Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You Lonely?

Title: Are You Lonely?
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee

"Hey, fruitcake, want to come over and see my new computer?" Marc said, a smile clearly heard in his voice.
"You got a new one? When?!?" Matthew replied excitedly.
"Just today. I finished putting it together only thirty minutes ago. It's got this great big color monitor and is super fast! Come on, the internet is only a click away!"
"I'll ask Rolf. I'll see you in a few." Matthew hung up the phone. Rolf agreed that Matthew could go, and 15 minutes later Matthew ran into Marc's house, then into the office where Marc was already online. "Keep both hands firmly planted on the keyboard. This is a residential neighborhood," Matthew said, mimicking a police megaphone.
"You ass. Don't you knock?"
"Would you have heard me?"
"Pull up a chair and shut up, wiseass," Marc said smiling.
"And what ARE we looking at?" Matthew read the screen. "Well hung white guys, huh? I already got me one of them. What else have you found?"
Marc showed Matthew a ton of stuff, things Matthew hadn't even imagined. They sat entranced for hours in front of the screen.
Rolf had been trying to call Marc for the last hour - Matthew was now very late for dinner - but the phone remained busy. Finally Rolf had had enough and drove over to Marc's house. He knocked at the front door, and was surprised when it opened. He entered, yelling to see if anyone was home.
Matthew and Marc both jumped when they heard Rolf. "damn. Look at the time!" Matthew said, scrambling up from the chair as Marc did the same. They both walked out into the living room.
"What are you guys up to? I've been calling for a solid hour! Then I come over here and find the door practically standing wide open."
Marc replied, "Sorry, we were just checking out my new computer. We were online, surfing the internet."
Rolf turned to Matthew. "Well you, young man, are entirely too late for dinner. I asked you to return by six. What time do you have now?"
Matthew looked at his wrist, almost as if he were hoping that his watch didn't show the same time as the computer had. It did. "7:15," he mumbled.
"We will discuss how the clocks work after dinner. Go home," Rolf said, pointing at the door.
Matthew said a quick bye to Marc and headed home.
"Marc, you do realize that when you're online the phone is busy?"
"Yes, I realize that," Marc said, a little on the smart side.
"You need to be careful when you're on the internet. There are a lot of strange people out there that are more than willing to take advantage of you. Use your brain. Don't give out personal information...ever. And when you're locked away in your office, lock the front door. Anyone could have just walked in here. Alright?"
"Yes, sir," Marc said, although he really wanted to tell Rolf to stuff it. Sometimes Rolf treated him as if he was a child.
Rolf said goodnight, thinking on the way home how the computer affected both of the boys. It was like a magnet, both of them forgetting about the world around them. He restricted Matthew's time at home for just that reason. If he didn't, Matthew would be glued to the computer 24/7. He was going to have to have a talk with them at some point. The internet worried Rolf. There were enough crazy people with access to computers and time on their hands to do dangerous things. They preyed on the innocent, the children, and the stupid. A couple of boys with time on their hands could get into a world of trouble online.
Matthew was stuck with an early bedtime that evening, and restricted to home the next day for missing dinner. But Rolf had to leave for a couple hours and, as soon as he left, Matthew hopped onto the computer at home and figured out how to get the instant messenger working, and he and Marc chatted for the entire time Rolf was out. Marc had been online nearly the entire time since he'd plugged the computer in, and he kept telling Matthew where to go. They explored parts of the internet together, though in different houses. Rolf never knew what had gone on while he was out.
Over the next several weeks, Matthew was over at Marc's house more and more, though he did manage to keep a slightly better eye on the time. The following Saturday, Marc called and asked Matthew to come over once more.
"Marc, I would love to, but I can't. Remember that lie I told? Rolf, as usual, found out and was pissed. I'm grounded this weekend."
"That sucks. I mean I am glad that you didn't get your butt lit up, but I wanted to show you what I did."
"What did you do?"
"I am not telling," Marc said teasingly.
"MARC, pleeeease, indulge a shut-in."
"You are too funny. Alright, you have access to the computer?" Marc said, laughing.
"Actually, I do. Rolf had to work this morning."
"Well, you will have lots of fun then. I just bought an adult check password."
"No shitting? Don't let Rolf find out. He is dead, DEAD set against giving your credit card number out over the net."
"Are you gonna lecture me, or do want the password?"
"The password, PLEASE!" Matthew said.
"It's studmuffin."
That sent Matthew into a fit of the giggles. "Stud what? Muffin? You are nuts, you know that?"
Marc was laughing as well. "No, I'm not a nut. I'm a seed." He used that line from an episode of Friends.
Matthew dropped the phone and practically fell on the floor in tears.
Marc was laughing hard too. Matthew sounded so funny when he laughed.
Finally Matthew picked the phone up and thanked Marc for the password, got some sites, and started surfing.
He was entranced, and didn't hear Rolf come home two hours later.
Rolf walked into the office and saw Matthew attached to the off-limits-except-for-homework computer. And the images on the screen were NOT related to homework. Rolf cleared his throat.
Matthew didn't hear that, he was too busy looking at the screen.
The younger man jumped and immediately tried to exit the program, knowing he was sunk anyway.
Rolf stood there, arms crossed until he saw a warning flash on the screen. "Hands off the mouse!" He quickly crossed over to the computer to read the screen. It said something to the effect that you have 30 days left on the adult check verification.
Matthew slumped into the chair, knowing he was caught dead on.
"Matthew Christopher, WHAT are you doing?"
"I, uh, was on the computer. I--"
"I can see you were on computer, which was OFF LIMITS! But WHAT is this Adult Check notice? I told you months ago, when we first got our internet service provider, that I strictly forbade you to give out ANY personal information. That included credit cards, especially for this worthless crap."
"Rolf, it's not mine," Matthew said quietly.
"What do you mean 'it's not yours'? It certainly didn't just pop into your head."
"No, it didn't, it's Marc's."
"I see. Apparently he didn't realize that personal information included credit cards. I will have to speak to him about that. But first we will deal with you. You can throw that password away. I don't want any of that trash on my hard drive. If you want to see porn, go to the video store, get it where it is legal. And can I safely infer that you have been glued here for three hours, instead of doing the chores I asked you to do?"
Matthew remained silent.
"Yeah, that is what I thought. I think it is time to get the blood circulating through that butt of yours again. Go into the kitchen and get me the spoon."
"NO. Rolf please not the sp--"
Matthew got up and scooted quickly out of the office. Then he slowed down, not at all interested in finding the spoon. He silently cursed himself for the lack of attention to the clock. Everything would have been fine if he'd just gotten up fifteen minutes before Rolf was due back. He rummaged around in the drawer and found the spoon. He then heard distinctly "One," from the office.
Matthew looked at the spoon. Then he levered it in the drawer, and broke it.
"Two," Rolf continued from the office.
"Rolf, it's broken!" Matthew yelled back.
Rolf made his way out of the office and into the kitchen. He looked at the two broken pieces of the wooden spoon. He knew that Matthew had broken it, but he just didn't know how he had done it. If it didn't get broken across that boy's butt, then Rolf didn't think it could be broken.
"Well, I guess I will have to buy another one when we go shopping," Rolf said, glaring at Matthew. "I guess this will have to do for now," he continued, as he unbuckled his belt. Rolf pulled it from his belt loops and doubled it over. "Matthew drop your shorts and underwear and bend over the table."
Matthew looked at Rolf with pleading eyes. Rolf just gave him 'the look' and Matthew slowly complied, his shorts landing in a pile around his ankles, and the underwear staying hooked around his knees. He put his hands on the table and bit his lip, waiting for the first bite of the belt. He didn't have long to wait.
Rolf placed his hand in the small of Matthew's back, and brought the belt down with a loud smack.
Matthew jumped forward, a soft moan escaping his lips. The belt continued biting into his tender skin, quickly turning the once white flesh to an angry red. Matthew's breathing was coming in short, sharp bursts as the belt continued to light lines of fire across his backside.
Rolf stopped at twenty licks, and quickly put the belt back into the loops and buckled it closed. He took Matthew by the upper arm and turned him to face him and then bent down and pulled Matthew's underwear back into place.
Matthew circled his arms around Rolf's neck and buried his face into the strong chest, breaking into sobs of pain mixed with relief.
Rolf held him for a few minutes, letting Matthew calm somewhat, before he slid out of Matthew's embrace, pulled his shorts up and then walked Matthew over to the corner. "You are not to move, young man," Rolf said as he turned Matthew to face the corner.
Matthew continued sobbing, his forehead resting on the cool kitchen wall.
Rolf went into the bedroom and gathered the laundry. He then went back into the computer room. He unplugged the keyboard and took it down to the basement.
"Alright, Matthew, I'm going out for a while. When I get back, I want to see that the laundry has been done. I want the dishes put away. And it is still nice out there. I want the lawn mowed. Don't bother heading back to the computer, the keyboard is in a safe place. And I don't want you tearing the place apart looking for it, because if everything isn't done by the time I come back, you are going to be a very, VERY sorry young man. Am I understood?"
"Yes, sir," Matthew said quietly.
"You can turn from the corner now and get to work."
Matthew made a beeline for the laundry. Rolf grabbed his keys and left.
Matthew wasn't interested in the computer the rest of the day. The burning reminder Rolf left him with did its job. Matthew got the laundry started, put the dishes away, then headed out to do the lawn.
Rolf drove over to Marc's house, wanting to clarify the rules of conduct on the internet. He knocked on the front door, getting no answer. He pressed and held the doorbell down until he heard Marc running to the door.
Marc opened the door, ready to yell at whoever was out there when he looked up into the icy blue eyes of Rolf. The comment died on his lips. "Oh, uh...hi. Come in," Marc stuttered.
Rolf entered and shut the door behind him. "Playing on the internet, I presume? You didn't hear me knocking on the door."
Marc started to bristle at that comment, but Rolf cut him off.
"Young man, DON'T even start with me. I'm not here to talk about how LONG you've spent on the internet. I'm here to discuss what I found Matthew doing today."
"What's that got to do with me?" Marc ventured uncertainly.
"He was using your adult check password! Would you care to tell me how you got registered with an adult verification company?"
Marc didn't quite know where this was going, and he was not in the best frame of mind. "You go to a site, it says you need one, click here. What's the big deal?"
"What's the big deal?" Rolf asked incredulously. "You gave out your credit card information! To someone that you don't know! I don't know how much more personal you can get, other than handing someone your address and phone number. I told you before, you were NOT to give out personal information, it's just too dangerous. And your credit card, Marc? What were you thinking? If you've paid any attention at all to the news, you've see a LOT of reports of bogus companies set up, getting your credit card number, giving you two or three days of use, then pulling the plug on your account. Do you know how to contact them if your password quits working?"
"I'm sure there is a phone number or something, a button to click."
"Do you think even if you did get someone on the phone, that they'd be any help at all? I doubt it very seriously. You wouldn't even know what state they originate in if you had to bring suit against them for false advertising. Let's go back into your office. I want you to show me where you signed up for this."
Marc walked back into the office, not at all liking the direction the conversation had taken. He had been using the adult verification to look at the site he was currently in.
Rolf did a few things on the computer, found the site and tried to access it. "How much did you pay, and for how long?"
"It was.... I think $19.95 for the month. Why?"
Rolf just shook his head and looked on. He rummaged through the list of sites this was good on - most were just complete trash. He finally had enough. He stopped clicking and booted down the system, turned off the monitor and sat back in the chair.
"Marc, I am not gonna tell you how to spend your money. If you want to waste it on trash, make it something you will always have access to. I told you before about giving out personal information. And I just won't stand by and watch you do that. Now you are gonna get on the phone and cancel this subscription. BUT first, you are going to be spanked for disobeying a direct order."
"Rolf, I am sorry, I didn't mean to disob--"
"Marc, you knew when you took out your credit card it was something I wouldn't approve of. Now you should quit while you're ahead. Take down your shorts and boxers."
Marc tried puppy dog eyes on Rolf, but only got the blue ice glare in return. He pushed his shorts and boxes down, hating the feelings of shame that were overtaking him.
Rolf took Marc's hand and guided him down across his knee.
Marc was balanced precariously across the lap, his hands resting on the floor, his bottom in perfect position for Rolf to administer a sound spanking.
Rolf didn't waste any time. He raised his hand high and brought it crashing down on Marc's left cheek.
Marc jumped a little, and let out a loud hiss of air, biting back on the curses he wanted to utter. The second smack hit his right cheek, and he hissed again.
Rolf kept his hand falling, quickly turning the cool white flesh a bright pink, then a darker shade of crimson.
Marc jumped at each swat, trying hard not to cry. It was impossible, Rolf never gave an easy spanking. Once the first sob escaped Marc's lips, he gave in and let the emotions overtake him. Tears were pooling on the floor next to the chair. He continued squirming throughout the entire length of the spanking, trying to lesson the fire, but never succeeding.
Rolf spanked until his hand was tired, until Marc's bottom was a rosy red and boiling hot. He helped Marc to his feet, brought Marc's boxes and shorts back into position, and turned him to face the corner until he calmed down. Rolf left him there for twenty minutes.
Just as Marc had reached the screaming point, Rolf called him out. "Marc, I think it's time you made that phone call."
Marc turned slowly from the corner and walked over to the phone that Rolf held out to him. Rolf dialed the number, and without a word of complaint Marc cancelled his adult verification. As soon as the phone was disconnected, Rolf finished his visit with a short lecture.
"You are to ask me BEFORE you consider giving your credit information out over the computer again. And I'm warning you a final time. There had better not be one SHRED of personal information about you OR Matthew on the internet. Not one iota of information that someone could track you down with. You know me, and you know I WILL do whatever I think is necessary in the way of discipline if I think you are in danger, and that WILL include banning you from that computer for any length of time I see fit. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes sir," Marc replied quietly, hating every minute of this discussion.
"I certainly hope I have."
With that Rolf left. Marc's butt was still on fire, so he opted for a nap since he couldn't play comfortably anymore.
A couple more weeks went by. Marc spent every free moment on the 'net, exploring every angle. Marc had been hearing a lot about chatrooms, so he decided to try one. There was a movie discussion room, right up Marc's alley. But the conversation was boring. He wanted something spicier. He then found an adult one, a GAY adult room. After just a minute in there, he was blown away. People looking to trade pics. People looking to trade phone numbers for phone sex. Then a personal message beeped into Marc, asking if he was into 'Cyber'. Well Marc was still catching on to the ways of the net, even after all the time that had passed. He was a bit nervous, so he just backed out of the room, and did some research.
The following weekend, Rolf had to leave town. He was to leave bright and early Saturday and return late Sunday. Marc asked and was granted permission to stay with Matthew that evening.
Marc arrived right after lunch on Saturday. He and Matthew immediately jumped on the computer and started surfing around. They had the instant messenger up, and Todd and Chris popped up and they chatted for a while. It was decided that Matthew's place was party central, no Rolf in sight. Michael wasn't called, as Matthew was sure Rolf had talked to Eric, and Eric would not allow a party to happen.
At six, Todd and Chris showed up, having stopped at the store and gotten a cooler full of beer and wine coolers. Pizza was ordered and the guys took turns surfing the net and watching movies. At seven, Matthew's cell phone rang.
"HEY! Keep it down, it's probably Rolf. QUIET!" Matthew grabbed the phone and ran into the kitchen. "Hello?"
"Hi, sport! How are you?"
"Rolf! I'm fine. How's Dayton?"
"Dirty, hot, lonely. Are you and Marc having a good time? I'll assume you're on the computer as the land line is busy."
"Yeah, we just logged on about 20 minutes ago. We were watching movies before that."
"Make sure you don't spend all night hooked up. And keep that cell phone on and handy when you're on the computer so I can get in touch with you if I need to. Please, get in bed at a reasonable hour, alright?"
"No problem. I'm getting tired now. Miss you."
"I miss you too, sport. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you."
"Love you too. Bye."
Matthew hung up the phone and ran back to join the party.
Close to nine, the doorbell rang. Matthew ran up to get it. He opened the door and there stood Eric. "Hi," Matthew said uncertainly.
"Hi yourself. Rolf wanted me to check in, make sure everything was all right. May I come in?"
"S...sure," Matthew said, opening the door.
Eric came in and saw the stereo on, the empty pizza box, and the empty beer and wine cooler bottles.
"Having a party?" he asked suspiciously.
"No. Does it look like a party? Chris and Todd swung by, to uh, to keep us company."
"Matthew, was anyone besides Marc supposed to 'keep you company'?"
Matthew looked at the floor.
"That's what I thought. Todd, Chris get your stuff, I will take you home."
"Eric you aren't gonna t--"
"What? Tell Rolf? There isn't one good reason that I shouldn't, is there?"
"No," Matthew replied quietly.
"But what he doesn't know won't hurt him."
"Really?" Matthew's eyes widened.
"If you get this place cleaned up and get your butts to bed before you get into more trouble. Deal?" Eric said, stretching out his hand.
"Deal," Matthew replied, shaking the prooffered hand.
Chris and Todd headed out with Eric, quietly cursing their bad luck at having to leave.
Matthew and Marc quickly picked up the boxes and leftover bottles and cans and threw them out. Within 10 minutes they had the family room looking partyless, and they headed back into the office for more computer time.
"I found this great chat room, we need to check it out while Rolf is out," Marc said as he sat down to get the site up and available.
"What's a chat room?" Matthew asked, still not too familiar with everything available on the internet.
"You know how we chat on mail, or in instant messenger?"
"Well, this is like a group of people chatting. You sign in with a name, whatever you want to be known as, and you chat. The screen shows your name, and what you said to everyone. And everyone else's conversations appear. You can sit back quietly and watch, or you can join in. It's loads of fun, IF you get the right people in there. Sometimes it's boring, sometimes it's graphic. Not something Rolf would probably appreciate seeing you play in, but he's not here, so let's get to it!"
"Hmm. That sounds interesting. What's your screen name?"
Marc grinned and logged in.
Matthew read the screen. "TightNHung?!? Give me a break! What kind of chat room is this?"
Marc logged into the desired the chat room.
Matthew again read the screen. "Gay and Horny!?! Is THIS what you have been doing with all your free time?"
"Oh, God, Matthew, chill out. Don't be such a prude, it is all harmless. Just watch the screen, if something, or someone catches your eye, let me know. We can whisper them and talk privately."
Matthew was a tad uneasy with this, but he was no prude. He watched the screen. Most of it WAS regular harmless banter. One comment caught his eye. "Any1 want 2 cyber"
"What's that? Cyber?"
"You've heard of phone sex? Well, that's the same thing, except you type instead of talk."
"Ewww! Why would anyone..... Have you ever 'cybered' before?"
Marc just grinned.
"Holy shit! You have, haven't you?"
Just then a whisper message popped on screen to TightNHung from LonelyInKY.
"Hey, stud, last night was fuckin' awesome, how about round 2?"
"Round 2? ROUND 2? What did you DO?" Matthew asked, nearly screeching in a mix of incredulous excitement.
"Chill! My gawd, you'd think you didn't know what sex was!"
Matthew punched Marc in the arm. "I know what it IS, I just haven't seen it done on the computer before."
"Well, sit back and watch the master at work," Marc said, settling in for a nice discussion. He replied to LonelyInKY, with Matthew watching in fascination.
"Hey yourself. There's more where that came from, if you're up to it."
"I am up for ANYTHING with you, stud. Where are we tonight?"
"On a beach. The sun beating down, no one in sight. Waves crashing in the background, the surf tickling our toes occasionally as a larger wave reaches us. Hot, oily bodies, shiny with sweat."
"I'm SO there. I can't keep my hands off of you. Your muscles, they ripple as you move."
"And I'm moving with wild abandon. Hard, I'm soooo hard. Do you feel how hard?"
"You're huge, stud. And I feel every inch of you. I'm ready, come, quickly."
Marc started to type his reply, when the doorbell rang.
"shit!" Matthew hopped up and ran to the door, well aware that it was VERY late. He peeked through the glass, and just as he expected, it was Eric. He opened the door slowly. "Hi."
"May I come in?"
"Yes." Matthew opened the door wider and Eric walked in.
"I thought we had an agreement. Was I wrong?"
"No, sir. We were to go to bed."
"And three hours later you are still wide awake?" Eric asked.
Marc was listening and figured out it was Eric. He ran back to the computer and typed his final message of the evening to LonelyInKY. "I am so hard, and I am ready to enter you. As I get close, a huge wave crashes over us, a cold wave. Sorry but the mood has been broken, I'll be back when I can." He powered down the computer before Eric could see what they were doing and went to join the other two.
Matthew was replying to Eric's question. "We weren't sleepy, just playing computer games." Matthew was looking at the floor.
"Marc," Eric said as Marc came into the room, "you two are to go directly to bed. I'll be swinging by another time or two, and if I see one light on, you'll be in serious trouble. Is that clear?"
"Yes, sir," the boys responded.
"Go on. I'll be in a couple minutes to make sure you're in bed."
The boys ran upstairs, quickly got ready for bed, and jumped in. Eric followed about ten minutes later. "Goodnight," Eric said as he turned off the light.
"Goodnight," Marc and Matthew replied.
Rolf returned home the next afternoon. And Eric kept his promise. Over the next couple of weeks, Marc gave Matthew several lessons in cyber. From small talk to heavy brea-typing. Matthew tried a few times to experiment on his own, but the words never came out right. And when they did, he was talking to chicks.
Matthew didn't get a lot of practice, Rolf was keeping a tight reign on the computer time at home, and he was also limiting Matthew's time at Marc's, as he knew the boys spent all their time on the computer. So when Rolf said he had to go out of town again, Matthew jumped at the chance to stay with Marc at his house.
Marc had figured out how to make strawberry daiquiris, and he also purchased a box of Zinfandel wine. Enough so that the two of them would have plenty to pick up a good buzz before surfing. Rolf dropped Matthew off on his way to the airport, and as soon as Rolf left the driveway, the drinks came out and the computer on.
"Rolf was leaving kind of late, wasn't he?" Marc asked.
"Yeah, he prefers the early flights, but the only one he could get was 6 p. m."
"That sucks for him, though. So, where to first, fruitcake?"
"Too early for chat?"
"Never too early, but the good shit doesn't start until at least 9."
"Well we only want the best, don't we? I don't care then."
"Alright, let's peruse the newsgroups. You have got to check out some of these guys in the amateur cam pages. Major hotties. Nice bubble butts. Only wish they were spanked."
"Got to love a red hot ass."
"Man, I so don't get you. YOU get your ass toasted at least ONCE a week, yet nothing makes you harder then the site of a roasted ass. What is up with that?"
"I am looking at someone ELSE'S roasted ass. See the difference. I enjoy a long hard spanking, as long as it ain't mine. And you get yours occasionally roasted, yet you still like to look."
"Oh, yeah," Marc said, laughing.
They toured the pictures, having a great time. The drinks were loosening them up, and they were making raucous comments about each picture they saw, sending several replies to pictures and letters, some of them not so nice. Finally around 9 then headed into the chat room.
"Here, Matty, you check out whose there, I'll go make us some daiquiris." Marc took off, made the drinks with twice the normal liquor, and headed back into the office.
"So is our local stud perusing yet?"
"Nah. But check out some of these names. Bearballs. YngNCrmy. Where do people come up with these?"
"Matthew, are you still stuck on the names? Get over it. Besides, I am so ready to get down and nasty. Here you go, your daiquiri."
The two sat back and watched the conversations. They watched the propositions. They watched the not so friendly banter. Just as they were ready to jump in, they got an instant message.
'Hey, stud, you're here. I am so horny tonight. I really need a good dose of you. Up for it?'
"Woo-hoo, Matty, we have a bite. Ready to play?"
'As always' lonely guy. I am in the usual room. Come join me.'
Matthew was starting to feel REALLY good from the liquor. "Here, let me try something, okay?"
"No, not yet. He knows me, let me get the conversation started, then you can either join in, or pretend you're me."
"It's not like he can see you!"
"No, but if you pay attention, you CAN tell the difference between people. Just wait, I promise you'll get plenty of time to play."
"Aaaaahhhhh," Matthew groaned.
"What's wrong?"
"Sorry, brain freeze headache. You make a mean daiquiri, you know that?"
"Don't drink it so fast, I am not gonna take it away from you."
Matthew laughed, and watched as Marc typed away, seducing this unseen man. Then the fun began.
"Matthew, are you ready to play?"
"I have been ready."
"Alright, here we go."
'Hey, lonely guy. I am not alone tonight. My friend is here and wants to play. Ready for two of us?'
'Whoa, a threesome. Cool. You know what would be even better?'
'What's that, stud?'
'You got a speaker phone?'
'Um...yeah, why?'
'It would be so hot if we did this over the phone. I know your voices would make me sooo horny.'
'Dude, it would be fucking awesome.'
"Matthew what do you think? You up for some fun?"
Under normal circumstances, Rolf's wise words would have been BURNED into both young men's minds, but in their drunken stupor, this sounded like harmless fun.
"What the hell Marc go for it."
"That's a sport."
'Alright stud, you twisted my arm. Call me at 555-6932.'
"MARC!" Matthew hollered.
"What?!?" Marc asked, startled by Matthew's tone.
"That's MY home number. We're here, YOUR house."
"OH! Ooops."
'Hey, lonely baby, wrong number. That one is my friend's. I am at home. The number is 555-6288.'
'Okay, I will be with you in just a moment. Make sure the line is free, stud.'
LonelyInKY left the chat room. As soon as he left, Marc and Matthew disconnected. No less than a minute later, the phone was ringing. Matthew and Marc looked at each other. Upon the third ring, Matthew hit the speakerphone button.
"Hey, stud, is that you?"
"No, but THIS is me. And how are you?" Marc answered.
"Hot, baby, really hot. So there are two of you? Who answered the phone?"
Matthew looked at Marc, willing him to silence. He then adapted a sexy, sultry voice. "It's a dream come true, Lonely."
Marc about fell out of his chair, trying NOT to laugh out loud. Matthew had a hard time keeping a straight face, but he managed to, and they talked off and on for about fifteen minutes. Both boys spoke, each laughing silently at the other as they played with Lonely. When Lonely asked for their address, wanting to meet them, they got scared and ended the call.
"Hey, stud, it has been a blast, but we have got to go. My neighbor is at the door, forgot we had plans with him tonight. We will do this again, though. You are very hot," Marc said, surprisingly quick on his feet.
"Alright guys, we will have to do this again. Perhaps next time will be for real."
"Never know, got to run, bye," Matthew said quickly, before disconnecting the speakerphone.
Both boys were tired, and drunk. They cleaned up some of their mess and headed to bed, laughing at the good fun they'd had with Lonely on the telephone.
Marc thrashed about the bed all night in his state of total sound sleep. At 9 am, the ringing phone woke both boys out their drunken sleep. Marc's heart was racing; he continuously dreamt about their phone fun. He was now realizing, just how stupid they'd been. After gathering his bearings, he stumbled to the phone.
"Good morning, sunshine. How was your night?" Rolf asked brightly.
Marc rubbed his head, tried to get his thoughts in order. "Just fine. How was yours?"
"It was interesting. Met up with a former client, we went out and caught a movie together. What did you boys do?"
"Oh, nothing much. Games, TV, that's about it."
"Is Matthew awake yet?"
Matthew had been sitting up in bed, trying really hard to make the room stop spinning. He had at least managed to figure out it was Rolf on the other end of the phone. He waved frantically at Marc as he stumbled quickly towards the bathroom.
Marc went back to his conversation. "Uh, no, he's still zonked out. Want me to wake him?" Marc kept his fingers crossed Rolf would say no.
"Oh, don't worry about it. Just stop by the store when you take him home and get some eggs for breakfast. I'll see you later, alright?"
"Later." Marc hung up the phone and fell backwards onto his bed. The energy needed to walk through a Rolf minefield was tremendous.
Matthew stumbled back into the bedroom and collapsed next to Marc. "What did he want?"
"Oh....okay," Matthew said uncertainly.
"You know, the white things, for breakfast? Just pick them up at the store."
"Oh," Matthew said as understanding dawned. "Marc?"
"Do you feel like your head's going to explode?"
They lay silently for a few minutes, each willing their headache to go away.
Marc's was only getting worse the more he thought about the phone call last night. Just then the phone rang again. Marc just stared at the phone, not really wanting to answer it.
"Marc, it won't bite, answer it."
"Hello?" Marc said, finally answering the phone.
"Hi, stud. You're up. How are you?"
Marc dropped the phone when he heard the voice on the other end.
"Marc, what is it? Who's on the phone?" Matthew asked, wanting to know what was happening.
"It's him."
"Him who?"
"Yes. What do I do?"
Matthew quickly picked up the phone. "Hello?"
A short moment of quiet followed, then "Oh, it's my dream come true? Right?"
"What happened to my stud?"
"He passed out. We...had a late night last night."
"Well, sounds like my kind of fun. Still interested in getting to know you better."
"I...." Matthew lost the words for a minute ".....think we should remain phone friends for a while. I like the mystery, don't you?"
"Weeeeeell. Yeah, now that you mention it, a little mystery goes a long way. I'll call again soon, dreamy. Keep the lines free."
Matthew breathed a quick sigh of relief as he heard the phone click. "I think he'll quit asking for the address for a bit."
Marc's only reply was a low groan.
A couple hours later both boys were a little more with it, having eaten some dry toast and drunk some coffee.
"What are we going to do?" Matthew asked.
"I don't know. He's already called this morning, which means he's not afraid to continue calling. Good thing we were here; if he'd had your number and Rolf found out, life wouldn't be worth living. At least here maybe I can get him to quit calling before Rolf is even aware of that. It was stupid, stupid, STUPID for us to do that!"
"I know. It just seemed like such a good thing at the time, harmless fun. Just tell him you're no longer interested, maybe he'll stop."
"Let's hope. Come on, we need to get you over to the house. I know Rolf wanted you to do a few things around the house before he returned. We'll stop by the store. I'll help with the work."
"Thanks. That'd be great."
Marc was just glad to be away from his phone, with the threat of Lonely calling him temporarily forgotten.

Matthew called Marc a few days later. "Has he called again?"
"Every freaking night, and twice during the day, leaving me a message on the machine. He's not taking no for an answer. I've got a family reunion this weekend, I'll be SO glad to get away from the phone. Just make sure if you stop by, to erase any messages he might leave, not let Rolf know, okay?"
"No problem."
Marc left early Friday morning. On Saturday, Rolf and Matthew were out sunning by the pool, the phone between them. It rang, Matthew grabbed it.
"Hello?" He turned white and his stomach hit the floor as he recognized the voice that replied to him.
"Hello, dreamy. Long time, I haven't heard from you. You haven't been in the chat rooms either. What's up?"
Matthew's hand shook as he quickly pressed the disconnect key. He sat in shock, wondering how Lonely got his phone number, when it rang again. He dropped the phone, breaking it when it hit the pool deck.
"Matthew? What's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost."
Matthew quickly swallowed the fear. That fear was nothing compared to what he'd feel if Rolf knew the truth. "Sorry. It was a wrong number, and the phone scared me when it rang again. Probably the same idiot calling back. I'll get it fixed. Here, let me take it inside, I'll bring out the other one."
"Here you go," Rolf said as he handed the broken phone to Matthew. "Are you sure you're alright?"
"Yes, no problem." Matthew quickly escaped into the house. As soon as he grabbed one of the other phones he called Marc's mother's house to talk to him.
Marc took the call in his old room, curious as to why Matthew was calling.
"Matthew? What's wrong? Why are you calling?"
"He called."
"He called? Who called?"
"Lonely!" Matthew said, hissing into the receiver.
Marc just about dropped the phone. How did he get Matthew's number? He regained his composure and brought the phone back to his ear, wanting to try to calm Matthew down as he sounded pretty stressed.
"Sorry about that, Matty. When did he call?"
"Just a minute ago...when Rolf and I were out by the pool."
"Noooooo! Rolf didn't answer the phone, did he? He doesn't know anything, does he?"
"Would I be talking coherently if he did know anything?"
"Good point. All right, I am going to leave here tomorrow then. I will be home late tomorrow afternoon. I have got to end this before this guy finds out more than we want him to. I mean, for crying out loud, he has our phone numbers and first names, who knows how much information he could get about us from the 'net!"
"You don't think he could find anything out, do you?"
Marc remained silent.
"Marc?!? You're scaring me."
"I'm scaring me, too. I will be home tomorrow. Be careful, and do what you can to keep your line from ringing."
"Alright, I will. Drive safe. Bye." Matthew hung up the phone wondering how the hell he could keep the guy from calling. At least for now he could leave the phone off the hook. The irritating signals wouldn't be heard while they were out at the pool. What he'd do when they returned inside, he didn't know. He went back outside and jumped immediately into the pool, too worried to lay sunning. The thoughts were swirling in his brain. He was afraid. Lonely was a scary character, but Rolf was scarier still. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, and was hoping that Marc could pull then unscathed out of this mess.
Marc remained on his bed, deep in thought, wondering how much longer they were going to have to pay for their stupid lapse in judgment. He couldn't get over how Lonely had gotten Matthew's phone number - it just wasn't possible. He thought about it until his mother called him to eat. It wasn't until he was on his way home the next day that he slapped himself across his head, remembering he'd given the number out when he thought he was at Matthew's. He was getting extremely worried about what Lonely would or could do, and immediately behind THAT worry, if that wasn't enough, was what ROLF would do if they were found out. He was so worried about it he was almost to the point of pulling his computer out of the wall and just handing it to Rolf, right before moving to Switzerland.
When Marc arrived home, he quickly unloaded his vehicle and ran inside to survey the damage. He started with his answering machine. No new messages. That meant that either Matthew cleared them, or there was no contact. Next he rummaged through his mail, just for peace of mind. Last stop was his e-mail box. While waiting for the internet connection, he took the opportunity to make some lunch. While he was digging in the refrigerator he heard footsteps behind him.
"You're home early," a voice from behind said.
Marc was paralyzed with fear. He had dropped the jar of mayo when the mysterious person behind him spoke.
"Sorry Marc, didn't mean to startle you."
Marc turned around as the voice registered in his brain as a friendly and known one. "Rolf, how are you? Where's Matthew?" Marc barely got those words out without his teeth chattering from the adrenaline rush of fear and relief.
"I am fine. He is at home, mowing the lawn. He found it amusing to toss the phone in the pool today, something about seeing if it would float. I swear sometimes he acts like he is 4 instead of 24. So how was your trip? Mom doing well?"
Marc was trying to process what Rolf was saying. Apparently that comment about the phone meant that Lonely tried contacting Matthew yet again. "Uh, the trip was very nice, but you know it's always nice to. . .uh, come home. Mom is well, though, thanks for asking."
Rolf sensed some hesitation and asked "You alright?"
"Yeah, it was just a long drive. Be fine once I eat."
"Are you sure about that?"
"What do you mean?" Marc asked, getting nervous.
"You just seem a little more....jumpy, I guess. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that you have something like 125 messages in your in-box. Surprising as you've only been gone a couple days, but that should keep you busy for quite a while."
"Oh, probably mostly junk mail anyway."
"Well, I will go then. I am glad you made it back safe and sound. Why don't you swing by tomorrow for dinner? Matthew has been dying to see you. You know we miss you when you are away."
"I missed you both, as well. And that would be great. What time?"
"Whenever, we should be home most of the day."
"Okay. Thanks for watching stuff here."
"You're welcome. Now go eat before you pass out."
"Yes, Sir. See you later."
Marc looked down at his hands, they were still shaking. He hoped that Rolf hadn't noticed, but that would be near impossible. 125 messages? Marc raced into the office and checked the mail. There were only a couple from some friends, about ten pieces of junk mail, and the rest were from LonelyInKy. He collapsed into the chair, scared to open them, wondering what they said. He opened one. It simply asked him where he was, that he'd been missed in the chat rooms, and to please visit soon. He opened another one. It said almost the same thing, but instead of please, it said just TO visit the chat rooms. Marc's stomach started to really churn when he got to the third one and it became even more demanding. He quickly disconnected from the internet and went back to the kitchen. He finished the sandwich he had been making when Rolf showed up, but he had lost his appetite and ending up throwing the sandwich away.
Marc tried watching some television but couldn't concentrate on anything. He just about jumped through the roof when the phone rang a little while later. He just stared in horror at the ringing instrument, certain it would reach out and bite him if he touched it. The answering machine picked it up on the fourth ring.
"Marc, I know you're home, pick up!" Matthew's voice hissed loudly from the machine.
Marc dove for the phone, nearly knocking over a vase of flowers he had on the counter. "Hi! I am here, what's up?"
"I only have a couple minutes, not supposed to be on the phone since I seem to have broken two of ours lately. Rolf didn't find anything did he?"
"No, apparently not as I'm still coherent as well."
"Smart ass."
"Who's the one who tried to see if the phone would float?"
"What the hell did you expect me to do!?! Lonely has called several times, Rolf is going to answer one of these times and we'll both be dead! HOW did he get my number?"
"Oh.....remember when he asked for my phone number?"
"Yes! Well?....."
"I accidentally gave him yours before I realized I was at home."
"You did WHAT?!?" Matthew hissed.
"I was drunk, do you THINK I was thinking clearly?" Marc said, somewhat hurt.
"No, but you gave him *MY* number? You have GOT--" The line went dead.
"Matthew? Hello, Matty?" Marc hung up the phone, fear building in the pit of his stomach. He waited nervously for the phone to ring again shortly, with death threats from Rolf ringing in his ears, but the phone remained silent. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and pulled the plug on the phone, making certain it wouldn't ring again that night. He tried to go to bed, but all he managed were a couple hours of restless sleep.
"Marc, hello?" Matthew asked as the line went dead. He turned to try to redial the phone and practically had a heart attack on the spot as he was shocked to find Rolf standing there, a finger on the disconnect button, an extremely unhappy look on his face. Matthew held the phone out and said in a quiet voice "For you?"
Rolf took the phone from Matthew's hand and hung it up. Then he placed one leg on the chair next to the phone and pulled the younger man across the raised leg, dropping his shorts in one quick movement. Then he proceeded to thoroughly redden Matthew's bottom in the matter of a quick three minutes, lecturing with each spank that no phone meant NO PHONE. Matthew was certain he didn't want to touch the phone for at LEAST a week by the time Rolf's hand quit falling. Rolf pulled Matthew's shorts back up and gave him a rough hug before sending him off to get ready for an early bedtime.
Matthew quickly ran into the bathroom, washed the tears from his face and brushed his teeth before diving under the covers. At least there he was safe from the ringing phone. He hoped that Marc was getting the situation resolved. The fear of the phone was about to drive him insane, not to mention empty his pockets of money in order to fix the phones, AND turning his bottom red, instead of the milky white he preferred it to be.
Marc lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, as if the answer was written somewhere in the paint strokes. He was at a loss, and didn't know what to do. Finally, Marc got out of bed. There was only one thing he could do, and as much as he hated to have to do it alone, it had to be done. Marc walked into the office, turning on all the lights along the way. He booted up the computer and waited for the internet connection. Every creak, snap and pop, made Marc jerk around. His heart was racing as he made his way into the chat rooms. There was no sign of his nemesis in the chat room.
'Has anyone seen LonelyInKy?'
Marc's question was ignored. Just as he was ready to leave, someone whispered him.
'Why do you want to know?'
'Just someone I have been chatting with, and need to see again. Why?'
It was almost like Marc's conscience was typing to him.
'What do you mean?'
'Just trust me, STAY AWAY.'
'Please, I am begging you, tell me what you know?'
"It's too late for you, isn't it?"
Marc's heart dropped into his stomach. Then LonelyInKY popped on screen.
"There you are! You weren't ignoring me, were you?"
Marc sat staring in horror at the message. Now that he had Lonely on the machine, he was uncertain of what to do next. While he sat thinking, Lonely typed another message.
"I tried calling. Were you out of town?"
Marc immediately answered that one. "Yes."
"You failed to tell me." The message sounded sinister and sent cold chills running up and down Marc's spine.
"I wouldn't have left you so many messages in your box had I known."
Marc relaxed a little. "It was a last minute thing."
"There was no computer where you were?"
"I missed my stud. I was eager to hear your voice again. Why don't you disconnect, and I'll call?"
Marc's stomach went south on him again.
"No. I brought back some family and they are sleeping. Don't want to startle them. Why don't you give me *your* number and I will call you?"
Marc hoped that Lonely didn't bail, but his hopes were dashed.
"It is probably for the best, stud. It is late. But we *will* talk soon. That's a promise."
And with that, Lonely was gone. Marc's pulse slowly stopped racing. He stayed connected for a few minutes, just to be sure that the phone would NOT ring. He disconnected, and headed into slumber.
A couple days had passed, and the weekend was just twenty-four short hours away. Marc had told Matthew of his venture, and they were now more determined than ever to get rid of this guy.
Marc was working Friday when the hairs on the back of his neck tingled. He quickly turned around but didn't see anyone. He just about flew out of his chair when Matthew walked up behind him.
"Hi, didn't mean to scare you," Matthew said, laughing.
"You're just lucky I didn't have my stapler handy. I'd have nailed you to the wall."
"Hands on your head, please," Matthew said in a no-nonsense voice.
"It's alright. I've just been jittery all day. Feel like someone's staring at me."
"Someone? You mean...Lonely?" Matthew ended in a whisper, looking around for an unknown face.
"Thanks, that's JUST what I wanted to think about."
Marc and Matthew headed out to lunch, and talked of other, happier things.
On Saturday, everyone was to attend the fair's opening weekend. Marc had to work, so he was meeting everyone at seven to top off the night. Matthew talked Rolf into going over when the gates opened at 3, so they could ride what they wanted without having to wait in the longer evening lines.
Rolf ran into a client almost as soon as they entered the fairgrounds. Matthew tried to remain patient, and stand next to Rolf, but the excitement proved too great.
"Rolf, I'm going to check out a few of the games over there. Join me when you are done. I promise, no rides," Matthew whispered into Rolf's ear.
Rolf was able to live with that, so he let Matthew go off on his own. Matthew wandered through the raging crowd and checked out the various children's games, and moved past those to the gambling wheels. Every few feet he had that eerie feeling that someone was following him, but when he turned around, there was no one there. Finally, he stopped at a horse race wheel, and placed his bet. Matthew spent the better part of an hour there, waiting for Rolf, winning on almost every spin. Matthew occasionally looked over his shoulder, still unable to shake that horrid feeling, but with every glance, no one was visible. Finally, Rolf met up with Matthew, who was now $50 dollars richer.
"Hey looks like someone did good while he was all alone."
"Yup, and it was ALMOST as fun as being on one of those rides over there."
"Is that a hint?"
Matthew smiled, and wrapped his arm around Rolf, guiding him in the direction of the rides.
Rolf and Matthew went on several rides, though the lines were a little long. Finally Matthew bugged Rolf enough so that they could eat. Matthew took the money from Rolf and stood in line himself, telling Rolf to hold them a table. Rolf was ready to sit down, he was feeling slightly dizzy and nauseous from all the rides. When Matthew returned to the table, Rolf's eyes widened considerably.
"Is someone ELSE joining us for dinner?" he asked incredulously.
Matthew looked down at the tray and then back at Rolf. " Why? This isn't all THAT much."
"You don't call two hotdogs, a hamburger, a steak on a stick, fries, elephant ear AND a caramel apple THAT much? I think that's enough food for four. And let me guess. Out of the $20 I gave you, I have no change, right?"
Matthew smiled happily. "Wrong. Here is your change."
Rolf held out his hand and groaned as Matthew dropped fifty-two cents into it. "Change. Ah, yes. Thank you. I graciously apologize for being wrong."
"Not a problem. What time is it?"
"About six."
"So Marc should be here soon. Where were we to meet him? The ferris wheel?"
"Yes, at seven."
"Mmfpfh 'k" Matthew replied through a mouthful of hot dogs.
Rolf ate the hamburger and some of the fries. He wasn't too keen on anything more than that. His stomach still didn't feel at all settled.
"We can ride the Tilt-A-Whirl while waiting for Marc. It's right by the ferris wheel."
Rolf blanched. "No. Definitely not me. The ride would have to be renamed the Tilt-N-Hurl. No, thank you. I'm too old for this. You can just wait for Marc."
"Rolf," Matthew said starting to whine. "There is just too much to do, just to sit and wait."
"Matthew, don't start. A few minutes of sitting won't kill you. Or, if you would prefer, we could just go home."
"No, thank you, sir," Matthew said quietly.
Matthew did manage to amuse himself by quietly making fun of all the rednecks in attendance. Finally, Marc arrived. Matthew sprung up from his seat.
"Hey, fruitcake, how is it going?"
"It's going. Rolf is being a party pooper. How was work?"
"Ugh, don't ask. I am ready to put my day behind me. What shall we hit first? And am I to assume that you won't be joining us, Rolf?"
"No, you two go ahead, I am more than content watching," Rolf replied.
"Alright, suit yourself. Let's hit the Tilt-A-Whirl."
"Can we start slow, like the carousel?"
"Jeez, you two are worse than two old ladies. Fine, I need to be spinning, so let's go."
Matthew led the way. The two young men mounted their horses. Matthew hopped onto the purple one, Marc, onto the pink one. As soon as the ride began, Matthew started looking around frantically.
"What's the matter?"
"You ever get the feeling you're being watched?"
"Well, there about a thousand people here, so, yeah, I guess I would get that feeling," Marc said, laughing.
"No, I don't mean that. I have felt as though I was being followed all afternoon. Rolf was chatting with a client, and I went off to play games, and just felt as though someone was watching."
Marc sobered quickly, but didn't want to alarm Matthew any more than he was. "I'm sure it's nothing. Come on, forget about it. Hey! Isn't that Todd and Chris?"
"Yes, let's go say hi!" Matthew hopped off the ride and took off through the crowds with Marc trailing behind.
Lonely followed. He was excited to finally see Marc.
"Hey! How are you?" Matthew asked, slightly out of breath.
Todd and Chris turned around, breaking into smiles. "Hi. Hi, Marc."
Stephen and Joe said hello and asked where Rolf was. "He's trying to keep dinner down, over by the ferris wheel," Matthew said with a laugh.
"I think we'll go keep him company, you four can do the rides." Joseph and Stephen took off. They rounded a vendor's tent and nearly collided with an older gentleman. "Oh, sorry, excuse us," Joe said as they passed by him.
Once they were far enough along, Stephen ventured a comment. "That was a strange one. Graying hair, in a ponytail? Did you get a load of his clothes?"
"The fair drags in all kinds. He was a little on the strange side, I agree. There he is. Hey Rolf, having too much fun? You look a little green."
"You saw Matthew, I assume," Rolf said, laughing.
"Yes, he said you were having trouble with dinner."
"I don't know how he does it. He ate twice what I did, a TON of junk, and he's riding those rides as if nothing has upset him. I don't think I could turn around without losing lunch about now. Hey, where is Eric?"
"Michael was in some sort of trouble so Eric kept him home this evening," Stephen replied.
At nine, the guys went to start trying to round up the boys. They found them thirty minutes later, and by ten, decided it was time to leave. Amid groans and whines from the boys that the fair didn't end until eleven, they headed to the cars.
Lonely got separated as everyone disbursed. He knew where Matthew and Marc lived, and decided he'd go to Marc's house as he didn't feel like messing with the big guy with Matthew. He drove straight to Marc's house and sat out front. He waited for thirty minutes before deciding Marc had to have gone somewhere else. So he picked up the phone for a little call to Matthew.
"Rolf, would you answer the phone, I'm grooming Tiffany!" Matthew hollered from the bedroom.
Rolf made his way to the phone, but when he answered no one responded. Rolf double-checked the front door, and turned off the downstairs lights.
"It must have been the wrong number, love. I am gonna take a shower, care to join me?" Rolf asked.
"You don't have to ask twice," Matthew replied, nearly ripping his shirt off his body.
Just as Matthew was ready to trail Rolf into the bathroom, the phone rang again.
"Start the shower. I will be in a just a minute. Just don't get too clean."
Matthew answered the phone, and at first all was quiet. Then just before he hung up, an all too familiar voice spoke.
"Hello, Matthew, did you have fun at the fair?"
"What do you want?"
"Now is that how you great a friend?"
"You aren't a friend..." he said, then belatedly thought twice about pissing this guy off.
"Fine, if that is how you feel. I am sure Marc doesn't feel the same way. Only wish he would hurry home. Can't wait out here forever."
"What? Wait out where?"
The phone line went dead. Matthew hung up the phone and rushed to the window, just making sure no one was lurking outside. He then picked up the phone and dialed Marc.
Marc's answering machine picked up. "Marc? Are you there? Pick up the _d_a_m_n_ed phone! Marc? Marc! Phone...pick up the phone." Matthew paused too long and the machine disconnected the call. He redialed immediately and got the machine again. He tried for fifteen minutes but never got Marc on the phone. He was absolutely certain that creep had gotten him. He had just picked the phone up to try again when Rolf spoke up, sending him straight onto the ceiling.
"Matthew, who are you calling? And why are you so jumpy? I thought you were going to join me in the shower."
Matthew looked at Rolf, his damp hair shining in the glow of the lights. He knew Rolf was going to be MORE than upset, that Marc might very well hate him for telling, but thinking that Marc could be in danger right now, he had to do the right thing. He bit back the emotion that was threatening, knowing he needed to be clear to help Marc. "Rolf, I think Marc's in danger."
Lonely sat outside Marc's house for another fifteen minutes, never seeing him. The waiting was boring, and since he had time, he thought he'd just head back to the hotel room and see what else was going on online. He'd just swing back by later.
By the time the most important parts of the story were clear, Rolf was definitely worried. After unsuccessfully trying to reach Marc, he immediately called Eric, even though it was after midnight.
"Hello?" Eric said, used to late night calls.
"Eric? Sorry to bother you so late, but I think we have a problem."
"What is it?" Eric asked, sitting up in bed, gently rubbing Michael's back, and settling him back into sleep.
"I don't have all the details, but I do know this. Apparently Matthew and Marc have been speaking with a lunatic on the internet. They gave this guy the phone numbers to our house and Marc's, and the guy has tracked them down and I'm afraid, may be sitting outside Marc's house as we speak. Marc's not home, I have no idea where he is, but Matthew apparently spoke to this guy and he said something about waiting for Marc."
"I'm not too far from Marc's, I'll go over there right now. You stay put, I'll call you as soon as I find out what's going on. We'll figure out what to do. Try not to worry." Eric hung up, more afraid than he let on to Rolf. He quickly got dressed, leaving his partner undisturbed. He left a note in his usual spot for Michael and ran out the door.
Marc arrived home about 12:15. He had left the fair at the same time as the rest of the group, but wasn't tired. Aside from that, he remained nervous about going home and finding messages from Lonely either in his email or on the answering machine. The guy just gave him the creeps. He saw a late movie instead. When he did get home, he noticed he had over ten messages on his machine. He cringed, but pushed the play button. He heard Matthew several times, and he sounded totally stressed out. He knew Rolf probably had him in bed already, so he'd just call in the morning. Just then, a knock sounded on his door. Marc's adrenaline flooded his system and he was left shaking.
The knock sounded again, more insistent. He had to literally force his legs to walk over to the door. He looked out the peephole and saw........Eric. He breathed a sigh of relief and opened the door. Eric was in his regular clothes, but was driving his squad car. "Hi, what's up?" Marc asked, completely confused.
"May I come in?"
"Sure." Marc stepped back and opened the door to allow Eric to enter. Eric shut the door behind him.
"Where have you been? No, never mind that. Tell me about the guy you know as Lonely."
Marc immediately became dizzy, and had to sit down on the couch. Eric knew, which meant that Rolf knew. . . He rested his head in his hands.
"Marc, this is no time to worry about Rolf now. It seems that Lonely called Matthew and said that he was waiting for you to get home. Have you seen anyone strange around?"
Marc looked up quickly when Eric mentioned that Lonely was waiting for him. "What? He. . .he was here?"
Eric walked over to the couch and sat down next to Marc. He took his hands and forced Marc to look at him. "I need a quick run through, and don't leave ANYTHING out. Your mistake with the internet has gone beyond bad to downright dangerous. Give me the highlights, quickly."
Marc talked for about ten minutes, giving Eric the information he needed. Eric was cringing inside as Marc talked, but he remained completely aloof on the outside, not wanting to scare Marc. When Marc finished, Eric had made up his mind.
"Marc, you've got ten minutes to pack. Get everything you need for at least a week together, you'll be going to stay with Rolf and Matthew. Do it."
Eric's no-nonsense tone had Marc jumping to the task at hand quickly. No time for thinking about anything but what he needed to take with him. He felt as though he would either pass out or vomit. Marc rummaged through his room gathering what he could, but kept tripping over himself every time he thought about this person waiting outside for him.
While Marc was upstairs, Eric called Rolf. Rolf dashed to the phone, as neither he nor Matthew could sleep.
"Rolf, it's Eric. Marc is all right. He is upstairs packing. Um, we will talk about this more in a bit, but just wanted to let you know that I will be by within the next half hour with Marc."
"That can't be a good sign then."
"It's not. Things are *very* bad."
Rolf remained silent at that thought, listened to Eric for a moment longer, then hung up the phone. Matthew was simply glued directly in front of Rolf.
"What did he say? What's going on? How is Marc? Tell me, talk to me."
"Things are bad. But Marc is all right. He will be staying with us for a few days." Rolf was unable to say any more, his head was spinning with terrible thoughts.
Matthew hugged Rolf quickly, glad that Marc was safe. He stayed glued to Rolf until the knock came on the door. Matthew trailed Rolf down, and they let Marc and Eric enter.
Marc ran straight for Rolf, and dived into the safe confines of his arms. His emotions were in complete turmoil and all he could do was sob piteously against Rolf.
Rolf held him for several minutes before directing Matthew to take him upstairs and get him situated in the extra bedroom. "Marc, go on upstairs with Matthew while Eric and I figure out what to do." He watched as the two boys walked upstairs before turning to interrogate Eric. "What is happening?"
Eric and Rolf sat down at the kitchen bar. "Between the two of them, they gave out phone numbers for your house and Marc's house. I think Marc was the original contact, and this guy, Lonely is his internet name, decided Marc was someone he had to meet. Lonely trailed the boys to your house, I think, and followed you to the fair today. He then called Matthew while he was waiting outside for Marc to return home."
"Marc didn't go directly home?"
"No, he did not, thank goodness. I think Lonely bothered him so much that he wasn't ready to return to the house after the fair. Lonely wasn't there when I arrived."
"What are we going to do? This guy could be. . .a killer!"
"Rolf, keep the voice down. We don't need to be scaring the boys. I know these kinds of characters. He is not going to head back home right away, not if he came to see Marc. He knows where Marc lives, so time is on his side. I think we can play that to OUR advantage. Let me call in a few reinforcements, then I'll explain our plan. Go on upstairs and get your computer booted up. Get Marc to show you where he met Lonely, but don't let him say a word until I get up there."
Rolf headed upstairs, wondering HOW they were going to catch this guy. He stopped in the doorway to Marc's room. "Marc, did you do most of the talking with Lonely?"
Marc and Matthew both were ready to throw up. "Yes, sir."
"Matthew, go wait on the bed."
Matthew got up and slowly took the long miserable walk into the bedroom, certain he was going to be killed.
Marc just about burst into tears before Rolf told him that they were going to get on the computer.
"Rolf, I am scared."
Rolf rubbed Marc's shoulders trying to comfort him.
"You are with us now, you are safe."
Rolf continued rubbing Marc's shoulders, biting his tongue. He really wanted to scream and yell, but knew now was not the time.
Thirty minutes passed before Eric returned.
"All right, show time. Marc we have a decoy at your house. And we have your phone calls forwarding here. We need you to get in the chat room and find Lonely. If I know his profile as well as I think, then he is waiting there for you. But listen to me, though. This is very important. Do not let him know anything is up. Do you understand?"
Marc was shivering, his stomach in knots. He nodded in agreement.
"Rolf, please go get Matthew. I need him. Please." Marc could barely make the words intelligible, he was shaking so much.
"Eric, does Marc have to be the one to do this?"
"Yes. Believe it or not, you can really get a feel for who you're talking to on the internet. If I sit down and try to impersonate Marc, we run the risk of scaring Lonely away, and that is the absolute LAST thing we need to do. We'll read what Marc says before he presses send, but I need him here to be himself."
"If you insist." Rolf gave one more squeeze to Marc's shoulders, and went to get Matthew.
Matthew grabbed a chair and sat next to Marc, wondering what was going to happen.
Marc reached for his hand and squeezed it, then looked to Eric.
"Here is the plan. I want you to find Lonely in the chat room. Once you find him, we'll see what kind of a mood he's in. Once we establish that, we'll see if we can't get him to agree to meet you at your house. We'll have the undercover agent grab him then. Any questions?"
"No, sir."
"You do NOT press the enter key until I say so, understood?"
"Yes, sir." Marc typed "Looking for Lonely. Anywhere around, stud?" then looked to Eric for approval.
"Go ahead."
Marc pressed send, the tried to keep his stomach from revolting when Lonely typed a reply.
'There you are. I have been waiting all night for you. Have fun at the fair?'
"It was alright. Did you go?" Marc again waited for the okay before sending.
'You know I did.'
"Excuse me?"
'I know Matthew would have called you by now to tell you I saw you both there.'
That comment hit home to Marc exactly HOW much danger he had put himself AND everyone else in. "I can't do this!" Marc dumped the chair over in his rush to run from the room. He dove onto his bed, burying his hot face in the pillows, tears beginning to flow.
"I'll do this," Matthew said as he started to scoot his chair over.
"NO! We need Marc. Matthew, type in 'just a minute' and press send. Rolf, make sure that is ALL he sends. I'll get Marc." Eric walked quickly into Marc's room. He wanted to be gentle but time was of the essence. He adopted his 'officer in charge' voice and barked at Marc. "SIT UP AND FACE ME."
Marc sobbed out "I. . .can't!"
The voice tore through Marc's head, and he knew he better do as he was told. He sat up, tears coursing down his face. "I...I...didn't want. . .think this. . .could happen." He hiccupped out between sobs.
"It DID happen, and now we ABSOULTELY MUST arrest this guy before he does some REAL harm."
"I. . .I. . .can't!"
"You MUST. We don't know ANYTHING about this guy. You made a HUGE mistake talking to him and I'm certain Rolf will have a LOT to say about that. Do you think it will be safe for you OR Matthew if we don't give it all we can tonight? NO! He has your address for goodness sakes! If you don't get in there and lure him to your house, there is no telling what will happen, but as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, it WON'T be good! You need to quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something to fix your error in judgment. Your LIFE may depend on it. Get back in there NOW, before we lose him!" Eric pointed out the door.
Marc quickly ran his hand across his face, wiping the tears away. Eric's speech left him little choice but to suck it up and do as he was told. He got up on shaky legs and forced himself to walk past Eric and into the office.
Matthew looked up at Marc, having heard every word Eric had spoken. His heart hurt for his friend, and he was also feeling sorry for himself.
Marc sat back down and looked at the screen. 'I'm waiting' Lonely had taunted.

Eric had followed Marc back into the room. "Marc, you need to answer Lonely's question, why Matthew didn't call you. Tell him you just checked your answering machine and found that Matthew had called, but didn't leave a message."
"Should I tell him I was at the movie?"
"No. You volunteer NO information."
Marc typed in what Eric requested, and pressed send when he got the nod from him.
'Then why didn't you go home after the fair?' Lonely asked.
Marc looked questioningly at Eric.
"You need to go ahead and tell him you went to a movie. Go ahead and tell him what and where, in case he checks to make sure you're telling the truth. We can't afford to scare him," Eric replied.
Marc typed in what he saw and where.
'So, you're a night owl. I was waiting to meet you. I thought you were afraid,' Lonely typed.
As that message slowly appeared on Marc's screen, he started to shake badly.
Rolf put his hands on Marc's shoulders, trying to soothe him a little.
Matthew's eyes grew wide as again he realized that Lonely had been telling the truth and had been sitting outside waiting for Marc. He started to speak. "I can-"
"Sweetheart, not now," Rolf said gently, trying to keep the situation from dissolving into hysteria.
Eric interrupted. "Marc, now I want you to play a little cat and mouse. You need to come across as interested, but you can't just say that you want him to fly over to your house."
Marc swallowed audibly and typed his message in. After a few more minutes, it was decided that Marc would turn his porch light on and leave the door unlocked. Marc would be waiting in the bedroom.
"Go ahead and turn the mach--"
The phone interrupted Eric, causing everyone in the room to jump. He looked at the box next to the phone, and saw it was a call to Marc's house. "Marc, that's you. Answer it. It's probably Lonely, making sure you're at home. Try to remain calm and natural."
Marc picked up the phone, almost dropping it, his hand was shaking so badly. "H. . .hello?"
"Stud, it's nice to hear your voice again. Forgot to ask what you'd like to drink. A bottle of bubbly sound good?"
"S. . .sure." Marc was almost terror stricken.
"Are you alright? You sound a little strange," Lonely asked.
Marc bit his lip hard, bringing tears to his eyes. That got rid of some of the jitters. "You...just have me so excited. I can't wait to see you."
"I'll be there in fifteen. See ya, stud...." The line went dead.
Marc slowly held the phone out for Eric. "Fifteen minutes. He said he'd be here in fifteen minutes."
"Alright, guys, down to the kitchen. I think we could all use a drink." Rolf ushered Matthew and Marc downstairs as Eric radioed the officers at Marc's residence to tell them of the plan. The only thing to do now was wait. Eric headed downstairs to get a drink as well.
Marc couldn't drink. He was in a trance. He sat in the dining room chair, staring at the floor.
"So what happens now?" Marc finally asked.
"Well, ideally this guy is going to enter your house as you two discussed. Upon entering he will be arrested, and charged with stalking, possibly more," Eric replied.
"What do you mean 'ideally'?" Matthew asked.
"Well, Matthew, even the best laid plans can hit a snag. But we will cross that bridge, if and when we have to."
"What happens if these charges are dropped, or if he is found not guilty?" Marc asked.
Eric looked at Rolf, not wanting to think of that, even though that too was very possible.
"Let's not sit here and assume, or presume anything. Alright?" Rolf chimed in.
Lonely's car pulled up in front of Marc's house at the exact time promised. As he put the car in park and turned off the ignition, he observed the neighbor, making sure all was quiet. The porch light was on, just as promised. He turned his attention to the passenger seat, where a small suitcase was located. He opened the suitcase and pulled out a pair of latex gloves. Lonely slipped them on. He closed the suitcase and got out of the car, taking the suitcase with him. He swiftly made his way to the porch and through the front door, which was left open, also as promised. He shut the door behind himself, and began bolting all the locks. As the last bolt was latched, he felt a presence behind him.
"Police! Freeze. Put the suitcase on the floor and put your hands on your head," The police officer ordered.
Lonely slowly put the suitcase down and in a lightening flash move, pulled a knife from his waist.
"Don't move an inch unless you want a bloody stump!" said a second voice, now behind him.
"Throw the knife on the floor and hands on your head, NOW!" Officer Edwards ordered.
"Do it!" Sergeant Hall said.
Lonely realized the battle was lost and tossed the knife to the floor. He put his hands on his head and then grunted hard when Edwards tackled him to the floor and got the cuffs on before roughly hauling him to his feet and throwing him towards the couch.
Sergeant Hall radioed Eric immediately. "We've got him."
"Good job," Eric responded.
"He brought a suitcase with him which we'll search as we get more information about this guy, then bring him downtown."
Eric turned to the table as all eyes were on him. "They got him."
Three sighs were heard as everyone released the pent up emotion that had boiled while waiting.
Rolf only gave a moment to feeling thankful, before turning quite brusque. "Matthew, Marc, upstairs. I want to talk to Eric."
"NOW," Rolf demanded, pointing at the stairs.
Both boys quickly headed upstairs, knowing that tone of voice.
Rolf turned quickly to Eric. "What did they say?" he demanded, looking straight into Eric's eyes.
"Just that they had him, he had brought a suitcase and they were going to search that as they find out who he is."
"Take me there."
"No. There is no reason you need to be there, Rolf. I can't allow it."
"I don't give a _d_a_m_n_ what you will or will not allow!" Rolf spat in fury.
Eric could see Rolf's temper had just skyrocketed, and that Rolf in this mood was dangerous. He put gentle hands on his arms. "He's caught. Dead on. And going to jail. He had a knife, so we could possibly get him for attempt to injure or assaulting a police officer. It's over with."
Rolf realized what Eric was doing, and allowed himself to be led over to a chair. He took a seat and put his head in his hands.
"I'm going to get the equipment from upstairs and call back over to Marc's. I'll let you know what I find out. Are you going to be alright?"
"Yes," was the mumbled reply.
Edwards searched the suitcase as Hall kept his eye on the prisoner. What Edwards found inside made his stomach turn in revulsion. There were several photos of boys of varying ages. Some of the boys were very obviously deceased. Others were shown in wide-eyed terror, chained, tied, gagged. He found a drivers license out in the car and ran the name through the computer. The guy, Tony Lamonte, was wanted in two states for questioning in the disappearances of two young boys. They had caught themselves a seriously dangerous man.
Just then their radio crackled to life. "Sergeant Hall, you've got Marc's friend, Rolf, on his way over. He's a little upset. Six eight, dark hair, blue eyes. Wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Please hold him until I arrive." Eric turned the radio off and went outside, waiting on his relief officer before heading over to Marc's to round up Rolf, who had slipped from the house while he was upstairs.
Just as the radio transmission ended, the door burst open to reveal a very large and upset man.
Before either officer could react from the shock of the door bursting open, Rolf had both his hands wrapped around Tony's neck and was barking at the top of his lungs, _d_a_m_n_ing everything about Tony he could think of to say in his rage.
Tony, with his arms locked behind him could not defend himself. All he could do was gasp ineffectively for air. The room slowly started to darken.
It took both officers, one on each arm, to get Rolf off of Tony. They landed in a heap on the floor, Officer Edwards finally getting the upper hand and twisting Rolf's arms painfully behind his back before slamming the cuffs on him, as well. Edwards and Hall roughly pulled Rolf to his feet and ushered him into the kitchen and into a chair.
As soon as Tony recovered the ability to speak, he started to make noise about prisoner abuse.
"You can SHUT your mouth. Trust me, you don't want me to let him go, do you?" Sergeant Hall had gestured to the kitchen.
Tony shut up.
Ten minutes later, Eric arrived.
Rolf had calmed down quite a bit during those ten minutes. His flash of anger had dissipated, and he was left feeling ashamed of his outburst. The guy was going to be taken care of in the courts, he needn't have interfered. He wanted to slide under the table when Eric walked through the door.
"Where's Rolf?" Eric asked as soon as he entered.
"The kitchen. You weren't kidding when you said upset, were you?" Sergeant Hall said.
Eric ignored the question for Rolf's sake. "Do you have things about wrapped up here?"
"Yes. I think we've gotten all the information we need."
"Put him in your vehicle, Ed?"
Eric walked around the corner and drove the squad car back to Marc's house, then ushered Tony outside and into the back seat. Before closing the door he said "You screwed with the wrong people this time, buddy. And no matter WHAT happens in that court, you had better never make another appearance in this city, because I will kill you myself." Eric slammed the door closed and went back inside.
Sergeant Hall had removed the cuffs on Rolf. He was gently massaging his wrists when Eric walked back in.
"Rolf, want to help lock down Marc's house before we leave?"
"Yes, I guess we should."
The other two officers cleared out of the house, and Eric and Rolf took about five minutes righting a few pieces of furniture and straightening the living room.
"I think that about does it. Let's get you back to the boys, I think they could use a little comfort now," Eric said.
Rolf's eyes widened. "You didn't--"
"No, I didn't leave them alone. There's an officer there now. Give me your keys, I'll drive you home. Frank can give me a ride back here for my car."
Rolf handed the keys over without complaint. He was exhausted from the emotions of the evening. After they were in the car, Rolf started to apologize. "I'm sorry, Eric, for dragging--"
"You did not drag me from bed. And I WOULD have been angry if you hadn't called me to help. That was a nasty situation, and I'm just glad that I was able to help put an end to it so quickly."
"That was nasty, wasn't it?" Rolf said, mostly to himself. "The guy. . .Tony? Do you think he's going to be put away for a while?"
"I didn't tell you everything before. The suitcase, they found photos of some boys, some very obviously dead. This turkey is a suspect in several disappearances. We have him for stalking Marc, but I think he's already hung himself. The story is going to break big. I think it's going to be best to keep Marc completely OUT of the story, and just say that the guy was caught in town, not file any charges here against him. We'll know more on Monday as we get information back from the other agencies and get the pictures on the internet. Do you know yet how you're going to handle the boys?"
Rolf rubbed his temples. "No. It's only been, what, 4 hours since Matthew first mentioned it? Been a little busy trying to get them safe first. I can tell you one thing. After we do discuss this, they won't EVER do this again."
"I've no doubt. Don't envy you your shoes over the weekend, and even less, Marc and Matthew's. You'll do the right thing, you always do. I would suggest however, that you all get some sleep tonight, and deal with the consequences tomorrow."
"I think I agree. Some Benadryl for the boys, that should help them sleep."
"Yes, that probably is the best route." They had pulled into the driveway. "Send Frank out. I'll leave for now. I would like to talk with the boys sometime, about the dangers that they faced."
"You can bet on it. I want you to provide a good dose of reality in what happened tonight. I really appreciate all you've done. Thank you." Rolf returned inside, thanking Frank for looking after the boys.
Marc and Matthew ran downstairs when they heard Rolf come home. "What happened?" Matthew asked.
"Everything is fine." Rolf hugged each boy in turn. "Marc, your house is locked up, I made sure of it before leaving. Now, I think it's time for some rest, it's been a long and exhausting night. Ah ah ah, I don't want to hear it," Rolf said as the boys started to speak. "Both of you to your rooms, not another word." Rolf locked up downstairs, grabbed the Benadryl and a glass of water and went into Marc's room.
Marc was on the bed, still dressed.
"Marc, undressed and under the covers."
"Rolf, I'm so-"
"There is a lot that needs to be said, but now is not the time. Undressed. Now." Rolf stood watching as Marc shed his clothes and grabbed a loose pair of shorts to sleep in, before climbing under the covers.
Rolf handed him two pills and the water. "Take these, they'll help you sleep."
Marc did so without question. He didn't think there was any way he could fall asleep, but Rolf sat there and massaged his temples, and the medicine did its work. Within 15 minutes he was snoring gently. Rolf stood up, turned the light out and went into his bedroom where Matthew was sitting.
Matthew was also still dressed, and ready to talk. Rolf hushed him the same as Marc, gave him the medicine, and eased Matthew quickly into the arms of the sandman. Once Matthew was asleep, Rolf made himself a hot mug of tea, and soon found himself slave to the wishes of the sandman. He retired to bed, and a deep but troubled slumber.
Rolf woke hours before either of the young men. For the first time he had a situation that he wasn't exactly sure how to handle. Oh, there would be spanking, and plenty of it, but that simply wasn't enough. Marc and Matthew got themselves in a VERY dangerous situation. And they got there by breaking one of Rolf's most dearest rules: Never, EVER give out personal information over the internet. Breaking this one little rule could have been very costly. He mulled over his options over a cup of coffee, knowing the boys would be asleep for a while longer.
Two hours later, two half asleep young men stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen. The medicine had allowed them both a deep sleep, and they were trying to kick the effects of what was left over in their system. Rolf poured each of them a cup of coffee and let them sit down with that. The two drank in silence, simply savoring the warmth of the mug in their hands, and trying to get their eyes uncrossed. Rolf set down fresh muffins on the table for the two, and stepped upstairs for a shower while they ate.
"Did you sleep well?" Matthew asked.
"Not by choice, but I certainly did with Benadryl's help. How about you?"
"Oh, the same."
Then there was an awkward silence, neither young man wanted to speak what surely the other was thinking. Finally, Marc broke the silence.
"How bad do you think today is gonna be?"
"Bad, REALLY bad. Rolf loves us both."
"How could we have been so stupid?"
"We were drunk."
They finished their coffee in silence and waited for Rolf to finish his shower.
Rolf turned the hot water off and grimaced as the cold spray hit his back. It was going to be a rough day. He let his body cool down, then stepped out of the shower and dried off. He put on a loose pair of shorts and a comfortable T-shirt and headed downstairs.
Marc and Matthew heard him come downstairs, their stomachs sinking with each step. They had no idea how Rolf was going to approach anything, whether he was going to lecture, yell, or just start laying into them. They knew at some point they were going to get all three, but didn't know what was better and whether now was a good time or not. They were in complete turmoil.
Rolf knew the boys were terrified of the consequences, and he wasn't going to keep them in suspense. He wanted the worst of it over almost as badly as the boys. He strode into the kitchen with a purposeful step and stood across the table from the two of them. He took a good look at them, making sure they were both awake and coherent. "Boys, we have a LOT to cover today. I'm not going to mince words. What you did was absolutely BEYOND dangerous AND stupid. We are ALL lucky that your mistake didn't get more serious than it did. I had a rule, a GOLDEN RULE, about never divulging personal information on the internet. You broke that rule, and continually covered it up."
Both boys were hanging onto their coffee cups as if someone was going to steal them at any moment, and staring into the depths of the coffee as if the answers to the world's major questions were all in there, if only they'd look long enough.
"You made serious mistakes, and the punishment you now face is also serious. It goes WAY beyond a simple spanking. We'll discuss all facets of your punishment later today, but I want to get the worst of it over immediately. No more lectures, no more waiting. Matthew, I want you to get the paddle and go into the basement."
Rolf's no-nonsense voice pricked Matthew to action immediately. Tears began to fall before he even left the chair. He swiped at his face in order to see the paddle, grabbed it and stumbled downstairs, breaking into sobs at the bottom of the steps before collapsing onto the couch in the family room.
Marc bit his lip hard, trying not to cry as well. Rolf's eyes had followed Matthew's progress down the stairs until his head disappeared from view. He turned to face Marc. "You, young man, are to go upstairs to your room. You will remain in there with the door closed until I come for you."
Marc also started to cry as soon as he hit the steps upstairs. He managed to get up all of them without tripping, found the door to his room, shut it, and landed facedown on the bed, his body wracked by the deep sobs and crying. He was worried about Matthew, wracked by guilt thinking he had such a huge hand in Matthew's trouble, and absolutely scared to death of hearing Rolf's footsteps coming upstairs for him.
Rolf stood in the kitchen for a moment, having to work hard at steeling his nerves for the job ahead. Hearing the crying from the both of them was hard. He knew they were sorry, but it wasn't going to change the fact that they were due one butt blistering spanking to make sure they never repeated their mistake. He took in a huge lungful of air, and headed downstairs with a sense of purpose.
Matthew tried his best to gain some composure as he heard Rolf coming down the stairs. He knew this wasn't easy for Rolf, either, but unfortunately the only thing he could think about was his own butt. Literally.
Rolf came downstairs and found Matthew seated on the sofa. Tears streaming down his face, staring at the floor. Rolf wanted to do nothing more than comfort him, but now was not the time.
"Matthew, please stand up and strip."
Matthew was taken aback by that statement. Usually Rolf just pulled his shorts down and began. He knew being fully nude was not a good sign.
Rolf made his way around Matthew and took his seat in the center of the sofa.
"Matthew, I am not going to lie to you. You are in for a VERY hard paddling. Like nothing I have ever give you, and I pray I never have to give again."
Rolf watched as Matthew fumbled with his clothes, as if he suddenly forgotten what a button was. Under other circumstances, he would have been highly amused. But there was nothing funny here. Nothing at all. "NOW, Matthew." Rolf wanted to get this over before he lost his nerve.
Matthew finally figured out how to open the button, and his pants fell to his ankles. He stepped out of those, before ever so slowly sliding his briefs down. He slipped the T-shirt over his head, and stood still for a moment, the feelings of shame and embarrassment overtaking him. He looked up at Rolf, huge round eyes filled with tears, his lip stuck out quite far.
Rolf simply motioned for Matthew to approach.
Matthew took those few steps slowly, the moment of no return coming too quickly.
He got within arm's reach of Rolf, who grabbed his wrist and guided him down across his lap. He made sure Matthew was as comfortable as he could be before hooking an arm across his waist. He was going to remain silent, let the paddle do the talking, but he thought he needed to hear the words in order to allow himself to do the job.
Matthew was sobbing quietly, his face buried in the couch, every muscle in his body tensed for the first crack of the paddle. The waiting was torture, making him want to spring up and run away. He had his fingers laced, resting tightly against his head, his arms being used to block his ears.
Rolf looked down at the love of his life. He loved this view, actually any view of Matthew, but NOT for this reason. The usually gently arched back and smooth muscles were all tense. The well defined glutes weren't soft and squeezable, they were white where Matthew was squeezing as hard as he could. Every line in his body screamed distress. Then Rolf thought about what Eric told him. That Tony had more than likely killed kids just like Matthew. His sense of purpose was restored when he realized that he still had Matthew. A Matthew who needed to learn the error of his ways so that Rolf would have many more years to enjoy the sight, the touch, the love of his life. He raised the paddle up and brought it down quickly, the retort of the paddle on skin sounding like a gunshot in the quiet of the house.
Matthew's hands were quickly released as he slammed them down in front of him, trying to lift the front half of his body up off the couch as he gulped in air to refill his lungs, emptied when the paddle landed. He had barely inhaled when the second crack landed, again emptying him of air. He knew in those two licks that Rolf was indeed serious as there was no warm up, or softer beginning swats. It was full force and extremely painful. The third crack landed, touching skin that was already on fire, and Matthew shrieked in pain.
Marc was upstairs, still facedown on the bed, still in tears. He heard what he thought was a scream, and pulled the pillow over his head, sobbing harder. He wished he could be taking that spanking for Matthew.
Rolf continued cracking the paddle down with rapid efficiency. He made sure to cover all areas, from the top of the thighs to the top of the crack.
Matthew continued crying hard, screaming a couple times in agony as the paddle touched a particularly sensitive area.
Rolf stopped when Matthew sounded like he was near hyperventilating. He didn't let Matthew up, but ran a gentle hand down his back, waiting for him to get himself under control.
Matthew was working hard on not throwing up from the pain. He was sure his bottom had no skin left, though it did feel about 10 sizes larger than when he'd laid down. He'd started to have hope that it was over, when Rolf disabused him of that notion.
"Wait a minute, young man. We are NOT finished yet."
Matthew gasped in shock and outrage and tried to cover his backside. Rolf grabbed the hand and settled it into the small of his back, Matthew pleading through the tears that he had learned his lesson.
"I will be the judge of that. I promised you this would be like no paddling you ever received before, and I will live up to that promise."
With that said the paddle crashed down again, singeing both cheeks at once. Matthew bellowed in pain, as it all stirred up again, and then some. Rolf continued a slow methodical paddling, leaving no spot untouched, yet being very careful not to injure. Matthew continued to sob and squirm, which proved to be a bad idea. Matthew had managed to position his bottom just right, exposing his inner cheeks. Rolf aimed for that spot, and let the paddle fall twice before Matthew knew what hit him. Matthew tried with all his might to get up once that new pain flowed, but it was no use.
Marc now sat on the edge of his bed, watching time dissipate. Rolf had been down in the basement for an awfully long time, and no sign of him yet. Marc was scared. Scared for his own butt, and scared for what Matthew was enduring.
Rolf let the paddle fall one more time. Matthew was exhausted from the sobbing and squirming. His voice was completely gone from the yelling, and his bottom was almost beyond that deep dark red. There was not an inch untouched. Rolf put the paddle down, and began rubbing Matthew's back for whatever it was worth. He sat silently for nearly twenty minutes as Matthew worked hard at simply breathing without hiccups.
There were no tears left, and no energy. Matthew's world was reduced to an impossibly flaming backside. He simply worked hard at inhaling and exhaling.
Rolf slid Matthew's legs to the floor, Matthew kneeling for just a moment as Rolf stood up. As gently as he could, Rolf scooped Matthew into his arms and carried him up the two flights of stairs and gently laid him on his side on the bed.
Matthew was in another time zone. He was only aware of his breathing and his bottom. He had no energy to move, was exhausted, but couldn't close his eyes.
Rolf covered him gently with a blanket and closed the door behind him. He looked towards Marc's closed door, and instead of opening it, headed downstairs and outside to the back deck. He sat down and buried his head in his hands. It was a horrible ordeal, and it was only half over. Rolf took his time regaining composure, letting a few tears fall. He knew if he didn't suck it up now, he would never make it through another. After about five minutes, he headed up to Marc's door.
Marc heard Rolf climb the stairs and his heart rate about doubled. He could tell Rolf was carrying Matthew from the exertion he heard. BUT, he didn't hear Matthew crying. He tried hard not to throw up when the steps came back towards his door. He screwed his eyes tightly shut, but the steps continued on past. He took a second to realize that, then opened his eyes and listened to Rolf go downstairs. His torture wasn't over with yet, he thought. Silence. He got up and walked to the door, wondering if he could go down the hall and check on Matthew. He had his hand on the door for a couple minutes, debating, when he heard Rolf's footsteps on the stairs again. He quickly backed away from the door and sat on the edge of the bed.
Rolf knocked, then opened the door, his hand remaining on the doorknob. "Basement, please."
Marc's legs had turned to jelly. Rolf wasn't furious, wasn't yelling, but those two words sent shivers of dread through Marc. Straightforward, cold, is what he thought. He had trouble standing up. He warily walked past Rolf, uncertain whether the hand on the doorknob would swat him as he walked past. It didn't, and he slowly made his way down the stairs.
Marc looked around the basement. Looking for anything that could tell him what he was in for, but found no clues. Rolf came up behind him, paddle in tow, and guided Marc over to the sofa. Rolf took his seat on the sofa again, and positioned Marc in front of him. Marc's heart was racing. Rolf showed no emotion. No anger, no rage, but no comfort either.
"Marc. I want you to strip, completely naked."
As with Matthew, this order took Marc by surprise. But he slowly fumbled, much as Matthew had.
"I am not going to mislead you. You are in for a very serious paddling. Like nothing I have ever given you, and again, I pray nothing I ever have to give again."
Marc began to cry at that comment. Not so much for the pain he knew he would be enduring, but for the remorse he felt. He had his pants around his ankles, but was too upset to do anything but stand there.
Rolf stood up and pulled the shirt over Marc's head and guided him over to the couch and over his knees. Again, he tightened his grip around the waist and brought the paddle high up before snapping it soundly down upon the white flesh in his lap.
Marc's cries rose in tandem with the pain he was enduring with each swat of the paddle. He got entirely TOO choked up and Rolf stopped, laying the paddle down, pulling Marc up into his lap and soothing Marc's cheeks. "Marc, calm down. Deep breaths, slow, easy breaths." Rolf continued for a few minutes, Marc burying his head in Rolf's strong neck.
Marc was miserable. Not only was his bottom on fire, but he was feeling SO badly about the entire incident. He kept punishing himself over and over by thinking about how he could have been injured or killed, as well as Matthew and Rolf, two of his best friends.
It took Marc a long while to calm down. Every time he was close, those horrid thoughts popped back into his head. After a good twenty minutes, his breathing was back under control. Marc wanted to speak, but the words just wouldn't flow.
"Shall we continue?"
Marc clenched onto Rolf, not wanting any more.
"Marc, we aren't through, far from it. Let's get this over and done with."
Marc shed a few more tears, but loosened his grip. In no time he was back in position. Again, Rolf raised the paddle high, and brought it crashing down onto Marc's flaming backside.
The time allowed to get his breathing under control only seemed to heighten the sensitivity of his backside to the assault of the paddle. He tried with all his strength to crawl off of Rolf's lap, but he was held almost as if he was in a vise. He was left only to kick ineffectively, to accept each swat of the paddle. He dug his hands around the edge of the cushion and pulled forward, the cushion bending in half. It did nothing to stop the paddle from falling. Marc was left without the strength to cry, tears just slipped slowly from his reddened eyes. The only sounds heard between the cracks of the paddle were the heaving breaths and deep moans of pain.
Rolf tuned out Marc, turned off his emotions, and worked the paddle until the bottom in his lap was an angry, dark crimson. He again made sure that no permanent damage would be left, only a VERY well toasted backside, one that should serve as a very good reminder not to ever give out personal information on the internet. He was never so glad to lay the paddle down.
The pain was so intense that it took Marc nearly five minutes to realize that it was over. Rolf spent the better part of the next half hour, soothing and comforting Marc. Once the tears were gone, and the breathing was once again normal, Rolf scooped Marc up, and carried him to 'his' room.
He laid Marc gently down on his side as well, pulled a blanket up, and shut his door on the way out. He went downstairs and back out onto the deck to relax for a few minutes. The fresh air cleared his mind. Knowing he was through the really tough part helped, though he knew both boys would be in a lot of pain for the rest of the day. He decided it would be a good time to mow. Some good hard labor would help his mood. He mowed the grass, took a shower, and around one, decided the boys could probably use some lunch. He prepared some sandwiches and laid that out with chips, and headed upstairs. He stopped in to talk to Matthew first. He sat down on the side of the bed, Matthew's back to him. "Sweetheart, want some lunch?"
Matthew had barely dozed for the past few hours. His backside was extremely painful, and had not allowed sleep, though Matthew felt exhausted. Matthew's shoulders shook as a sob escaped him. "ssssssooo...ssssssoorrrrrrrryyyyy," he stammered through fresh tears.
Rolf pulled the blanket off, picked Matthew up and sat down, making sure that Matthew's thighs supported all his weight on Rolf's lap. He hugged Matthew tight. "I know, sweetheart, I know. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. You made a mistake and you're being punished for that mistake. Shhhhhhh." Rolf sat stroking Matthew's head and back.
Matthew took a few minutes to get himself under control, then said what he needed to. That he wouldn't be so stupid again and that he was sorry. He felt MUCH better after that confession.
Rolf then helped Matthew to his feet, found a long T-shirt and pulled that over his head before sending him downstairs to eat.
Once Matthew had headed downstairs Rolf went into Marc's room. Marc was facing Rolf as he entered the room. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was puffy. He was starring aimlessly at the floor until he saw Rolf.
"How you doing? Want some lunch now?"
Marc shook his head, not wanting to leave the room.
"Come on, you need to eat."
A few tears streamed down Marc's face.
"What is it, what's a matter?"
"I'm sorry. Sooo sorry."
Rolf sat on the bed and cradled Marc.
"Shhhh shhhh. I know you are. I know. It's behind you now, and soon this will be too."
Rolf held Marc for a few minutes.
"Okay, please come down and eat."
Rolf got up and rummaged through Marc's drawers, looking for a long shirt, and finding one, passed it to him.
"Here, put that on, and come down. Please?"
Marc stood up, slipped the shirt on, and followed Rolf to the door.
"You go ahead, I will be down in just a minute," Rolf said, knowing the boys would need a minute alone.
Marc went downstairs into the kitchen and found Matthew standing at the counter picking at his sandwich. Their eyes met. Their faces spoke volumes. Their bottoms spoke even more. Marc walked over to Matthew, and stood in front of him. No words were spoken, just a long hard embrace.
Rolf went downstairs and entered the kitchen. The mood was somber, and would continue to be for some time, as the bottoms would be raw for quite a while. He really did hate to see them both in such distress, but it was a lesson that needed to be quite strong. "Eat your lunch, guys. You've got a full day ahead of you." Rolf sat down and ate his lunch while the two boys managed to eat theirs standing up. "Both of you finished?" Rolf asked.
His response was a nod and a barely audible yes.
"Put your plates in the dishwasher. I want you both to grab some paper and a pen, and get yourself situated in the family room and start writing. I want you to write "I will not give out personal information on the internet" 500 times. If I come out and find you doing anything but writing, you will regret it. And that DOES mean the TV stays off."
Marc and Matthew were in no position or frame of mind to argue. Matthew got a couple of his notebooks from school and handed one to Marc along with a pen. They shuffled quietly into the family room and stretched out on the floor on their stomachs and started writing.
The silence was deafening. They both needed to speak, but neither knew where to begin. Finally Marc broke.
"I am sorry."
"Huh?" Matthew replied, not knowing what he could be sorry about.
"This, the p. . .paddling and the writing, and whatever else comes. I am sorry."
"Marc you have nothing to be sorry for. There were TWO of us there that night. And we both screwed up."
"Yeah, but I am the one who got us into it."
"It doesn't matter." Matthew crawled over to Marc and gave him a hug. "Please, don't feel guilt over this."
"I hate seeing you go through this because of what I started."
"And I would hate for you to go through this alone."
A tear came to Marc's eye as he realized what a true friend he had in Matthew. He returned the hug, tightly, and they returned to their writing.
Rolf walked in a few minutes later, checking on them. He saw the two of them diligently writing.
About ten minutes after he left, Matthew spoke again. "Your face looks like _s_h_i_t_, man."
Marc shot him a look and returned it in kind. "You don't look like you'll be winning any beauty contests either."
Matthew smiled. "No. Don't think I'd make it through the swimsuit competition in that thong."
That remark got half a smile from Marc.
"How are you?" Matthew asked.
"Incredibly sore. And worried."
"Yeah, what the REST of the day holds."
"Oh. Right." Matthew looked back down at the paper, lost in thought.
"How are you?" Marc questioned.
"Beyond sore."
"What do you think Rolf's going to say or do later?"
"I think I can safely say the computer will be off limits. Other than that. . .don't wa--"
"Matthew, there is to be NO talking, you have enough writing to keep you busy for a while. Do I make myself clear?" Rolf asked, having walked in without the boys hearing him.
"Yes, sir," Matthew answered quietly, going back to work on his lines. He laid his head on his arm and wrote with his back to Marc. Moments later it seemed, Marc poked him in the side.
"Hey, wake up. You've got lines to write."
"I wasn't sleeping!" Matthew said quickly.
"Then you snore when you're awake," Marc responded.
Matthew stuck his tongue out at Marc and picked the pen back up.
Marc finished first. "Finally. Think my hand's going to fall off. How far are you?"
"You're fast. I have oh. . .about 75 left. Want to help?" Matthew asked hopefully.
"Marc will be in his room. You'll finish that alone, Matthew." Rolf looked at Marc. "Scoot. Door closed, I'll call you when dinner is ready."
Marc got up and headed upstairs. Rolf picked up the notebook, tore the sheets from it, checked that all 500 were there and complete, then ripped them in half and threw them out.
Matthew groaned inwardly having not heard Rolf again. He'd have to buy him some clunky shoes or a cowbell, so he'd hear him coming. He finished up about 30 minutes later. He took his lines into Rolf's office.
"Very good. Now off to your room," Rolf said after checking them.
Matthew turned and slowly made his way back to their room, and lay across the bed. He was soon asleep as there wasn't anything else to do.
Marc on the other hand was unable to sleep. He just lay there on his stomach, gazing at the closed mini blinds. He had turned the ceiling fan on, in hopes of cooling off his behind. But it was little help. His stomach was in knots, and his mind swirling. He knew what he and Matthew had done was serious, so he knew the punishment was far from over. All sorts of torturous punishments popped into his head. The worst was what Matthew had told him, no computer. That was Marc's lifeline. It was his entertainment. His friend. His porn. His leisure. And there was most certainly a lengthy "no use" sentence coming up.
Somewhere during his swirling thoughts Rolf had come in. He stood in the doorway quietly, observing the damage done to Marc's rear end. It wasn't a pretty site, but a necessary one. He could see Marc was lost in thought, and was almost certain what he was thinking.
"Marc," Rolf said quietly, trying not to startle him.
"Huh?" Marc replied, finally seeing Rolf.
"Meet me downstairs. I want to have a discussion with you and Matthew. I want to hear your feelings and thoughts. And most importantly, I want to hear the whole ordeal that has lead us here."
Marc wasn't ready for this, but did want to get it over with. "Okay."
Rolf left the door open and headed into the bedroom to get Matthew. Marc waited until he had entered to head downstairs.
"Sweetheart, you awake?"
"G-way," Matthew mumbled, not awake enough yet to realize that wasn't the response Rolf was looking for.
"Matthew, get up please. We need to talk." Rolf shook Matthew until his head came up off the pillow.
"Can't I just lay here?"
"No, down to the kitchen please."
Matthew scooted backwards on the bed until his feet touched the floor and then stood up. He rubbed his still puffy face and slowly headed downstairs.
Rolf stepped behind the bar. "Over here, guys. I'm not going to ask you to sit down, but I want you standing right here." Rolf indicated that the two boys would be facing him across the bar. On the bar top was a picture of Tony Lamonte. "The first thing that I want to say is that I am THOROUGHLY disappointed in BOTH of you." Rolf kept his eyes shifting between the two boys.
Marc and Matthew both shrunk inside as the lecture began. They already felt sorry for what they had done, and they were now going to hear a lot more than they ever wanted to.
Rolf continued, his voice stern. "NEVER did I imagine in my wildest dreams that either of you would break the rule about personal information on the internet. I have told you TOO many times how dangerous that could be and why. OVER AND OVER I have told you."
Matthew was finding the hem of his T-shirt very interesting, and Marc couldn't get his eyes off the picture of Tony.
"LOOK AT ME!" Rolf thundered, his hands hitting the countertop.
Both boys jumped and fearfully brought their eyes up to meet the steely blue gaze of Rolf.
Rolf let his anger and fear bubble over, picking up the picture of Tony. "THIS is a FACE you can put to the reason for the rule! THIS is why I told you NEVER to give out information! For gawdsakes, boys, HE COULD HAVE KILLED YOU! WHAT IN THE HELL OVERCAME YOUR SENSES!?! WHAT CAUSED YOU TO THINK, FOR EVEN A MINUTE, THAT TALKING TO A NAMELESS STRANGER IN SOME SLEAZY _s_e_x_ CHAT ROOM WAS A GOOD IDEA?!? WHAT?!?"
Rolf's voice reverberated in the kitchen as tears stung both boys’ eyes and started to roll down their cheeks. Rolf's questions and comments were hitting home, hard.
Rolf continued to rant for several minutes, neither stopping nor softening in the face of the tears. He was going to make _d_a_m_n_ sure that each of the two were well aware how badly they had scared him. When he ran out of steam some fifteen minutes later, he went and got the tissue box, putting it between the two boys. They each grabbed a couple and worked hard at clearing their noses and wiping their faces.
"I think I've said my piece for now. Marc, I want you to start from the beginning and tell me exactly what happened to get us here. Leave nothing out, I can assure you can't be in any more trouble than you already are." Rolf pulled around a kitchen barstool and sat down, keeping his eyes on Marc. "How did it start?"
Marc didn't want to speak, but knew Rolf wasn't going to wait all day.
"It just sort of happened. One night I stumbled into the chat room. Just as I was ready to leave, this guy popped up. He was a smooth talker. I had my first cyber experience. It was a lot of fun. Then the chats became more frequent. Then when you went out of town, it was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce Matthew to it."
Instead of lecturing on responsibilities when he's out of town, Rolf simply said, "Go on."
Marc shifted on his feet, knowing how horrible it sounded. "I showed Matthew the sites, and we played around. The time when Matthew was at my house?" Marc paused until he saw Rolf nod. "We sort of. . .had a bit too much to drink. . ."
"HOW much is a bit?"
Marc swallowed, then said, "We were drunk, sir."
"Ah. Go on."
Marc was feeling increasingly more nervous as Rolf just sat and waited. "We. . .we were in the chatroom, and Lone- Tony was there. Mat--"
"I wanted to talk to him," Matthew broke in.
Rolf swung his eyes to Matthew. "And?"
Matthew didn't like being the center of attention, but felt he had to say something. "We. . .talked to him for a few minutes, then he said something about wanting to hear our voices. I thou--"
"We didn't think anything about it, just gave him the phone number. We didn't realize what we had done until the next morning. Then. . .it was too late."
"Uh huh. So you were at your house, would have given him your number. How did he get mine?" Rolf said.
Marc looked down at his toes. "I. . .we. . .uh. . ."
"I gave him yours first, thinking I was here," Marc quietly said.
"Uh huh. Light dawns. That's why Matthew was playing with the phones." Rolf turned and looked at Matthew, who at least had the grace to blush furiously before dropping his eyes down. He returned his gaze to Marc. "So that was what. . .a good couple of weeks ago now, right?"
Marc KNEW that was a setup, but didn't have any other answer. "Yes."
"So instead of telling me about your mistake then, you covered it up and LIED to me for TWO WEEKS?!?"
Marc cringed again. "Yes, sir."
"WHAT were you thinking?!?" Rolf nearly barked.
"I was hoping that if we ignored him, he would just go away. It worked for a bit. But when I went out of town, that was when he opted to try Matthew."
"So that is why you came back a couple days early. And all those 100+ messages, those were from Tony?"
"Most of them were, but a lot were junk mail."
Rolf was at a loss. He'd gotten more information than he'd bargained for. More information than he ever cared to know.
"Now I just want to make sure I have this all correct, Marc. I went out of town and let Matthew stay with you, so he would have not only a friend around, but also someone to keep an eye on him. And instead of keeping him OUT of trouble, you lead him head on into it! You start by introducing him to the vile chat rooms. I have nothing against a chat room, but you obviously took him to some of the rather sleazy ones. Then you got drunk and you know how I feel about that. THEN you break the golden rule. Then you spend the next two weeks lying about it and trying to conceal it. Do I have it all?"
Marc just looked down at the ground. Suddenly the way his toes wiggled became very intriguing.
Rolf just shook his head, a look of sheer disbelief on his face. He had thought long and hard about what would be an appropriate punishment. "I sincerely hope that the paddle this morning reminded you how VERY much I disapproved of your behavior. Now I want to emphasize that point."
Marc and Matthew's stomachs twisted in nervous anticipation. Rolf was about to tell them what the rest of their punishment was and neither wanted to know, as they knew it wasn't going to be anything good.
"To start with, you are both grounded for two weeks."
That didn't sound so horrible.
"Marc, that means you stay here. I want to keep an eye on you. School/work, nowhere else. No phone, television. Trust me, you'll be kept busy enough not to miss it. Neither of you will be making the trip the following weekend either."
Both Marc and Matthew wanted to complain bitterly about that restriction, but they knew it wouldn't matter to Rolf. They had been looking forward to the trip out of town, especially since the entire gang was going.
Rolf continued. "Over the next several months, you will be helping Eric at the police station. He will make sure you are kept busy, and will remind you why it was so dangerous to give out your phone numbers on the internet. When he calls with a date, that WILL be your priority, no matter what else you may have had planned. I don't want to hear ANY complaining about missed plans. You made a mistake and you will live with the consequences. Do I make myself clear?"
The two boys managed to get out their answers in the affirmative. Rolf had already made them miserable, and he had YET to say anything about the computer as of yet.
"Now, for the drinking. There will be NO alcohol of any kind for either of you for three months. You can't control your drinking, I will. Along with the alcohol restriction, there will be absolutely NO computer usage for those three months. NONE. Matthew, you'll be able to do homework, but only with my supervision. Marc, after your two weeks are up here, I'm taking your CPU and putting it in a safe place."
Marc couldn't suppress a shocked "Ah." He quickly shut his mouth and looked down when Rolf turned his way.
"Something to say about that, Marc? Rolf waited a few seconds before saying, "I didn't think so. The return of the computer does not necessarily mean the return of the internet, and all of that also depends on your behavior during the next three months. Either of you have anything to add to this conversation?"
They both wanted to complain. The punishment sounded worse than a prison sentence. The both knew Rolf would have no sympathy, so they shook their heads no.
"It's time to get dinner ready then. Matthew, get the salad started. Marc, the vegetables and bread are your department." Rolf wasn't going to give the boys time to pout. They were going to eat and go straight to bed.
Dinner was a solemn occasion. Both boys were forced to have a seat for dinner; the fluffy pillows were of little comfort. Everyone ate in silence. The boys were both drained from the day's events, and upset at the pending punishments. Once it looked as if the eating had stopped and the food playing began, Rolf broke the silence. "Are you both finished?"
The boys stared at their plates and nodded yes.
"Dispose of what you didn't eat and put the dishes in the sink. I will clean up when you two are settled in."
Matthew and Marc slowly got up and did as instructed.
"You are to head upstairs and clean up and go right to bed. I will be up in a few minutes. Marc I want a word with you before you go."
Matthew did as he was told. Marc on the other hand wanted to be anywhere but where he was. He was unsure of what Rolf wanted, based on his tone, but knew it couldn't be good.
Rolf stood up and walked over so he was in front of Marc. "I am sure you are tired so I will make this brief. You know how disappointed I am in you. This whole incident should NEVER have happened. I left Matthew under YOUR guidance. Sure, I expected you to be up all night. Sure, I knew you would have a drink, maybe two. And I knew you would introduce him to new stuff on the 'net. But I never thought you would get out of control like this. That sort of behavior is inexcusable. Before you leave to return home in two weeks, you will receive another spanking. Your behavior these two weeks will decide what implement will be used on you."
Marc's heart sank to his stomach, which had already sunk to the floor. The thought of another spanking, even if it was two weeks away, was inconceivable.
"Do you have anything to add?"
Tears welled up Marc's eyes, but no words came to his lips.
"Alright then, upstairs and clean up, then right to bed. I will be in after I check on Matthew."
Marc quickly made his way upstairs.
Rolf put away the leftovers and headed upstairs. He found Matthew on his side, his shoulders shaking gently as he cried silently into the pillow. Rolf kneeled down on the floor at the side of the bed. "Sweetheart, will you face me?" he asked gently, running his hand over the side of Matthew's face.
Matthew rolled onto his stomach, then faced Rolf, scooting over to the side of the bed. He reached out his arms and Rolf hugged him tightly back. Matthew's silent tears turned more vocal and Rolf continued holding him, his knees hurting. He ignored the knees.
A few minutes later Matthew had stopped crying. Rolf continued to stroke his head and back, sitting in an awkward position, but unwilling to move. He continued to whisper comforting words until Matthew was asleep. Rolf groaned slightly as he stood up, his knees creaking. He tucked Matthew in and closed the door, heading over to Marc's room.
Marc laid facing away from the door, face damp with tears. He stared at the shadows on the wall, thinking of all he had sustained, and all that was to come. He felt some of it was just, but a lot unfair. He heard the door open, and knew it must be Rolf. Marc didn't want to see him, not now, not after telling him that he would be facing yet another ass beating. Marc closed his eyes and pretended to be fast asleep.
"Marc, are you awake?" Rolf asked quietly as he entered the room. He waited for a response but didn't get one. Rolf walked over to the bed, and pulled the covers up on Marc. He kissed Marc on the forehead, and wiped away the tears on his face. "Sleep well, my little one." Rolf exited the room, leaving the door open a crack. New tears rolled down Marc's face after Rolf left. In his heart, he knew that regardless of what Rolf said and did, as far as punishment goes, it was all done out of love and genuine concern for his own well being.
Rolf left Marc alone, knowing he hadn't been asleep, but not wanting to push himself on Marc if he didn't want it. He went downstairs and settled into his chair with a book. He tried to get interested in it, but his mind kept going back over the incredibly long and pain filled day. He was grateful to be done with the day, but also worried a little about the coming two weeks, and the three months, as the fear and immediate danger faded and the boys were left ONLY with their punishment.
The phone rang, it was Rolf's brother. He gratefully put the book down and immersed himself into talk of the family and loved ones. He was upset to look up and see Marc standing there. "Hold on just a moment, will you?" he said to his brother, before putting the call on hold. "Marc?" he asked sternly.
Marc had been lying upstairs, unable to go to sleep until he got something off his chest. "I'm. . .sorry. REALLY sorry."
Rolf could see Marc meant it. He smiled. "I know you are. Now go on, back to bed."
Marc look relieved, turned and headed upstairs. He heard a quiet "sweet dreams" as he ascended the stairway.
Rolf hung up the phone an astounding two hours later, more relaxed than he'd been in a long time. Having someone to talk to of other things had been exactly what he needed. He slid into bed next to Matthew and was soon fast asleep.
~The End~

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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Luisa Fernanda said...

This story was SO well written. Thank you for an hour's suspense and enjoyment, guys.

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