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Matthew Gets His First Taste of Discipline

Title: Matthew Gets His First Taste of Discipline

Author: Rolf

The guys getting off of the boat were quiet. Rolf put it down to the fact that they had all seen Chris get paddled. Anyone that had been spanked before usually becomes that way when they see it happening to someone else. The guys weren't about to confess their sins to Rolf. "Hey guys, I think it's time to pack up and hit the road. I think a few of us have had too much excitement this weekend, and it can only go downhill from there. I've got to get Matt home and packed up to move into my place and I have a few other things to do. Come on, Matt, let's do it," Rolf said.
No one complained and they hit the road about 30 minutes later. Rolf dropped off Stephen and Todd, then took Matt to his apartment. "Go ahead and get some of your stuff together, at least to last a week. I've got to pick up a file at the office, and will swing by to help you load up your car and mine." With that, Rolf took off. Matt's feet hardly touched the ground, he was so excited. He got to leave the dingy apartment, for what he didn't know, but it had to be better than this. He worked quickly, throwing what he thought he needed into a pile. Rolf came back about 40 minutes later, and they loaded up the two vehicles. "Follow me. If we get separated by a light or something, I'll pull over." Matt went to start his old VW bug, and had the usual trouble. By the time it started, there was a huge cloud of smoke. Rolf silently decided that a new car was in order for Matthew.
When they pulled up into Rolf's driveway, Matt was stunned. The house was huge, and had a big, big, yard. He parked the car and stepped out. "This is your house?" asked Matt. "No, it's our house," said Rolf. "Grab some of your stuff and let's go in." Matt ran back to his car and took out a handful of his belongings and followed Rolf into the front door. The house was absolutely beautiful. A two-story living room with high windows, and a fireplace with a sunken area with an overstuffed couch surrounding the whole thing. Matt's bottom lip was dragging on the floor. He then stepped into the kitchen and looked out back. A pool! He had a pool! "Hey, Rolf, can we go swimming?"
"We need to get you settled into your room first. Wasn't this morning enough for you?"
"No, I'd never tire of swimming. Where is my room?"
"Come on, I'll show you." Rolf led the way down a hall into a nice-sized bedroom. Matt wanted to check out the rest of the house, but Rolf wanted to unload the cars first, since it looked like it might rain. So they unloaded. "Go ahead and get your room tidied up and I'll start dinner. We can tour the house after we eat." Matt set to work and soon had his room to his satisfaction. They sat down and ate dinner, and the rain began to fall. "Matt, I've got to do a little work in my office. Why don't you clean up the kitchen, then come find me. I'll show you the rest of the house."
Matt cleaned up the dishes, something he didn't really enjoy, but he was excited about seeing the rest of the house. As soon as he finished he went to find Rolf in the office. Rolf showed him the rest of the incredible house. There was so much room! Four bedrooms, an office, and downstairs, several large rooms, one with a pool table, another with a large screen TV. Matt thought he had died and gone to heaven. This was "his" house now. He felt like a millionaire. "Hey Rolf, how much money do you make? I mean, this place is huge."
"That, my boy, is absolutely none of your business. That is a question that a well-bred young man never asks, and I don't want to hear it again. Understood?"
"Sorry, it's just that I'm so excited, getting to live here and all. You've got so much neat stuff. Can we play a round of pool?"
Rolf laughed and said yes. He was enjoying Matthew's excitement at everything. There would be time later to lay down the rules of the house. By the time they had finished the third game, with Rolf winning, it was a little after 10:00 . "Matt, do you work tomorrow?"
"No, I don't work until Wednesday this week."
"Well, I've got an early meeting tomorrow, so I think it's time to call it a night. Why don't you get yourself ready for bed."
They were both bushed from the weekend, and both fell asleep quickly. Rolf got up the next morning and fixed breakfast. He went to wake up his sleeping beauty. "Get up, sleepyhead.  Breakfast is waiting." Matt struggled to wake up and was soon in the kitchen. He found bacon and eggs, and a side of oatmeal waiting for him. He wolfed down the bacon and eggs and started to get up. "Matt, didn't you forget something?"
"No, I don't think so. Oh, you mean the oatmeal. I don't like it; sorry you didn't know before it was fixed. Do you want it?"
"No, Matt. That is one of my pet peeves. Everyone needs to take care of their bodies, and oatmeal is a good way to start. Please sit down and eat it. I didn't fix very much."
Matt decided to humor Rolf, and took a bite. Yuck! It was as disgusting as he remembered. He wanted to spit it out, but managed to swallow. "Ugh, that is as bad as I remembered. I really don't want anymore."
Rolf laughed to himself. Matt's facial expressions were priceless. But, he wasn't about to let Matt off the hook. Eating well was one thing that Rolf wouldn't back down on, since it affected so many things. "Matt, I expect you to finish the bowl before you leave the table. I'm sorry that you don't like it, but it is very good for you."
Matt could tell that Rolf was serious, and he didn't want him mad at him. So, with exaggerated facial movements, he choked down the bowl. "Thank you. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Yes, it was. I hope we don't have it everyday."
"You're safe there. Now, I need to go get ready to work. There are a few rules that I need to go over with you, but I don't have enough time this morning. We will go over the bulk of it tonight. But for today, there is absolutely NO SWIMMING while I'm not here. That means you, and anyone else that comes over. Non-negotiable. That is for your safety. Please do not enter my office. If you go out, leave a message by the phone, where you're at and when you will return. Please be home by four, so we can get dinner ready. We can talk after dinner about everything else. Any questions?"
"No. I think I'll just watch TV or something."
Rolf went to get ready, leaving Matt with the dishes again. Matt threw them in the sink and decided he would do them later. He settled in front of the television in the family room. Rolf had a satellite hookup, and there were many, many channels to choose from. Rolf came out to say goodbye, and saw the kitchen hadn't been cleaned up yet. "Matt, come here please."
"WHAT?" Matt yelled from the family room. He thought that maybe Rolf couldn't find him.
Rolf did not appreciate that Matt had not come when called. There was a lot that he needed to learn, starting right now. Rolf walked into the family room and shut the television off. "Hey, what did you do that for? I was watching the game."
"Into the kitchen, now." Matt looked at Rolf, and noticed that the usually bubbling eyes were not bubbling now. Rolf had a very stern expression on his face. Matt didn't know what else to do, so he walked into the kitchen.
"Young man, when I ask you to come here, I expect a quick ‘Yes, Sir’, and for you to get your tail in here immediately. 'What' is not an appropriate response, nor is ignoring my request for your presence. Is that clear?"
Matt was shocked to get such a lecture. But it was Rolf's house, and he deserved the respect.

"Yes, ------ what?"
"Yes, Sir," Matt hadn't spoken to anyone like that for years. It was strange, addressing Rolf as Sir.
"Now, about this kitchen. I asked you to clean up after breakfast. That does not mean that you can do whatever you want, and clean up later. Your chores are done first, before you do anything else. Get to work, and so must I. Remember what I told you this morning. I'll be home around 4:00." Rolf left and Matthew cleaned up the kitchen.
Matthew went back to the television. He thought about the morning, how Rolf's demeanor had changed dramatically, from the fun-loving young man to the very stern, tough "father" figure. He knew that Rolf was capable of handing out a very severe spanking. He had seen both Todd and Chris get one on the dock. He was also shocked at his own demeanor, changing from a confident young man, to that of a small child, knowing that he had done wrong, and was afraid of the consequences. He didn't want to be in that situation again, and he would absolutely die of embarrassment if he were spoken to like that in front of anyone else. He was going to tell Rolf that that was unacceptable. Rolf had taken him in, but he was not going to be treated like that. Matt got tired of watching TV and decided to explore the yard, and the garage. He toured the yard, and was amazed at the size. There was a house off to one side, but that was the only one that he could see. There was an old lady sitting on the porch. Matt finished with the yard, then went to the garage. Inside, he found the most beautiful convertible Mustang. He hopped in and imagined himself driving around town. He was sure Rolf would let him borrow it. He left the garage and went back to the house. He was hungry, so he went to the kitchen to raid the cabinets. There wasn't a single snack cake, or junk food anywhere. That would have to change. He made himself a sandwich and made sure to clean up his plate as soon as he was done.
It was only 2:00 and he was really bored. He kept walking past the office, wondering what was behind those doors that Rolf didn't want him to mess with. Finally, he went in. It was very clean, so that intrigued Matt even more. What's the big deal about coming in here? There was nothing to mess up, no forms to get out of order, no drawings to get food on, nothing. He thought about going through some of the file cabinets, but thought better of it. But, the computer that was there was calling his name. He finally decided to turn it on and surf the net. There was no chance of damage there. He managed to log on and started looking around. He found some games on the machine, and played those, then he logged into the internet and began surfing. He completely lost tract of time, and didn't think about Rolf until he nearly jumped out of skin when he heard "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, MISTER?"
Uh oh. That tone of voice, the look on Rolf's face, and those seven words completely wiped away the confident young man sitting in the chair. The only thing left was the little boy, caught red-handed, doing something that he was told only that morning that he was not to do. His stomach started to quiver. He was unsure of what was coming next.
"Matthew, I'm waiting for an answer!"
"I, uh, I didn't bother anything, I just wanted to get on the computer. See, no harm done, really."

Matt couldn't believe he sounded so dumb, so young. It seemed almost to come naturally. "Young man, it DOES NOT matter whether you messed up anything or not. I told you specifically NOT to come into this room. You do remember that conversation from this morning, don't you?" Matt wanted to hide. He was learning really quickly that Rolf had quite a way with making someone feel like a five-year-old. "Yes, Sir."
"Then I suppose that you just chose to ignore me. Is that it?"
Matt didn't quite know how to answer that question. "No, I didn't ignore you, I just, just. . . . . ."

He just sat there, hanging his head, shrugging his shoulders.
"That's what I thought. Come with me." Rolf walked quickly into the kitchen. He decided to make this quick. He pulled out a kitchen chair and placed it in the middle of the room. "Matthew, you disappointed me today. I gave you some simple rules to follow, rules that a child could understand. Rules that I expect you to obey. What I didn't expect was for you to break them. You leave me no choice but to punish you. I think you've spent enough time with me to know what I mean. Come here."
Matthew's legs turned to jelly. Yes, he now knew exactly what Rolf meant, a spanking. "Rolf, please, I know I screwed up, that I shouldn't have been in the office, but, I didn't do anything to mess it up. I just wanted to get on the computer, there's not another one here, that's all. I've learned my lesson, really. I won't do it again, I promise."
Rolf's blood pressure rose as he realized that Matthew wasn’t going to cooperate. He also realized that it was the first time that Matt had been faced with a known spanking. Rolf got up and took three quick steps to face Matthew. Rolf saw Matt's eyes widen in fear. He grabbed Matt's chin and forced their eyes to meet. Matt was shocked by the icy, stormy eyes looking into his. "Young man, I realize that this is the first time you have been faced with a spanking that you know about. I am going to take the time to explain what I expect of you this one time, so listen very, very carefully."
Matt realized that Rolf meant business, and cold chills ran up and down his spine. Rolf continued his lecture, "At this point in time, I have made my decision that you deserve, and will receive a spanking. It is now too late for you to even try to change my mind. It will not happen, ever. So, arguing with me will only make me more angry, and your punishment worse. It is in your best interest to cooperate fully and quickly with any instructions you are given. I realize that it is hard for someone to voluntarily get ready to get their butt beat, so remember this. I don't spank without a reason, and the rules are known by you. If you do not want a spanking, then you need just to behave. If you misbehave, then I expect that you know the consequences of your actions, and are willing to accept your punishment. Am I making myself crystal clear?"
Matthew realized that he must answer, but that an answer was most certainly going to end the lecture, and the spanking would soon begin, something he decidedly did not want. Rolf was looking him straight in the eye, and Matt saw the gaze growing colder by the second. "Yes, it's clear, but....."
Rolf let go of Matthew's jaw and sat back down in his chair. "Come here."
There were those dreaded words again, the ones that made his stomach churn. He was back at the point of no return, no hope of a reprieve, only those three long steps towards his 'prosecutor'.

"Matt, right now!"
Rolf's voice had risen, and Matt could almost visibly see the lightning in his eyes. He was jolted forward by the tone of voice. He made it to the chair.
"Get your pants down, now."
Matt lost his voice for a second. "But, Rolf, really, please, I haven't been spanked before, please, can't I leave my pants on, please?" Matt couldn't believe how young he sounded. He was 19 for crying out loud. He wasn't going to take this!
"I guess my lecture of a minute ago went in one ear and out the other. You are getting spanked, on your bare backside, now. If you do not get your pants off, RIGHT NOW, I will drag you, kicking and screaming, into the bedroom for a good, long taste of the belt. Believe me, you will seriously regret making the wrong decision."
Matthew knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was going to get it, whether he cooperated or not. The belt scared him, so he swallowed his pride, and began to drop his pants. "The underwear also," Rolf said. Matt pulled them down, feeling so embarrassed. Rolf pulled Matt down across his knees. Matt swore to himself that he was going to be stoic, show this man that he could take a spanking without making a sound. That would show him. Rolf raised his hand and brought it down quickly, connecting with a satisfying loud smack on Matt's white bottom. The handprint quickly turned pink, and Rolf went to work doubletime. Matthew was shocked at how hard Rolf was spanking him. By the fifth spank, Matt was ready to leave. Tears formed in his eyes, and he was still vowing to keep quiet. But, that didn't last long. Matt soon began saying ow, and moaning with each spank. By the fifteenth spank, Matt had had enough. "Ooowww, man that hurts. I think I've Ooooowwww learned my lesson. Aaaahhh, come on. I get it, I Aaaaahhhhhh stop, please. I .. dammit.... it hurts!" Matt had a moment to take a quick breath as Rolf stopped. "Ok, ok, I will be good. I've learned my lesson. There, are you happy?" Matt was mad, his butt hurt. He wasn't thinking clearly now and didn't realize that his smartass comments had come at a very bad time.
Matthew's heart dropped into his toes as Rolf's next words registered. "I am nowhere near finished with you, young man. Your spanking doesn't stop when you think it should. It stops only when I think it should. And if I were even near finished, you just lengthened it considerably with your smartalec comments and that disgusting language. That wasn't a very smart move. I won't warn you again.” With that, Rolf started spanking him again, and if possible, with even more vigor than before.
Matthew bucked and kicked, to no avail. Rolf was too large, and had too good a hold on him. Matt finally managed to get his arm back to try to block the blows, but all that earned him was a wrenched arm, and an even more perilous position. He started sobbing, both from the humiliation and the pain. The pain was becoming intense, and Matt was still trying to fight crying. It didn't last long, and he was soon broken. Matt was crying with all his might. He didn't care what Rolf thought of him, he just wanted, with all his heart, for this spanking to end. Rolf kept it up for what seemed like hours to Matt, and he couldn't even tell when Rolf stopped. He continued kicking his legs for a minute or two after Rolf stopped. His face was a red mess of tears and snot. Rolf left him over his knees for several minutes, letting Matt calm down somewhat. When Rolf thought he could stand, he set Matt on his feet. "We are going to go over the house rules before you go to bed tonight. Right now, I want you to go stand in the corner, and think about your behavior today."
So, Matt thought, my humiliation isn't over yet. He desperately wanted to run and hide in his bedroom, nurse his injured pride, but no, he had to put his butt on display to the world, while his world was shrunk to miniscule size. He had learned, though, that it wasn't a good idea to cross Rolf at this point in time, so he did as he was told. It took Matt a good fifteen minutes to quit crying, and another twenty to quit the sobbing and hiccupping that comes after a spanking. He wondered how long Rolf was going to leave him like this.
About fifteen minutes later he heard "Matt, come here." Those were stern words, again, and Matt's stomach jumped. He didn't know what to expect, but he did turn and walk towards Rolf. Rolf took Matt into the sunken living room and they sat down, Matt very, very gently. Rolf proceeded to cover the house rules that Matt was expected to follow. There weren't all that many, nor were they hard, but it reinforced to Matt who was in charge. With his bottom as sore as it was, Matt wasn't about to argue at this point in time. When Rolf finished, he sent Matt to his room. It was only 8:00, but Matt didn't care. He was finally alone with his injured pride. He jumped into bed and quickly fell asleep. He didn't even miss dinner that night.
~The End~

Copyright Rolf 2010

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