Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interview with Rolf and Matthew

List Dictator: We're in sunny California, talking with Rolf and Matthew in a conference room at the Shark Tank, where they're waiting to watch the Sharks take on the current Stanley Cup winners, the New Jersey Devils. Thank you for taking the time to chat. *We are wondering if Matthew is going to sit down and stop pacing around the room through the entire interview.*

Rolf:                Matthew, please join us. You can check all that out later.

Matthew:       *Sitting down cross legged on the couch*  What was the question again?

List Dictator: We'll start with the obvious question. Where did you meet?

Rolf:                We met in a restaurant/bar where Matthew was waiting tables. I kept returning for the food -

Matthew:       *Crossed eyes at RolfThank you.

Rolf:                *Smiling *  No. I kept returning because I saw this wonderfully good looking young man with a...sadness about him. I was intent on finding out why he was so quiet. I tried everything I could to get him to talk, but he always seemed to have something to do, until one day I asked him to go to the lake with me and the guys. Surprisingly, he said yes.

Matthew:       By that time I knew just about all there was to know about everyone that was going to be there, so I wasn't worried. I figured a ride to the lake and some alone time would be just what I needed. I didn't have any of that alone time, but I found everything I ever wanted that weekend in the way of a lover, AND a boatload of new friends.

List Dictator: How, and at what point, did you decide to make discipline a part of your relationship?

Matthew:       I just walked right up to him and said, "spank me baby!"

Rolf:                Matthew! Be a little more serious, please? And quit fidgeting!

Lit Dictator: *Small smile at the exchange, waiting patiently*

Matthew:       *Settling down*  I knew before getting into the relationship that Rolf believed in discipline. I went in with my eyes open, and knowing that I could, more than most, use that. When we met, I had dropped out of school, and had no focus in my life. I was content to live day to day. Rolf came along, and with his help and the discipline, I went back to school, and I now have a purpose in life. Without him, without the constant discipline, I seriously could see myself in the gutter.

Rolf:                I don't believe that, but I do agree that the discipline has helped him to grow in ways he didn't imagine.

List Dictator: That leads into another question asked by a list member. Matthew seems to run headlong into trouble at the drop of a hat. Do you hope he'll outgrow that, or is it part of his charm?

Matthew:       Me? *I* go headfirst into trouble? I think not. It finds me. I try hiding. Under the covers, under rocks, in the back room. It STILL finds me...

Rolf:                *Laughing*  I suppose in some cases, that's true. But a lot of the time, he just up and does whatever it is that strikes him as a good thing at the time, without thought for the consequences. It's part of what I love so much about him. I am rather laid back -

Matthew:       Logical. Planned. No nonsense -

Rolf:                *Stern look at Matthew*  I think they get the picture. On the other hand, Matthew is -

Matthew:       Funny. Lovable. THE best -

Rolf:                A rather free spirit. A Gemini. He fits that sign perfectly. He's got the sweet, kind, funny, endearing side, and he's got the devilish side as well. I NEVER know what the next day holds, much less the next hour. It's his outlook on life, the bouncy side of him, the way he always tries to make people laugh, that I love. And all that combined into one body spells trouble. I wouldn't trade it for anything though. *Smiling, tousling 
Matthew's hair*

List Dictator: *Looking at notes to hide smile at
 gesture *  How would you see the relationship being different had you not chosen to make discipline a part of it?

Rolf:                Honestly, I don't know. It's not something we've ever really talked about. Discipline has always been a part of who we are, and I don't really see that changing. We're very comfortable where we're at now.

Matthew:       *Rubbing backside *  Yes, I'm comfortable too, at least right now.  *Winks*

List Dictator: Matthew, you're currently in school.  Do you see your discipline changing when you graduate?

Matthew:       I wish. That is where MORE than my fair share of trouble comes from. I WANT to graduate, I want to learn, but I do NOT like going to class, I HATE homework and I REALLY hate studying! But once I graduate, I have a board certified test to take. There will be a class associated with that, and AT LEAST six months of SERIOUS studying involved there. And most people never pass the test the first time, so it can drag on for a year, or years. So not anytime in the near future will anything change. And when I'm FINALLY done with school and/or studying, the discipline will still be there, though hopefully not as pronounced. I guess I'll have to figure out other ways to get in trouble. *Side glance at Rolf*

Rolf:                I'm sure you'll manage to somehow.

List Dictator: Let's step away from discipline for a moment. You two enjoy hockey.

Matthew:       No. I detest every one of the 60 plus games we go to each year.

Rolf:                I'd suggest you let the List Dictator finish his question unless you want relief from this next game and spend it in a quiet hotel room?

Matthew.       Sorry. You were saying?

List Dictator: Aside from hockey, what draws you two together?

Matthew:       Food.

List Dictator: Food?

Matthew:       His grilling finesse to be exact. He fires that up, and it calls me home from anywhere in the state.

Rolf:                If we're talking food, I'd consider letting him drop out of school and quit work to become a house husband if he'd fix more of his famous dishes.

Matthew:       Really?

Rolf:                No. You are not dropping out of school. *Sobering* I actually think it's because we're so different that we get along so well. I help Matthew with his responsibilities in life, and he helps a little more freely. We enjoy traveling and trying new things as well.

Matthew:       Rolf is incredibly wonderful. He's got the biggest heart, and when he doesn't have his chest all puffed up and being his namesake, a wolf, he's really sweet and caring. He knows how to cut through the bull, both what I manufacture and imagine, and helps me see whatever problem I have more clearly. And I know he'll always be there for me.

Rolf:                Alright, WHAT do you want. *Smiling*

Matthew:       *Sticking tongue out*

List Dictator: What song do you most associate with your partner?

Rolf:                Must be that tune they play at the opening of every Looney Toons Cartoon.

Matthew:       I guess I'll have to be the grown up here. I'd say...No Matter What. I know Rolf will be there, no matter what I do. It's incredibly nice to know that I can wind up in horrible trouble, but he'll always be there for me. And when not in trouble, he's there for all my accomplishments.

Rolf:                That was really sweet...and true. I think, truthfully, something along the lines of You Are the Sunshine of My Life. That, at least in title, says it pretty good.

List Dictator: If you could make your partner throw away one thing in the house, what would it be? And why?

Matthew:       Are you kidding? His evil cat. The one that hates me.

Rolf:                No fair, that's a live animal.

Matthew:       Okay, then the paddle. Throw THAT away.

Rolf:                That's yours, not mine. And I wouldn't choose that to get rid of.

Matthew:       *Pouting*

Rolf:                I think I'd choose to lose that Elmo doll that sits on his side of the bed.

Matthew:       ROLF! *Blushing*

Rolf:                He is FOREVER punching the dolls' stomachs whenever we go to the store, and he likes to punch his Elmo at the most inopportune times. And the cats step across it, setting him off in the middle of the night. You wake up from a deep sleep feeling this thing shake and saying "ooooh, that tickles". NOT my idea of a good night! *Laughing*

List Dictator: *laughing* What pet names do you have for each other?

Matthew:       WOLF.

Rolf:                Brat.

Matthew:       Taz.

Rolf:                Tigger, he bounces without care, and is JUST as picky when it comes to eating as the real one.

Matthew:       *muttering*

Rolf:                Sport. Double Trouble. I could go on and on.

List Dictator: Let's return to some discipline questions.

Matthew:       That's what they ALL want to know....

Rolf:                *LOOK*

List Dictator: Someone stated that they didn't realize you two were lovers, that Matthew has his own room. They also wondered whether sex was ever used as a punishment.

Matthew:       *hopping up, pacing* What? Well... *looking around overhead*
Rolf:                *warning tones*  Matthew, are you sure...?

Matthew:       I think we need to make this clear. *still looking over his shoulder* Mr. Dictator? My AUTHOR was unable to show that love clearly in the early stories. The love has ALWAYS been there, but the author just couldn't find the words he wanted to use.


Matthew:       *diving into Rolf's lap for protection* I KNOW! PLEASE DON'T! Don't you want them to know?

AUTHOR:      *silence*

Matthew:       *getting up* I had/have my own room. It was just the way things started out. I had a place for my stuff. But it's a room. One that I usually no longer sleep alone in. Rolf and I are both tall, and early on, we were still getting used to sleeping together. It's not something that we have to do to show affection towards one another. Most, if not all nights, are now spent in his room...our room. As for the last part of that question, sex has NEVER, nor will EVER be used as a punishment. We don't have sex after a spanking, but that's not because he won't "let" me. It's because the mood isn't there at that moment in time. He lets me know in a thousand different ways how much he cares. Sex is only one of them. *sits 
back down, thankful the author didn't strike him

List Dictator: Rolf, when Matthew and his friends get in trouble together, do you speak with the other partners to come up with group punishment, or do you all handle things separately?

Rolf:                That's happened on several occasions. We do have several close friends in the same types of relationships, and the boys tend to hang around together and sometimes come up with unheard of ways to get into trouble. If one of us knows about it, we do let the others know. We share what knowledge we have and put together the entire story. For the most part, each of us knows exactly what our partner responds best to in deciding the punishment. We may discuss in generalities what to do. Like this one incident several months back where the boys got into a good amount of mischief. We talked about it and decided that everyone obviously had too much time on their hands and we all had the boys donate their time for the next several weekends to various charities. As far as deciding a set type or length of spanking, or whether or not one is grounded and one not, no.

Matthew:       It's not good when they all talk. But that's rare. Thankfully. I do have a few friends who seem to get the fourth degree by committee more often than not!  *Whispering*  But Rolf does NOT know them...and I intend to keep it that way.  *Winks*

Rolf:                Ahem.....

List Dictator: Matthew, have you ever confessed that you'd gotten away with something after the fact?

Matthew:       *hand raised*  I plead the fifth, on account of self incrimination.

Rolf:                He has. I hope he continues. *LOOK*  One incident not too long ago Matthew could have chosen not to tell me about, though I would have known the following day. He felt badly enough about it that he talked to me almost immediately. It was a serious issue, and I'm glad that he came forth with it voluntarily that quickly. Aside from the fact that I would have been far angrier hearing about it from someone else, he was upset enough about it that he wanted to clear the air. I think when it comes to the serious issues, he will come forth with the information. If it's more simple mischief, I have the distinct impression that I won't know about it from him.

List Dictator: Rolf, does Matthew ever try to charm his way out of a spanking?

Rolf:                If he didn't, I'd think he was near certain death!

Matthew:       *to List Dictator*  Are you KIDDING? I dare you...or anyone ONCE get spanked by him! You'd find levels of charm you didn't know existed!

Rolf:                He exudes the charm of ten men under the gun.

Matthew:       I will not EVER, EVER, EVER walk up to him and say, go for it. I can honestly say...sometimes...that I deserve it. But I will ALWAYS try to get out of it. It flat out hurts like

Rolf:                Supposed to.

Matthew:       Really? I thought it was a massage and supposed to feel good. DUH.

List Dictator: Does it ever work?

Matthew:       NO.

Rolf:                I plead the fifth, on account of not giving him any more weapons against me than he already has.

Matthew:       Copycat.

List Dictator: How do you handle discipline when Matthew is misbehaving in a public situation?

Matthew:       *Indignant* I'm good in public.

Rolf:                *laughing* Remember Matthew, hockey games ARE in public.

Matthew:       *Blushing*

Rolf:                We try not to let the world know of the discipline side of our relationship, as a lot of people just don't understand. If Matthew is misbehaving, a few well timed threats, a discreet swat here or there usually work. If I can't remove him from the situation for whatever reason, we have found a quiet place to discuss his behavior. If we can, we'll go home and take care of things there.

Matthew:       *to List Dictator* Ever notice how the...tops...refer to a spanking as a discussion? If I get yanked into a quiet place, it's his hand discussing things with my butt, rather than a normal, painless conversation.

Rolf:                Yes, Matthew EVER interested in the technicalities of the situation...

Matthew:       I have to use everything I can!

List Dictator: One final question before you go. What is your partner's best trait and worst fault?

Matthew:       *snorting* HA! You expect me to answer that!

Rolf:                Best trait is his ability, or rather his choice, to always try to keep everyone laughing. If he can't get someone to crack a smile, then there is something seriously wrong.

Matthew:       Okay. If you can be nice, so can I. I think his best trait is his...reliability. I know he'll just always be there. Always be fair. I need that...rock.

Rolf:                *smiling* Thank you. Now the tricky part. Worst fault. I'd have to pick on his timing. You can set your watch ONLY as far as knowing he will NEVER be where he says he will at the time he stated. It's usually late, but it's not a constant time either. Could vary from 5 minutes to 3 hours!

Matthew:       I'm not a slave to a clock, which is YOUR worst fault. So tightly controlled and obsessive about time. I just don't see the purpose of always having to be "on time". It's my time, I'll get there when I'm good and ready.

Rolf:                Did you ever think I wouldn't have to be so obsessed with time if you paid at least a LITTLE attention to it?

Matthew:       No. And I do. Enough. Enough to know we MUST be going, the game will be starting soon! *jumping up, grabbing for Rolf's hand * Come on! Now!

Rolf:                *standing up, shaking hands* Hockey. Yes, we are ALWAYS on time for hockey. Have a good day.

List Dictator: Thank you so much for taking time to talk with our readers. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have, and good luck on the game.

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