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The Day After the Ticket

Title: The Day After the Ticket
Author: Rolf
Matthew woke up at 6:00 am. He was turning over onto his back, in a long, wonderful stretch, when his butt touched the bed and last night's belting was reawakened also. He just about pulled a muscle flipping back to his stomach. He had slept almost 12 hours. Rolf had picked him up at the pool around 4:00, then after the world's longest lecture, had belted Matthew 50 times. Matthew thought that it had been around six that his punishment had ended. All he knew was that it was still daylight outside. By the time the belt had finished falling, Matthew's world had been reduced to his tortured, torched, backside. It had taken him a long, long, time to settle down and finally fall to sleep last night. And to think, he had three more Friday nights to go, same as last night. There absolutely had to be a way to talk Rolf out of punishing him like this again. Now that he knew exactly what it would be like to do again, there was NO WAY he was going to take it, if he could help it.
Matthew was not ready to get up yet, but his throbbing butt would not let him fall back to sleep. He finally decided to crawl out of bed and inspect the damage. When he got to the mirror, he was shocked. His butt was still red, though not bright. There were several criss cross marks across the upper part of his thighs. He was going to be wearing some bruises from this one. Since he couldn't play on the computer, or watch TV, Matthew crawled back into bed. At 8:00 Rolf knocked on his door and then opened it.
"Good, you're awake. How did you sleep last night?"
"Good for a while, then the pain woke me up. Couldn't fall back to sleep, and couldn't even toss and turn." Matthew was trying to get all the sympathy he could.
Rolf knew what Matt was trying to do, and just ignored the comment. "Let me take a look at the damage. Still looks a little sore to me. I'll get some lotion to rub in and help the skin heal."
When Rolf left to go get the lotion, Matt was trying to decide how to talk Rolf out of the rest of his punishment. He knew Rolf didn't punish him just for the fun of it. Rolf took it as his duty. Matt just had to find a way to show Rolf that he had learned his lesson, well. "Alright, I've got the lotion. This will probably sting some, but I think it will help."
Yeah, some nice words from the prosecutor. Rolf's hand touched the damage. "SHI....eee....eeeT!!! Give me some sheets!" Matthew almost made his situation worse by using one of those cursewords that Rolf hates. Tears almost welled in Matthew's eyes as Rolf worked the lotion in. _d_a_m_n_ it hurts. Matt kicked his feet a little, and pounded his pillow, hoping to draw some sympathy.
"Please get dressed for breakfast. It should be ready in fifteen minutes." Rolf left the room.
Matt knew his presence at breakfast was not a request, but an order. No sympathy for the punished, since "you should have known better". Matt didn't even want to think about getting dressed. He hunted through the drawers and found a pair of nylon running shorts. They would at least hang loosely. He got out an old t-shirt to go with it. No need to get dressed up since he couldn't go anywhere or have any company. The more he thought about the rest of his punishment, the restriction, he got mad. He had been "restricted" plenty of times. To the corner, to a chair, to his room. He had even been restricted for a week once when he lied about where he had been. That was tough, but he got though it without missing too much. But a month! When Rolf had told him that yesterday, he really didn't have too much time to think. He knew he was about to get the strap, and didn't really care about much else at the time. Now that he had time to think, he realized he was going to miss the opening two weeks of the new hockey season. Opening night was the biggest game of the year. They always put on a great show, and hockey had become one of Matthew's passions. He was going to go to opening night, come hell or high water. He was going to try to appeal to Rolf on a diplomatic level, but if that didn't work, well he might just have to sneak out. He was pretty sure that everyone else in their group would be going. He wasn't going to miss it.
"MATTHEW, NOW!" from the kitchen. "YES, SIR!" was Matt's reply. Matt's attitude was apparent in his reply. He knew he better rein it in, especially since he was still in the dog house. No need to get into anymore trouble right now. He headed on into the kitchen, trying to clamp down on his attitude.
Oh great. Matt's day was not starting off very well. There was a bowl of that dreaded oatmeal, with the stupid little raisins in it. Rolf was a healthy eater, while Matt could get by on donuts and be happy about it. At least he had some bacon and eggs to go with it. Matthew would have preferred to stand, but no, he had to sit. He grabbed the chair cushion off the extra chair and put it on top of the one already in his chair. He gingerly sat down, grimacing in pain. The lotion had helped, after the sting had disappeared, but the deep throbbing pain would be around for a day or two.
Nothing was said about last night. Matthew was quiet, and thankfully, Rolf was not looking for good conversation. Matthew probably would have talked himself into another spanking for sure. He had the worst time trying to control his emotions, and his big mouth. They always got him into trouble. Before Matt was finished with his oatmeal, Rolf told him that he was to do the yardwork today. Matt wanted to scream "F....You" but choked back hard on that one and replied with the expected "Yes, Sir." Matt absolutely hated to do the yardwork. Mowing took forever, because they had quite a large lot. In the back, there was a wooded area and this did not need to be mowed, but Matt knew that is was time to clear out the underbrush. Usually he had help, but since he had nowhere to go, he knew Rolf expected him to do it all. It was hot outside, his butt hurt like hell, and he knew the sweat poring off of him would sting also. A comment about prisoners working on rock piles just about escaped his lips, but he held back. Man, he was having a hard time of it.
Rolf knew how hard Matthew was working to control his mouth. That was one of the things Rolf liked about Matthew. He had a quick wit and a good sense of humor. Matt was like the class clown when everyone got together, and you never knew what would come from his lips. He kept everyone laughing most of the time, but that quick wit also got him into the most trouble. Matt always had something to say, and when he was having a bad day, his mouth went downhill with him. Rolf knew that Matt was thinking about his punishment now. Since the first spanking was now over, Matt would be thinking about all of the things he was going to miss. Rolf felt sorry for him, but he was not about to back off. Matt had made a serious mistake, and he needed to face the consequences. The month restriction was going to put a serious dent into Rolf's life, and the next three strappings were not something Rolf wanted to even think about.
Matt finished choking down the oatmeal and cleaned up from breakfast. As soon as the kitchen was picked up, he headed outside. No sense waiting for the mid afternoon heat. He went to the garage to get the mower started, and of course, had a hell of a time getting it to start. He was in no mood for this and he was getting more pissed off all the time. He thought maybe he would cool off while he mowed, but that never happened. His butt kept throbbing, and he kept thinking of everything he wouldn't be doing for the next month.
_s_h_i_t_! He had hit a rock and the sound of the mower was deafening, then quiet. Matt picked up the rock and threw it into the underbrush.
"MATT, COME HERE" Rolf yelled from the poolside.
Matthew walked over slowly, not knowing quite what to expect. He said in an insolent voice "I ran over a stupid rock, and it killed the mower. What am I supposed to do?"
Rolf stood up. Matt started to panic. "Matt, I'm only going to tell you this one time. You had better get control of that attitude of yours. You've been storming around here all morning and I will not tolerate it any longer. You are the one that put yourself in this predicament with your actions and you are going to have to live with the consequences. Punishment is not, and is not supposed to be pleasant. I warned you yesterday that while on restriction you need to be on your best behavior or you will earn yourself a quick spanking, no questions asked. If I see anymore of that attitude, you will find yourself with an even sorer behind. Is that clear?"
Matthew started to ask how he was supposed to mow now that the mower was broken, but was interrupted "Young man, I asked you a question and I expect an answer now!" Matt replied "Yes, Sir, it is clear." His attitude was still apparent in his reply, but Rolf decided to ignore it, hoping that Matt would straighten up. "The mower probably cut off automatically when it hit the rock. Just try to restart it."
Matthew walked back to the lawnmower, glad that Rolf only yelled at him. He was still hot, but that near miss with Rolf did cool him off a little. Darn it, the mower did restart. He decided to go mow the front yard, so at least he wouldn't have to watch Rolf lazing in the sun.
Chris pulled up in his jeep. "Hey Matt, what's up?" Matt stopped the mower and went over to talk to Chris.
"Why was Rolf so mad yesterday?" asked Chris.
"He found out about my ticket from last month."
"Ouch, what did he do?"
"Man, it was the longest lecture to date. Then 50 good ones with his belt. I also have a date each Friday for the next three Fridays for 50 more each night. And he took my keys and grounded me for a month. Can you believe it?"
"_d_a_m_n_. He was pissed, wasn't he? A month? You're going to miss the opening of hockey. And three more strappings? Can you even sit now?"
"Hardly. Hey, I'd better get back to work. Rolf would tan me for sure if he saw us talking. I'm sure I can sneak a phone call or meeting in with you soon. Bye"
Matt finished the front yard and returned to the back. Rolf was still sunning by the pool. Matt again got mad when he looked at how much work he had to do and Rolf was doing nothing. It just wasn't fair. Just because he was grounded did not mean that he had to do everything around the house. Just then the wheel fell off of the mower. Matt blew a fuse and slammed the mower into the plant pot that he had been mowing around. The pot busted into several pieces and the dirt and plants fell out on the ground. Matt's heart jumped into his throat when he realized what he had done. He turned quick, to see if Rolf had seen what had happened. Matt wanted to run. Rolf, of course with the eyes in the back of his head, had seen, and was headed straight for him, with that _d_a_m_n_ed paddle in his hand. He realized that since Rolf had not yelled for him, that he was going to get paddled right where he was. He looked over towards the only neighbor's yard that might possibly see him, and sure enough, the old bat that lived there was out near the fence, playing with her twin grandchildren. Why did they have to be out now? He knew how loud that paddle was, and he was sure that they would turn to look at the first crack. He was horrified to think that the old bat would see him get paddled. The little brat grandchildren would surely tease him too. Matt turned back towards Rolf, trying to gauge the distance to see if he could run around him and into the house. Rolf was too close, and it would only be more painful if he did run. Rolf's eyes were hard, as was his face. "It looks like someone needs an attitude adjustment." He grabbed Matt by the arm and turned him sideways, not letting go. Matt had a second or two to realize that at least he would be allowed to keep his shorts on, that maybe the paddle wouldn't be as loud, maybe he could keep quiet and show those stupid people next door that the paddle didn't really bother him at all.
Rolf didn't need to say anything more. Matthew knew why he was going to be paddled, he had been warned. CRACK! If Matthew really thought it wouldn't hurt, he was dead wrong. He let out an involuntary yell and grabbed for his butt. All of the pain from last night's belting was just reawakened in an instant. Tears came quickly to Matt's eyes, but not before he could see three pairs of eyes from next door looking at him. Rolf turned Matt towards him and said in a very stern voice "You WILL put your hand on the back of your neck for the remainder of your paddling, unless you want your audience to see you with your pants around your ankles."
"Please, please don't paddle me. I I I didn't mean to run over the the flower pot. I'm sor sorry. Pl pl please, I'll be be good." Matthew was sobbing from the pain that had re-ignited in his ass. Rolf just turned Matt sideways again and cracked the paddle back across Matthew's bottom. "OOOOOWWWWWWW" Matt jumped forward, his hand letting go of his neck, but not getting to his bottom before he realized what he had done. His shorts were offering no protection whatsoever from the paddle. (Have you ever been spanked like this before? It is almost more embarrassing than being put over the knees. You have your feet under you and can pull easily away, but you never do, knowing that if you even try, you'll really, really pay for it.) Rolf cracked the paddle down again, practically lifting Matt off the ground. Matt was crying freely now, not caring who might see him. He never thought the paddle could hurt so much, in so few strokes. He tried pleading, promising, everything. Rolf didn't pay a bit of attention. All of Matt's anger drained away in his tears. He knew who was in charge, and that he was going to be following the rules no matter how he felt (at least in the midst of the paddling.) It wasn't up to him. All he wanted to do was go to his room, get out from under Rolf's gaze, as well as the nosy neighbors across the back fence. Rolf cracked the paddle a total of ten times upon Matthew's bottom. Matt danced a little with each stroke, but Rolf's tight grip on his arm kept him pretty still. When Rolf was finished, he marched a very sore Matthew into the house and into the living room corner.
"You will remain in the corner for 30 minutes. When that time is up, you will go outside and pick up your mess. You will then be confined to your room for the remainder of the day."
Matthew cried, then sobbed, then sulked. The only good thing about today was he didn't have to do any more yardwork. He knew he wasn't getting out of the yardwork, he was just going to be working on it tomorrow and not today. Why oh why did he have to get himself in these predicaments? Why couldn't he just accept the inevitable, and get on with life? None of his friends got punished as much as he did. Matt knew that no matter what his butt looked like, if he did something else, Rolf would spank him just the same. He was not looking forward to the day in his room. Rolf allowed no television or computer in the room. Rolf's view of the room was pretty much for sleep only. Living was done in the common rooms, so when Matt was punished by being sent to his room, it really was a boring day. Since his butt hurt so bad and he had already slept extra, he wasn't even going to be able to sleep any of the day away. Well, since there was nothing else to do, he began to plot ways to talk Rolf out of the rest of his punishment, and Plan B, how to get to the hockey game without being caught if his punishment was not lifted.

~Continued in The Second Strapping~

Copyright Rolf 2010

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