Sunday, January 31, 2010

The First Paddling

Title: The First Paddling
Author: Rolf

Matthew awoke early on Tuesday morning. Rolf had spanked him for the first time last night, just one day after they moved in together. Matt got out of bed, and checked out the damage. There were still some marks, but not bad ones. He definitely knew he had been spanked; it was still tender when he sat on the side of the bed.
Rolf must not be up yet, the house was eerily silent. Matthew sat and thought about the events of yesterday as well as the weekend. He didn't know how he felt about all that had happened. He felt like he knew just about everything there was to know about Rolf, most of it coming from the conversations before going to the lake, and the rest coming from the long talk that they had the evening after he had been trying to beat up on Todd. But it still came as a shock to him, the way Rolf had treated him last night. Not as an equal partner, but more as father and child. Very much like father and very naughty child. He was confused. He had already decided that Rolf was the one he wanted to be with. Rolf was everything that Matthew was not. Tall, very muscular, confidant, just a no bullshit personality. Matthew wasn't as tall as he'd like. He looked okay to himself, just not nearly as muscular as Rolf. He liked to be the class clown, but had no confidence in himself, and didn't know how to assert himself like Rolf, who managed to do it without even thinking about it - it just came naturally. But the way he was treated last night. Just like a naughty child. He hadn't appreciated that at all. In the back of his mind, he was thinking that maybe, maybe he could handle that when it was just between him and Rolf. But he also knew from the trip to the lake, that that wouldn't be the case. That Rolf would punish him whenever and wherever, if Matthew deserved it. He didn't want to think about facing Rolf this morning, he was embarrassed and ashamed. And mad at Rolf for making him feel that way. He knew Rolf would awaken soon, and from yesterday, knew that he would probably be "required" to eat breakfast with him. He wasn't sure he was ready for that.
Rolf soon arose and went to get breakfast started. He decided to skip on the oatmeal, no sense in angering Matthew this morning. He was a little concerned about how Matthew was going to react after his spanking. Rolf wasn't the type of person to second-guess himself. He was certain that he had done the right thing; after all, Matthew had been warned. So, it was now just a matter of making sure Matthew knew that as well. He went to go wake him up, knocking on the door.
Matthew had heard Rolf walk down the hall. He was still totally confused about things, but decided he was hungry. He bade Rolf to enter.
"Good morning, sport. Did you sleep well last night?" Rolf asked.
"Yeah, it was okay."
"Breakfast is ready, and I didn't fix oatmeal."
"Good, be right there."

Rolf left, now certain that Matthew was upset with him. He wished that he didn't have to go to work; he really wanted to sit and talk with Matthew, make sure that he knew how much he cared for him. That would have to wait for this evening.
They both sat down to breakfast, without much conversation. Matthew was short with Rolf, and Rolf didn't want to press. It was awkward, but soon over. Rolf went to get ready for work, and Matthew dutifully cleaned up the few dishes in the kitchen before heading down to plop in front of the TV. When Rolf was ready, he yelled downstairs that he was leaving, hoping that Matthew would come up to say goodbye. Instead, he got a "See ya." from Matthew. Rolf left, a little disappointed.
Matthew watched TV all day, and didn't do much else. He didn't spend a lot of time thinking about things, he was just too confused. When Rolf arrived home, he found Matthew lounging out by the pool.
"Hey there. Have a good day?" Rolf asked.
"Yeah, it was okay, I guess."
"What did you do?"
"Just watched TV then came out here to catch some rays."
"Sounds like a nice, relaxing day."
Rolf had expected more conversation, but Matthew was again short with him. "I picked up some fresh pasta and meat; spaghetti sound good to you tonight?"
"Sure, whatever."
Rolf went back in, again disappointed. He was hoping that the day alone would have allowed Matthew to work through everything. Maybe it would be better over dinner.
Dinner wasn't much better, but Matthew at least joined in some conversation. He wasn't cold to Rolf, just not very warm. Dinner was cleaned up, then they retired to downstairs, watching some television, and eventually playing more pool. Rolf didn't want to push Matthew at all. He wanted Matthew to come to terms with his feelings, and then they could talk about them.
Things continued on an even keel for the rest of the week. Matthew never did take the time to sort through his feelings; the spanking just became old news, and since he did everything to Rolf's satisfaction, nothing more was threatened. Rolf was hoping for a breakthrough, and soon, but it didn't look like it was going to happen.
Matthew had to work Friday, from noon to 9 PM. When he finished with his shift, he and Scott, the other bartender, went to the storeroom and polished off a few drinks. The manager wasn't around, and nobody else cared. They only stayed for about 30 minutes after their shift, but managed to get a little tipsy. Matthew decided to head home; Rolf would be waiting for him. They were planning on going out and seeing a late movie. He managed to get home, though the drinks were affecting him more than he realized. His tires squealed as he pulled in the driveway a little too fast, and when he parked, he was partially in the grass. He got out and headed towards the front door.
Rolf had been waiting impatiently for Matthew to arrive home. He had hoped to catch the movie that started at 10:15, but it would take about 15 minutes to get there. He had expected Matthew no later than 9:30, and that was if he didn't get off right at 9. Here it was, 9:45, and no Matthew.
Then he heard the tires squealing. He looked out the windows and found that it had, in fact, been Matthew that had squealed. And he had parked in the grass! Whatever was that boy thinking? He watched Matthew as he stumbled out of the car, and when he went to shut the door, completely missed it, nearly falling flat on his tail. He had to notice he was parked in the grass, but obviously wasn't interested in moving the car. Rolf went to the front door to meet Matthew, intending to tell him to move it. When he opened the door, Matthew was only about halfway to it. Rolf yelled at him to move the car off of the grass before he killed it.
Matthew turned around and dutifully reparked the car. He didn't want Rolf to know he had been drinking and that that was the reason he was late. Rolf was a stickler for being on time, and Matthew knew he should have at least called and alerted Rolf to his lateness. Since he was late because he wanted to drink, he didn't call.
Rolf watched Matthew as he walked back up the driveway. Something was bothering him about Matthew; he just couldn't put a finger on it. He held the door open for Matthew, saying, "Welcome home, sport" as Matthew walked in.
Matthew said, "Nice to see you" as he walked past Rolf, unknowingly sending a strong scent of alcohol along with his greeting.
Rolf's blood pressure went shooting up when Matthew walked past. Now he knew what was wrong, Matthew was drunk! He grabbed Matthew's arm, and turned him around to face him.
Matthew was shocked by the roughness of Rolf's hand. And he was even more shocked when he saw Rolf's face. Gone was the man he was coming to love more each day, it was replaced by a mix of fire and ice. The fire from a red hot temper, showing in a red tint on the usually bronze face, ice in the blue eyes, and the set of the jaw. The alcohol that was left in Matthew's blood immediately started to evaporate when he realized how upset Rolf was.
Rolf was ready to explode. He cared deeply for this boy, and he just pulled a truly stupid stunt, driving while under the influence. Not only could he have been arrested, he could have killed, or been killed. It was everything Rolf could do not to haul off and begin beating this kid senseless. Besides, he was underage! He knew this was another HUGE milestone in their relationship, and that it needed to be handled very well. These thoughts flew through Rolf's mind in an instant. He clamped down on his temper, took a deep breath and asked Matthew "How much did you have to drink?"
Well, Matthew didn't want to admit to anything. He was late because of the drinks, so he knew that wouldn't sit well. He drove home, and he could tell Rolf wouldn't appreciate that either. But obviously Rolf had a clue that he had been drinking, since he didn't ask if he did, but rather how much. So instead of trying to pull a full-fledged lie out of his hat, he thought he'd start with a mistruth. "Scott offered to buy me a beer, to celebrate. I drank the one beer, and came home. No big deal."
Rolf looked deep into Matthew's eyes. He could immediately sense that this wasn't the truth. Matthew's mouth might spit out a lie, but his eyes could not. His blood pressure rose a little more, the steam from his ears almost visible. He still had a good hold on Matthew's arm, and proceeded to roughly drag him into the kitchen.
"Hey, OWWW, let me go! LET GO!" Matthew was trying to pull out of Rolf's grasp; it hurt, and he wasn't about to let Rolf get the upper hand. He was not drunk, he made it home safe; it was his life! He didn't want to be treated this way.
Rolf didn't let Matthew's feeble attempts at breaking free slow him down any. He pulled out a kitchen chair, and pushed Matthew down in it. Matthew immediately started to stand up as soon as Rolf let go of his arm, but Rolf stopped him immediately with a hand on both shoulders and a very loud, VERY stern "SIT DOWN!!!"
Matthew gave up and remained seated. He adopted the "I don't care" posture, crossing his arms and leaning back, looking at the floor.
Rolf wasn't interested this time in how Matthew presented himself. That would come later. Right now, Rolf was more upset that something could have happened to Matthew than anything else. He began pacing, and talking. "Matthew, you have just scared the living daylights out of me. Did you know that? Probably not. You weren't thinking at all tonight about anything, were you? Not about the movie we were going to go see, instead you stay late at work to have a drink. Not usually a problem not coming home on time, but we had plans. Plans together. Then to top that off, you drive home intoxicated."
Matthew started to sputter, "I am NOT..."
Rolf roared "BE QUIET!" silencing Matthew by the force and volume of those two words. He continued, "You WILL sit quietly and listen to me. I have a lot I want to get off my chest. I care deeply for you. Moreso for you than anyone I've ever known. You are my life now, and you could have just ruined ALL that. Matthew, it was STUPID of you to drink; you're underage for goodness sakes. You may think you are fine, not drunk, but if a cop had pulled you over, trust me son, you'd be headed to jail right now. Do you have any idea what that would do to me? Even moreso, yourself? And if you were lucky not to get picked up, what would have happened if you had an accident, killing someone, or yourself for that matter?" Rolf continued on for close to thirty minutes, at times speaking quietly and from the heart, at others, roaring at the top of his lungs.
By the time he was done, Matthew was an absolute basketcase. He had no idea, no idea whatsoever, of the depths of Rolf's feelings for him. He had a few seconds to enjoy that feeling, knowing how much he was loved, but for the most part, he just felt absolutely horrible for his behavior. If he was drunk when he walked in the door, he wasn't now.
Rolf could tell that his lecture had made a significant impression with Matthew. Had the two of them been living together for much longer, Rolf would have immediately began on a VERY severe thrashing, making sure that Matthew didn't sit comfortably for a VERY long time. But again, this was going to be only the second time that he had spanked Matthew -aside from the lake. He WAS going to spank him again, and it was going to be much worse than before, but not near what it would become in the future if he ever did something this stupid again. "Matthew, I think I have said enough. You made a very irresponsible decision today, and I'm going to spank you for that to make sure you remember to think before you act next time. You are to go wait for me in your room."
Matthew got slowly up from the chair and headed towards his room. He was utterly exhausted from the lecture and the mix of emotions running through his body. He wandered into his room, shutting the door, and taking a seat on his bed. He knew he had behaved irresponsibly, again. But he was unsure of whether or not he really wanted to be spanked by Rolf again. Those feelings from a week ago came rushing back, the feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, and most of all, anger at what he had done, as well as what Rolf was going to put him through. He didn't have very long to wait before hearing Rolf's footsteps approaching his door. Rolf knocked then walked in. Matthew noticed that Rolf held a paddle in his hands, but didn't think too much of it. He thought he was ready for a spanking, he felt bad for scaring Rolf so much. He was just going to suck it up, and take what he had coming. At least that was what he intended to do.
Rolf walked over to the bed and sat down next to Matthew. "Stand up, please."
Matthew stood up slowly.
Rolf reached up and began to unbutton Matthew's pants. He did so, and pushed them down to his ankles. Then he gently pulled down the shorts to the same position. He gently guided Matthew over his knees, Matthew's upper body lying on the bed, his legs stuck out over the side of the bed. Without any more words spoken, Rolf cracked that paddle down across Matthew's upturned bottom.
Matthew was completely shocked, first by the noise of the blow, then by the incredible stinging, then pain that quickly followed. He let out an involuntary grunt of pain, even after vowing not to. The second blow hit a little lower, causing a whole different sensation of pain, half on untouched skin, half on skin that had suffered from the first blow. A lump quickly formed in his throat, as he tried in vain not to cry. Tears formed and started to fall. By the fifth swat, Matthew was tensing before each blow and relaxing for a second after it, the pain incredible. He had not felt anything like this since he could remember.
Rolf kept cracking the paddle, turning Matthew's milky white bottom to a heated, blistering red.
Matthew continued to move with each crack of the paddle, begging as if for his life for Rolf to stop. He was crying freely now, the pain intense. He was kicking and bucking, pulling at the bed, trying to twist around and block the blows that kept raining down. Rolf had a good hold around Matthew's middle, making sure he would go nowhere. When Matthew reached around to block the paddle, Rolf, without missing a beat, grabbed the arm and centered it in Matthew's back.
There wasn't anything Matthew could do; he had given up on his pleas and cried his eyes out, wishing for the end.
Finally, the paddle was laid on the bed. Matthew continued squirming, trying in vain to put out the flames he was sure were lighting up the room.
Rolf massaged Matthew's neck and back, trying to calm the crying. As soon as Matthew had control of his crying, he slid off of Rolf's lap onto his knees, and laid his head on the bed, saying "Go away.... just go away."
"Matthew...." Rolf began gently, wanting to comfort Matthew.
"GO” *sob* “AWAY!" Matthew yelled, barely getting it out between his cries.
Rolf got up, took the paddle and left the room, closing the door behind him. It was breaking his heart, seeing Matthew so distraught. That still didn't change his mind that he had done the right thing. He tried to get interested in a movie, but couldn't keep focused. Finally, after nearly an hour, he tried to enter Matthew's room. He knocked, and said "Matthew, can I talk to you?"
"Go AWAY!" Matthew yelled.
Rolf walked slowly back to his room and climbed into bed. He hoped that Matthew would soon come to talk to him. He couldn't stand the animosity that was there.
Matthew wanted to go to sleep but his butt was throbbing, preventing him from doing so. His emotions were also running high, so it was over an hour later that he was finally able to fall asleep.
He woke early, again before Rolf had arisen. He definitely wasn't ready to face him. He checked out his backside, and was shocked to see it was still a healthy shade of red. And it was still very tender. That didn't stop him from throwing on some sweats, grabbing his keys, and heading out to his car. He was going back to his apartment; he needed some quiet time to sort out his feelings.
Rolf awoke when Matthew opened the door. He got to the window in time to see Matthew speed off in a cloud of blue smoke. His heart skipped a beat; terrified that Matthew might have left for good. He walked down the hall, and checked out Matthew's room. All of Matthew's prized possessions were still there, so maybe he would be home soon. Rolf looked around for a note, but couldn't find one.
He got ready for work, cutting himself shaving because he was so distracted. When he got to the office, he could barely manage to keep focused. He called home every 15 minutes, hoping that Matthew would answer the phone. At 11, Rolf went into a meeting. He was distracted beyond belief, and after 30 minutes, excused himself, claiming illness. He called home again, with no answer. He decided there was nothing else he could do at the office, so he left, intending to find Matthew and hash this out.
He figured that Matthew had probably gone to his apartment, so he drove over there. Sure enough, there was his car, parked in the lot. Rolf got out, trotted up the stairs, and knocked on the door. He heard Matthew walk up to the door then ask who was outside.
Rolf replied, and Matthew said, "I don't have anything to say to you right now. Go away."
Rolf wasn't about to. "Matthew, I have things I want to say to you. I am not leaving until we can talk. You can open the door, or I can sit out here all day talking to you, with your neighbors hearing everything. Your choice."
Matthew stood there for a couple of minutes, trying to decide what to do.
Rolf waited for one minute then began speaking very loudly. "Matthew, I...I love you. I have since the..." 
Matthew opened the door, cutting Rolf off in mid-sentence. "All right, all right, come in; it's obvious you always get your way."
Rolf smiled inside and walked on in. He was happy to at least get to face Matthew, without a door in between them.
Matthew went and gingerly sat down on the couch, pointedly ignoring Rolf. Rolf took a seat in the chair and sat silently for a few minutes, trying to judge Matthew's state of mind. Finally, Matthew got tired of being stared at. He looked at Rolf and said in a pissy voice, "So, you had something to say, say it, and then go away. Don't you, like, have a job or something?" Matthew had been moved by Rolf's admission of love, but overriding that was his anger at him for the pain he was still feeling in his butt. And the feelings of embarrassment he still felt.
So Rolf began. And he talked from the heart. He explained how much he cared for Matthew, and that he only punished him out of love, not anything else. That Matthew could ask any of his friends, that was the way Rolf was and it wouldn't change.
Matthew was able to admit that he knew he had done wrong, and that after the punishment, he did feel better about that particular wrong. But he was still upset with the feelings of embarrassment. Rolf explained that it was all natural, and was part of the punishment process. That the punishments would continue coming, whenever, however, and in front of whomever, if Rolf felt that it was needed.
Matthew thought long and hard about that in particular. He realized that he had been going nowhere in life since Bryan had died. That it would be truly good for him to have someone to take care of him, making sure he was always headed in the right direction. He loved Rolf after all, and had in a very short time, developed complete trust that Rolf knew exactly what he was doing. That he truly did have Matthew's best interests at heart. Matthew was finally able to break through and tell Rolf all that.
They talked all afternoon long. By the time the sun was setting, Matthew's anger had melted completely away, replaced by the strongest feelings of love he had ever felt. If the guys thought they had bonded at the lake, they were wrong. This afternoon tied them together for all time.
Marc's First Spanking
It was a cool Saturday morning. Rolf was at the office for the day, and for once Matthew was free to do as he pleased. Well, Matthew didn't want to spend the day in the house by himself, cold and bored. So he went over to Marc's. He thought he would surprise him and take him out for breakfast, with Rolf's money of course. It was just after 9 AM when he arrived. He knocked on the door. There was no answer. Marc's car was there so he must have been home. He waited a minute then knocked again. Still no answer. He lifted up the mat and let himself in with Marc's spare key. Matthew heard music coming from Marc's bedroom, so he headed down the hall in that direction. As he got closer, he heard the unmistakable sounds of a spanking. Matthew was curious. Did Marc have a boyfriend, and wasn't telling him? What a little devil. Matthew slowly peeked his head into the bedroom. He was surprised to find Marc naked, bent over the bed, spanking himself with a hairbrush. Marc's ass was bright red, and he was still smacking really hard. But other than the music, the only sound Matthew could hear was the brush making contact with bare skin. Matthew stepped back into the hall out of the way. He thought back to the day when the relationship between Marc and himself started to blossom.
It was three years earlier in a high school locker room. Matthew was a junior, Marc a senior. Matthew had just moved the year before to this school, and had become friends, though not close, with Marc. They swam on the school team together, but didn't do much socializing outside of that. Matthew adored Marc; he was what Matthew wanted to be. Strong, self-reliant, and he didn't put up with shit. Matthew didn't have time to socialize outside of class, which was why the two boys never got much closer. He lived on a farm and there was always work to be done. His parents were always busy, so he was left alone most of the time. His family had money; it was a thoroughbred horse farm, so Matthew, when not working with the horses, surfed the internet. He had become fascinated with spanking, something that he hadn't felt since he was very, very young. He spent hours upon hours on the computer. His imagination was vivid, but there was never anything he could do about it. His parents barely had time to say hi, much less instill any sort of discipline in him. Unbeknownst to him, he was sailing quickly down the road that would lead him to his best buddies, Rolf and Marc.
It started early that morning. Matthew was up early since he had to feed and check the horses before school. He was in a bad mood; he had a test later that day, and he didn't feel ready for it. When he went to the barn, he realized that he had forgotten to bring in more feed from the shed, and he was going to have to work quickly, in order to get it done and catch the bus on time. He was cussing and fussing, dragging the bags over to the barn. He went into the stall of one of the major stallions to check the horse and set out the food. The horse didn't cooperate, and it upset Matthew even more than he already was. Without thinking, he threw the bucket of food at the horse in frustration. He didn't know anyone was in the barn until a hand grabbed him by the back of his neck, and he was quickly dragged out of the stall. It was the owner of the horse, and he was MORE than pissed.
" DON 'T MOVE !" he yelled at Matthew, before turning back to the stall to calm the horse before the horse could damage the stall or himself. It took a minute or two, but the man finally quieted the stallion down, then picked up the bucket of food and closed the stall door.
Matthew was rooted to the spot. He knew the man vaguely, only really knowing that his family had the most horses at their farm. He had no idea what Mr. Thomas would say to him. He just hoped that it wouldn't affect the business relationship.
Mr. Thomas threw the bucket down before turning around to confront Matthew. Instead of saying anything, he just grabbed Matthew by the arm and marched him over to the tack area.
Matthew was stunned; he didn't know what to expect, only that the man was very angry. He didn't even know what to begin to say; he knew it was a very stupid thing he had done.
Mr. Thomas found what he was looking for. It was a leather quirt. Without saying anything, he raised that whip up and brought it down, full force, across Matthew's bottom.
Matthew's eyes widened in shock. It took the second lick of the whip before Matthew realized he was getting his ass beat. He had two lines of fire imprinted on his ass when the third landed, and Matthew began sobbing. Mr. Thomas had a VERY good hold on his arm, so he couldn't go anywhere, and he was still too shocked to do much more than take what Mr. Thomas was giving him. Mr. Thomas laid down ten good stripes across Matthew's bottom. When he finished, he hung the whip back on the wall. He turned Matthew towards him.
"Don't you EVER do something that stupid again. Get out of here. I will find someone else to feed the horses this morning." Matthew took off like a shot, dashing into the bathroom before anyone in the house even knew he was there. He looked into the mirror, and was shocked to see how red his face was. He quickly blew his nose and washed his face. He looked out the bathroom window, and saw the bus on the way. He took one last look, and hoped nobody could tell what had happened. He still couldn't believe it himself. He didn't know what to think about the whole episode. When the bus arrived, Matthew climbed aboard, and took a seat. He about jumped out of his skin when he sat down and the welts that were quickly rising across his bottom made contact with the seat. He almost teared up again, but managed to keep from making a sound or shedding any more tears. He hoped that his backside would be healed before swim class. But, as in most cases, no such luck. Matthew waited as long as he could, hoping that everyone would finish with their showers before he had to strip. He ran out of time, but the only other person in the shower was Marc. Marc noticed the stripes, but didn't say anything. He filed it away for later reference.
Marc and Matthew didn't get any closer that year, and the next one, Marc was off to college. It wasn't until a little over a year later that Marc and Matthew met again.
It was in the fall that Rolf and Matthew moved in together. Matthew had dropped out of college that semester due to Bryan 's death. Rolf talked Matthew into returning, and also picking up swimming again - something that Matthew hadn't done since high school. Matthew was surprised and pleased to see Marc again.
Marc looked better than Matthew remembered. He had developed a more lean muscled body with the increased competition in college swimming. He had a deep, even tan which was set off nicely by the bright yellow Speedo that he wore. Marc wasn't the oldest on the team, but because of his strong bearing and very friendly personality, most everyone looked up to him, Matt even moreso.
Matthew was overwhelmed at being back in school and swimming again. Marc realized that, and pulled Matthew under his protective wing, making sure Matt made every practice and kept up with all his homework. The boys were becoming closer, but didn't realize that events over the next couple of weeks would intensify the bond they felt between them. Marc realized that Matthew lived with Rolf, but didn't know what type of relationship they had, whether they were related or just roommates. The boys rarely spoke about their homelife, and still didn't socialize much outside of school.
Matthew's living arrangements were about to become clear to Marc. It was a Friday and the swim team had just finished practice. Marc was in talking with the coach, getting pointers for the big meet tomorrow.
Matthew was at the lockers, getting ready to change and head for home. Rolf had belted him the night before and he still sported some nice stripes. He would skip the shower there, and take it at home. He thought he was alone and went to change clothes. Just as he was pulling his shorts on, Marc said, "Whoa, man, what happened to you?"
Matthew spun around, his face turning red to match his stripes. He stammered out, "N. n..nothing." He quickly pulled on his jeans, trying to keep his eyes on the floor, hoping Marc would go away. He didn't want Marc to know he had been punished, not because he was embarrassed about that, but because he wanted Marc to be proud of him. Marc watched Matthew fumbling with his clothes. The sight of the stripes on Matthew's ass reminded Marc of seeing him that way in high school. Marc didn't want to embarrass Matthew anymore so he didn't say anything, just headed off to the showers, saying, "See you tomorrow" on the way out.
Marc mulled over the information. Here was a college kid, still getting his ass beat. It must have been Rolf he knew Matthew’s parents weren't anywhere near.
That intrigued Marc. He was also interested in spanking, and played on his computer when he wasn't busy swimming or studying. Matthew didn't figure into any of Marc's plans; it came as a surprise to both of them when it happened.
The meet the next day went very well for Marc but not for Matthew. Marc finished in the top three in each of his events, while Matthew finished in the middle. When the meet was over, Matthew decided that he needed to gain some muscle, quickly, so he could look like, and swim like Marc. He went out and purchased some steroids, without telling Rolf, who would have been wholeheartedly against it. He took them daily for a week, that was, until Marc saw him take one in the locker-room, the next Friday. It was before swim practice. Everyone was getting into their swimming trunks, and Marc saw Matthew pop a pill in his mouth, followed by a swig on a coke. Marc didn't think much of the pill, but a coke before practice didn't make much sense. He walked over to Matthew to ask him about it. When Marc walked up, Matthew quickly slammed the door on his locker. He didn't want Marc to see the steroids. He knew Marc would be shocked and angry.
"Matthew, why did you just take a pill with a coke?" Marc asked.
Matthew thought Marc was interested in the pill, so he wanted to try to steer the conversation away from it. "It was just an aspirin. I have a small headache, no big deal."
Marc was getting an eerie feeling that something wasn't right; he just couldn't put a finger on it. "I wasn't interested in the pill, just why you were taking something with a coke, before practice. You know that's not good for you. And it's always a good thing to take pills with water so it won't upset your stomach any more than it already could." Matthew inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Marc wasn't interested in the drugs.
"Sorry, just wasn't thinking. I only took one swig; I'll toss this and get water the next time. Let's go, everyone else must be waiting."
The boys headed out to practice. When everyone else was done, Marc helped Matthew work on some fundamentals, one on one. By the time they were finished, the locker-room was deserted, the coach having locked the door on the way out. Both boys headed to the lockers to get their towels.
When Matthew opened his door, the steroid bottle fell out, where Matt had slammed the door so hard before, and rolled right to Marc, stopping at his feet. Matthew went to pick it up, but Marc beat him to it. When Marc looked down at what he was holding, he couldn't believe his eyes.
Matthew went to grab it from his hands, but Marc blocked the move, grabbing Matthew's arm, and fixing him with eyes of steel. That shocked Matthew, but not as much as when Matthew looked up questioningly into Marc's eyes, and he was fixed in the icy glare he would come to know so well in the years that followed. "How stupid are you, Matthew? Don't you have any fucking idea how dangerous this stuff is? And don't you remember what happened to Ryan last year? The coach caught him with this shit and he was kicked OUT OF SCHOOL."
Matthew had never seen Marc that angry, and he was beginning to feel smaller by the minute.
Marc sat down on the locker-room bench. "Come here, and get that wet suit off."
Matthew stood where he was; he was too nervous to move.
"I SAID, get your ass over here, and get THAT damn suit off NOW.”
Marc's tone scared Matthew so he quickly obliged. Matthew slowly slid the wet suit off his toned body. Marc pulled Matthew across his knees.
"Matthew, you are an intelligent young man. How could you go and do something as stupid as this? Don't you know what that shit can do to your body?"
"I am sorry; I wasn't thinking along those lines."
"Well I will make sure you think along those lines next time." And with that Marc brought his hand crashing down on Matthew's wet ass. Matthew lunged forward, from both the force and the pain. Marc applied another one to the other cheek and got the same reaction. Soon Matthew was screaming at the fire that was being lit on his ass. Marc paid no attention and wore out his hand before he felt Matthew had learned any sort of lesson.
"Get up and go soak in the shower. But don't think I am through with you. You fucked up big time, and I am gonna punish you big time." Marc went into the coach's office, while Matthew reluctantly went and showered. The hot water made Matthew SCREAM in agony as it cascaded down his red, sore ass. He quickly opted for a cold shower.
Meanwhile, Marc searched the coach's office. He was hoping the coach would have a paddle on hand, but he wasn't that type of coach. But Marc did find a large, wide and surprisingly thick wooden ruler. That would do. He went into the shower area.
"Matthew, stand in front of the wall. Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs."
Matthew looked at what Marc was holding. His stomach tumbled to his toes. He was still sniffling from the hand spanking; the wet skin causing a deep, intense sting that still hadn't cooled at all. And now Marc was going to use a ruler.
"M. m.m. arc,” *sob* “ I..."
"Matthew, this ISN'T up for discussion. "Get your HANDS on the wall RIGHT NOW. That was a REALLY stupid move you pulled, and now you're going to pay the price. This is going to hurt like hell, but you'd better be thanking your guardian angel that it was me who found those drugs and not the coach. I have yet to decide whether to tell Rolf about this or not." Marc's anger had not cooled at all. He cared deeply for Matthew and still couldn't believe the stupidity Matt had shown.
Matthew was frightened. He knew how bad that ruler would sting. He was still wet, and his backside hadn't cooled at all. Marc wasn't going to take ‘no’ for an answer. Matthew slowly turned and braced himself against the wall. Marc kicked his legs out a little farther.
"Those hands had better NOT move, or so help me, I'll shred your ass for dinner, IS THAT CLEAR?" Marc said in a voice brooking no argument.
Matthew started sobbing, barely getting out a "Yes, Sir".
Marc raised the ruler high in the air and let it come crashing down on Matthew's already stinging, wet backside. He repeated that five times in rapid succession. Matthew's howl was loud enough to wake the dead. But Marc didn't listen; he needed to be sure that Matthew would never, EVER, do anything like that again. Marc whacked Matthew's ass another 15 times before stopping. Matthew just stood there sobbing, loudly.
Marc tossed the ruler out of the shower area. Marc began gently rubbing his back, trying to soothe the sobs. After a few moments, Matthew turned around, and gave Marc a long, hard hug. He felt lucky to have a friend that cared so much about his well being. Marc held Matthew for a good hour before they finally dressed and left. Matthew spent the night at Marc's; since Matthew had learned his lesson, Marc felt Rolf didn't need to know what happened. Marc gave a lot of TLC to Matthew that night.
Matthew's flashback ended when he heard that brush hitting harder. He was frustrated because he wanted to help Marc. But he also didn't want to embarrass him either. Matthew was torn, but decided he would help his friend in need. Matthew slipped into Marc's study. He went over to the desk, and pulled out that ruler  - Marc had opted to keep a memento from that day. That ruler had met Matthew's ass a couple of times since that fateful day, and now it would meet Marc's.
Matthew went back down the hall and entered Marc's room. He was still bent over, trying to muster up the strength for a solid smack. He still didn't know Matthew was even in the house, until he spoke.
"Hey there buddy, need a hand?"
Marc was startled at first, but once he saw Matthew, and saw what he had, a smile came to his face.
"Show me what you got."
"As long as you're sure you're not going to regret that remark. I'll do it, but it will be my way," Matthew said, wanting to make sure Marc knew what he was asking for.
Matthew wanted to do this, but he wasn't going to do it halfway. He was going to be in control, that's the only way it would work. Marc looked deep into Matthew's eyes. This would be the *first* time he'd submitted to anyone, and he had been longing for this for a long time. The self-spanking wasn't satisfactory in the least. Sure, the sting was there, but you just couldn't get a good swing in, time after time. Marc knew Matthew understood the situation, and since he had been given so many spankings, knew how to administer one himself. He trusted Matthew, loved Matthew, and knew this was the right time.
"Your way."
That's all Marc had to say, the rest was read in his eyes. Matthew went over to the bed and sat down. "Come here, over my knees."
Marc obediently went over and laid himself across Matthew's knees. His legs hung off the end of the bed. He was feeling a rush of emotions; he'd never been in this position before. He didn't know what to expect. His ass was still stinging some from his hairbrush. Matthew put down the ruler, tucked his hand under Marc's side, and landed the first spank by hand. The sound was loud, and it caused Marc to jump a little. Matthew brought his hand down again, on the other cheek, watching his hand imprint turn a rosy red on the first one. He continued raining down blows, over and over, covering every inch of Marc's backside, even landing a few on the backs of the thighs. Marc was teary after just a few spanks, but he wasn't ready to cry, and managed to hold off for a good five minutes. Matthew started to pick up the pace, causing Marc to start sobbing gently with each blow. After another ten minutes, Marc was jumping all around Matthew's lap, and starting to ask for the end. Matthew wasn't ready to end, and knew deep in his heart that Marc wasn't quite ready yet either. He kept it up for five more minutes, and Marc was really sobbing hard, moaning, but not yelling. Matthew stopped for a moment, resting his hand on the burning flesh. He rubbed gently in circles, Marc sobbing and jerking his body, trying to lesson the fire. Matthew continued to rub Marc's back and neck, until he calmed somewhat. Then Matthew tucked his hand in again, and picked up the ruler. He laid the cold wood across Marc's burning backside and Marc flinched. "Do you know what that is?" Matthew said, letting the ruler continue resting on Marc's ass.
Marc sobbed out, ""
"We are going to make sure you feel this for a few days, otherwise, what's the point."
Marc wasn't sure he could take any more, he was still on fire, but he trusted Matthew not to shatter any limits, but to take him just over what he thought he could handle. He balled up the blankets in his fist, and waited for the first lick.
Matthew watched Marc tense up, and lifted the ruler. Marc clenched his cheeks together waiting for the blow, but it didn't come. As soon as his guard dropped, Matthew brought that ruler down, and hard. It smacked into the hot flesh and instantly brought Marc's head up off the bed, as he let loose with a howl of pain. He just about bucked off of Matthew's lap, but Matt was anticipating that reaction and held on tight. As soon as the howl ended, Matthew brought the ruler down again. Marc howled even louder the second time, and between sobs tried to tell Matthew to stop. Matthew brought the ruler down five times, waiting in between each blow for it to sink in. Marc was howling and sobbing, kicking and bucking; he was in tremendous pain. Each of the five licks that Matthew had landed was separate in itself. He knew Marc was at his limit; now was the time to push that limit just a little farther. He tightened his grip and rained down five very hard, very quick licks, covering everything again. Marc let loose with one long howl; he couldn't draw a breath back in to do any more. Matthew tossed the ruler on the bed and massaged Marc's back and neck, calming him down. It took a good 30 minutes for Marc to get his breathing back to normal. As soon as he did, he got up off of Matthew's lap, and pulled Matthew to his feet. He hugged Matthew tight. Matthew had just given Marc a wonderful gift, the gift of knowing what a real spanking felt like. It hurt like hell, but it was an experience that Marc would remember always.
~The End~
Copyright Rolf 2010

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