Monday, February 1, 2010

A Double Drouble

Title: A Double Drouble
Author: Rolf

Matthew ran into the house and grabbed the first kitten. Trying to put her head first into the carrier didn't work. Trying to put her tail first into the carrier earned him a bloody arm. The kitten wasn't saying anything, but neither was she cooperating.

The second kitten went in without too much of a fight, but no less happy. Now it was time to find the old girl, hopefully not in her `safe zone' under the hutch.

Five minutes into the search Rolf showed up.

"I can't find her ANYwhere! Are you sure you didn't lock her into a closet or let her out earlier?"

"She was lying in her chair as I walked out the door, she's here and fine," Rolf said soothingly, brushing Matthew's hair off his hot forehead.

"I'm late, you're later, and I can't find her!" Matthew nearly shouted, running back upstairs for the third time, searching under the bed. When Rolf came up, he headed back down the stairs and outside to call her, just in case.

Coming back in, he yanked the sheets off the couch used to protect it from cat hair. He pushed the couch away from the wall. Next was the chair – he tipped it all the way forward, just in case he couldn't see under it well enough from the ground. As the base of the chair came into view, he grimaced.

There, tucked neatly above the footstool, in a small pocket, was the old girl.

"I found her!" Matthew shouted, pulling her out of her `Almost Good Enough Hiding Place to Avoid the Vets' place.

"Where did you find her?" Rolf asked, coming downstairs. "And why did it involve a tornado to do it?" he added, looking at the wreck made of the living room.

"IN the chair. Not on it, not under it, but IN it," Matthew said, heading out to the truck with his prize.

Rolf took the two kittens and put them into the back seat in their carriers and slid into the driver's seat, taking a moment to pull Matthew over for a kiss on his forehead.

"She's as big a brat as you about going to the doctors," he said, his eyes twinkling.

After the traffic jam on the way home, the fight with the kittens and the search for their older cat, he was finally able to smile. "I couldn't fit there."

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Copyrright Rolf 2010

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