Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekend on the Water

Weekend on the Water
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee

Marc was excited. Matthew and Rolf had invited him to the lake this weekend for the first time. He was busy packing, they were going to be there for three days. Marc just threw together some shorts, shirts, one pair of jeans, and his swimming trunks. Rolf would be by in about 30 minutes to pick him up. He was excited because the whole gang would be there, and that meant a BIG party atmosphere. He had met everyone at some time or another, but he would be able to get to know everyone this weekend. Which would be great. While Marc appeared in control when the situation called for it, he was in fact very shy. This would be the perfect time to begin loosening up. And Matthew was just the one to help him. Matthew was the one who would run down the toy aisle and push the tummies of ALL the Elmo dolls, until the only sound heard was that obnoxious giggling. Matthew was the one who initiated the conversation, when he saw an opportunity arise. Just then, he heard a knock on his door. Marc looked at his watch and realized he had stood there a little too long, and that it was probably Matthew at the door. It was.
Marc opened the door and Matthew bounded in, excited as always about any trip. "Are ya ready to go? Come on, COME ON, time to fly! You're holding up EVERYONE, come ON!"
Marc just laughed and playfully shoved Matthew down the hall. "Help me get my stuff out to the truck, and we can be on our way."
"Get your stuff? You should have had that at the door by now! Aren't you ready yet?"
"You know me, I always feel as though I am forgetting SOMETHING."
"Well, don't worry about it, whatever you forgot, I brought. Now let's GO!" Matthew said, grabbing three of the four bags.
"I need an aspirin. We haven't even gotten outside yet, and I already have a headache." Marc said, grabbing the fourth and following Matthew to the truck.
Rolf had his big SUV parked in the driveway, and Marc saw the other three couples in their assorted vehicles. He waved at them as he climbed into the truck.
"Hi Rolf, how are you doing?"
"Just wonderful. Ready to go have some fun?"
"Yes, very ready."
"Got everything?"
"Yes, I'm ready to go." Marc said, closing the door.
"Marc, come sit back here with me. We need to talk." Matthew said, patting the rear seat, as far from Rolf as possible.
"Uh, okay" Marc said, wondering what was up.
Rolf waited for Marc to buckle up, then cranked the engine and took off, the other three vehicles falling in line behind them.
Matthew wanted to tell Marc a little about each couple. He knew Marc had met them, but didn't know squat about them.
"Why so far from Rolf? Secrets?" Marc asked.
"No, no secrets, just wanted to bring you up to date on everyone, so you know how to act around each. Who's going to get you into trouble, and who to avoid misbehaving in front of." Matthew wanted to be sure to "protect" Marc from getting into trouble with anyone else.
Marc wasn't worried about that, he was sure everything was going to be just fine. He had no intentions of acting up, he was just looking to have a fun weekend with the group. But he was curious about Matthew's point of view, so he asked "Who do I have to look out for?"
Matthew said "First and foremost is Rolf, but you know all there is to know about him. The other three guys all have a part of Rolf's personality, you just have to know who has which. Joseph (the attorney) is laid back, and you can practically get away with murder if he's in a good mood, and Rolf isn't around to reinforce any messages. Stephen (the bar owner) has a temper. If he gets mad, just back off, and watch out. He will spank you, no questions asked, if you do something that he doesn't like. He has Rolf's temper, that's for sure. He'll only tell you something once, then punish you if you don't obey him. Then there is Eric (the officer). He is quiet, hardly ever raising his voice, but he is very forceful and expects complete respect and for you to obey him, or he will have no problem punishing you."
Marc just took all that in. Again, no big deal, he wasn't planning on any trouble, but it was nice to know from Matthew who to look out for. "Okay, that's the big guns, what about the rest of the gang?"
"Chris is a firecracker. He will tell you like it is, and will defend his position on anything, even resorting to fists if you don't get it. Todd is generally quiet, and lots of fun, but when he is out away from Stephen, he tends to try new and sometimes dangerous things. Has gotten me into a mess of trouble before. Then Michael. He is usually very well behaved around any of the other guys, but he likes to cause some trouble. Of course, he's never the reason, but he can incite "riots", so watch him. All of them are great guys, love them like brothers, but they each have their faults. Of course, * I am perfect *."
Marc burst into laughter at that remark. He didn't intend for it to be so uproarious, but Matthew knew just what buttons to tickle. Of course, Rolf's eyes ended up on the two of them.
"What's going on there, boys?" Rolf asked, looking into the mirror and giving them a bit of a glare.
"Sorry, nothing is going on." Marc replied.
Rolf just put his eyes back on the road.
"Good going." Matthew whispered to Marc. "We aren't even halfway there, and already we are on Rolf's _s_h_i_t_ list."
"Hey, we aren't on his list, but you will be with language like that. Watch it, okay?" Marc didn't want to start out the weekend in trouble, either himself or Matthew.
Matthew mumbled to himself, but didn't say anything more.
It was four hours to the lake. About halfway there, Rolf stopped at a rest area to give everyone a few minutes to stretch. They spent about ten minutes there, and when they were ready to leave, ALL boys ended up in Rolf's large SUV.
"Whoa. Doesn't anyone else need company on the way up?" Rolf asked, making sure that everyone was okay with the situation.
"No, no problem."
"Looks like the bus is ready to leave. Everyone buckled in?" Rolf asked after he had climbed in, looking in the rearview mirror. As soon as he got affirmation, he put the truck in drive and headed back out onto the highway.
Matthew and Marc were sitting behind Rolf. Todd was next to Rolf. The other two were way in the back. Even though they were all grown adults, they tended to act like children when thrown together. Michael and Chris were giggling away in the back. They kept poking each other and whispering. Every time Rolf looked in his mirror at them, they would stop. They were up to something, but what?
Marc had fallen asleep on Matthew's shoulder, who was becoming annoyed by his loud snoring. The more he tried to push Marc to his own side, the louder he snored.
Rolf was trying not to get angry. He wanted the boys to have fun, but they were making it hard to concentrate on driving. The two in the back looked guilty every time he caught them in the mirror. He was wondering if he was going to have to say something when all hell broke loose.
Matthew shoved Marc hard, tired of hearing the loud snoring in his ear. Marc was startled awake, something he detested. He preferred to wake up slowly. All of a sudden, his hat was slapped on his head from behind, and Matthew, Chris, and Michael all burst into loud, raucous laughter. Marc was disoriented, confused, and starting to get really pissed off, wondering what was so _d_a_m_n_ funny. He took his hat off, intending to hit Matthew with it, when he noticed the "art" that the guys in the backseat had drawn on his new, white hat.
"What is so fun..." Marc stopped in mid sentence. "What the f_u_c_k did you little _s_h_i_t_s do?"
Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt. Rolf had zero tolerance for swearing. The car came to a stop on a deserted country road. Rolf got out of the truck, and came over to Marc's side. He opened the door.
"Get out now!"
Everyone knew this was not good.
Marc's stomach dropped to his toes. He started to stutter "B..b..but... Rolf.." intending to tell him about the mess the guys made of his hat.
"MARC! Right here, RIGHT NOW!" Rolf said in a very stern voice, pointing to the ground in front of him.
Marc undid the buckle, and scooted over and out onto the ground. He could feel all the eyes on his back. He also saw the other three vehicles pulling up behind Rolf's truck. He was the CENTER of everyone's attention. The only one he cared about at the moment though, was Rolf.
By the time Marc got in front of Rolf, the others were getting out of their cars to see what the hold up was. Rolf didn't acknowledge them, he had matters to take care of.
"Marc there is NO excuse for language like that. There are hundreds of thousands of words in our language that can be used instead. If I had a bar of soap and water right in front of me, I would clean that mouth so well, you'd be tasting Ivory for the rest of the trip. But instead I guess a good whipping will have to teach the same lesson. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"
"Sir I am sorry, I know there is no excuse for that language. But my hat. I just bought a brand new hat, it took me two months to find exactly what I wanted and they totally ruined it."
Rolf reached inside the vehicle and pulled out the hat. His blood pressure went up after seeing just what was on that hat. Suddenly, Marc wasn't the only one in trouble.
Chris and Michael shrunk back in the seat, they were suddenly aware that their asses were now on the line. They had given no thought to what Rolf or anyone else would say about their artistic talent. Todd and Matthew had nothing to worry about, they were just wondering exactly what Rolf was going to do. Rolf's face had gotten a little redder, his jaw a little more set, and the eyes a little icier.
Joe, Stephen and Eric were now at the back end of Rolf's truck, and they saw how angry Rolf was. They saw a very frightened Marc taking the brunt of Rolf's anger and they wondered what he had done to cause Rolf to stop the truck. They didn't say anything, they knew he had matters under control.
Rolf looked up from the hat. The art consisted of crude drawings of the male anatomy, as well as more of the language he detested. He tossed the hat back on the seat.
Marc took in Rolf's reaction. He knew he was going to get a whipping, and he dreaded that thought with all the fibers of his being. He cursed himself silently for not thinking before speaking. He had been punished before by Rolf, but NEVER in front of anyone but Matthew. He was absolutely mortified that EVERYONE was going to see him. Rolf never gave an easy spanking, Marc knew he'd be in tears in a few minutes, and he hated the thought of all these witnesses to his shame. He was hoping though, that the other two would be dragged out and given the same treatment with him, so he was NOT the center of attention, just part of a three ring circus.
"Michael! Chris! Out of the vehicle now." Rolf said sternly.
Marc began to think he was in luck.
"You two will be riding with your respective partners so you can tell them what you just did. Now get out of my sight."
Marc knew he would be alone in the spanking, but at least they wouldn't have front row seats to the main event. Both Michael and Chris were hauled by their ears to the other cars, by Eric and Joseph.
"Marc, drop your pants and underwear, and place your hands on the hood."
Marc got that horrible sinking feeling as he realized there was nothing he could do to prevent the spanking from happening. Rolf had made his decision, there was no going back. And he could tell, Rolf was still VERY angry. Marc wanted to beg, plead, whatever he could do to get Rolf to change his mind. He didn't waste his breath, he knew it wouldn't help, and he didn't want anyone else to see how worried he was. He slowly walked to the front of the vehicle, starting to work on his belt and button. He noticed that Stephen was still standing there. And he saw Todd in the front seat, all ready for the show.
Rolf WAS angry. He had hoped to at least make it TO the lake before having to discipline anyone. He understood Marc's anger, but there were NO excuses for that language. He unbuckled his belt, and pulled it out. He was going to make sure Marc quickly forgot how to curse.
Marc made it to the front passenger side quarter panel of the truck. He planted his feet in the gravel on the side of the road. He slowly lowered his pants and they fell in a heap at his ankles. He then reached for his briefs, and slowly slid those down as well. He could feel the heat of shame building in his face. He heard Rolf's belt being unbuckled, and the unmistakable swishing sound as it was pulled out of the belt loops. His insides quivered at the sound, knowing that the cool leather was soon going to heat up his backside. He stared straight ahead, across the hood of the truck, dreading the first lick.
Matthew scooted over in the seat to get a better view. Todd had the perfect seat, he could see everything. Both boys were so relieved that they weren't part of the action. Todd knew that Stephen was still outside and hoped that he wouldn't be pulled out of the truck and made to drive with Stephen. He enjoyed Rolf's truck, and his friends Matt and now Marc, though Marc wasn't going to be good company for a while.
Rolf placed his hand on the small of Marc's back to keep in him place. He drew back his arm, and let the first crack come crashing down. It landed right across the center of both cheeks. Marc jutted forward a bit and let out a loud yelp. Then the next crack hit, just above the last. And before he had a chance to react a third crack was landed just above the thighs. Marc let loose with another loud yell, and began to squirm. Rolf landed another three well placed cracks in rapid succession. By that sixth stripe Marc was in tears. Rolf then slowly applied 14 more cracks of the belt to Marc's butt and upper thighs. By the tenth crack Marc was sobbing and pleading. By the twentieth crack he was a blubbering mess. Rolf had a strong arm, and knew just how to lay down those cracks just right.
"I don't want to EVER hear language like that from you again. If I do, I will not only go out of my way to get my hands on a bar of soap, but I will also make this seem like a smack on a diapered behind." Rolf said very calmly in Marc's ear. "Do you understand me?"
Marc managed to nod in compliance. Rolf helped Marc to an upright position again, and gave him a long hug. Marc sobbed for a few more minutes on Rolf's shoulder before gritting his teeth and pulling those pants up, ever so gently.
The rest of the trip on those bumpy roads was less than pleasant for Marc. He spent the time in the very back seat regretting the words he spoke.
Stephen had just checked to make sure Todd wasn't in any way involved in the trouble and let him continue to ride with Rolf, with a very stern warning NOT to get into any trouble. Matthew and Todd kept up a pretty good conversation. Marc was sitting alone in the back, pouting and in pain. That was not the way he had imagined starting the trip. He wondered what had happened to Chris and Michael.
Todd and Matthew got a little more excited as the lake came into view. They had a short distance to go around the lake to get to the cabin. They all stopped at store at the main marina to pick up last minute supplies. Matthew and Todd were the only youngsters to get out, the other three stayed in their respective vehicles. Matthew tried to talk Marc into getting out, but Marc still wasn't ready to face anyone. They loaded up on the essentials, bait, junk food, more beer. Matthew made sure to load up on Marc's favorite junk food, didn't want him to be left out. They soon had all their purchases in order and headed back out to the vehicles, and off to the cabin. 15 minutes later they pulled into the driveway.

Part 2

Almost as soon as Rolf had the truck in park, Matthew had the door open and was ready to head to the water. "Come on Marc, Todd, let's go!" Matthew started to jog on down towards the water.
"Matthew, help with the unpacking, please." Rolf said, wanting to get the cabin opened up and the vehicles unpacked before getting started on the fun stuff.
"Oh Roooolffffff, come on. Just a few minutes, please?" Matthew just HAD to see the water, this was his favorite place to visit. He didn't want to miss a minute of fun.
Rolf loved Matthew's sense of adventure, but wasn't about to let him out of his sight. "You need to help up here first. We'll be down there soon enough."
Matthew was trying to decide whether to flash his eyes at Rolf and try to ooze the charm, or choose the pout and pitiful look, when he noticed that Joe and Eric were hauling Chris and Michael to the cabin. Looked like their punishment had not taken place on the side of the road like Marc's had. Maybe he'd stick around, watch the fireworks. He headed back towards the truck to grab a handful of bags.
Upon entering the cabin Matthew found Chris and Michael in the corner, removing their pants. The fireworks were about to explode, and Matthew always enjoyed a good spanking, as long as it wasn't *his*.
Everyone went out and unloaded the vehicles, except for Chris and Michael who remained in the corner. After everything was inside, Joe and Eric were ready to get down to business. They pulled out chairs, side by side, and hauled the boys over their knees. The barrage of smacks began, fast and furious.
Matthew stood next to Marc, and rubbed his back as they watched. After a good ten minutes, they let the boys up. Then, they were made to bend over the table. Their punishment was far from over. That was just the warm-up. Now it was time for the real spanking to begin.
Both boys were in tears already, they couldn't believe it wasn't over yet. When they heard the belts being unbuckled, they both wanted to run. Chris looked up, and saw Matthew and Marc staring in rapt fascination. The rest of the gang were busy doing their own things, but those two just stood and stared. That upset Chris to no end, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now. That would be for later. Michael, on the other hand, could care less what anyone else was doing. All his thoughts were on Eric, and the belt that was going to come crashing down any second now. He was upset with himself. He didn't think about the consequences of writing on the hat, and the real problem was that it was Chris who did all the dirty work. Michael just egged him on, and didn't think he'd be dragged into the melee. Just then, the first lick landed on his backside, and he yelped as if he had just been branded. A second later came Chris's sharp reply to the belt on his ass. They got 10 stripes each, more than enough to make sure they behaved in the future. Then they were both deposited back into their respective corners to sob out their pain.
Now that the fireworks were over, and the cars unpacked, Matthew was ready to have fun.
Everyone was soon down at the lake. Unfortunately, Michael and Chris were pouting. They were angry that they were spanked. And they were angry that they had an audience. But their anger wasn't directed at Marc so much, since he got a good dose from Rolf. No their anger was focused on Matthew. Where did he think he got off watching them. He had no personal stake in it. And he wasn't so angelic either. What about his role in this? The question was, do they rat on him and hand him over to Rolf? Or do they deal with him themselves, slowly? Their minds menaced slowly, as the same idea flooded their minds at once. They smiled smugly to each other. Couldn't do anything about it now, they were still in the doghouse. But sometime this weekend.....
Everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. They spent the entire afternoon down on the dock, swimming, fishing, wave running. No fights, no disasters, just a really great time.
Around 5 o'clock, Rolf decided it was time to fix dinner. Joseph came up to the cabin to help Rolf with dinner, leaving the other two guys to supervise the boys. Pretty soon they had a grill overloaded with steaks and vegetables. Rolf went over to the edge of the cabin's porch, and rang the bell sharply three times, then again four times. That was to signal Matthew and Marc to high tail it back to the cabin.
Matthew wasn't the least bit interested in heading back up. He was having too much fun, and didn't care that dinner was ready. Marc was hungry, he wanted the food. He got up to go, and realized that Matthew wasn't getting out of the water.
"Come on Matthew, we've been summoned by the 'Great One'. Let's go."
Matthew burst into laughter at that remark. "The 'Great One?' What planet are YOU from?" he said as he tried not to swallow water in between the giggles.
Matthew quit laughing as Eric walked up with a real stern look on his face, his finger pointing towards the cabin. "Get your tail up there right now, before you find yourself with a toasted backside. Rolf rang for you, NOW GO!"
Matthew managed to stutter out a "Yes, Sir" and climbed up the ladder to the dock. He warily eyed Eric as he walked past, afraid of being grabbed and smacked a few times. As soon as he was just far enough away, he muttered to himself under his breath. "Toasted backside my ass....what a jerk." Lucky for Matthew, no one heard, so he thought. Michael just happened to be lurking in the right place at the right time. He would save that card for later.
Dinner was fabulous. For someone who had no interest in eating, Matthew certainly put it away. Like a squirrel going into hibernation. After dinner, everyone pitched in and cleaned up. They were all too full to swim, but sitting was not an option, especially where Matthew was concerned. He had to be doing something all the time. He got a game of badminton going with Marc, Todd and Stephen. Naturally, Matthew and Marc won. Matthew could always take the good with the bad, but he *hated* to lose. If he wanted to win, and he always did, he would throw quite the tantrum when he lost. It wasn't one of his better qualities, but Rolf was working on that.
Eventually, the sun went down. The mosquitoes came out, and everyone headed inside. Michael and Chris suggested that everyone play Trivial Pursuit, Matthew's favorite. Matthew *loved* Trivial Pursuit. Matthew was always very inquisitive, and it paid off in this game. Michael and Chris flashed wicked grins at one another. The trap was set, the fireworks would soon begin.
Rolf, Stephen, Eric and Joseph sat down at the kitchen table and started a round of poker, while the rest of the gang sat around the coffee table with the Trivial Pursuit game. This suited Chris and Michael just fine, they could control things a bit better this way. They rolled the dice, and Matthew got to go first. The question was an easy one, and he made his first move. The game went on for a round or two, good natured ribbing all around for those that missed the answers.
Chris and Michael were reading the cards, and giving out the answers. Pretty soon, the questions seemed to get a little more difficult for Matthew to answer. And when he gave a wrong answer, the ribbing was getting a little on the mean side. He tried to ignore it, knowing that he would be able to answer a question soon, he always did well in this game. Todd was a little on the sleepy side and didn't see the problem beginning to develop. Marc was only noticing that the guys seemed to be a little on the mean side, but figured that was normal, or that they were just a bit spiteful because their butts were probably still on the tender side, same as his. It was Matthew's turn again. Chris asked him a question, for which Matthew knew the answer. He gave it, and started to move his gamepiece. Chris grabbed for Matthew's wrist saying "No, no no no you don't. That was the WRONG answer silly boy. You aren't as smart as you thought, huh?"
Matthew was immediately indignant. He jerked his wrist free of Chris, and said "I KNOW that was the right answer. I've had that question before. Let me see the card!" He went to reach for the card, and Chris pulled it out of his reach.
"What, you don't trust me?" Chris tried to act innocent, he could sense that the ears from the other table were tuned into their game now.
Marc could sense the building tension, and tried to calm it down some. "Here Chris, let me see the card. I'm sure.."
Chris interrupted Marc with "What? Just because Matthew is such a sore loser, you don't believe me either?" Chris knew that comment would get under Matthew's skin, and boy did it ever.
Matthew shoved the game board towards Chris as he went to grab him by the shirt collar with both hands.
"You lying little _f_u_c_k_. I know that was the right answer. Why do you have to be such a cheating little _s_h_i_t_?" Matthew said, clearly not thinking, as he pulled him over the table.
Matthew knew he was in for it. First of all he got his middle name. And second, Rolf never swore. Matthew was frozen with fear.
Everyone was taken aback. They knew this was serious too. Rolf stood and rolled his sleeves up, and looked at Matthew.
"Do NOT make me repeat myself. AND do NOT make me come over there."
Matthew turned back to Chris, who he still had by the neck. Chris could see the fear in Matthew's eyes, and knew how VERY upset Rolf was. But he still* wasn't finished with Matthew yet. Chris's back was mostly towards Rolf, and he used that to his advantage. He gave Matthew a huge smirk and sang under his breath, just for Matthew's ears, "na na na na na na."
Matthew thought for only a second of what the consequences would be. He knew Rolf was going to blister his ass, and in front of everyone he was sure. What did it matter now what happened? He certainly couldn't just let go of Chris, that would mean that Chris won, and that WASN'T going to happen.
Matthew pulled sharply forward on Chris's shirt collar, ripping part of it. Then he shoved Chris with all his strength. Chris was caught completely off balance and went flying backwards, landing with a resounding thump on his tailbone, his left arm soundly connecting with the leg from the chair sitting next to him. Chris let out a howl and grabbed for his arm.
The boys sitting around the coffee table all scrambled to their feet, backing away from the scene a little bit.
The guys around the table all jumped up at practically the same time, Joseph dashing over to comfort Chris. Eric followed, as his officer training included a section on medical emergencies. They checked out Chris's arm, found that it was just going to have a huge bruise, but thankfully no broken bones.
Matthew didn't see any of this activity going on. As soon as he let go of Chris, he realized how incredibly much trouble he was in, and that he just added volumes more.
No sooner did he realize what he had done, than he was hauled by an unseen force to the kitchen. It didn't take long to gather that it was Rolf and he was not happy. Rolf dragged Matthew by the arm to the kitchen sink.
"I don't know WHAT has gotten into you, but that was uncalled for! That was DANGEROUS!!! Do you see your friend over there? DO YOU?" Rolf said, pointing in Chris' direction.
Matthew barely managed to nod his head.
"You owe Chris a HUGE apology, which you will deliver later. Right now, I'm going to clean that filthy mouth of yours but good. When I'm done cleaning that mouth, I'm going to paddle your tail 15 shades of red. I told you before, that temper of yours has GOT to be reined in, and if you're not going to do it, I WILL."
Rolf grabbed the unopened bar of Ivory and unwrapped it. He turned the water to hot and lathered it up. He forcefully shoved the sudsy bar into Matthew's mouth. Rolf worked with vigor, moving that bar in and out, left to right. The suds were flowing, the screams were muffled, and the tears began falling. Rolf coated Matthew's mouth good and thick with that soap, making sure not to miss an inch.
Now that Chris was evaluated as being okay, everyone turned their attention to Matthew.
Rolf finished with the bar of soap. Suds had fallen down Matthew's front, and coated Rolf's hand. There were suds all over the floor, some on Rolf, some in the sink. Rolf let go of Matthew's head, leaving him standing there. Rolf calmly washed his hands and dried them off. Matthew was left with a mouthful of soap, slowly running down his face. When Rolf was done, he took Matthew by the ear, bent him over the sink and barked "SPIT!"
Matthew begin spitting feverishly, trying to get ALL the soap out. No amount of spitting was going to help, Rolf had coated it all well, and there was lots stuck in the teeth. He was only allowed a minute or so to spit, before Rolf pulled up on the ear.
That one word sent shivers through Matthew. He could feel ALL eyes on him. He looked imploringly up at Rolf, trying to get Rolf to change his mind, maybe take him upstairs to punish him. "P..ple..ease" he managed to stutter between sobs, before Rolf stopped him.
Rolf was furious, so furious that he was beyond the yelling stage. He calmly said "Get your clothes off this instant, little one, before you find yourself in more trouble than you can handle."
Matthew's heart sank, as he realized just exactly what was going to happen. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and then removed his pants. He was soon left totally bare, shivering in fear and embarrassment.
Rolf pointed to the paddle on the wall, saying sternly "Bring it here."
Naturally the paddle was in the middle of the room, which means everyone got a good view. It wasn't the naked part that bothered Matthew, they all seen one another naked at one point or another. No it was his demeanor. He had been reduced to a little boy. His dignity far from intact. He was still spitting some soap as he walked. It was a long walk to that paddle, and knowing what would happen when he made it back to Rolf with it, didn't help matters. He brought it back to Rolf.
"Now apologize to Chris, and make it good or else."
Oh the humiliation. He turned to Chris and looked the liar in the eye.
"I am sorry. It was stupid. I over reacted. I know you could have been seriously injured, and I am sorry."
It took all his strength to muster that in a half way decent tone. Rolf apparently was satisfied, since Matthew was promptly upended over Rolf's knee. Then the paddle came crashing down hard. And then again with equal force. Matthew screamed out as the two whacks finally registered. Rolf continued raining that paddle down, slowly and methodically, covering every inch of Matthew's plump white backside. Soon his backside was indeed 15 shades of red as promised. After 30 whacks, Rolf stopped, leaving Matthew sobbing and shaking. He escorted him up to bed where he would remain the rest of the night, alone.
In the midst of all the action, Chris hadn't realized that Marc came across the game card. And indeed Matthew was correct. The whole incident was instigated. But why? Marc was gonna find out before he decided how to deal with this.
Matthew cried for a little while, as his backside slowly cooled. Rolf was an expert with that paddle, and it always left Matthew in tears. This time was definitely no exception. He was upset at Chris, since he KNEW he was right. He couldn't believe he had to apologize to him, right before getting his ass beat. And now he was upstairs, alone, in pain and foaming at the mouth, while everyone else was having fun, and probably doting on the stupid ass and his arm. Rolf's paddling taught Matthew a lesson, but not the one Rolf thought it had. Matthew was just going to have to be more careful when he got Chris back. He was goi. n...g.... and Matthew dropped off to sleep.
The rest of the gang partied for another 4 hours. They did S'mores on the grill outside, played a few games, and generally had a great time. Matthew didn't hear them come upstairs at midnight.

Part 3

Matthew awoke at 6. He had slept for 10 hours. He went to roll out of bed and fairly flew out when he put weight on his butt. Ouch, but he was still in pain! He quietly grabbed his toothbrush and wandered downstairs. He immediately brushed his teeth fully, getting the remnants of the soaping out. Oh how he hated Ivory! Once he felt clean, he rummaged through the kitchen, finding one of the boxes of doughnuts. He downed four of them, before deciding that he was full.
Marc woke up at 6:20, he had too much to drink the night before and needed to pee SO bad. He realized that Matthew was already up, and went to go find his friend.
He found him outside, facedown on the lounge chair. "Hey Matty, you okay?"
Matthew was startled, didn't know anyone was there. "Oh shit man, you scared me. Yeah, I'm fine, just enjoying the quiet. Isn't it so nice out here?"
"Yeah, it is. Almost other worldly. How is the damage?"
"Still very sore, can you not tell? How is yours?"
"I have a few stripes, and can feel it, but not badly. I thought that was unfair, you answered that question correctly. Why didn't you wait to confront Chris, you could have saved yourself quite a bit of pain."
"Yeah, I know. He just royally pissed me off, and unfortunately for me, I fell right into his trap. I do it almost every time. Hey, enough about him and....last night. Want to go for an early morning walk before everyone else gets up? It's really nice in the woods when it's this early."
"Sure, let me get our shoes, be right back."
The two boys took off into the woods, enjoying the quiet, and the togetherness. They completely lost track of time, and only realized they had wandered a good distance away when they barely heard the dinner bell ringing for them.
"Oh _s_h_i_t_, man. That's for us. We better book it back!" Matthew said, turning on his heel and running towards the cabin. Marc quickly followed. It took them 10 minutes to get back, and they heard the bell twice more. They were completely out of breath upon arrival. When they burst into the grassy area around the cabin, they saw Rolf, arms crossed, glaring at them from the porch.
Rolf watched the boys warily walk up to the porch. "Matthew, what have I told you about running off like that?"
"I'm sorry. We just took a little walk, I PROMISE we didn't go near the water. It was quiet, you guys were going to sleep for a while, we just took a little walk......we didn't go far." Matthew looked imploringly up at Rolf, the last few words of his sentence trailing off quietly.
"How many times did you hear the bell?"
Matthew knew that would give them away, but he couldn't lie. "Three times, sir."
"That means, little one, you went a little farther then I allow, without a note, without telling me, without anything, isn't that correct?"
Matthew looked at his shoes "Yes...Sir."
"Breakfast is ready. You two boys will sit on the dock for the first two hours as punishment. Now get inside and eat."
Matthew was ready to get into it with Rolf, but Marc gave him a shove and had him head inside. Marc waited outside with Rolf to talk.
"Rolf I know we should have left a note, and apologize for that, but he needed that walk. There are things you don't know, things I can't get into yet. But the bottom line is after last night Matthew needed to get away for a minute. He waited for me, and didn't go on his own. Doesn't that count for anything? Please."
Now Marc was the one with those big puppy dog eyes. He was hoping that would work on Rolf as well as they did on him, when Matthew flashed them.
Rolf looked at Marc, and thought for a minute.
"You know I don't usually change my mind on my punishments, but I will make an exception this time. If he was going to go off, there is no one other than myself I would rather him be with. Now what is this stuff about me not knowing things?"
"Please Rolf, I don't...I can't get into it right now. Can we leave it at that, please?"
"Alright, but we ARE going to discuss this later little one. Now let's get in there and eat before there is nothing left."
Rolf gave Marc a gentle swat on the tail and directed him inside. Marc sat down at the table next to Matthew, who was just playing with his fork. He lost his appetite. His weekend was turning into a disaster. Marc looked at Rolf, who nodded, then whispered in Matthew's ear. After hearing Marc, Matthew sprung from his chair and bounced over to Rolf. Gave him a big hug and kiss. Rolf told him to go eat before he changed his mind, and gave him a gentle swat too, forgetting that his marks were still a bit too fresh. Matthew squeaked, but realized no harm was intended.
Soon breakfast was over. Dishes were cleared, and the kitchen cleaned. It was time for some fun in the sun.
They all headed back down the hill to the water, a few trailing behind a little slower as they had hangovers from drinking too much the night before. It was going to be a glorious day. The sun was bright, the mist already burned off the water, and the temperatures already VERY warm.
Matthew had recovered all of his normal sunny disposition, even letting Chris take out the waverunner first. Marc and Matthew swam over to a small rock outcropping, not too far from shore. They climbed out of the water and perched on the rocks.
"I don't know what you said to Rolf, but thanks. Sitting on the dock for two hours was NOT going to be pleasant. What DID you say?"
Marc smiled, flashed his eyes at Matthew and said in a silly voice "Oh please, Great One, forgive us our sins, weeEEEEEEE.."
Marc came up spitting and stuttering. Matthew had shoved him off the rock.
Matthew was standing tall, looking down at Marc. "I am KING of the mountain. Come worship at my feet, peasant!"
And with that Marc reached up, and in one smooth yank, Matthew's suit was at his ankles. When he reached down to pull it up, Marc pulled him in.
"Looks like the king has been dethroned."
"That wasn't funny you jerk."
"Yes it was."
Matthew just smiled and gave a little chuckle. "Look the full moon is out."
He did a little flip, and his still bare buns were up in the air. The boys had a good laugh, and continued to horseplay until the waverunners returned.
Marc and Matthew jumped on the two waverunners and took off. They found a boat not too far away, and played in the wake for a bit, before the boat sped too far off. They headed over to a little island, it looked like a good place for a quick stop.
Matthew climbed off the runner with a little wince of pain. His backside was still a little on the sore side. Marc saw the look and asked him about it, which got the boys talking about the whole episode the day before. Matthew wanted to pay Chris back. One HUGE problem though, Rolf. Rolf wouldn't stand for any sort of retribution, no matter what the reason. Matthew wouldn't be denied, and Marc was having a hard time trying to reason with him. He knew Rolf would be asking him about the whole situation later, and he didn't want Matthew in any more trouble, himself included. Matthew, as usual, wasn't listening.
"Matthew will you listen to me? I know you are angry and you have every right to be. BUT Rolf is getting suspicious, and he WILL be asking questions. It's not a matter of if, it is *when*. You know just as well as I do, lying won't get us anywhere."
"Marc I can't let him get away with what happened."
"I didn't say let him get away with it. Just be cautious. Play *him* for the fool. Find *his* weakness, and let him get caught. You were set up. So set him up. Just remember, we *never* had this conversation."
Marc flashed a wicked grin and headed toward the waverunners. Matthew let his gears turn as he followed Marc. He knew Chris pretty well. But he needed to find the one thing that would get his goat. Matthew stopped dead in his tracks.
"What is it? What's the matter?" Marc inquired, noticing that Matthew stopped following him.
Matthew just smiled. He knew how to get that little _s_h_i_t_ back. He told Marc what he was going to do. Marc was wanting to pay Chris back as well, but Matthew's plan was a little on the dangerous side. He didn't know what to do, all he knew was that Matthew's mind was made up and there was NO changing it.
Matthew was already on the waverunner and headed away. Marc had to run to catch up to him. They made it back to the dock, but not soon enough for Todd. He was the one who hadn't gotten a ride yet and was furious that they had stayed out for over an hour.
"Ever heard of sharing? You've been gone over an hour! There are more people here than just you two!" Todd was pacing the deck as Marc and Matthew slid off into the water.
"Chill man, you can go now." Matthew said.
"Oh thanks for your permission, NOT! Why don't you think of someone besides yourself for a change?"
Rolf had listened to the exchange long enough. Matthew knew the rules. He strode over to the edge of the dock. "You two, on the dock, NOW." Rolf said pointing to the dock.
Matthew glared at Todd, but swam over and climbed up the ladder, sitting on the dock in silence. Marc did the same.
Todd did a cannonball into the water, splashing all three of them. Stephen joined him, and they took off after gassing the runners up.
Matthew and Marc were left there for thirty minutes. It served to heat them both up, their tempers from the punishment, their bodies from the sun. Matthew used that time to formulate his idea into a plan of action. Chris liked to drink. He was going to use THAT to his advantage tonight.
He got everyone set up with their first round of drinks, and the game began. Matthew was limited to one alcoholic drink, so he made his count. He also made Chris's count. If Chris noticed the strength of his drink, he never said anything. Marc knew that Matthew was making Chris's drinks stronger to get him drunk, but he didn't know the real reason behind that. He figured that Chris would just become an ugly drunk and would get in trouble for that.
They took a break about an hour later. Rolf put a halt to the liquor, as a house full of men and boys that were feeling no pain was a deadly combination. So Matthew moved to step two of his plan. Matthew knew how much Chris liked to smoke, and that of course it wasn't allowed. Unbeknownst to anyone, Matthew had found a bag of pot at Stephen's bar one night. Looked like Stephen had confiscated it from someone as it was sitting on his desk in the office. Matthew took a little of it, and kept it for later use. He had brought it up to the cabin about a month ago, and went to retrieve it from the tree he had hidden it in. He took a cigar with him, and replaced some of the tobacco with the pot. He put the cigar on the porch, and went to find Chris.
"Hey Chris, you've just GOT to come outside. There is a HUGE bear out there! He's calling your name."
Everyone laughed, but Chris was a little too far gone not to follow Matthew out to see why his leg was being pulled. Marc was a little curious, but he stayed in the cabin.
"Where isss thisss bear?" Chris slurred as he stumbled out onto the porch.
"Oh come on man, did you REALLY think there was a bear? I just thought you'd like a quick smoke. Here is one of your cigars you keep hidden."
Chris didn't think anything about Matthew having given him his cigar, nor providing him an opportunity to smoke it. The liquor was slowing down his brain processes. "Thanksss man. I'll just go around the other sssside of the carssss, you'll keep everyone inssside, right?
"Yeah, no problem." Matthew went back inside, a VERY smug smile on his face.
Marc saw that look when Matthew walked in, and wondered exactly WHAT was up. It didn't look good, not with that Cheshire cat grin on his face.
"Matthew what's going on?" Rolf inquired.
"I don't know. I wanted to show Chris...the raccoons. There are...were a couple of raccoons out there, and you know how he loves his wildlife."
Rolf was a bit suspicious of Matthew's pauses, but then again he had no reason to believe he was lying.
"Well, where is he now?" Rolf added.
"He told me to head back in, he wanted something out of the truck."
"Well what could that be, everything is in here." Joseph said.
Matthew just shrugged and pretended not to know. After a minute, Joseph had to know what Chris was up to. He went to the porch door and was ready to head out, just as Chris returned.
"What were you doing out there?" Joseph asked.
"I went out to look at ttthhhat huuuge bear Mattthhhhew sssssaw." Chris responded, his words slurring really good now.
Rolf began observing the situation, something wasn't right. He looked at Chris and noticed his eyes were a bit glazed over. Rolf tried to get something on Matthew but he sat like a perfect angel. Then Rolf smelled something.
"What is that smell? It smells like...a cigar." Rolf commented.
The guys agreed that they too smelled something, but not just a cigar. Then Joseph brought Chris closer and sniffed.
"It smells like a cigar and POT!"
Marc's eyes got really big, what did Matthew do?
"WHAT!?!!" Practically everyone said at once.
Chris was a little drunk, but the surge of adrenaline through his body at knowing he was caught smoking caused him to almost immediately sober up a few degrees. The word pot hadn't made it through his head yet. He was just worried about the cigar bit. Chris wanted to lie but they were in the middle of nowhere, no one around to blame the smell on. He was about to speak when his ears got blasted from his head.
Joseph grabbed Chris by the shoulders and gave him a good shake. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? DRUGS? YOU?!?" Joseph was beyond furious. Not only did it seem as if Chris had used drugs, but he used them in Rolf's cabin, with all their friends in attendance, including a police officer, Eric.
Chris started stuttering "No, drugs. What are you talking about? I smoked a cigar. Pot? No. Not me, never, Joe, you've got to believe me. I would never..."
Everyone else in the room got really quiet. Matthew's smile had slipped from his face, this looked like it was going to get REALLY ugly. He looked over at Rolf. He didn't like what he saw. Rolf was clearly upset when the word drugs was used.
Rolf was trying to decide whether to intervene in the situation or not. Joseph rarely had a temper, but the word and smell of drugs had just triggered it to the fullest extent possible.
Marc awoke from shock and scrambled over to Matthew, trying to find out what had happened. Rolf looked over as they sat whispering. Rolf had a bad feeling, a VERY bad feeling. He needed to get to the bottom of this *before* Chris was skinned alive. Rolf stood up and went over to Joseph.
"Can I talk to you outside for a minute?" Rolf whispered in Joseph's ear.
"No you can't, just mind your own business this time!" Joseph barked at Rolf.
"Joseph, it is *my* business, this is *my* cabi..."
"_d_a_m_n_IT ROLF," Joseph got his finger right in Rolf's face. "" He was trying to contain his anger and not explode at the wrong person.
Everyone else was just frozen in their seats, they knew they should leave, yet they just couldn't.
Rolf straightened up to his full 6'8" height, his six inches above Joseph's height feeling more like three feet to Joseph. He lowered his voice to the deadly calm level, the one that spoke volumes about how upset he was. "Joseph, you really don't want to do this. Outside, now." He said, pointing.
Joseph was shaking he was so mad. Without thinking, he balled up the hand that he had in Rolf's face, and went to take a swing at him. Rolf saw what was intended and blocked the move, catching and then twisting Joseph's arm behind his back, grabbing him by the collar, and shoving him out the door past a very startled Chris. Rolf man handled Joseph down the few steps, and pushed him face first against the side of his truck. "JOSEPH! CALM DOWN. Stop fighting me, stop it NOW!" Rolf subdued Joseph by holding him until the fight left him.
Eric walked out onto the porch to make sure things were alright between the two. "Rolf, things okay?"
Rolf turned away from Joseph for just a moment. "Yeah, we're okay. Make sure Chris is facing the corner, Marc and Matthew on the couch, the rest of you upstairs. The fun has ended for this evening."
"Yes, sir" Eric said, walking back inside.
Rolf turned his attention back to Joseph. "I'm going to let go. Then you and I are going to discuss this matter in a civil manner. Is that clear?"
Joseph knew when he was beat. "Yes, very clear, sir."
Rolf let go and Joseph turned around, much more civilized than before. He apologized for his actions, and thanked Rolf for stepping in. He even hinted that perhaps later he should be brought out there for a lesson. Rolf put that in his memory bank, and discussed his concerns with Joseph. He had a very unsettling feeling that Matthew was involved, somehow. Joseph listened as Rolf described his plan of action.
Meanwhile inside Chris was in the corner, sobering up very quickly and getting more nervous by the second. Matthew and Marc were on the couch together, both were also nervous. At first they were silent, but Marc broke the ice.
"Matthew, tell me the truth, what did you do?"
"I didn't do anything."
"Matthew Christopher, I said the truth. I am not about to go down with you. I want to know what you did and how, and I want to know NOW!"
"AS do I Marc, as do I."
The boys jumped fifty feet. They hadn't heard Rolf enter the room.
"Matthew aren't you going to answer Marc? Apparently I am NOT the only one suspicious of your role in this."
Matthew felt the first stirrings of real fear in his stomach as everyone looked to him for an explanation. His heart was beating rapidly from being startled by Rolf. There was NO WAY he could even be connected with that pot. Rolf would kill him. Quite literally and without a shadow of a doubt. He got really interested in the carpet fringe on the floor, trying to come up with a foolproof explanation, one that sounded good to him. He decided some amount of truth was required, but wasn't sure how to begin.
"Alright, looks like I'll have to start. Chris, have a seat on the couch." Rolf walked over to face the three boys waiting nervously for all hell to break loose. "Marc, I'm going to start with you."
Marc's stomach dropped to his toes. He most certainly did NOT want to be in the middle of this mess, not when drugs were mentioned. He looked slowly up at Rolf. "Y. yes, sir?"
Rolf pointed his finger at Marc. "You told me this morning when you got back from your long walk in the woods that there was something going on and that you couldn't tell me about it this morning. I mistakenly let that slide, thinking that everything was under control. Seems like that was FAR from the truth, and I'll make sure not to let that happen again. I want an explanation for that comment, and it had better be the COMPLETE and TOTAL TRUTH. NOW, young man!"
Marc wanted so badly to protect Matthew, but there was no way around it this time. He explained to Rolf what had led up to the evening, that Chris had goaded Matthew into trouble over the Trivial Pursuit game the night before, and that they wanted to get Chris back for that. He explained that Matthew had intended to get Chris drunk, and see what happened from there. He knew nothing about the cigar or any of that.
Chris and Matthew both shrunk back into the couch, as their sins against each other were spelled out in detail. Both knew they were in for it, and in for it good.
Rolf listened impassively. He could almost feel the blood boiling through his body. Joseph was leaning against the wall, watching in fascination as Rolf worked his usual magic of getting straight to the truth, cutting out any and all nonsense along the way.
When Marc was finished, Rolf let some of his anger loose. "STAND UP, YOUNG MAN!"
Marc popped up into a standing position, wondering what was going to be said. Rolf had a lovely shade of red going on his face, causing his eyes to seem an even icier blue. He quickly averted his eyes to the floor.
Marc raised his eyes up to meet Rolf's.
"I am THOROUGHLY disappointed in you, young man. The INSTANT you knew this game was being played you should have come straight to me. Had that been done, you wouldn't be in NEAR the trouble you are now." Rolf was pacing, getting rid of some of his anger in the movement. "How dangerous does this have to get before you think about telling me, huh? Getting someone drunk, just to get back at them? That IS STUPID!! You knew that was going to happen, and yet you failed to tell me."
Marc started to stutter out that he didn't know about the drinking part this morning when he told Rolf he couldn't say anything. "B. bbut Rol.."
"QUIET!" Rolf roared, stopping his pacing directly in front of Marc. He startled everyone, including Joseph who almost lost his footing and slid down the wall.
"You had TIME to talk to me, young man. I DON'T bite, and I wouldn't punish you as a messenger. YOU KNOW THAT! Instead, you let your misguided loyalty to Matthew cloud your thinking." Marc's eyes had reverted to the floor. Rolf had instantly shamed him with that comment. Rolf grabbed Marc's chin, forcing the eyes up to his own. "Don't you EVER keep something like this from me again, no matter WHAT the reason. IS....THAT....UNDERSTOOD?" Rolf said that last part slowly and with the deadly calm voice.
"Yes, sir" Marc managed to say, his voice almost breaking.
"Young man, you and I will finish OUR discussion tomorrow. Right now, you are to go STRAIGHT to bed. NOW." Rolf let go of Marc's chin as soon as Marc said "yes, sir" and watched as he fled from the room.
Marc knew what the discussion tomorrow would entail, but he was SO glad to be out of the line of fire right now. He quickly stripped and dove under the covers, near tears, wondering what tonight held for the guys downstairs, and what tomorrow would hold for him.
Meanwhile, Rolf continued to make his breakthrough.
"Okay Matthew let's start at the beginning. What were you thinking? What on EARTH were you THINKING? You weren't punished last night for retaliating, you were punished for behaving dangerously."
"But Chris purposely..."
"Don't interrupt me. I realize now that Chris was a huge instigator of the events that transpired last night, and I will make sure that never happens again either. But the issue at hand is you, Matthew. Drinking is very dangerous. Too much alcohol can result in alcohol poisoning, which can result in death. Did you think about that when making Chris' drinks?"
Matthew just hung his head. He didn't really think, he just knew that Chris was an obnoxious drunk, and knew he could get him back that way.
"Now I want a straight answer from you Matthew, the truth. What went on outside tonight?"
Matthew was finding a small rock on the floor the most interesting thing in the universe right now. Studying the planes and angles, the colors.."
"One" Rolf said simply.
Matthew's heart began to beat a little faster, as the moment of truth was quickly arriving. He just couldn't say it. Not drugs...
Matthew looked up at Rolf, wanting to say something, but nothing was forthcoming.
"Three" With that, Rolf turned on his heel, and went to retrieve the paddle.
Matthew saw what he was heading for. He started to stutter "Rolf, please, it was nothing, really. I'll tell you. It was just.."
Rolf had the paddle and was back in front of the stuttering Matthew. He took Matthew by the arm, turned him sideways and brought the paddle crashing down ten times in rapid succession. It left Matthew breathless, his eyes hot with unshed tears. He quickly tried to rub out the sting.
"Matthew, what..happened...tonight?" Rolf said slowly and deliberately.
Matthew sniffled and rubbed his eyes. He took a deep breath. He knew he had to tell the whole story, because Rolf would beat it out of him, and THEN punish for it. He told Rolf everything, from where he got the pot from, to what he did with it.
"Rolf I am sorry. I was angry that I got punished so badly last night, and especially when it wasn't my fault. I knew that if I got Chris drunk, I could get him to take the cigar without any suspicion. Then in his depleted state he would take a fall, figuratively, and get it good." Matthew dropped his eyes back to the floor, shame flooding his body. He waited for Rolf to explode.
Rolf didn't explode. "Chris stand up."
Chris got slowly to his feet, his head a little on the painful side as the drugs, alcohol and fear combined. "Yes, sir?"
"Do you have anything to add to that story? Any details left out, anything?"
" Sir. That's what happened....sir." He was mentally trying to dot all his i's and cross all his t's. He knew both Rolf's and Joseph's tempers were something to fear.
Joseph came forward and took Chris by the arm, pulling him into the kitchen area, leaving Matthew and Rolf alone. Matthew immediately dissolved into tears as he realized that he was probably going to get his ass beat inside of 10 seconds. Instead, Rolf sat down on the couch, pulling Matthew to him, holding him close as Matthew continued crying. Matthew kept saying over and over how sorry he was, he knew it was dangerous and stupid. Rolf held on to him, not disagreeing with what was said. He knew Matthew realized how badly everything could have turned out, but he was still going to be punished, and punished hard for it. When Matthew had calmed down, was hiccuping and sobbing in short spurts, Rolf began his lecture. It was a long one, one tinged with a bit of everything from anger, disbelief, sadness, but underlying it all, love.
Halfway through Rolf's lecture to Matthew, Joseph began Chris's spanking. He was not nearly as long winded as Rolf.
The sounds of flesh on flesh echoed through the kitchen. Matthew was beginning to tune out Rolf, and could only hear Chris' pleas and yelps. After all *this* was what he was working towards. Yet somehow, it was so unworth it. And not just because in a few short minutes he too would screaming and crying. Listening to his friend get spanked harder and harder, the cries getting louder and louder, Matthew began crying again. He was so disappointed in himself. This was all happening because of something stupid that happened the night before. Granted that spanking was unfair, but if he didn't get spanked for that, there surely would have been something else. It was just Matthew's nature.
Rolf realized why Matthew was crying. Chris' cries became louder as Joseph spanked him with his hairbrush. Rolf knew that those cries made Matthew realize he had done something really horrible. He also knew that Matthew was worn out.
"Matthew it has been a long night. I think it's best if...if we continue this discussion in the morning."
It was rare for Rolf to postpone the inevitable especially in a situation like this. But Matthew wiped away his tears, and shook his head.
" Rolf. I n..n. need to be punished ton...night."
Rolf looked at Matthew with mild surprise. It was a very rare occasion that Matthew didn't argue about being punished. Even if he knew he deserved it without a doubt, he would still fight tooth and nail not to go through with it. He knew then that Matthew really did realize how dangerous and out of hand things had gotten this weekend, and that the spanking would help set him on the path of forgiveness of himself. He took Matthew's face in his hands, and planted a gentle kiss on each cheek, tasting the saltiness of Matthew's tears. "Yes love, let's get this spanking behind us." Rolf said gently.
Matthew didn't miss the love in Rolf's eyes. He slowly got to his feet and undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He lowered his briefs, and stepped out of the pile around his ankles.
Rolf had situated himself on the couch, and held out his hand to guide Matthew over his lap. He made sure the paddle was within easy reach, he would use that in a few minutes.
The spanking had ended in the kitchen. It sounded as if Chris had his face buried against Joseph as his cries were muffled.
Rolf looked down at his brat, the love of his life. This was going to be a tough lesson to teach, and he knew, a tough lesson to learn. He wrapped his arm tight around Matthew's side, locking him into place. He brought his hand up high, and let it come crashing down on the right cheek. Matthew jumped at the impact. He continued slowly spanking Matthew's bottom. It wasn't long before Matthew was kicking and crying, as his bottom wasn't healed from yesterday's punishment. Rolf would occasionally let a hard slap fall across the backs of Matthew's thighs. Matthew would scream loudly when that impacted. After ten solid minutes of hard hand spanking, Rolf grabbed for the paddle.
Rolf let the paddle rest on Matthew's backside. Matthew cringed and clenched as he felt the cold wood against his sore, flaming backside. Rolf let Matthew cry for a minute. He waited for the tears to stop pouring out. When Rolf was satisfied that Matthew was ready to continue he raised the paddle up high. It came crashing down across the sit spot of both cheeks. Matthew immediately howled, and lunged forward a bit, even through Rolf's hold.
Rolf snapped the paddle down again and again, punishing the already furiously hot skin.
Matthew went hoarse after the first 4 swats, unable to yell at all. He moaned in pitifully short bursts as the paddle crashed down again and again. He couldn't help but kick each time the paddle landed, but he was unable to move more than an inch or two.
Rolf snapped the paddle down one last time, and then threw it hard against the wall. It clattered to the floor, the only sounds in the cabin coming from the two very well punished boys.
Joseph came out of the kitchen carrying Chris and headed upstairs. Rolf stayed with Matthew for a while longer, before following Joseph upstairs, also carrying his love. Rolf was worn out, and he had at least an unpleasant morning ahead of him.

Part 4

Everyone got up pretty early the next day, save for Chris and Matthew who were worn out and stayed in bed. Neither was eager to face the rest of the gang as they knew everyone heard all the commotion from the night before.
Rolf and Stephen handled breakfast preparations while everyone else set the table or wandered around outside, enjoying the cool morning before the sun warmed it up to blistering temperatures.
Marc was one of the last to head downstairs. He knew Rolf had promised to "talk" with him today, and he was not the least bit interested in getting the day started. Once he got downstairs he walked outside quickly, hoping that Rolf wouldn't say anything as he walked out the door. Nothing was said, so he headed over to the swing that hung in the big tree out behind the cabin.
"How'd it go last night?" Todd asked, startling Marc who hadn't heard him approach.
"UH! Geez, scare the crap out of me why don't you?"
"Sorry, I wasn't trying to sneak up, you're just a million miles away. Was Rolf really upset?"
"Duh! Don't tell me you didn't hear him yelling from upstairs."
"I think the cabin on the other side of the lake heard Rolf yelling." Todd said, laughing.
"And the people in Bermuda as well." Marc added, trying to lighten his own mood. Rolf had been seriously upset last night, and Marc had yet to face him. And Todd seemed to be a little on the nosey side.
"Breakfast is ready!" Eric yelled from the porch.
Todd got up and started heading up to the cabin. He stopped when he noticed Marc wasn't following.
"Aren't you coming?"
"Not all that hungry if you know what I mean."
"You better at least come up, or you will really be in trouble."
"Oh, you're right, point taken."
Marc got up and walked with Todd up to the cabin.
"So how is it with this group you manage to not get a sore tail, or even get hollered at?" Marc asked.
"What can I say, I am just adorable." Todd said as he winked and smiled.
Marc got a good laugh out of that one, and at least had a smile on his face as he headed inside. He sat as far away from Rolf as he could get.
Breakfast was a little on the boisterous side as everyone was ready to start the day. Marc was the only one who remained mostly quiet. Finally, Eric asked him if he was feeling alright.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just not hungry."
"You should try to eat as we won't be coming back up to the cabin until lunchtime. You might get hungry by then."
"Marc, eat your breakfast. Now." Rolf said.
"Yes, sir." Marc said, slowly putting another forkful into his mouth.
Everyone else had finished and started cleaning up. Marc finally finished his plate and helped with the cleanup. It looked as if Matthew and Chris weren't going to be joining them for the morning.
Marc somehow managed to get dish duty. As he was washing dishes, Rolf cleared the house. He let Matthew and Chris stay put, but he needed time to deal with Marc. Rolf came into the kitchen. His presence sent Marc's heart racing. Marc knew the time was upon him.
"I think it is time we had that discussion now Marc. Those dishes can wait for later."
Marc reluctantly turned off the water, his last saving grace, and dried his hands. Rolf had pulled out a chair and sat down. Marc was now certain that it was Rolf's *hand* that was gonna be doing all the talking.
"Come here." Rolf said firmly.
Marc walked slowly over to Rolf, his stomach churning. He only had his sleeping shorts on, and had a feeling they'd be around his ankles in seconds flat, and he wasn't disappointed.
Rolf dropped the shorts, then pulled Marc across his lap. He anchored Marc firmly with his left hand. "You now realize how important it is that you tell me when things are brewing, don't you?"
Marc squirmed, not wanting this to happen. "Yes, sir."
Rolf let loose with a volley of hard spanks, covering all of the white flesh once.
Marc moaned with each one. Rolf had such a large, firm hand, it felt like steel impacting his tender flesh. And Rolf had such muscles driving that hard hand down.
Rolf stopped for a moment giving the heat time to settle. "And why is it important that you keep me informed?"
Marc was having trouble breathing. The spanking had barely begun, but he knew he'd be in tears before long. " things don't get....get out of hand."
Rolf started spanking again, another volley covering the entire backside area again, landing one on each thigh as well.
Marc grabbed onto the legs of the chair, trying to use that leverage to move from Rolf's lap, away from that punishing hand. He got another barrage of spanks for his trouble.
Rolf stopped and let Marc up.
"That was for not telling me about this in the first place. Now go get me the paddle. I am gonna help remind you to tell me everything and ANYTHING that seems of importance."
"Oh...Rolf...please. I...I have lesson." Marc said through the sniffles and tears.
Marc wanted to move, but the paddle, ooh.
"Two...I wouldn't stand there if I were you."
Marc knew not to let Rolf get to three, so he walked over to the paddle and brought it to Rolf. Rolf grabbed it, then Marc's arm, turning him around. He landed 3 quick, hard hits square on Marc's ass. Marc screamed out as all three swats registered at one time.
"That was for not doing as you were told immediately."
"I'm sorry! Please! I promi-"
Marc's pleas were interrupted by Rolf pulling him back over the knees. Rolf tucked the hand back under Marc and began using the paddle to perfection. He had already lectured Marc as much as he had wanted the night before, and Marc wasn't going to be listening anymore as Rolf was intent on driving all thoughts from Marc's mind but the pain in his backside.
Marc was crying immediately. His already sore and hot backside exploded into white hot pain as the paddle fell again and again. He could do nothing to alleviate the pain that was growing in ever increasing waves. Finally he had more than he thought he could take, and managed to swing his right arm around behind him to block the paddle. "OOHH, Pl..leasssseeeee.... st..stop! Ple....ease..."
Rolf grabbed Marc's arm and settled it very uncomfortably in the small of his back. He landed five more swats with maximum force, causing Marc to cry out in one long wail of pain. When he finished, he stood Marc up and marched him over to the corner. "Hands on head, nose to wall. Don't move!"
Marc stood crying hard, his bottom flaming and stinging like he couldn't believe. The only thing to be happy about was that everyone else had left the cabin.
Matthew had been awakened as soon as Marc had started crying. He got up and went in search of Chris, finding him awake in his bed. "Hey, how are you?"
"Soooooooo sore. That was bad last night, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, and Chris? I'm sorry about the...drugs. That was really stupid of me. Forgive me?"
"Yes, if you forgive me for being such a brat with the game."
"Forgiven. Hey, that was short downstairs. What's going on?"
"I don't know. May-" Chris stopped in mid sentence as Marc's cry at the three swats carried upstairs. "Ouch, the paddle."
"Yeah, ouch. I'm going to be feeling this one for days. Rolf really gave it to me. And it sounds like Marc is getting it good too. Rolf was REALLY mad yesterday, wasn't he?
"Scared the pants off of me! He makes me shiver when he nails me with his eyes. I don't know how you survive without going insane, I know I would if I got that look more than I do already!"
Matthew laughed. "Oh, Rolf, he's such a teddy bear. You just have to know how to wrap him around your finger, then all is fine."
They both dissolved into a fit of giggles at that image. They stopped laughing as Rolf entered the room.
"Good morning sport, Chris. What's so funny?" Rolf asked as he went over to give Matthew a hug.
"Nothing.....stuffy." Matthew said, laughing into Rolf's shoulder.
Rolf stood back, hands on both of Matthew's shoulders. "Care to explain that moniker?"
Matthew batted his long lashes and playfully said "No."
"Alright. I'll get that out of you later. I'm going down to the water now. You two are to stay INSIDE the cabin, and OUT of trouble. I'll be back up by lunch, and decide then whether the three of you should be allowed to join us for the rest of the afternoon as Marc will be staying here as well. You even think* about getting into trouble, I'll paddle you without question, is that clear?"
"Yes, sir" both said simultaneously.
Rolf kissed Matthew on the forehead and headed downstairs. Marc was still sobbing in the corner.
"Marc, come here."
Marc slowly turned and made his way to Rolf, sniffling and trying to wipe his face clean.
Rolf took Marc's chin in his hand, raising Marc's eyes up to his own. "I trust you will tell me everything now?"
"Yes, sir" Marc replied.
"You are to stay in the cabin until we return for lunch. Understood?"
"Yes, sir" Marc said a little quieter.
"Come here you." Rolf said as he crushed Marc in a big hug. "Try to stay out of trouble, huh? I've had enough fun with the spankings, trust me."
Marc headed upstairs and enjoyed the company of the other guys. Meanwhile, Rolf joined everyone else down at the lake. All the guys were swimming except for Joseph. Rolf went over to him and asked him why he was so down.
"Rolf, I am still just ill over last night. The situation was bad enough but my temper just compounded the whole thing. And I am so thankful that you were around, or I would feel even more horrific over Chris' state. I am sorry for attacking you last night."
"I know your temper got the best of you, sometimes it is just easier to take things as face value. But I knew Chris wasn't the only guilty party, I could see it on Matthew's face. No harm done to me, you are forgiven."
"Rolf, your words aren't enough. Geez, I must crazy. But there is only one thing that is gonna make me feel better."
Rolf knew what Joseph was getting at, but he didn't want to be the one to say it, he just sat back and listened. Waiting for him to ask.
"Rolf, I have known you for years and I trust you completely. I acted last night without thinking, and I could have done some serious damage to my love, or to you for intervening. I need to...I need to be punished for that. And I would appreciate it if you would be the one to do it."
"Are you sure?"
Joseph looked out over the water for a moment, contemplating. Then he looked back at Rolf. "Yes, I'm sure."
"Alright then. Let's take the runners out to that island over there. It will be more private."
Joseph nodded, not quite sure he could voice his okay.
Rolf went over to where Eric was swimming. "Eric, Joe and I are heading out on the runners. We should be back in time for lunch."
"Okay." Eric said as he floated in the water. He had an idea of what was up, but wasn't going to put it into words.
Joseph and Rolf headed out about five minutes later, getting to the small island in short order.
They found a secluded spot, hidden by many trees. Rolf went over to a downed log and sat on it.
"Are you sure this is what you want Joseph? Because I won't hold back any, you will receive me at full force."
"I understand Sir, and I wouldn't expect any less."
"Very well then, take those swim trunks off and get over here."
Joseph did as he was told, and stood naked in front of Rolf, his judge, jury and executioner. Rolf guided him over his knees.
"Joseph, your behavior last night was completely unacceptable. You allowed your anger to get the best of you, and put the people you love in harm's way because of it. Now it is time to see that you never allow that to happen again."
With that said, Rolf brought his hand down hard on Joseph's naked, wet bottom.
Joseph shot forward a little as the hand impacted his wet flesh. It hurt far worse than he remembered. He knew he deserved this, and tried to keep quiet, taking his punishment like a man.
Rolf kept the hand falling, over and over, watching the white flesh start to pinken, then turning a darker shade of red. He tucked his hand tighter around Joseph to hold him still as he was doing a lot of movement.
Joe was moving, trying like mad to stay in place, but as soon as the hand hit his bottom, he tried to get away. He had tears running down his face, and was sobbing quietly. Finally the hand stopped, the only sound the lapping of water on the shore a little distance away, and the heavy, hiccuping breathing that Joseph was doing.
Rolf let Joseph down off his lap. Joe stayed on his knees, his arms resting against the log, and his head resting against the arms. He heard Rolf get up, but he kept his head down, sobbing out his pain. It was a few minutes later that Joseph heard Rolf return.
Joseph turned his around and saw Rolf standing there, holding three long tree switches. His stomach sunk to his toes. He realized he had only received a mild spanking by normal standards, but considering he hadn't had one in years, it was rather severe to him.
"Rolf, I appr-"
"Joseph, I know what you are gonna say, and it won't do you any good. You asked to be properly punished, and I *am* going to see to that. I realize it has been years since you have had your butt tanned, but that is all the more reason to give it to you good. Now I want you to take that towel and drape it over the log, and get into position over the log."
Joseph knew there was no use in arguing so he grabbed the towel off of the wave runner, and placed it over the log. He then straddled the log and laid down on it, so he was bent over it length wise. In doing this, his cheeks spread slightly exposing the fleshy tender spots, not yet touched.
Rolf laid the three switches down on the ground and stared at Joseph's well defined glutes as he ponder his next step. "Alright Joe, you're thirty. Thirty is old enough to know better than to let your anger get the best of you. I think one lash for each year should be enough to help you remember to think before acting."
Joseph cringed at that pronouncement. But he knew there would be no arguing with Rolf. He had asked for this, and Rolf certainly knew how to deliver it.
"Are you ready?"
Joseph swallowed hard, barely able to squeak out "Yes, sir." He heard Rolf pick up one of the switches, then heard it swish through the air. He hugged the tree tight and squeezed his eyes shut. Before he even knew what had happened, he heard himself yell involuntarily as the first swat cut a line of fire across his already flaming butt. He couldn't remember a feeling of pain as intense as that was! Before he could recover his wits about him, a second line of fire joined the first. And then a third and fourth. He had tears streaming down his face. His well defined arms rippled with the force as he tried to keep himself on the log, his mind screaming at his body to move away from that switch.
The fifth lash came low, right across the sit spot, right across the exposed inner cheek. Joseph screamed out in pain, and attempted to stand up from the log. Rolf quickly put his hand on Joseph's lower back and held him in place.
"No you don't. You ARE going to receive ALL 30 lashes. The less you fight me, the sooner it will be over. If you try to get up again, I WILL start over. Do you understand?"
Joseph sniffled and nodded yes.
Rolf waited a moment while Joseph collected himself before continuing. He raised the switch up high and brought it down again, and four more times in rapid succession. Joseph was squirming and wriggling, trying to lesson the fire that was streaking across his upturned ass. Rolf tossed that switch off to the side.
Joseph managed not to scream with those five lashes, but his breathing was coming in large and heaving gasps. He saw the switch tossed out to the side and thought that maybe Rolf had changed his mind. He had completely forgotten about the other two. He was just starting to have hope that everything was over when he heard the next swish, and felt the next bite of the new switch. "Auuuuugggghhh" He cried out in pain.
The new switch was a bit longer, and thicker. Rolf let loose with the twelfth lash, it landed right across the upper thighs. And lucky number thirteen followed immediately, striking that ultra tender sit spot. Joseph howled and bucked as the switch bit into his ass. Rolf applied the next two right to the center of the ass, right on top of each other. Joseph was openly crying as the fifteenth lash fell.
Rolf again placed his hand on Joseph's back to hold him still. He brought the switch down the next five times, placing them about an inch apart from the top to the bottom of his ass.
Joseph was wailing in pain, unable to move away from the biting switch. Oh was he EVER sorry to have asked Rolf to punish him.
Rolf tossed the second switch away and picked up the third and final one. He let Joseph calm down a little before he stepped up for the final round. This third switch was also thicker and heavier.
Rolf had made picture perfect stripes across Joseph's ass. But he was running out of new area. If he continued in this matter, he would break skin. Rolf didn't want that. He raised the switch up, and brought it crashing down, slanting from the bottom of the left cheek up to the top of the right cheek. Joseph screeched in agony as the thicker switch sliced across several well placed lashes. Rolf moved to the other side, and landed another lash the same way. Joseph bucked forward, and hollered again. Tears were flying, the pain was more intense than anything Joseph had ever experienced. Rolf landed the next two lashes across the back of thighs. Joseph attempted to cry out, but his voice was too hoarse. Rolf landed the twenty-fifth lash across the sit spot, which again connected with the tender inner cheek flesh. He decided there was nothing left for him to do. Joseph was thoroughly punished. He tossed the switch aside. He placed a hand on Joseph's shoulder and simply said "We're finished." and walked off towards the runners to give Joseph some time to recover.
Joseph laid on the log, totally worn out. He managed to cry only a few more tears before all that was left were deep hiccuping breaths as he slowly calmed down. His backside felt as if someone had cut him open a dozen times and poured hot oil into the wounds. He didn't think he had any strength left to get up off the log. After about 15 minutes had passed, he finally slid off to the side, landing carefully on his knees. He looked over and saw his suit in a pile on the sand. He slowly got up and picked up his suit, stepping into it and very carefully putting it on. He was very glad it was NOT a speedo. He grabbed the towel and walked slowly over to Rolf and the wave runners, each step slight torture as the suit rubbed his torched backside.
Rolf looked up at Joseph, unsure of what might be said. He saw a slight twinkle in Joseph's red rimmed eyes.
"I can tell you one thing. If I ever work myself into a situation like that again, you'll be the last person I ask to punish me." Joseph cracked a lop sided smile at Rolf.
Rolf smiled back. "I'll take that as a compliment on a job well done." He held out a hand for Joseph to shake.
Joseph took the hand and pulled Rolf to him, hugging him tight for just a moment before stepping back. "Thanks. Think I'll cool off a bit, care to join me?"
They both headed into the water, Joseph sighing in a little relief as the cooler water did help to lesson the fire still burning his backside.
Back at the cabin, Marc, Chris and Matthew were playing a round of Monopoly, on their stomachs. Matthew was definitely in higher spirits, especially since he was winning. But they were all ready to head out. It was starting to get warm in the cabin. The sun was shining outside, and this was their last day. They were trying to make the best of it, but it was becoming difficult. Just as Matthew was about to take the last of Chris' money, Michael and Todd came in. Todd looked a bit strange, but no one could figure out why.
"Ha! You're out buddy. I just took your last house. Hand it over." Matthew was excited, the game was getting close to ending, with him as the big winner.
"Here. You really are a sore winner AND loser." Chris grumbled.
Matthew's face fell a little. "Sorry. I guess that was rather rude."
"That's okay. Just part of your charm." Chris got up a little gingerly, his backside no longer hot, but definitely sore. "Hey guys? Seen Rolf anywhere around? I'm ready to leave."
Both Michael and Todd just sort of stood there.
"Hello? Anyone home?" Chris asked again waving his hand.
"Ugh, yeah, as a matter of fact that is why we are here. Right Todd?" Michael said nudging Todd.
"Yeah, yeah, right. Um...Rolf sent us up. He said...he said you were...had spent enough time up here, and could join us at the lake now." Todd said, stumbling on his words.
Something just wasn't right. Matthew knew that Rolf wouldn't send someone else do his work.
"Are you two bull_s_h_i_t_ting us?" Matthew asked.
"Of course not Matty." Michael said.
"No Rolf wanted to head out on the waverunners while they were free so he and Joseph took off. We are leaving so early tomorrow, he wanted you guys to enjoy your time. Come on, it's alright." Todd finished.
"Great! Let me go try to get my bathing suit on, and let's head out." Chris jogged up the stairs, ready to enjoy the day.
Matthew and Marc followed Chris upstairs, neither of them that anxious to try to put suits on over their aching butts, but ready to leave the confines of the hot cabin. They all got changed, groans all around, and headed back downstairs.
"Since Rolf and Joe are out on the runners, anyone care to go cliff diving?" Todd asked.
"You know we're not supposed to dive off that cliff! Rolf would kill us!" Matthew said, though that's not what he really wanted to say.
"" Todd said slowly, as if speaking to someone hard of hearing. "We can just take a few dives, then head over to the dock. I don't think anyone would notice us missing." Todd was sure no one would miss them all, as Rolf had NOT given the guys permission to leave.
Marc hadn't been down to the cliffs yet, and was anxious to see them. "Come on Matty, let's just do a dive or two. It's our last day here."
Matthew's face lit up as it didn't take anything to twist his arm and go. "Last one there is a dickhead!" He said, running out the door.
The five young guys took off out the door, and headed down towards the trail leading up to the cliffs. They got half way down before they ran full force into Rolf.
"WHAT are you DOING? MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER, MARC RYAN, I told you to WAIT in the cabin until *I* came for you! Someone has some explaining to do, and they better hurry!"
The guys froze with fear. What was Rolf so angry at...Then it dawned on them as Michael and Todd cowered behind. Matthew refused to go down for this one, so he spoke up.
"Rolf, please don't be mad. We were duped. Michael and Todd came into the cabin and said you told them to get us. That you were going to the island, and that this was our last day, and it was time to enjoy it."
"Yeah, we were a bit hesitant, especially Matthew, but they insisted that you said it was okay." Marc added.
Rolf's eyes narrowed as he glared at the two guilty parties in the rear.
"MICHAEL, TODD is that true?"
Silence from the boys.
Matthew turned around and said "How could you do that?" Marc and Chris chimed in as well.
"You three" Rolf said pointing at Matthew, Chris and Marc "get over there and BE QUIET. You two, come here." Rolf finished, pointing at the ground in front of him.
The two boys very slowly walked over to Rolf, eyes on the ground.
"WHY?" Rolf yelled, startling the two.
They both shrugged their shoulders, too afraid to speak.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you. So, there's no excuse? I didn't think so. This weekend has been an absolute disaster. I don't know what has gotten into ANY of you! You have all been plotting and counter plotting to get each other into trouble all weekend long! It has been a stupid, and even DANGEROUS game, and this is the final round! I won't have any more. PERIOD. Does EVERYONE understand me?"
Everyone looked at they ground and nodded their heads in agreement. They were all guilty of something.
"Matthew, Marc, Christopher. You were told to wait in that cabin until *I* came for you, were you not?"
"Yes sir," they said almost in unison.
"Then you would agree that your actions were wrong, and you should be punished for disobeying me?"
"Yes sir," they said, a bit quieter.
"I feel you three have been more than punished this weekend, and I understand that you had no reason to doubt Michael and Todd's sincerity. You may join us down at the lake now."
Matthew ran up and gave Rolf a big hug and kiss and on the cheek. Marc and Chris also thanked Rolf, with a little less enthusiasm. After they had headed down to the dock, Rolf turned to Michael and Todd.
"Who came up with this plan, "let's get everyone else in trouble?" Rolf asked sternly.
Todd looked hard at the ground. Michael had talked him into it, but he wouldn't give up his friend.
"Alright, if that-"
"I did, sir." Michael said quietly.
"Why did that seem like such a good idea?"
"I don't know, sir."
"Todd, were you blackmailed, is there anything I need to know?"
Todd shuffled his feet and finally got out "No, sir."
"I think you both need to talk with your partners." Rolf said, taking both boys by an ear and marching them, protesting, down to the dock.
Stephen and Eric were catching some sun, when they saw Rolf hauling down their respective lovers. Both stood up immediately, wondering what sort of trouble they could have possibly gotten in, in such a short time period. When Rolf reached Stephen and Eric, he let the boys into the proper custody. He proceeded to explain their little prank, another ugly scheme that has plagued the trip. He made Stephen and Eric aware of what Todd and Michael hoped to accomplish, which was a butt blistering for Chris, Matthew and Marc. Rolf was never one to tell other people how to deal with any particular situation, but he dropped hints quite well. By this point, Matthew, Marc and Chris had gotten out of the lake and gathered on the deck. Joseph, sporting a burning bottom, remained in the water. Todd and Michael just stood there with their heads hung low, waiting for what they knew was about to come.
Eric started first. He was not one to get angry and yell, but you knew when he was upset. He fixed Michael with cold gray eyes and said sharply "Do you want to tell me what started all this?"
Michael felt about three inches tall as he realized most everyone was waiting for his answer. An answer he really didn't have. It had pretty much all been a game as far as he was concerned. He kept his eyes on the dock, hoping a tidal wave would suddenly appear and end this moment that seemed to be lasting forever.
"Michael, do you have any idea how ashamed I am of you? Aside from the stupid prank you pulled on the drive up, I thought you had remained above all this idiocy."
Not one of the boys missed that comment, and what it meant, and they all felt horrible for their behavior.
Stephen stepped in. "Todd, what about you? What in the world were you trying to accomplish?"
Todd also stood staring a hole into the dock.
"Todd you really disappointed me. We were just talking about how you have been the only one to leave here without getting his butt beat. It looks like we spoke too soon."
Todd began fidgeting at that remark. He didn't want to think about a spanking, not at all.
Eric spoke up again. "Michael, I think you owe everyone here an apology, most especially to those three guys over there. Your behavior has been beyond childish, bordering on dangerous." Eric turned Michael around, swatted him once and pushed him in the direction of his friends.
"Todd, I think you owe the same to everyone involved. And let me add, I would be ashamed to see you treating enemies this way, but treating your friends like this? Absolutely shameful." Stephen turned Todd around and directed him to his friends.
Michael and Todd slowly made their way over to their three friends. You could tell everyone felt badly for their behavior. It had been a game to them all, but it had gotten horribly out of hand. Chris and Matthew, sporting day old sore bottoms. Marc sporting a more freshly spanked bottom. Todd and Michael about to be feeling the pain. They all had a common bond. It was in the undercurrents, as Todd and Michael mumbled their apologies. They couldn't say everything they wanted to, their minds were on what was going to happen as soon as they were done. They both got pats on the shoulders from the three guys, before they turned back towards their angry lovers.
Eric said "Apologize now to Rolf."
Michael turned towards Rolf and began to mumble something.
"Michael, I want to clearly hear that apology young man."
Michael started again. "Rolf, I'm sorry for my behavior this weekend. I'm sorry I helped to ruin the weekend."
"Todd, you as well." Stephen said.
Todd apologized to Rolf as well, who accepted it with a nod of his head.
Eric then said "Michael, take a good look at the water, it's the last you'll see of it this weekend." With that, he grabbed Michael's hand firmly and led him up towards the cabin. Michael drug his feet and hung his head, certain he didn't want to get to the cabin anytime soon. Stephen followed with Todd trailing behind.
Eric lead Michael inside the cabin, while Stephen took Todd out behind the cabin.
Eric went to the dining area and pulled out a chair and sat down, standing Michael in front of him.
"Michael I just don't think there is anything I can say. Apparently I didn't give you enough the other day. Go into the kitchen and get me the paddle and a wooden spoon."
Michael didn't like the sound of that, but delaying things would have only made it worse. He shuffled into the kitchen and opened the drawer. He couldn't believe that such a flimsy piece of wood could sting so fiercely. He also grabbed the paddle from the counter, still warm from earlier. And he headed back to Eric.
Michael got back to Eric, and saw the disappointment written in Eric's face. He felt horrible. He slipped to his knees, and buried his face against Eric's side, hugging him around the middle. He quietly said "I'm sorry Eric. Really sorry. It's been a horrible weekend, hasn't it?"
"Yes, love, a horrible weekend." Eric tousled Michael's hair. "Why did you do it?"
"I don't know" Michael said. "It seemed funny at first, the hat. Then later, down at the dock when you told Matthew to go up to the cabin? He cursed you. I didn't appreciate that. Instead of just confronting him alone, I just sort of jumped in with the rest of them, and pretty much made it a bigger mess."
"That you did, Michael, that you did."
Meanwhile, out back Stephen seated Todd at the picnic table.
"Todd, why? What would possess you to do that?"
"I am sorry Stephen, I don't know. There is no excuse for my behavior."
"You are right about that. But I can't believe you would do something so childish, to your *friends*. I am going to see to it that at least for you, these games start and END today. I expected better from you. You have been the envy of all our friends here this weekend, and then you do this."
Todd felt like he was six years old. But he knew that was how he had acted. He also knew what was ahead. The only thing Stephen had with him was his hand(duh) and his leather belt holding up his jean shorts. Todd knew which one he was in for, even before Stephen began unbuckling his belt.
"Todd stand up, pull down your shorts, and bend over the table."
Todd's face fell, but he slowly stood up and just as slowly lowered his shorts. He bent over, hands on the table, legs spread slightly. He wanted this over. Wanted the whole miserable weekend over. Before the first lick landed, he heard the sounds of spoon on flesh from the cabin, but no cries yet from Michael. He closed his eyes, and bit his lip, waiting for the first lick of leather to bite into his own flesh.
"Yeoowww!" Todd exclaimed as that first lick landed hard across his sit spot.
Stephen landed swats two and three on top of one another, just above the first one. Todd was already sobbing and squirming, Stephen was putting his strength behind each lick.
Stephen stopped at twenty. Todd's bottom was criss crossed with angry red welts, and Todd was crying pretty hard. Stephen sat down on the table, and pulled Todd into his arms.
Todd leaned against Stephen, sobbing out his pain and hurt. He felt rather than heard Stephen's words of comfort, and soft caresses. When he had calmed down enough to speak, he apologized to Stephen and begged forgiveness.
"It's over now. You made a mistake, and taken your punishment. Shhhhh, it's alright now."
Michael was also getting comfort. Eric had turned him over his knees, and blistered his butt with the spoon, then paddled him ten times to finish the message. He was balanced on Eric's leg, not quite sitting on his bottom, his head buried against the neck, arms wrapped tightly around him. He was thankful it was all over with.
After a few minutes of comforting, Michael was sent to his room to collect himself. Shortly after that, Todd came in and made a beeline for the room as well. Stephen, who was behind Todd, sat down at the table next to Eric.
"Well this weekend certainly has been a disaster." Stephen said.
"It certainly has. One thing after another. If I wanted this kind of relaxation, I would have went to work."
"I know what you mean. Perhaps we should just count our losses and head home."
"I was thinking that too. If we stay, who knows what sort of trouble could happened. Let's head down to the lake and run it past Rolf and Joseph."
The two men walked slowly, enjoying the quiet. When they got down to the dock, they found Rolf relaxing in the lounge, and the other four guys in the water.
"Things get squared away?" Rolf asked, looking up.
"Yes. Still cannot believe the mess this weekends been made into!" Eric said, shaking his head.
"Too much testosterone, if you ask me." Stephen contributed.
"Full moon?" Joseph said as he climbed up the stairs onto the dock.
"Whatever it was, I hope it's gone." Rolf said, hoping that it was true.
"Rolf? Stephen and I think we should pack up and go, call it an early day. I think I speak for all of us when I say we've about had enough fun for one weekend." Eric said, laughing ruefully.
"I second that." Joseph said.
"There really isn't much to be gained by staying here any longer, I agree. There's a lot I need to get done at home, and having the full day tomorrow would help. Besides, it looks like rain is moving in anyway." Rolf said looking to the west.
"GUYS? Come on out, please." Joseph yelled to the three boys, playing out by the rocks.
"Looks like they're plotting something not fun." Matthew said to Chris and Marc.
"Probably a chain gang, what do you think?" Chris said.
"I don't know, but I guess we'd better swim over and see. Betcha I can beat you!" Marc said, getting a good head start.
"Cheat!" Chris and Matthew yelled, following him over to the dock.
They all climbed up, dripping wet. Stephen and Eric had already headed up to the cabin. Rolf tossed the guys their towels.
"What's up?" Matthew asked first.
"We've decided to pack up and head home, before you boys figure out some other way to get into trouble."
"Roooolllllfff! That's not fair!" Matthew said, stamping his foot.
"Matthew, I know you're not happy with that, but that's what we're doing. It's going to rain in a little while, we might as well pack everything up and head home now. There's no sense sitting in the cabin, especially with the short tempers everyone seems to have." Rolf was trying to sound reasonable.
Chris wasn't ready to leave either. "Rolf, we weren't the ones -"
"Christopher Shawn, that is enough." Joseph said. "Come with me."
Chris hung his head and walked over to Joseph, who took his hand and walked him up to the cabin to get changed and ready to leave.
"Alright guys, up to the cabin with you. I want you packed and ready when I get up there, no excuses." Rolf said as he started to pack up everything on the dock.
Matthew stomped off, followed by Marc who tried to settle Matthew down some.
Rolf got the dock squared away within 10 minutes and stood watching the storm move towards him. The wind was picking up and there were whitecaps on the water now. He sent up a prayer of thanks to Mother Nature who helped to end the trip from hell before anything else happened.
~The End~

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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