Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas Cheer

I'll post this for Mary Ann (who's probably already better, but I hope this helps anyway!)

Title: Christmas Cheer
Author: Rolf

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and quieter than a mouse,

Matthew was wandering all over the house.

In closets and cupboards and even under the beds,

Matthew searched but got nothing but a bump on the head.

"Ow" he said, rubbing the bruise,

"I want those damn tickets to a play or a cruise."

Matthew searched upstairs without any luck,

Finding nothing of interest except an old puck.

"I know those tickets are somewhere, I have not a doubt,

Rolf wouldn't forget, and leave me to pout."

Matthew headed downstairs, mindful of the creak,

Of the third stair from the bottom, beneath his bare feet.

Once past the danger, he turned the corner with ease,

"They've got to be here somewhere, just make it easy, puh-lease?"

He walked rather slowly, because it was dark,

Knowing this wasn't a walk in the park.

He found the wall and turned on the light,

"Damn I didn't realize exactly how bright!"

He turned the light off, cursing his blindness

Moaning, "how am I ever going to find this?"

Walking across the room with great care,

He stepped on a cat, giving himself a mild scare.

"On Marty, on Misty, on Mischa and Tiffany,"

he growled before having a major epiphany.

"The lights on the tree, they can help me to see!"

Matthew shouted out quietly, with no absence of glee.

Once the lights were turned on, how they sparkled so brightly,

"That makes things easier, the dark can just bite me."

Matthew picked through the presents, shaking each package,

"Candy and goodies, that is some major snackage."

"This is a puzzle, the picture I can't see,

oh thrill, some socks, thanks, golly gee."

Matthew looked at the presents, a lot from the Claus,

Then looked at the cats, "man I need all your paws."

"Shred this package, and this one, help me see what is there,

before I hear the large footsteps coming down that back stair."

And what to his wondering eyes would appear,

But eight glowing eyes and eight tiny ears.

Marty saw Mischa, his stress target went,

Clawing and spitting as Marty started to vent.

Matthew looked up in fright, watching in fear,

Afraid of the sounds, of what he might hear.

And sure enough, there arose such a clatter,

soon Rolf woke up saying, "NOW what's the matter?"

He reached over for his love, his favorite brat,

Found a cold bed and said, "Now where is that rat?"

One look around confirmed no Matt,

So out of the bed Rolf fell with a splat.

Matthew was still trying to chase kitty,

Cursing and fussing and getting real bitchy.

Rolf walked into the room all aglow,

Seeing the torn paper, the ribbons and bows.

"Matthew!" he thundered, scattering the cats,

"What's the meaning of this?" he asked, rather flat.

Matthew looked up, his eyes opened wide,

"Looking for Santa?" he quickly replied.

"I think not, you naughty boy,

I rather think you were looking for toys."

"The gifts are all scattered, some opened, some torn,

You expect me to believe that?" Rolf asked with some scorn.

"Get back to bed," Rolf said in a hurry,

swatting the backside as he started to scurry.

Up the stairs Matthew flew like the wind,

Anxious for that not to happen again.

Under the covers Matthew curled up real tight,

Not wanting at this point to start a big fight.

A few minutes later, Rolf reappeared,

Climbed into bed, and whispered into Matt's ear,

"You needn't have left the bedroom you know,

you needn't have searched so high and so low."

Matthew rolled over, a quizzical look,

"How can you read me, so much like a book?"

"I love you silly, that's all that's needed,

now slide your hand under your pillow," he pleaded.

Matthew did as asked and grinned like a fool,

Pulled out some tickets and started to drool.

He looked up at Rolf, his grin looking silly,

Chattered his teeth as he was suddenly chilly.

Rolf pulled him close said "enough of that,"

And they both settled down for a long winter's nap.

Copyright Rolf 2010

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