Friday, February 12, 2010

Blood on the Mountain

Blood on the Mountain


Kristi said...

I just finished reading this series, and I absolutely loved it. Will there be more, because I would love to read more about these characters.

A. NuEvil said...

I too am looking forward to reading more about Stuart and Adam. This is great reading.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Sierra said...

I had really just read Rolf's story never realizing there were Ranger stories at the bottom.

This series is amazing and lovely. This website has some of the best love stories that I have ever read on the web or in a book.

Tori Barnes said...

I was wondering if you had given up on Stewart and Adam. It has been awhile and I am still waiting for chapter 7. I hope you continue this story. I love your work. Thank you.

Ranger said...

Hi Tori, and Kristi, and A.NuEvil

Sorry, this one kind of petered out... At the moment Silver Bullet is taking up all my attention! Maybe one day, when I've got some time. I'd love to re edit several of the older stories here. It's lovely to know you enjoy this series and that flags it up to me to keep in mind :)

Sierra - thank you! That's lovely to hear.

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