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Through the Eyes of Another

Snippet: Through the Eyes of Another
Author: Rolf
Couple: Matthew and Rolf
Warnings: Explicit (at least for me) sex scene.  I hope you enjoy it. 

I looked up to see Matthew heading up towards the house. I abandoned my spot in the sun to chase after him, not wanting to be left outside alone. He held the door open for me like any true gentleman, and I preceded him into the house, then followed him downstairs into the far cooler basement.

Matthew sat in one recliner, and I took the other one. I waited while he channeled surfed, which irritated me to no end. Finally he settled on a movie, and I settled down to enjoy it.
Thirty minutes later I heard Rolf come home. I thought about going upstairs to greet him, but quickly abandonded that idea when he barked, like he was apt to do.

"Matthew! I need a word with you right now."

"Fuck," Matthew said, sliding the recliner closed. "Looks like Todd failed to withstand the pressure." He headed slowly upstairs, trying to think of a good way to explain a bad situation.

I silently agreed with him, and decided to stay put. I could hear more than I wanted to from my chair, but it was better than being in the same room. Rolf's barking is loud at the best of times, and the gunshot loud spankings he gave Matthew on occasion was too much for me. I tried to get lost in the movie, but the sounds from upstairs filtered down anyway.

"Sit down," Rolf ordered, the icy cold glare cutting through the heat of the day.

Matthew pulled out his chair and sat down, already feeling like the battle was lost, and not even sure what the battle was about - yet.

"I got a call from Stephen today. You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when he told me why he was calling."

Rolf had a way with words. He didn't usually just jump down Matthew's throat, say what the problem was, what the punishment was and it be over in a matter of moments. Oh no, he got downright picky. He'd pause in all the worst places, and I could almost see Matthew fidgeting in his chair, searching for the magic words to make the moment end sooner, and with any other ending aside from punishment. Rolf was never easy on Matthew, but I guess I can't blame him. I do like him in one piece, and healthy, and if it wasn't for Rolf, sometimes I wonder how long Matthew would last.

"I'm not lying on the floor. LOOK at me," Rolf admonished sharply.

Matthew managed to get his eyes up with effort.

"Why did you do exactly what Stephen asked you NOT to?"

"It was too hot outside, and we didn't think we'd spill anything," Matthew replied quietly.

"Does it matter how hot it was outside when Steve told you not to paint inside?" 

Matthew squirmed a bit on the chair. "No, sir," he said slowly.
"Then WHY did you paint inside?"

See? I told you he didn't make it easy. How would YOU answer that question?

"I'm sorry," Matthew tried.

"You should be, but that doesn't answer my question," Rolf said, relentless.

"We didn't want to go outside," Matthew finally said, once the glare got too cold.

"When someone tells you they don't want something done in their house, I expect you to listen to them as you would me. And when you fail to do that, you can expect me to punish you as I would if you disobeyed me. That paint stain has ruined the rug in the kitchen. You and Todd are going to go out with Steve tomorrow and pay for the rug of his choice."

"But I had movie plans!" Matthew pleaded.

"You're exactly right. You had movie plans, now you don't. And if you put one foot wrong, Steve has my permission to spank you then and there. Is that clear?"

Matthew subsided back against the chair. "Yes, sir."

"Stand up please," Rolf said, holding out his hand.

Uh oh. If the discussion is over, then that means the ugly stuff is about to begin. I tried to get lost in the television picture.

Matthew slowly stood up, his stomach flopping as Rolf sat down. He was pulled between the legs of his lover to have his pants removed. Not for anything that he was looking forward to either, but for the most humilitating position he hated with a passion.

Rolf finished with the pants and yanked down Matthew's underwear. Then he guided his partner across his knees, pulling up the shirt to bare Matthew's bottom completely. He didn't waste any time, just took a firm hold of Matthew's middle and began spanking.

Matthew's head and feet jerked a bit with each swat, and the legs that dangled to begin with were soon somewhat straight as Matthew tried kicking to stop the flames that were searing his rump. His soft oh's and ow's soon became cries, and those cries soon became one long one, raising in volume with each swat that landed.

Rolf continued spanking until Matthew's bottom was a solid shade of crimson. He let Matthew settle for a moment across his knees, then helped him up, Matthew landing in his arms and burying his face deep into his neck. The crying slowly calmed down and then I heard Matthew's feet shuffle over to the corner.

I stayed downstairs, listening to Rolf prepare dinner, only heading upstairs when the smells became too much for me to resist.

"Hi sweetheart," Rolf said to me as I entered the kitchen. I gave him one of my best smiles - and headed straight for Matthew.

"You know better," he growled at my back. I continued on past Matthew, still in the corner, and headed down the hall as if that was where I had intended to go all along. I heard Rolf chuckle softly.

I returned to the kitchen when Rolf called us to dinner. Well, actually he only called Matthew, but where he goes, I go. I quietly entered the kitchen when Rolf wasn't looking and took up residence in my usual spot, right next to Matthew's chair, where he always spilled something. You realize that it's my overall sense of cleanliness that keeps me there, trying my best to keep Matthew from getting into trouble for staining the floor.


I watched from the second stair from the bottom. My favorite man was in one of his more manic moments, playing a game of ping pong with his friends. If it's my two favorite men playing, I usually get up on the table and make it a threesome, but when it's the other boys, I don't dare get anywhere near. No one lays a hand on me that I don't allow, but accidents can happen, and I'm not one that enjoys panic filled moments. With this group, one never knows what could happen.

Michael was serving, Todd and Chris were cheerleading, and Matthew returning the serve. When they played, they usually took up the entire area, trying to knock the ball into the next county. I was protected in my spot from most stray balls, with a clear exit from the room if it were required.

"Take that you toad!" Matthew said, returning the hard serve to the back edge of the table. 
Michael had already backed up and was able to return it. They continued for several exchanges, before Michael was able to smack the ball cross court and into the wall before Matthew could hit it.

"Alright!" Chris said, hi-fiving Michael. "I'm all set for the seven scoop sundae. Just need five more."

"Keep dreaming, turkey," Todd said as he picked the ball up from the floor and tossed it back to Michael.

"It's 16 to 12, I don't think we have to worry," Michael said.

"Bring it on, bring it on," Matthew yelled, back in place for the next serve.

The noise only got louder. I was just considering heading upstairs before I got a headache when I heard Rolf's footsteps upstairs. I'd already once been caught in the middle as Rolf yelled at the boys to settle down some or there'd be trouble. Before I had a chance to escape upstairs, he was on the top step and heading down. I ducked around the corner and slipped behind the couch.

Rolf didn't make it a secret he was coming downstairs, but all four young men were too busy playing the game of ping pong that it wasn't until he stepped into the room that three of the four looked up and fell silent.

Matthew felt the wrongness of the moment and was in the process of turning around when the ping pong paddle was removed from his hand and a split second later connected with the seat of his pants. The ball went sailing past.

"OW! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Matthew said, dancing away and rubbing at the sting the single swat had began. The thwack of the paddle had the same effect as a gunshot did, and sounded about the same.

"WHAT did I ask not thirty minutes ago?" Rolf asked sternly, eyeing each of the four young men. No one could keep his steady gaze for more than two seconds.

"To be a little quieter, sir," Matthew said when Rolf's gaze made it to him.

"Was that being quieter?"

"No, sir," Matthew said, wanting to laugh at the absurdity of the question, but knowing a second swat would not be appreciated.

"IF I have to come back down here again tonight, I'll make sure to land at least one swat on EACH of your backsides, and then we'll all practice being quiet. AM I clear?"

He got four muttered `yes, sirs' in response before he handed the ping pong paddle back to Matthew and headed upstairs.

It took a good minute before the air returned to the room and anyone could speak. Matthew broke the ice with a quiet "foul?"

"I'd call that a foul," Michael said, looking around for the ball. Chris giggled, then Todd, then the other two. I came out from behind the couch and headed to the ball. Waiting until Michael spotted it, I swatted it casually under the table before turning and heading upstairs.
"Your cat just put the ball under there!" Michael said, getting down on his knees. He slid his hand as far under the table as he could and felt around. He pulled out two ping pong balls and a dust bunny that set him to sneezing. "You have about five other balls under there," he said when he caught his breath.

"That's because I'm afraid of what might bite," Matthew said, laughing.

Michael scooped up the dust bunny and started to chase Matthew with it. Matthew let out one screech, before being hushed by the other three. They all stood still, waiting for the tell tale footsteps that thankfully never came. They resumed the game, albeit quieter.

I headed into the office where Rolf was working hard on another of his never ending projects. I jumped up to help him on the computer, but after a quick pat on the head and one kiss, I decided I wasn't in a helping mood. I jumped down and went to the window to stretch out and rule my kingdom.

I was woken rudely by the slam of a car door. Two cars started up and left the driveway, then I heard Matthew close the front door. A moment later he came into the office.

"Come on to bed," he whined, pulling at Rolf's hand.

"I need about fifteen minutes to finish this up sweetheart. Go on, I'll be up soon," Rolf said, kissing Matthew's hand.

Matthew wasn't about to be put off. He went around behind Rolf and gently kneaded his shoulders, causing the older man to sigh gently.

"That feels SO good."

Matthew continued the massage, waiting until Rolf's hands dropped from the computer keyboard. He worked for about a minute more before he stepped closer, allowing his hands to unbutton the top two buttons of Rolf's shirt, and slide down behind the fabric to his nipples. He also snuck behind the collar and licked the strong neck gently, sending goose pimples down Rolf's side, his nipples hardening in response. Matthew suckled and kissed until Rolf grabbed his hands and turned his chair towards Matthew, pulling him down into his lap and devouring the lips presented to him.

The kissing continued, gentle for a few moments, then more passionate. Hands were touching, rubbing, feeling. Finally they could stand it no longer. Rolf picked Matthew up and put him on his feet, standing up himself. He kissed him once more, deeply, before picking him up and tossing him over his shoulder in the classic fireman's carry.

"Take me to your cave," Matthew said deeply, his hands working what he could of Rolf's backside.

Rolf allowed a slow rumble to build, carrying his lover up the stairs to their bedroom. He laid Matthew on his back and tried to stand up, but was stopped by Matthew's hands on his shirt, unbuttoning it. When the last button was undone, Rolf shrugged out of the shirt as Matthew's fingers expertly undid the button and zipper on his pants. The hands in the waistband of his shorts caused him to groan with pleasure.

Matthew slid the shorts down, happy when the object of his desire bobbed into view. He gently ran his hands up and down the long shaft, and fondled the soft skin at the base. Rolf's legs almost buckled beneath him before he leaned over and pulled Matthew's t- shirt off, over his head. He gently pushed Matthew backwards, and slid the shorts and underwear off in one smooth motion. Matthew started to sit up but was stopped by Rolf's strong hand in the middle of his chest. He laid back down, his eyes staying glued to his lover.

Rolf walked slowly around the bed, his eyes locked on Matthew's. Matthew had to turn his head slightly as Rolf went to the opposite side of the bed. Rolf leaned over and pulled Matthew's hands above his head, then got on his knees on the edge of the bed. He kissed both of Matthew's hands, causing Matthew to groan and writhe. Rolf kept hold of the hands and kissed down both arms, tickling the soft skin around the arm-pit, before nuzzling into the neck of the man he loved.

Matthew could hardly stand it, his hands trying to grab any part of Rolf to hurry him along. Rolf continued kissing down Matthew's chest, his sides, his fingers, lips, and tongue sending electricity shooting through every part of Matthew's body. When Rolf's fingers and lips got close to his groin, Matthew had to slide further up on the bed, unable to stand it anymore.
Matthew's groans grew more pronounced, interspersed with "Stoooop, nooooooo, do me noooooooooow." Finally, Rolf himself could stand it no longer.

Matthew lost Rolf for a moment, the warmth and closeness gone. Just as he was about to open his eyes and find him, he felt himself being turned to the side. Warm, greasy hands gently probed his most private area, sending fire shooting through his stomach. Matthew backed up against the intruding finger, lost in the sensations of the moment.

Rolf moved his hand to the front of Matthew, stroking the hot member, and sending waves of pleasure crashing through Matthew's body. Matthew arched his back, hands grabbing at the sheets, and Rolf entered him slowly, letting his young lover adjust to the fullness.
Matthew's breathing was labored, the moans more deep. When Rolf began moving back and forth, Matthew felt like he was spinning in outer space. It was Rolf's deep, biting kiss on the neck that sent Matthew over the edge, spinning deep, slow circles as he orgasmed, lights seeming to flash on his eyelids. The orgasm tightened Matthew's muscles, and with two more strokes Rolf came with a long, shuddering sigh of pleasure. His biting kisses turned gentle, his hands stroking the hair out of his lover's eyes.

Matthew snuggled backwards, every inch of his backside touching Rolf, not allowing Rolf to pull out yet. They lay, entertwined like two halves of the same sculpture.

When the testosterone left the room and they were once again silent, I walked into the room. Seeing as they were lying sideways across the bed, I stole up to the top and took my place on one of the pillows. I added my purr to the gentle voices of the men I loved, telling each other how much they loved the other.

Copyright Rolf 2010

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