Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Fantasy of Marc’s

Title: A Fantasy of Marc’s
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee

"Hey Matthew, want to rent a movie this weekend?"
"Yeah, that would be great. I hear American Pie is truly funny, why don't we get that one?"
"Okay, I'll rent that one if they've got it. See you tonight!"
With that said, Marc hung up the phone. It was Thursday, both Marc and Matthew had long weekends this week, and Rolf was out of town. But he wasn't sure the store would have that tape in stock this close to the weekend. He had intentions of leaving work early, but he got roped into starting a big project, and before he knew it, was after 8pm. He called Matthew, told him he would be there before 11pm, since he still had so much to do. After another half hour, he was frustrated and called it a night. Marc thought he would try his luck with the video, even though it was probably hopeless. He went to his favorite video store and hoped that his favorite clerk was working that night, as he usually was. The guy's name was Luke and OH he was SUCH a hottie. Looked a little like Carson Daly of MTV. A nice flip to his hair. Handsome face. Yummy, plain and simple.
Marc was surprised that the lot was empty when he pulled in. He went in to find that Luke was indeed working.
"Whoa cutting it a little close tonight aren't you?" Luke said as Marc entered.
Marc looked at his watch, it was a minute to 9pm. He had forgotten that they closed at 9 during the week.
"Oh man so sorry. I am so used to coming in on the weekends, I forgot you closed early during the week."
"It's okay, for you I can wait the extra minute." Luke said as he flashed a wink.
"Well maybe you can help me, Luke. I am looking for American Pie, got any in?"
"Guess what? I do have one copy in. Is this all you wanted tonight?"
"No kidding? Yeah that will be it. Thanks."
"Alright then, that will be $3.88."
"You don't need my card?"
"Nah Marc, I have you down pat, you're in here enough. WHOA!" Luke noticed something else on the computer screen. "Marc you have about $30 dollars in late fees. You just paid $20 last month."
"I know, I just can't seem to get those here on time. You would think with five days I would have time. But I don't, it takes me about a week to watch some of these."
"The money you spend on late fees is just ridiculous. Maybe someone should teach you how to return things on time. I think that is a lesson you need to learn." Luke spoke very sternly, in a manner that Marc had only heard Rolf speak to Matthew. He didn't know what Luke was thinking, but based on the raging hard on in his pants, he wanted to find out. He wasn't sure exactly how to respond, whether to be penitent or take a chance on saucy. He chose the latter option. "And you think you know someone who could teach me that lesson?" Marc asked, with just enough inflection in his voice to make sure Luke knew he was being a smart ass.
Luke about passed out from the adrenaline rush his body responded with to Marc's comment. HE now had a raging hard on as well. He had been completely unsure of what Marc's reaction to his comment was going to be. He had had his eyes on Marc for the longest time, but he was always too shy to say much more than hi whenever Marc came in. He finally decided it wouldn't hurt to make one comment, see what would happen. And Marc's answer.....WOW, it was JUST what he wanted to hear. Now, how to proceed.......
"A smart ass huh? We will see how long those wisecracks keep coming." Luke said as he looked at his watch. Luke left the counter and locked the door, locking Marc in with him.
Marc watched in disbelief as Luke locked the door. The blood was pumping furiously through his veins, causing a nice blush to rise to his cheeks. He felt the heat rising in his face and took a few deep breaths, willing his body to calm down. He watched as Luke triggered the main alarm system for the front door, and turned down the lights.
Luke was moving slowly, trying to calm himself down. He wanted this to be just right. He was still unsure as to whether or not Marc really understood his intentions. He stole a glance at Marc, and noticed the flush on that lovely face. He still had a few things to wrap up, no sense leaving Marc standing, wondering. He walked back over to Marc. "I think you need a few minutes to ponder your sins. I want you to plant your nose on that wall and DON'T move." Luke said, pointing to one of the few bare spaces along the walls filled with videos.
Marc looked at him with mild surprise, but walked over to the wall and faced it without a word.
Meanwhile, Luke went into the office to cash down, and collect himself. He was so incredibly nervous. He could barely think, more less count. He hurried through with his paperwork, and looked at his watch. Luke realized he only had about 90 minutes before the alarm would automatically arm itself. He tied up his loose ends in the office and went back out to find Marc exactly as he left him. Luke was just awestruck. Here was this man he was lusting after for so long, and now he was in total control, and loving every minute of it. He went over to Marc and turned him around, facing him.
"Follow me!"
Luke turned on his heel, heading for the back office.
Marc walked behind him, his emotions in complete turmoil. Fear was fighting with excitement and it was all making his head spin.
Luke stopped and indicated that Marc was to precede him into the office. Marc stepped past Luke and stopped in front of the desk. He heard Luke close the door behind them. He turned to face him.
Luke pointed to a chair and said in a stern voice "Sit!"
Marc decided to test the waters a little. "I'd rather stand, thank you."
It was like a bolt of electricity was sent from the top of the head to the tips of his toes. It took Luke a second to recover. He decided that as good as these feelings were, if he let Marc know that, he would lose total control of the situation. He clamped down, settling a very stern expression across his face.
"I said to sit down young man, and I won't repeat myself again."
Marc sat down in the chair, very casually slouching a bit, still holding on to his wiseass demeanor. Luke sat on the desk directly in front of him, and began his lecture.
"Marc the money you spend on late fees is astronomical. It is simply ridiculous. Maybe money isn't an issue for you, but it is for a lot of people. And I won't stand to see it blown on something as asinine as this."
"Why don't you get your manager to wave the fees then, if this is such a problem for you." Marc interrupted.
Luke couldn't believe how well Marc 'played' along with this, he was rock hard, and only getting harder. He wanted to just dive into some raw _s_e_x_, but perhaps that would come later. He decided this would be more fun, for now.
"DO NOT interrupt me, when I am speaking! You are a smart ass, aren't you. I think we will make that ass really smart. The company's stance on the late fees is not the issue. The issue is you. You apparently are too irresponsible to rent a video and return it on time. You have *5* full days, and yet you return them two sometimes three days late. I am gonna teach you a lesson in responsibility. And you ARE going to learn it. Now stand up!"
Marc barely made it out of the chair. His knees were weak from the adrenaline rush. His heart was beating overtime. And he was so aroused. Marc wanted nothing more than to rip Luke's clothes off and ravish him. But instead, he went along. He let Luke remain in control.
Luke sat down where Marc was seated. He kicked back a bit, and just looked Marc up and down. "Strip." He said flatly.
Marc's knees wobbled a bit from the adrenaline. He started to reach for the buttons on his shirt. As he unbuttoned the first one, he realized exactly what he was asked to do. There was Luke, sitting fully clothed in the chair, an impassive look on his face. When he realized it was only going to be him undressing, he slowed down a bit. He was going to be the vulnerable one. He was the one not in control. Maybe this wasn't exactly what he wanted. "Hey, Lu-"
"I said undress, and I mean undress, NOW! It is too late for second thoughts. You should have known when you made your last payment on your account how ridiculous it was, yet you didn't. You returned a few more tapes later still. Since you cannot seem to get it through your brain that that is unacceptable, *I* will try."
"Luke, I'll gla-" Marc began, getting slightly nervous from the stern lecture.
Luke jumped up off the chair.
Luke grabbed Marc by the arm, spun him around, pinned his right arm behind his back. "I...said...strip!" Each word spoken was punctuated by a hard smack to Marc's ass.
Luke let go. And Marc moved faster this time. He quickly removed his shirt, shoes, and pants. He was left standing in his socks and black briefs. He stood so his raging hard on was hidden.
Luke realized why he had stopped there, and decided that would be fine, for now. Luke slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Marc's eyes widened as his dream hunk slowly exposed his well defined hairy chest. Luke removed his shirt and sat back down. He motioned for Marc to come to him. Marc could barely stand, much less walk. But he managed, somehow. Once in front of Luke, Marc's briefs were yanked down to his knees, and he was hauled over Luke's lap.
"Uuuhhh" Marc said in a surprised burst of air as he landed face down over Luke's knees. He twisted around, trying to see Luke's face, trying to move off of the lap. Luke had surprised him with the quick move, and now he felt totally vulnerable.
But Luke was ready for Marc's resistance. He locked his arm around Marc's waist and held on tight for a minute or two as Marc tried everything he could to move. Finally, the movement stopped as Marc realized he wasn't going anywhere.
Marc thought it was time to start talking. "Luke, rea.. OW!" Marc said as Luke swatted his ass hard, causing Marc to wince in pain.
"The time for excuses is over, young man. It's time to listen, and listen good. ..return..tapes..on..time." Luke said firmly, taking a good hard swat at the white bottom displayed before him with each word, quickly bringing a pink color to the skin. Now that Luke had gotten Marc's attention, it was time to be more sensual. He slowly caressed Marc's warm, pink bottom.
Luke's gentle touch turned Marc on so much. He never really lost his hard on, but it was definitely harder with Luke's gentle touch. Marc slid his hand around Luke's ankle. He lifted up his pant leg, and wrapped his hand around the hairy leg. Then Luke laid in again with a barrage of hard smacks. Marc's grip on Luke's ankle tightened.
Marc shut his eyes and winced at the sting that was slowly growing across his ass.
Luke stopped after making another round across Marc's backside. He drew lazy circles with his finger on Marc's back and across the handprints that were left on the previously white mounds of flesh.
Marc's face turned from one of pain to one of pleasure. The warm and mostly tingly sensation on his backside crept around to the front. His breathing was quickly becoming ragged.
Luke's fingers ran across Marc's hot, red cheeks. They ran slowly up his bare back. Across his shoulder blades. Back down to his cheeks. Luke even became daring and let a finger slide between Marc's cheeks, just pressing on his tight asshole.
Marc tensed up a bit, not from lack of desire, but by surprise. Marc also caressed Luke as best he could. He let his hand slide up and down Luke's hairy calf. Marc could tell Luke was just as aroused as he was.
Luke removed his finger from between Marc's cheeks. He let loose with another set of ten fast, hard smacks. Marc squirmed, caught off guard.
"Yeah, you are learning your lesson now aren't you? You are gonna think twice about returning those tapes late aren't you? I want to be really sure you have learned your lesson."
Luke looked over at the desk. He grabbed his boss' wooden hairbrush.
"I am gonna give you one whack for each dollar you owe in late fees. That is 30 whacks, so 15 to each cheek. Are you ready?"
Marc's quick intake of breath was audible. As the cool wood of the brush touched Marc's ass for the first time and he realized exactly what was in store his mind went into turmoil. His hand tightened considerably on Luke's leg. He tried to turn around and see Luke, but there was no room for movement. "Luk-"
"A simple yes will suffice." Luke said sternly.
Marc just gave in, knowing it would hurt, but knowing also that Luke wouldn't harm him. "Yes." He felt emptiness where the brush had been, and a second later heard the brush connect with his bottom, followed almost instantaneously by an incredible stinging sensation that sent shockwaves through his veins.
"Yeow!" Marc yelled as he wriggled across Luke's lap. "Not so har-"
Another smack fell onto the same cheek. Marc's voice was drowned out by the loud clap of the brush. Luke smacked the other cheek two times in rapid succession, just to let Marc realize he was in charge and negotiations weren't happening.
Marc swallowed hard, that brush had really hurt. "Four down, uhhhhh, 26?!? to go?" Marc thought.
The brush fell six more times in rapid succession, some hitting new skin, some punishing the already tender reddened flesh. Marc choked back the yells he wanted to release, instead moaning under his breath. He kept tensing and releasing his cheeks, trying anything to lesson the intense stinging sensation that was quickly spreading an undeniable heat all through his body.
"Will I ever see another late fee on your account?" Luke asked.
Marc took a deep breath and managed to say "No, sir" without squeaking. He hoped that Luke was going to stop after those first 10 swats, he had definitely already learned his lesson.
Luke brought the brush down again, hard. Marc jerked forward, a soft "aaahhhh" coming from his lips. Luke swatted Marc another nine times before stopping again.
Marc was breathing hard, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. His ass was on fire!
"Ten more to go young man. Is this lesson sinking in?" Luke asked, the brush resting against Marc's bottom.
Marc was having trouble breathing in a regular rhythm. He gripped tightly around Luke's ankle. "Yes, ple-"
"Am I going to see any more late fees on your account?"
"Because I can assure you, I won't hesitate to turn you over my knees again if you need to be reminded of that."
"NO! No reminders will be necessary. Really, I'v- Aaaaahhhh!" Marc's pleas were interrupted by a solid smack of the brush against his flaming backside. He moaned with each of the last nine swats of the brush, tears falling unbidden down his face by the time it was over.
Luke placed the brush back on the desk. He carefully and gently grazed his hand over Marc's beaten bottom. He could hear Marc sniffle. He rubbed his hand across Marc's back.
"All over. I think you have learned your lesson. I don't think those late fees will accumulate again." Luke said softly.
Marc was speechless. Between the tears and the shock of the entire episode, he didn't know what to say. He slithered off of Luke's lap onto his knees. Luke was beginning to wonder if he had gone too far. Marc looked up at Luke, a few tears still streaming down his cheek. Luke gently wiped them away. Marc leaned upward toward Luke, as Luke leaned down. Their lips met for a long, passionate kiss. Marc kissed Luke's hand that was still on his cheek. He kissed over to his chest, and down his stomach.
"I would like to thank you." Marc said.
"Well you are..."
"No I mean *really* thank you. Thank you properly."
Luke was unsure of what Marc meant. He didn't want to be naive or over presumptuous. Marc just slid his hand slowly up Luke's leg. He moved slow and sensuous. He unbuttoned Luke's pants.
"Stand up for me." Marc asked.
Luke complied. Marc then slid his pants down to his ankles. He kissed Luke's groin through the thin fabric of his briefs. He slipped a finger into them, and guided them down to his ankles. Marc kissed Luke's pubic area while manhandling Luke's firm ass. Then he licked up and down Luke's long thick shaft. Marc watched as Luke became more and more aroused. He teased the head with his tongue, flicking his tongue back and forth like a snake. Marc's mouth slowly engulfed Luke's dick. Luke just ran his fingers through Marc's hair and moaned with ecstasy. Marc took a steady rhythm sliding his mouth up and down Luke's hard shaft.
"Aaahhccchoooo!" Marc shook his head after he sneezed. He looked at the clock in the car. 9:05pm. He was too late. The video store had already closed. Marc never quite made it out of the car. But it was worth it. That was one fantasy that would not soon be forgotten.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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