Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nick and Damien

Nick is having a tough morning.  
Damien looks to good to be gardening. 
The holidays have come and gone, but everything isn't quite back to normal for Nick and Damien.
Where, exactly, is the proper place for appointment cards?  And who makes decisions in the Mitchell-Hayes household? 
Who Tops a Top when a Top needs Topping?? 
A missed exit, a traffic incident, and... a lot of guilt.  Not for long, though, if Damien has anything to say about it. 

            Nick and Damien, surviving winter  (and Robin...)     
Prepare for Christmas with Nick and Damien.   It COULD have been soooo romantic.  Until Robin showed up...     
A 3,000 word essay by Nicholas Hayes  (with a little narrative from Mr. Mitchell!)
Robin's gotten himself into a bit of a mess.  How does this affect Nick and Damien?
X- Rated.  The guys make good use of their free time. 
Robin has a hard time dealing with Nick's illness. 

"Do you want a corner to look at?" Allen said warningly. 
"Ooh, yes please," Robin said sourly.
Bonfire. And a little hand-holding I think but definitely nothing scandalous like handshaking.

Older Nick & Damien Stories

Nick is off work for the day and an insurance salesman just won't take no for an answer.

What do you do when the phone gets disconnected and your partner has WARNED you about not paying the bill?
Damien is away for the weekend and Nick is left to face a giant spider alone and unprotected.

Nick and Damien have a day's sailing planned, but Damien has a difficult customer who has to be dealt with first.
Nick needs a day at home to finish an overdue project, and tells Damien a few white lies.
When Nick deals with a burglar at home, he doesn't realize the repercussions letting him go will involve.
Things at work are getting too much for Nick, and Damien is determined to put his foot down.
A friend lands Nick in trouble, and Damien is getting suspicious.
Nick asks Damien to help him get to work on time. However, a new arrival in the family complicates matters.
Damien has a few things on his mind, and Nick isn't being too cooperative.
Nick is stranded in Nottingham, without car insurance or medication.
A Christmas story.

Damien is left babysitting two sick brats. Not a good combination.
Nick is destined for an early night.
There is a mysterious burn mark in the kitchen...
Does an apology HAVE to be accepted? Mr Mitchell seems to think so.

"It's eight thirty!" ~ Nick
"Not only am I not joking Nick, my powers of observation 
really aren't bad for my age." ~ Damien

Sunday afternoon and a friendly game of Rugby...     
Damien has an accident.
Nick wants to finish reading his thriller in peace...
A serious asthma attack is causing Nick some problems.
"There's a mouse about the house."
Robin and Damien are moving offices, and Robin's found a candle. The rest is pretty much inevitable. 
Someone broke the table...
It's not easy to go home when you know what's waiting for you...
A family crisis takes Damien away at a bad time. 
Beth has a few ideas to deal with after hour ghost stories.
            Another scary film and Damien is not happy.
It's going to be a long night.
The fire is out

Damien's late home.
Nick has a new project at work, demanding a lot of care and attention.

Nick and Damien also have supporting roles in: 
            Blood on the Mountain Part 6


Rita said...

Just wanted to say that I love these two characters - also, I'm not sure if this the best place for a request, but if it's not too much trouble, I would really like to see Nick telling Damien about his brittle asthma, and Damien's reaction - his acceptance of his partner's illness and it's place in their lives is rather stunningly open-hearted, and I can't help wondering if that's always been the case. Just a request. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Nick and Damien. I would like to see more stories, but the love that they have for each other is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing. I agree with Rita on more stories of Damien and Nick in the early years.

Anonymous said...

Favourite of all your couples; so adorable and so real. I love your writing so much!


Anonymous said...

Had your page bookmarked on an old computer, which died a miserable death. Just spent half an hour finding you guys again (Do you know how hard it is when you can remember author, but only one of the main characters, and so are reduced to searching for keywords ...) Delighted to see the new and expanded page, thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This was the first discipline series I ever read and I loved it! Nick and Damien will always have a very special place in my heart.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your Nick & Damien stories for years, but have been very delinquent in commenting. I absolutely enjoy your stories, you write so well that I easily follow along with Nick's ideas thinking that's logical, then realizing no that really wasn't the best thing to do. You build the characters so well and make them live. One of the things that spurred me to write now is that I was just diagnosed with eosinophilic bronchitis asthma after a couple of difficult years of breathing difficulties. The bronchitis type can't be diagnosed with a normal asthma test. Right now I really identify with Nick (though I hope I'm not a brat!!) I'm sorry it's taken so long to tell you that I just love these characters and I do enjoy your other stories also. Thanks for writing such lovely characters. Cheryl

Mell8 said...

Would it be possible to post these stories in chronological order? I want to know which one to read first and I can't tell from this list. Thanks!

Ranger said...

Hi Mell

Start at The Salesman and go down the list to Mermaids, then go to the top and work down that list. They are in chron order, just in two sections as people wanted to find the newer stories easily.

Ranger said...

Actually no, Start at Salesman and go down to Mermaids, then start at the BOTTOM of the top list, at Coach and Horses, and work UP the list in sequence to Shh! which is newest.

Sorry, too many stories......

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love and adore your Nick and Damien stories, and have been reading and re-reading them for years! It was the first slash discipline series I have read and let me tell you they are still by far the best! Please, please, please do write more stories about these absolutely wonderful and ever so funny characters. Thanks so much for sharing them! Marianna

Ranger said...

Thank you Marianna!

Mell8 said...

Thank you so much for writing these! Aside from Falls Chance Ranch, I have to say this series is my absolute favorite of yours. You really make the characters come alive. Like everyone else who has commented before me, I really hope you add more stories soon!

Also, thanks for giving me the reading order. That helped so much.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this couple. At the risk of drawing your ire, I feel compelled to express my earnest wish that you'll give the ranch a rest and return to Nick and Damien one more time. Sorry, don't hate me!

Thanks for sharing your imagination over the years.

Slegend4 said...

Just found your stories, and have been making my way through. I have especially enjoyed the Nick and Damien series. You are one talented writer Ranger!

There is just something about these two I find endearing. You have made them SOOO real, which I feel says a lot about a writer's ability. I love Nick's antics, and Damien's sometimes sarcastic, but always firm way of working with Nick.

Is a curiosity of mine to read more about how they got to where they are in their discipline relationship. There have been little clues throughout, I know, but would be neat to see a story in the earlier years.

Anyways am rambling now, but I really want you to know how much I appreciate your stories!

Anonymous said...

...this couple distracts me during math class :)

Anonymous said...

@Ranger, in response to one of the comments your published on March 29, 2011, there really can never be /too/ many stories *hint hint*

Anonymous said...

I adore Nick and Damien stories, I can just sit and read them endlessly! :)

Anonymous said...

I love these stories . I really enjoyed reading them and re-reading them . They put a big smile on my face .
Thank you so much for writing and sharing this amazing writing .
I hope you write more.
Take care

Valerie said...

How can you abandon these wonderful characters?

Anonymous said...

I love these stories but is there a story about what happens after strike three

Anonymous said...

I love the Nick and Damien stories too. I've read them many times. Any chance you might write more in this series?

Anonymous said...

Love these stories! I have them bookmarked to come back to again and again. After I though I read them all, I found story that I missed and it was like Christmas for me! Hope you will continue writing about these two.

Anonymous said...

I love these stories but what story comes after strike 3 we never finds out if Nick forgives Robin.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to find these stories again, and easily accessible.
For newcomers curious about Damien's first meeting with Nick, it is included in flashbacks in "Counterweight", where Damien is the narrator.

Luisa Fernanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Reread this series recently and fell in love with all of it all over again. Can't believe this all started almost a decade ago. I hope you know these stories, these two characters, and your writing is well-loved by many! I've never commented before so let me say thanks for this and all your other amazing works.

Nikki said...

This series is the best I have read in this genre and I absolutely fell im love with the characters.
I hope you continue and write more stories about them.
The writing is so beautiful that I think I can actually see the scene playing out, hear his thoughts as my own and just feel everything they feel.
The humour also adds so much to the story and character development.
Thank-you so much for writing these gems! And also bringing Damien into my life :-P

Anonymous said...

Ranger I love these stories so much. Although I was thinking - if dust is bad for Nick's asthma then surely shoes ought to be downstairs instead of upstairs in their bedroom where he's sleeping and breathing in dust from outdoor shoes? :p
All I can say is I'm with Nick on this one (and his hatred of Robin ) No one have outdoor shoes in bedroom cupboards these days Mitchell!��
Thank you for all these gorgeous stories I discovered them over ten years ago at university and have thouroughly enjoyed rereading them.

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