firmly, pointing his finger at the floor in front of him.
Matthew was shocked at how angry Rolf was. His anger from before had evaporated, and now he was just plain scared. He didn't want to be anywhere near Rolf at this point in time.
"Rolf, I'm ...." Rolf was tired of Matt's delaying tactics.
"You can kiss the rest of the first round of playoffs goodbye. Get over here, now, or your hockey season will have just come to an end."
Matthew didn't want to lose any more games, so he came forward, dragging his feet.
"Do you see that spot on the floor?" Rolf said, pointing.
Matthew nodded yes.
"Do you see that spot on the floor, YES OR NO!"
Matthew decided to vocalize, "Yes, sir."
"Why is there a burn mark on the floor?" Matt wanted to say because you dropped the pan on the floor, but decided this was not the time to open mouth and insert foot. "I guess I left a burner on."
"You guess? What, did the cat turn it on maybe? Did Casper the ghost turn it on? Did you leave it on, yes or no?" Matthew hated when Rolf picked at everything he said, making him admit it was his fault.
"Yes, sir" Matt said, meekly. "What would have happened if I hadn't come home when I did? Have you thought about that?" Matthew didn't quite know how to answer that, so he decided to start making amends.
"I'm sorry, I...." Rolf talked right over him.
"The house could have burned to the ground. Did you even think for one minute about the house burning? That you could have died? NO! All you could think about was missing two lousy hockey games because you had to go on a trip."
Rolf continued to rant and rave, making Matthew increasingly uncomfortable. When Rolf yelled, he chilled you to the very bone. All Matthew wanted to do was end this lecture and move on. Matthew's mind began to wander trying to figure out the best way to end this civilly, and with some dignity left in tact. Unfortunately, his mind wandered a tad too far, and Rolf had noticed. Rolf slammed the pot in the sink, bringing Matthew's mind back real quick.
"_d_a_m_n_ it boy, are you ever gonna learn? Do you think I'm here yelling for my health? Do you think my blood pressure is too low, and it needed a lift?"
Rolf was pissed more now than before, and that is hard to imagine. Rolf walked over to a drawer and pulled out a wide, thick wooden spoon. Matthew knew Rolf didn't intend to do any cooking with that. He also knew he was in for it good.
"Get over here NOW!"
Rolf hollered pointing to the front of the sink. Matthew moved fast, nearly slipping on some food.
"Get your pants and underwear OFF and face the sink."
Matthew knew that wasn't a good sign, Rolf rarely made him remove his pants. Pull them down yes, but removal, no. Matt was definitely not going to argue. Anything to get this wretched night over. Rolf started laying into Matthew hard with that spoon. Up one side and down the other. Matthew was squirming and wiggling in no time. Soon Matthew's entire ass, from the top of the crack to even the middle of thigh was a dark pink. Rolf rarely spanked Matthew's thighs, but when he did Matthew hollered. At one point, Rolf had spread Matthew's redden cheeks, and cracked his exposed hole a couple of times, causing Matthew to nearly jump out of his skin. Rolf spanked Matthew for at least fifteen minutes, before simmering down. When he finally calmed down, Matthew's ass was beet red, and Matthew was hoarse from pleading for the end. Rolf threw the spoon in the sink.
"I want you to clean this mess up then go right to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to get things set at the office. I will leave a list of things I want done before I get home. I expect you up no later than 8, and I expect EVERYTHING on my list to be completed before I get home at 5. Am I understood?"
"Yes sir," Matthew said between sniffles. Rolf nodded then left the room. Matthew couldn't bring himself to put his pants back on; his ass was just too sore. He stood sniffling for a few minutes, then cleaned his face, and began working on the kitchen. About fifteen minutes after leaving, Rolf came back in. Rolf didn't like to go to bed mad, and even felt a bit of regret for lashing out at Matthew while so mad. No words were spoken, but the kitchen was cleaned up within ten minutes. Rolf gave Matthew a hug, and sent him off to bed. The next morning Rolf woke Matt up before he left for work. Matt was still feeling bad about the night before, and told Rolf so.
"I'm so sorry Rolf. I really wasn't thinking clearly last night, and it was very dangerous. Forgive me?"
"Yes, you are forgiven" Rolf said, patting Matthew's back.
"I don't think either one of us was thinking too clearly last night. Your attitude yesterday really got under my skin, and coming home to find the burner on scared me. I couldn't stand the thought of something horrible happening to you. So, if you do everything on the list I have for you today, and I see no more of your battiness, then maybe I'll reconsider the playoff tickets when we return."
"Really? Oh, thank you!" Matt bounded out of bed and gave Rolf a huge bear hug.
After Rolf left, Matt checked out the list and realized he had better get to work, it was a long one. He managed to get everything done, and even had time to sit (gingerly) down and watch some television before Rolf arrived at 5:00. Rolf had had a good day at the office, and when he found that Matt had completed his assigned tasks, he felt even better. They enjoyed a cozy night at home.
Friday arrived, and again, Rolf rushed home from work in order to leave for the airport on time. Matt had everything ready for the trip, and they headed out the door. Matthew was over excited, again, and Rolf had a tough time handling him. They got to the gate, and Matt wanted to wander.
"No, you need to stay here. Our plane will be leaving shortly."
"But Rolf, They'll announce it. I'll come back when they do."
"But nothing. Sit down, or you and I will take a walk to the restroom to finish this discussion."
Rolf's tone had become serious. Matt didn't want a repeat performance of the trip to Vegas, so he let out an exasperated "Yes, sir." and plopped down in a chair. Their plane was ready to board shortly, and they soon took off. Matthew had too much energy, and could hardly stand being confined for so long. He only settled down after several threats from Rolf.
The next day, Rolf's meeting was only for three hours in the morning. He left Matt at the hotel, with strict instructions not to leave the property. He would return by noon, and they would take off for lunch and a day of sightseeing. If they had time, they might even visit a friend of Rolfs' that currently resided there.
"Please be ready to leave around 12:30. I don't want to arrive with you dripping wet from swimming. We only have a short time here, and I want to make the most of it."
With that Rolf left. Matthew didn't know what he could possibly do all morning, without leaving the hotel. Matthew did love to swim, but if he got in the pool, he certainly wouldn't be out by the time Rolf got back. He decided to go out onto the balcony and enjoy the view. Big mistake. He just could not resist temptation. Here was this big, new city, and he had to explore it. A couple of hours wouldn't hurt. Rolf wouldn't know, and he would have made the best of his time. Matthew grabbed a quick shower, threw his watch on, and took a couple bucks to shop with. As soon as Matthew was down the hall, his hotel room phone began to ring.
Rolf's meeting had been canceled, the gentleman he was to meet with was ill, and had to reschedule at the last minute. Rolf assumed his boy was either in the shower or catching a bite at the restaurant. He quickly made his way back to the hotel. He stopped in the restaurant on his way upstairs, but Matthew wasn't there. Rolf went up to the room, and was a little perturbed to find that Matthew wasn't there either. Of course Matthew didn't know the meeting was canceled, so he could be hanging by the pool. Rolf changed into something more comfortable, and headed to the pool. When he didn't find Matt there either he went to the lobby desk.
"Excuse me. You didn't by chance happen to see the young man that I checked in with yesterday around here this morning, did you?"
"As a matter of fact I did Sir. He just left about twenty-five minutes ago. He wanted to know where the best place to start sight seeing would be."
"Thank you," Rolf said trying not to let his anger get the best of him. Rolf was starting to fume. Matthew insists that he is responsible, yet he can't do a _d_a_m_n_ thing asked of him. Rolf was determined to teach Matthew a lesson, and this time he knew just what he had to do. Rolf went back up to the room and got the clothes he was wearing earlier, and left the room as undisturbed as possible. He asked the gentleman at the desk not to mention their conversation. He made a call and left.
Matthew returned to the room at quarter to noon. He wanted to be sure to get there before Rolf did. He knew if Rolf found out he disobeyed (again), Rolf would have his hide. He freshened up a bit, changed and plopped down on the bed. He had done quite a bit of walking, so he was kind of tired out. And soon he was fast asleep. He awoke about four hours later. He was rather slow to focus and realize where he was. When he saw the time he jumped to his feet. Where was Rolf, he should have been here, a while ago. He got his bearings and checked the room, to make sure Rolf didn't leave a note, or a message, or something. Nothing. He went all around the hotel looking for Rolf, similarly to how Rolf was looking for him. Matthew was beginning to get truly scared, what if something happened to Rolf what would he do? He went back to the room. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know who to call. He basically paced. At 5 o'clock, the door opened, and Rolf came in. Rolf was very calm now, and entered as though nothing was wrong.
"ROLF!?! Where the hell have you been?" Matthew screamed frantically. "I have been going out of mind worrying about you. You scared me half to death."
"HEY, Watch your tone young man. Something came up that detained me."
"You couldn't call? I have been in this room going crazy!"
"Where were you?"
"In this room, where you told me to meet you."
"For your information, I did call, this morning. And there was no answer."
"I.. uh..was down in the pool."
" just catching some California rays."
"I see. You didn't go anywhere else?"
What was going on here, how did this switch from being about Rolf, to being about me, Matthew thought.
"No where would I go? You told me to stay at the hotel. Besides, what does this have to do with you being so late?"
"I told you I was detained. So you stayed on the grounds all day like a good boy?" Matthew didn't like Rolf's questioning. Could Rolf have known? How could he?
"Yes just like you told me."
Rolf walked over to the balcony and looked out. Then he closed the glass door.
"I guess you have proven to me just how responsible you are. I can't tell you how that makes me feel. Well let's go out. I want to take you some place *special* for dinner."
Matthew felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. He was overjoyed, mind you, that Rolf hadn't pursued his line of questioning thoroughly, and found out that he had lied. He still vividly remembered the bitter taste of soap that he was given in Vegas. He just couldn't believe his good luck. But, and it was a big one, he also felt horrible that Rolf was so proud of him, for something that he definitely didn't deserve.
"Where are we going?"
"I feel bad that I was detained for the majority of the day, and that you had to spend so much time alone, so I thought I'd make this your night, and take you to a place I know you'd love....The All Star Cafe. You know, the one with all the sports memorabilia? Sound good?"
Matt managed a semi-excited reply, and they headed out the door. He was feeling worse and worse about this. Rolf really did want Matt to have a good time. They traveled more than most people, but Rolf always wanted to make the most of each trip. Something may happen, and they may never get back to the same place twice, so he tried to enjoy every minute. He really wanted Matt to confess that he had left the property, so that he could punish him and be done with it, and get on to better things. He didn't think Matt had done anything half as bad as Vegas, so it was just a matter of reminding Matt to mind him. He did lie again, so maybe it was time for more soap, but that depended on Matt. They arrived at the restaurant, and had a thirty-minute wait for a table. They sat at the bar, and Rolf let Matt get a beer, a rarity for Matt. They enjoyed the drinks, and soon had a table. Dinner was fabulous, and they talked about what they wanted to do after dinner. Matt was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the way Rolf was carrying on about this being his night. He'd lie till he was blue in the face when questioned by Rolf about his behavior, but he couldn't stand Rolf heaping praise on him when he didn't deserve it.
By the time the check had arrived, Matt had made his decision.
"Rolf, I...I have something I want to tell you."
Matthew decided that he just wanted to get this out in the open, even if it meant punishment. Rolf smiled inside. He was glad Matthew was going to spill the beans.
"My, my, my. That sounds serious. What is it?" Rolf said tenderly. Matt squirmed in the seat, trying to figure out the best way to deliver the news.
"You know, earlier today? When you said you called? I...well...I" Matthew slumped in the seat. He was having a tough time of it.
"Come on, just spit it out. It can't be that bad." Rolf tried to help.
"It is sorta bad, Rolf, I just couldn't help myself. I went out this morning, exploring. I went out on the balcony, and the city just beckoned to me. I didn't do anything illegal, nothing like that; I just went for a walk. I was back in time, early in fact, but then you didn't show, and I fell asleep. I got scared when you weren't there when I woke up. I'm sorry, really, really sorry. I didn't want to ruin the trip, really I didn't. I just, I just can't stand that you believe in me, I don't deserve it. All I deserve is to be punished." Wow. Once Matt began talking, it just all came out. Matt was looking at the floor, waiting for Rolf to explode. He was wondering exactly what he had to look forward to. Rolf didn't explode.
"Matt, look at me." Matt slowly raised his eyes up, fearing what he would see. Rolf's eyes weren't stormy; they were still the wonderful blue that he loved so well.
"Matt, I know you left the hotel grounds."
How? How could he have known? And why wasn't he furious?
"I know how much temptation new places can provide. Yes, you do deserve to be punished, and you will be, but I will continue to believe in you. You came forth with the information when it really counted. Now, since our time is so short, I suggest that we get on with the evening. We will head out to see the bay, and watch the sunset over the water. We will take care of your punishment when we return to the room tonight."
Matthew breathed a sigh of relief. He was still in Rolf's good graces, and his soul felt cleansed. The evening was fabulous. The sunset was perfect. They even stopped at a club and danced. It truly was a great night. They arrived back at the hotel shortly before 11. Both were exhausted, but both knew bedtime was a while away. They both sort of looked at each other quietly for a minute or two. Then Rolf finally broke the silence.
"We still have some business to take care of. Why don't you take a shower and get ready for bed. While I decide what your punishment shall be."
"Okay Rolf, er, sir."
Matthew went into the bathroom and started his shower. When he was in the shower he began to think of his misdeeds. He knew there was only one punishment that was going to make him feel truly repented. Meanwhile, Rolf had decided to make it short and sweet. A few lashes of the belt, and all would be forgiven. As Rolf was turning down the bed, Matt called for him.
"Rolf, would you come in here please, sir."
Rolf entered to find Matthew in his underwear sitting on the closed toilet, next to a full sink.
"My punishment sir," Matthew said glancing at a fresh bar of soap. "Matthew, that isn't necessary."
"Yes, it is. I disobeyed you. And to cover it up, I lied to you. You taught me better than that. And I need this to remind me never to do it again."
"I don't know..."
"Rolf, please. I need you to do this for me." "Okay. Come here in front of me."
Matthew came and knelt down in front of Rolf. Rolf lathered the bar of soap up well.
"Up your mouth Matthew, and believe me when I say this, this is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you."
Matthew felt so lucky to have Rolf. He did as he was told. Rolf slid the bar, and began pushing it in and out. He made Matthew stick out his tongue and coated it really well. Rolf had Matthew bite it, suck it, and lick it. The taste was as horrible as last time, but the tears, and soapy pleas weren't present this time. And Matthew managed to keep dinner down. Rolf washed Matthews mouth out for a solid 8 minutes. He then brought Matthew to his feet. Matthew rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed. Then Rolf hugged him.
"You really are responsible. You have proven yourself." He gave a playful, yet hard, slap on the ass and they went to bed. When they finally returned home. Matthew was rewarded: front row tickets to game four of the playoffs.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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