Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hockey Nightmare

Title: Hockey Nightmare
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee
Rolf and Matthew had just finished dinner. Matt was doing the dishes, while Rolf retired to his office to finish some plans for a new client. When Rolf finished with the plans, he called the client to set up an appointment. The client, Mr. Stefan Black, wanted to build an eighteen story building on an empty lot downtown. Rolf had worked very hard at getting Mr. Black's business. He was a very wealthy land developer, and if Rolf could impress him with this building, there would be many more in the future. When Rolf called, Mr. Black expressed interest in seeing a hockey game while he was in town. Rolf gladly set up tickets for Friday night for Mr. Black and his three associates.
He planned out his day, with the client conference in the early afternoon, followed by dinner, then the game. He set up his client's reservation at the hotel down the street, then went to talk with Matthew. "Matthew, our plans have changed slightly for Friday."
"What do you mean? We're still going to the game, aren't we?" Matthew immediately became uneasy. He LOVED hockey, and would be devastated if he couldn't go.
"Yes, but I'm bringing some VERY IMPORTANT clients. I purchased seats 2 rows behind our usual ones. I will be sitting with them, and I thought you could ask Michael or Todd to come along, and sit in my usual seat."
"Oh, okay. I'll ask Michael. Are we picking him up?"
"I'll be in a meeting all afternoon, followed by dinner with the clients. I thought that maybe you could get Michael to drive over here, you two could order a pizza, and then I'd swing by to pick you up before the game. Sound good?"
"Yeah, okay." Matthew went to call Michael with the good news. The two of them always had a blast when they were together. Michael could go, and agreed to swing by in the early afternoon, since he had nothing better to do.
Friday arrived, and Rolf was a little nervous. He was presenting the final plans and wanted to make sure everything was right. He dressed in his best suit, and before heading out, talked to Matthew. "I'm on the way for my meeting. We should be done with dinner by 6:30, so expect us here by 6:45. Please, be ready, we don't want to get my guests there late. Now, as I said before, these are VERY IMPORTANT clients. When we arrive here, I will introduce you and Michael, so expect a few minutes of small talk. You two can dress in the usual hockey garb, but the rest of us will be in business dress. I expect the two of you to act accordingly. Make sure to tell Michael, okay?"
"Okay, okay, chill out. You get so nervous on these big days. Who is Mr. Black anyway?"
"Mr. Black is a very influential land developer. If I impress him today, I could have quite a large amount of business headed my way. Now do you understand why I'm so nervous?"
"Yeah, I guess so. We'll be ready, don't worry."
With that, Rolf headed to his meeting.
Matthew only had about an hour before Michael showed up. They played pool, ping-pong, and video games all afternoon. It was a rowdy day, because they were both quite competitive. It was 5:00 before they knew it, and they hurried to order the pizza, so that it would arrive in time. The pizza came by quarter to six, and they sat down to eat. Both were extremely thirsty, and Michael headed to the fridge to get something to drink. "Hey Matthew, want a beer?"
"I really should.....yeah, give me one." The thought crossed Matthew's mind that beer before the game was probably not a good idea, but he was thirsty, and eating half a large pizza, so it wouldn't do anything to him. They dug in, and soon polished off the last piece of pizza. Michael was still thirsty, and got another beer. He offered one to Matthew, but he refused. He was feeling some effects from the first one, and decided not to go for another one. Rolf would have his hide if was drunk in front of clients. He really wished Michael wasn't drinking another one, but he wasn't going to show he was "afraid" of Rolf, so he kept quiet. Besides, Michael could hold his liquor a little better than Matthew, especially since he was over 21, and Matthew not quite yet 21. Rolf allowed Matthew to drink, but it was very little, and only at home. Michael and Matthew cleaned up the kitchen, donned their hockey jerseys, and went into the living room to await Rolf. He arrived only five minutes later.
"Hey guys, looks like you're ready to go. I'd like you to meet Mr. Black and his associates." Handshakes were given all around, and they headed out to the truck. It was an Excursion, the largest of the SUV's currently on the market.
Michael and Matthew climbed into the back seat, so the clients were closer to Rolf.
Matthew noticed that Rolf was in a good mood, and surmised that the meeting went well. He was proud of Rolf, and the work that he did. He hoped that Mr. Black would become a satisfied client of Rolfs. They arrived at the arena in just a few minutes. Rolf used the valet parking, so he wouldn't have to hoof it across the lot while his clients waited. Rolf showed the clients to their seats and took drink orders. He asked Michael and Matthew to help carry it back. While they were waiting, Rolf again told the boys to behave. He was entertaining, and would appreciate it if he didn't have to discipline them in any fashion while they were there. They got the drinks, and headed back down the stairs to deliver them. As soon as they finished, Rolf sat down, and the boys took off to see what the giveaways were that night. There was about 20 minutes to game time, and the boys wandered the entire time. When the puck was about to drop, they decided to get their own drinks and head to their seats. "Matthew, you want a beer?
Matthew thought about that for a few seconds. He hated not being "of age". He didn't want to order a coke, if Michael had a beer. He was almost 21, and one beer wasn't going to hurt anything. Rolf was two rows behind them, he could hide it. "Okay"
Matthew went and got a coke cup, and poured the beer into it. They headed down the stairs to their seats. It was going to be a good game. This was a team they had a great rivalry against, and there was much bad blood between the teams. It promised lots of fights, and lots of opportunity to razz the opposing team.
Matthew soon found out why it wasn't a good idea to drink beer. During the first 10 minutes of play, he had to use the bathroom. He hated going during the game, because he always missed something. And sure enough this was no exception. He just unzipped at the urinal, and the place exploded with cheering as they scored the first goal. He made it over to the sink and amazingly, the second goal was scored in less than ten seconds. Matthew grumbled his way back to his seat. And _d_a_m_n_it 10 minutes later he had to piss again. He was determined to hold it this time, there was only 2 minutes left in the period, but nature called. So, he ran to the bathroom again. Again he unzipped, and again they scored. Well the celebration of the score turned into a vicious fight between the scorer and the goalie. And if you watch hockey, you know the goalie almost never fights. All Matthew could hear was the crowd's reaction. He finally finished pissing and decided to get the quickest view of the ice. Whew, they were still going at it, the refs had no control what so ever. Matthew made his way down to the Plexiglas and started banging on it, and cheering the guy on. Finally they broke the fight up, and soon the period was over. Matthew watched as the opposing players exited the ice, and made gestures at them, mostly putting his fingers in the shape of an 'L' and putting it on his forehead, or rudely grabbing his balls. Rolf could see Matthew, and didn't know what had come over him. He never acted like this. Rolf also noticed Michael ordering a beer from the vendor. No wait, ordering TWO beers from the vendor. Rolf then watched as Michael refilled Matthew's Coke cup. Now Rolf was steaming. Drinking was one thing, but Rolf didn't go for this underage _s_h_i_t_. But he didn't want to make a scene, so if Matthew could manage to contain himself, Rolf would handle this at home. But that wasn't going to be the case.
Matthew returned to his seat, and began downing his beer. Now at every chance he and Michael got they were on their feet dancing like a couple of idiots. Finally, the couple behind them had had enough.
"Hey, would you two sit down, we can't see the game."
Matthew in his drunken state, flipped them the bird and danced even more wildly.
Well Rolf saw that, and nearly pounced out of his seat on Matthew. Fortunately, the client seemed to be enthralled in the game and didn't notice the childish shenanigans going on.
That finger also pissed the couple off more.
"You do that again, and I will break that finger off." The man of the couple said in a threatening manner.
"You mean this finger(putting up his left) or that finger(putting up his right)?"
"Okay lets take this outside, you little punk."
"Okay pops, lets go."
Michael was ready to see where this was headed. He started to follow Matthew, then noticed Rolf coming towards them.
Rolf had decided it was time to step in, and had excused himself and stepped down to where Matthew was standing. He grabbed Matthew by the jersey, and pulled him back.
"I am so sorry about this Sir, I'm going to handle this right now."
The man accepted his apology and sat down, wondering what exactly that meant.
Rolf leaned over to Michael and said sternly "Sit down, and remain seated, or you will find yourself unable to sit comfortably. IS..THAT..CLEAR?"
Michael was embarrassed to have been spoken to like that, but found he had nothing else to say, besides a meek "Yes, sir" before taking his seat. He was thankful he wasn't in Matthew's shoes, since it was obvious Rolf wasn't finished with him yet.
Rolf hauled Matthew to the bathroom. "_d_a_m_n_ it Matthew. I don't ask for much. I asked you to behave for one night. And what do you do? Well for starters you drink! How many beers did you have?"
"Beers?" Matthew tried to ask, innocently.
"Don't make this worse by lying, I saw Michael buy 2 beers, and you drank one of them. Now how many did you have?"
"Three, sir."
"Three!?! What the _f_u_c_k_ is wrong with you, you're twenty _d_a_m_n_ years old."
Uh-oh Rolf never swears, this isn't going to be pretty.
"You don't know how disappointed I am in you. I bring some very important clients here, and hope that you can behave responsibly in front of them. Instead, I see you drinking beer. I was going to let that go, and take care of it at home, but no, you had to become Mr. Obnoxious, and try to start a fight in the stands. Are you trying to ruin this chance I have at more business?
"No, sir...of course not" Matthew was nervously looking around, hoping that there was no one within earshot. He hated being yelled at in public.
Matthew could hear the crowd beginning to yell. The horn hadn't gone off, so it must have been a fight. He was missing the best parts of this game. He just wanted to return to his seat quickly "Please, Rolf, I'll sit down and behave for the rest of the game."
"You're going to sit, and I'm going to make sure you remember to behave."
With that, Rolf hauled Matthew over to one of the sinks. "Put your hands on the sink and bend over."
"Oh Rolf, no please, not here. It's almost intermission. Please..."
"I suggest you hurry up and do what I say then if you want to avoid the rush."
Matthew reluctantly did as he was told. Rolf reached around and unbuttoned Matthew's jeans and slid them down to his ankles, then he slid his black boxers down to just below the ass. Rolf undid his belt and pulled it through the loops. He doubled it over. CRACK. Matthew lunged forward as the belt bit into his bare flesh. He yelped. Rolf lay on another lash, right above that, and Matthew yelled louder. Rolf continued until he striped Matthew's ass 60 times(his age times the amount of beers drunk). It didn't take very long, but it left Matthew sobbing. He was thankful that no one saw.
Rolf told Matthew to pull up his pants, and they proceeded back to their seats.
Matthew sat down, sobbing quietly. Michael put his arm around Matt and gave him a hug. He was sorry for Matthew, but also quite relieved that he got off with a warning. The couple behind the boys exchanged confused looks, but were happy with the results. They had a great view the rest of the game.
The team ended up winning 5-0. The clients didn't have a clue about what had transpired during the game, off the ice. They had enjoyed themselves immensely, and Rolf as well had a great day, he had landed them as permanent clients.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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