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The Ticket

Title: The Ticket
Author: Rolf
."Hey Matt, is that Rolf? He sure looks pissed. Man what did you do?"
Matthew looked over to the entrance of the pool, and sure enough, there was a thoroughly pissed off Rolf headed straight for them. Matthew was enjoying the game of water basketball, but he knew better than to keep Rolf waiting. He headed for the side of the pool to get out. Rolf walked right up to Matthew and in a menacing voice said "You have exactly two seconds to get your stuff together. We're going home."
Matthew could tell from the look on Rolf's face, and the tone of voice, that he had better just do as he asked, and ask questions later. Rolf turned around and headed out of the pool with Matthew trailing behind. The boys in the pool decided they were very glad not to be in Matthew's shoes. It looked like he was in store for a long, sore night.
"Get your tail in the car, and don't get the seat wet."
Matthew put his towel down and then jumped into Rolf's bright yellow Mustang. Rolf started the car, put it in gear and roared out of the parking lot. "Hey Rolf, what....?"
"I don't want to hear a word from you, Mister! Not a word!"
Matthew sat back in the seat, the butterflies in his stomach doing loop de loops. He watched Rolf from the corner of his eye.
Rolf's jaw kept clinching and releasing, his hands doing the same on the steering wheel. Several times, Matthew thought that the wheel would break into a million pieces.
He kept going over and over in his mind what he might have done lately to make Rolf so angry, angry enough to come get him at the pool. For the life of him, he just didn't know. He was worried. He had reason to be. Life with Rolf was usually great. Great that was, as long as Matthew did what Rolf wanted. If not, Matthew could look forward to being punished. As a general rule, Rolf spanked. Matthew had been spanked before, mostly as part of a game, but when Rolf spanked, it was because Matthew had screwed up. Any desire that Matthew had about a spanking vanished quickly when he was getting one from Rolf. That was OK with Matthew. He enjoyed knowing that he had someone who cared about him that much. All he had to do was follow the rules. They had a whole group of friends that enjoyed the same lifestyle, so Matthew always had someone he could talk to about the trouble he was in, or someone to get in trouble with.
The mustang pulled into the driveway of the house. Rolf got out, slammed the door and headed around the car. Matthew of course was in no hurry to get out. He knew what he had to look forward to. Rolf was having none of it though, and pulled him out and marched him into the kitchen and sat him down in a chair. Matthew's butterflies were trying to punch holes in his stomach he was sure. Rolf disappeared for a short time, then returned. He had a letter in his hands. Rolf unfolded the letter, set it on the table, and slid it across to Matthew. As the letter got close, Matthew read the top, and his butterflies headed south. He just about s. h.i. t. his britches right there in the kitchen.
Division of Police
All Matthew had to see was that, and he thought back to that day, about a month ago, when he got a speeding ticket . . . . . . . .
It had started out as a normal day. Rolf heading out the door leaving Matthew with chores to do and the threat of punishment if they were not completed to Rolf's satisfaction.
Rolf was an architect, while Matthew tended bar on an occasional basis. They were throwing the weekly poker party at their house tonight, and Rolf told Matthew to get the place cleaned up, and get the supplies they needed from the store. When Rolf left at 8:00 am, Matthew decided he didn't need to start cleaning yet, since he had at least until 4:00 before Rolf might come home. Matthew had a movie he wanted to see, so he stuck it in the VCR and settled down for some tv time. When the first movie ended, another good one was starting on the movie channel, and heck, it was only 10:30, still plenty of time to get things ready. Halfway through the movie, Matthew fell asleep. He awoke at 1:30 to the ringing of the phone.
"Hello" Matt said a little sleepily.
"Did I wake you?" asked Rolf. The sleepy feeling instantly left as Matt realized who was calling.
"No, just a little out of breath. I didn't hear the phone because of the vacuum cleaner." Whew, thought Matt. That was a close one. Try to get some brownie points by sounding like he was working hard.
"Good. I just wanted to make sure that you get some Scotch for tonight. I just remembered that we finished the bottle last weekend. You haven't been out yet, have you?" said Rolf. Matthew replied no, that he would be leaving by 2:30 to get the supplies.
Rolf told him he shouldn't have waited this long, but if he hurried, he should be able to skip most of the traffic, since everyone was to congregate by 5:00.
Matthew hung up and ran to the bathroom to get a quick shower. He had quite a lot to do before Rolf got home. He was now behind the eight ball since he said he had been vacuuming. He decided to run out immediately and get the supplies so then he could do the quick clean up before Rolf arrived. He dashed out of the house at 2:15. He had several stops to make, including the grocery store and liquor store. Rolf had also wanted him to pick up the dryc leaning and do some banking.
After picking up the dry cleaning, Matthew decided to head to the bank next. Wouldn't you know it, there were six cars in front of him. It was nearly 3:00 and he still had to get the groceries and the liquor! Matthew raced through the liquor store, then had a short wait to check out. By the time he raced up to the checkouts for the groceries, it was nearly 3:30! Matthew knew that Rolf would probably leave the office at 4:00 and be home shortly thereafter. Matthew also knew he had better get home before Rolf did and at the very least vacuum the rug, hoping that he could cover up the fact that he hadn't done much else. Rolf would spank him for sure if the house wasn't ready for guests.
It was now 3:45. Matthew was swearing at everyone and everything to get out of his way. Only 5 miles to go. Traffic cleared in front of him and Matthew stomped on the gas pedal of his Spyder. 55, 60, 65 70. Matthew flew past a cop, not seeing him until the blue lights flashed in the rearview mirror. Matthew prayed and prayed that the cop was coming after the guy behind him, but oh dear God, no, he pulled right behind Matthew. Matthew pulled to the side of the road. "Damn, damn, damn, damn" Matthew was going to be late, with a ticket at that. Rolf would have a fit, and Matthew's bottom was going to pay the price, big time. It was 4:05 when the officer let him go, after giving him a ticket for $100. Matthew drove the speed limit, as quickly as he could, still hoping to beat Rolf home. He fretted the whole way, wondering how he was going to tell Rolf about the ticket. He knew what Rolf thought about getting in trouble with the law. It was going to be a long, long night.
When Matthew pulled up, he saw that he hadn't beaten Rolf home. Now Matthew knew he was in trouble. Rolf would have seen that he hadn't even pulled the vacuum cleaner from the closet. Matthew steeled his nerves and carried his purchases into the kitchen. Rolf immediately came into the kitchen to confront him.
"Where have you been?" asked Rolf, fixing him with eyes of steel. That stare cut through Matthew as surely as if it had been a knife. Matthew stammered "Man the traffic was bad everywhere. I left shortly after your phone call, and it took me all afternoon to get everything."
"Did it occur to you to begin your day a little earlier than when I called? You know, if you have gotten these things taken care of this morning, instead of watching tv, maybe the traffic wouldn't have been so bad? Maybe you could have done the cleaning like I asked, instead of leaving it for me to do when I got home? Maybe you wouldn't have had to lie to me? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Rolf's voice rose with every word, till he was fairly shouting at Matthew.
Matthew realized that Rolf had him pegged exactly. There wasn't one thing that Rolf hadn't guessed, except the ticket. Matthew decided now was not a good time, he'd tell him later. Right now, Matthew had more important things to think about. Obviously Rolf had arrived sooner than 4, since the cleaning was done, except for the kitchen. Matthew realized that there was nothing he could say, so he just replied "No, Sir"
"You, young man, are going to get a good, long spanking for your trouble today. I expect you to obey me when I tell you to do something. I also expect the truth from you no matter what. You seem to have trouble remembering that. I am going to make sure to make a good impression on your backside, so that maybe you will remember next time. Unfortunately, our guests will be arriving soon. You will finish unloading the car, then clean up the kitchen. Then you will go directly to your room where you will remain for the evening. When the last of our guests depart, I will teach you a lesson you will not soon forget. Is that clear?"
Matthew hung his head and replied "Yes, Sir." He scooted out of the kitchen quickly, knowing he'd better get right to work, so as not to inflame Rolf anymore than he already had. He quickly unloaded the car and finished cleaning the kitchen. "Rolf, I'm done with the cleaning."
Rolf came into the kitchen and did a quick inspection. "Alright young man, go to your room. I do not want to hear a peep from you tonight. I expect you to think about what you could have done better today, so that this does not happen again."
Matthew replied "Yes, Sir" and trudged off to his room. He was closest to the living quarters, so he would be able to hear how much fun everyone else was having. He felt sorry for himself. All of his friends would be over, and he was stuck in his room, knowing that he had a helluva spanking coming as soon as everyone left. He also knew that his impending doom would be one of the hot topics of conversation. He knew that his good friends, the other passives in the group, would be shifting nervously in their seats, thanking God that at least it wasn't them.
The guests began arriving right at five. Matthew heard each couple come in, ask about him, and then heard Rolf tell them about his "stupid tricks, and upcoming punishment." Matthew began to get hungry as he heard everyone in the kitchen filling their plates full of the sandwiches and chips that were available. Matthew knew not to ask Rolf for dinner. This was one more way Rolf punished him. Oh well, nothing to do but read a magazine.
About 8:00, Matthew heard a light knock on his door. He walked over and opened it up a crack. Rolf would have his butt if he knew the door was open. Outside was his good friend Todd. "Can I come in?"
Matthew debated a second, then opened the door. "Quick, come in. Rolf will kill us both if he sees you out there."
"Don't worry, I shouldn't be missed for a few minutes" said Todd.
Matthew was glad to have company. It took his mind off of his impending spanking. They sat and talked and quickly lost track of time.
Ten minutes later the door burst open, and there was Stephen, Todd's partner. Without a word, Stephen yanked Todd to his feet and man handled him out of the room, closing the door behind him.
Matthew was left wondering what was going to happen, but only for a moment. He heard Stephen tell Todd to drop them, then a minute later, came the sounds of a bare bottomed spanking. Interspersed between the spanks were Todd's pleas and cries.
Matthew was just giving thanks that he wasn't on the receiving end, especially in front of others, when his door burst open a second time, and there was Rolf, a very angry look on his face, and that dreaded paddle in his hand. Rolf marched in, jerked Matthew to his feet to face him, and said "Don't tell me that Todd was just in here. Don't tell me that you disobeyed me yet again. Well, was he?"
Matthew withered before Rolf's anger and started to say "Yes, but" That's as far as he got.
Rolf pulled him to the chair, sat down, and yanked Matthew over his knees. He pulled Matthew's shorts down and began spanking him with his hand. The spanks were coming hard and fast, leaving Matthew little time to catch his breath as each one landed. He vowed not to cry, since his door was open and he was sure the whole house could here him. At least their minds would be occupied with Todd for a little while longer, as his spanking was still taking place.
Matthew's mind was quickly brought back to his situation as Rolf increased the pace and force of the spanking. Matthew began to squirm, trying to get away from that hand that was inflicting so much fire on his butt. His tears were flowing down his cheeks, and he began to sob, quietly. His legs began to windmill, at least as much as his shorts would allow. Soon he was pleading with Rolf to stop, that he was sorry, that he learned his lesson. He hung on tight to Rolf's leg with one hand, and tried to protect his backside with the other.
Rolf stopped for a second to secure Matt's hand behind his back, and grab the paddle. "Matthew, that spanking was for your disobedience with Todd. Now I'm going to paddle your butt like I promised you earlier."
Matthew sucked in a quick breath as his stomach quivered. He hated that paddle. It stung furiously when it was applied, and then left a long lasting deep throbbing pain for days afterwards. He tried to avoid that paddle as much as he could. CRAACCKK! The first lick of the paddle sounded like a gunshot. Matthew heard the impact, then felt a numbness, followed swiftly by a million beestings on his already very red, very sore bottom. Matthew lost all sense of trying to be a man and let out an ear splitting howl. His legs kicked up in a vain attempt to get away from that paddle. Before the last of the howl was heard, the second lick hit and Matthew lost the breath in his body in one big whoosh of pain. CRAACCKK, the third lick hit and Matthew was blubbering like a baby. "I'm .. .. so....CRAACCKK! Aaaauuuggghhh! Sooorrrryyy! Please, please CRAACCKK! Aaaauuuggghhh stop!"
Rolf was having none of it. Matthew's pleas fell on deaf ears as Rolf worked hard, teaching Matthew a lesson he would not soon forget.
Matthew quickly lost his voice and his cries turned into one long continuous rollercoaster wail, punctuated by the crack of the paddle. He continued kicking away, wanting desperately to get away from that paddle, but knowing that he couldn't, that the spanking would continue until, and only until, Rolf thought that Matthew had learned his lesson.
When Matthew was totally worn out, and not moving, Rolf paddled him ten more times. Rolf went to set Matthew on his feet, but Matthew just let his legs collapse and laid on the floor in agony.
Rolf went to pull Matthew's shorts off, but Matthew had kicked them off sometime during his spanking. Rolf was having none of Matthew's pity party, and pulled him up, half dragging him to his bed. "You had better not leave this bed for any reason other than fire, otherwise I will ignite another one on your behind."
Rolf walked quickly out of the room, turning off the light and shutting the door.
Mathew was ashamed that he had to receive a spanking while everyone was at the house. Matthew cried, then sobbed, and after about 60 minutes, finally slept the exhausted sleep of the well spanked. The ticket he had received that day wasn't thought of again.
When Rolf walked into the living room, there was Todd, sobbing in the corner. Rolf walked up to him, and turned Todd to face him. "You had better be glad that it was Stephen, and not me that found you in Matthew's room. Matthew knew better than to have company while he was being punished, and I'm sure the rules are the same in your house. If you even think about doing something like that again, I'll paddle you till you can't sit for a week. Is that clear?"
Todd managed to sob out "Yes, sir" before Rolf turned him back to face the corner.
Matthew was brought back to his present predicament when the table jumped as Rolf's hands landed on it and he barked out "Well, what have you got to say for yourself this time?"
Matthew was jerked back to the present situation by the slamming of Rolf's hands on the table, as well as the stern voice. He was scared. He didn't remember seeing Rolf so angry for a long while.
The last time wasn't even directed towards him, but he was in the same room. Todd's partner Stephen had come over, rip roaring drunk. Rolf had no problem with people drinking, but he was steadfastly against driving under the influence. When Rolf also realized that Todd was out in the car, he lit into Stephen like there was no tomorrow. Matthew watched, stunned, as Rolf reduced Stephen to a blubbering child in no time flat.
Matthew had been spanked by Stephen before, so he was a little excited, being able to see him reduced to tears himself. He had never seen Rolf punished though. That's when Matthew realized that EVERYONE listened to Rolf, not just himself. It made Matthew a little proud, knowing that he lived with "The" man, but there was a downside. Matthew was held to higher standards, and punished harder when he made a mistake, like today. Matthew knew that Rolf expected an answer, but he couldn't just admit to it. His stomach was churning beyond belief. He knew what was coming, but wanted out of it so badly.
"Look Rolf, I was only going 5 miles over the limit, on our own street even. (He'll never know.) Nobody ever does 25 like it's posted. I just happened to be the one they caught. It was really no big deal. I went down and paid the fine. Since it wasn't such a big deal to me, I just forgot to tell you. I . . . I think you were out of town for a couple of days and I just never remembered to tell you when you came home." Matthew knew he was saying too much, trying to cover up his mistake with some mistruths, but he couldn't just sit back and do nothing.
Rolf continued to stare at Matthew with eyes of steel. Matthew loved Rolf's eyes. He had the most beautiful blue eyes, filled with laughter. But not now. Now Matthew would do just about anything NOT to be the center of Rolf's attention. He just wanted to curl up in the nearest hole until the storm blew over. But no, the hurricane of Rolf was picking up speed and heading straight for him.
Rolf began a long, stern lecture on the law, why it was there, why it had to be obeyed, etc., etc. When he finished with that part, he lectured Matthew on the importance of truth in any relationship. Matthew may not have lied, (he did, but Matthew wasn't about to admit to it), but he didn't tell Rolf what had happened, knowing that he would definitely be in big trouble. That was the next best thing to a lie, and Rolf would not put up with that behavior.
The whole time that Rolf was lecturing him, Matthew was repeatedly told to look at him, so that Rolf knew he was paying attention. Matthew felt like a ten year old. He wanted desperately for the lecture to end, but not really, because then the punishment would begin. Rolf had never lectured to him for so long, and Rolf's anger never seemed to diminish. Matthew was so ashamed of himself, and so afraid of Rolf's punishment that he wanted to just throw up.
"Alright Matthew, I think I've said enough. If you had any doubts about your behavior, I hope that I have cleared them up tonight. Now, I think it's time that I reinforce my message across your backside, leaving you with a good, lasting reminder never, EVER, to do this crap again. Hand over your keys. You won't be needing them for quite a while."
Matthew got his keys out of his swim trunks and handed them to Rolf. He had never had his keys confiscated, and was wondering exactly what this meant. He wasn't about to ask any questions right now though.
"Go to your room. I will follow in a little while. I suggest that you enjoy sitting while you wait. When I get finished with you tonight, sitting will be a long distant memory. Now go!" Matthew said yes, sir and quickly walked to his room. He was never so glad to be out from under Rolf's gaze. He was relieved that the lecture was over, but now he had to wait in nervous anticipation for Rolf to come spank him. He knew it was going to be bad, but he had no idea just how bad it would be, or when it would start.
Rolf waited until he heard Matthew's door close, then went outside. He was so very angry with Matthew and his behavior. There was no way he could go punish him now, not as hot as he was. He wanted to get his message across, but not injure Matthew. How could Matt have put him in this position? He had lectured for so long, and so vehemently, that his throat was parched.
Rolf came back to the house about 20 minutes later. He had cooled down enough, and wanted to go ahead and get this business over with as soon as possible. He was almost dreading it more that Matthew was, but not quite.
Matthew was about ready to throw up. He had never been this nervous before a spanking. When he thought back to earlier today, it scared him to death. Rolf had never come taken Matthew home from anywhere before. Matthew had never seen Rolf so upset driving in the car. The lecture was the longest he had received, and left him feeling so ashamed he almost wanted to cry. Rolf took his keys, something he had never done before either. And most times when Rolf was mad, he didn't lecture, he just sat down and the spanking started. Was this a new twist in their relationship? When was he coming back, for crying out loud. Matthew was tired of feeling so nervous. He just wanted to get his spanking over with so . . . . . . Matthew heard Rolf walking down the hall. The footsteps stopped at his door. Matthew wanted to bolt, but there was nowhere to go. The door opened and in came Rolf. Matthew looked immediately to Rolf's hands, to see if they held the paddle. Thank God, no. Nothing. Ok, ok, what does that mean?
Rolf walked to the end of Matthew's bed. "Come here!" he said in a very stern voice.
Matthew walked slowly, dragging his feet, because he knew he was about to be a very sorry, very sore, little boy.
Rolf towered over Matthew's 5'10" frame. "Look at me" and Matthew raised his eyes to Rolf's. "I have thought long and hard about your punishment. You have no idea how angry you made me tonight. There is absolutely no excuse for getting a speeding ticket. No excuse whatsoever. What was the fine?"
"A .. .. .. a.. .. .. hundred dollars" replied Matthew.
"Then I think that 100 licks with a belt would be sufficient to remind you not to speed again."
Matthew went pale. "No, please, no I can't handle it. I've really learned my lesson, please not the belt, not 100 with the belt. Please."
Rolf continued on as if Matthew hadn't said anything. "I also want to make sure that you remember never, ever, to keep anything from me again. For lying, I'm doubling your punishment to 200 licks with the belt. I hope that will leave a lasting reminder to mind what I say."
Matthew, if possible, got even more pale. He was terrified. 200 licks, with a belt at that. There was no way, no way he could take that. "Please oh please Rolf, no, I can't take it. Please, I'll do anything, please." Matthew fell into Rolf, hugging him around the waist.
Rolf hugged him back for a second, then decided it was time. He freed himself from Matthew, and put his hand on Matthew's chin, guiding his eyes to his. "You will receive all 200 licks that you so deserve, but not at one time. I've never punished you like this, but you really pulled a stupid move this time. You are on restriction for the next month. You will be allowed out of the house only for work and school. You will ride the bus, because I am keeping your keys until I know you have learned your lesson. During your restriction, there will be no phone, no television, no computer except for homework. You will be on your best behavior during this month. Any misbehavior on your part will earn you a quick, sound spanking, no questions asked. Your 200 licks will be given in four sets of 50, beginning tonight, and each Friday for the next three weeks."
Matthew was stunned. He was going to be a virtual prisoner! He knew he deserved to be punished, but oh my, not 4 severe strappings and restriction.
"Young man, I want you to turn around, drop your shorts and bend over the bed. I suggest you grab a good handful of sheets, because your hands had better NOT come back and get in my way. Do it!"
Matthew jumped at Rolf's tone of voice and turned around and pushed his shorts off his butt. His bed was a tall one, so when he bent over, he was at a perfect 90 degree angle, his bottom in perfect position for the belt. Matthew had started to sob, knowing he would be screaming way too soon. As he bent over, he heard that dreaded belt being unbuckled, then the whooshing sound as it was brought out through the loops. Sweat popped out on Matthew, but he was chilled to the bone, shivering in nervous anticipation. There was nothing for Matt to do but wait. No more lecture, no more questions. He wanted to turn around so bad, so he would know what was happening.
"Matthew, I want to hear you count each lick. I want to make sure that you are thinking of nothing else but your punishment. Is that clear?"
"Yes (sob) Sir." He heard a whistling noise, and before his brain could relay to him that it was the belt through the air, the first lick landed. The belt was old, and very pliable. It sunk into his crack, and wrapped itself around his right cheek. The crack it made stunned Matt. He felt the numbness, then yelped out "One" when the pain followed an instant later. Damn, Matthew thought. That belt had not been doubled over as usual. Rolf must be at arms length, swinging with all the strength he could muster. CRACK, again, close to but not touching the first welt. "Two" Matthew could hardly draw a breath. He already had tears in his eyes, and his spanking had hardly even started. CRACK, across the fleshy part of his bottom, right where you sit. Matthew cried out "Three."
Matthew's hands gripped the bedsheets with all the power they could. The strap kept on falling, with Matthew crying out the numbers, trying so very hard not to let go of the bed, trying to stay in position, but moving with every stroke. He was up to 10, crying his eyes out, begging and pleading with Rolf to stop.
Rolf continued, and Matthew ran out of breath except to yell out the number of licks he had received between his cries of pain. By 30, Matthew was sure that his backside was dripping blood, shredded like cabbage. But, no, it was just getting so very red, so very punished. He still had 20 to go. He was ready to die. He couldn't remember a belting so bad before. His butt must be three times larger than normal, and brighter than a neon light. Rolf kept the strap coming down. By the time he had reached 50, both of them were tired.
Rolf loosened Matthew's grip on the sheets and pulled him up into the bed. Matthew lay across Rolf's lap with his face buried in Rolf's chest. He cried and cried, Rolf, patting Matthew on the back and saying it was over, it was ok now, just cry it out. Matthew lay like that for 15 minutes. Rolf told Matthew it was time for bed, and got up.
Matthew buried his tear stained face into the pillow, still crying like there was no tomorrow. He couldn't believe that this was only the first of four strappings that he was to receive. There was no way he was going to be recovered from tonight in time for next Friday's date with the belt. Finally, when Rolf checked on him an hour later, Matthew was asleep.
Rolf went back to the living room to finish nursing his beer. He was not looking forward to the next three weekends, but he knew he had a duty to perform. Matthew needed to be kept on the right track, no matter what.
~Continued in The Day After the Ticket~
Copyright Rolf 2010

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I do love Rolf stories. He is like a brick wall and possibly the strictest spanking character i have ever run across

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