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Matthew in Vegas

Title: Matthew in Vegas
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee

Rolf surprised Matt with the news that they were going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Rolf had a weeklong conference and decided Matt would enjoy the week away from home, and he wasn't about to let Matt have the run of the house for a whole week without him. Matt was on pins and needles until the day to leave finally arrived. Friday came, and their plane was to leave at 6:00 pm. Rolf had a very stressful day at work to start the day, so he was not in a good mood when he returned home. They had to rush out the door to get to the airport, and Rolf absolutely hated running late. He had a headache, and Matt's exuberance was giving him fits.
They made it to the airport, and found they had a long walk to the gate. Matt kept bounding ahead, stopping, and then asking Rolf a dozen quick fire questions about the trip. Rolf had been before, but it was to be Matt's first visit. "Matt, I know you’re excited, but please, please settle down. We have a long way to go, and I have a headache. Let's get on the plane and get something to eat, then I'll try to answer your questions. Please walk quietly and quickly with me."
Matt did so, for about 10 feet. He could not calm down. There was a moving sidewalk ahead, and he bounded forward, and practically jogged down it, leaving Rolf riding alone. When Matt got to the end, he saw Rolf only about a quarter of the way along. He ran back down the side, intending to ride it again, and catch up with Rolf. As he passed, Rolf yelled "Matt, COME HERE."
Matt was still having too much fun to realize that Rolf's fuse was set to blow. He jumped back on the sidewalk, and saw Rolf waiting for him at the other end. He did notice this time, that Rolf had that very stern expression on his face. Rolf grabbed Matt by the arm and marched him into the airport restroom. "Hey man, I can walk, you don't need to hold my arm."
Rolf stopped and said "Drop your shorts, now." Matt replied, "Rolf, please, I'm sorry, I'll settle down. I know" Rolf just continued to give Matt 'the look'.
"Come on please Rolf, what if someone walks in?"
"Get those shorts down now, or I'll do it and that means I'll have to take off my belt."
Matthew realized that he had gone too far, and was going to get it, now. He decided that the hand was marginally better than the belt, and lowered his shorts, leaving his jockeys in place. Rolf proceeded to spank him soundly, lecturing him the whole time.
"When I tell you to behave, you need to learn to listen to me. I will not tolerate this behavior, is that clear?"
"Yeesss, (sob) Sir"
"Get your shorts up, and come with me. We cannot be late." Matt pulled the shorts up, tears in his eyes. The spanking was not bad enough to leave him crying, only on the very brink. Rolf didn't have the time to spank him like he really needed, and he only really intended to get Matt's attention, which he did. They made it to the plane, and the trip was mostly uneventful. Matt returned quickly to his exuberant self, the spanking completely off his mind. Rolf was better able to handle the questions now that they were on their way, with some food in their stomachs and the headache gone. They arrived late, and after checking into the hotel, Matt wanted to go exploring. "No, sir, we are going to bed. I have an early meeting, and you need your sleep. Tomorrow will come soon enough."
Matt had trouble, but finally fell asleep. They awoke the next morning and headed to breakfast, then Rolf to his meeting. He left Matt with a credit card, some cash, and stern warnings about spending limits and behavior, with the order to return to the room at 5:00 for dinner. Matt had the whole day ahead of him, no supervision.
The one thing Matt wanted to do was the one thing he couldn't do, and that was gamble! He was just a few months shy of his 21st birthday. The casinos never dawned on him until he was face to face with dozen of them. Matt knew there had to be a way to get in. He decided to go exploring, in hopes that the answer would come to him. After some general sight seeing and shopping, the answer was right in front of him, fake ID. Everyone is looking for a quick buck in Vegas, including the vendors. Matt knew it was the last thing he should do, but hey what Rolf doesn't know, isn't going to hurt him. Matt dished out the twenty dollars, and headed for the nearest casino. Once inside he was overwhelmed by the games. He immediately changed in some cash for coins, and headed for the slot machines. On his first try he won one hundred dollars. Wow, this was just too cool. On his next pull he won fifty. This was just too easy. Matt needed more of a challenge. He saw the Blackjack table; he was always pretty good at that game. He sat down and foolishly bet his $150 winnings. And he lost. That just wasn't right. Now he dipped into the money Rolf had left him. Before he knew it, Matt had spent more than what Rolf had limited him to. He had to win some of that back, Rolf would kill him if he knew how much he had spent, let alone how he spent it. Another three hands, and Matt was totally out of cash. He had the credit card and hated to have to use it, but he was desperate. He took out one hundred, and went on a mission to win. He went back to the slot machines, where his luck once again had improved. By chance he had glanced at his watch and saw that he had fifteen minutes to get back to his hotel, shower, and change before Rolf got there. He had to stop now. When all was done, Matt had gone over Rolf's limit by five dollars. Matt booked to get back to the hotel. When he got in the room, he was surprised to see Rolf standing there.
"Well there you are. I was wondering where you were," Rolf said pleasantly. "My meeting finished early today, and I come up here and you are no where to be found. Did you have fun today?"
"Yeah it was...nice," Matt said sort of out of breath. "Nice city you know."
"I want to hear all about your day over dinner."
"Dinner...yes, let me grab a quick shower. The heat makes you sweat."
"So I noticed," Rolf said sniffing.
Matt took off his shirt and shorts and tossed them on the floor before heading into the shower. Not being able to stand things out of place, Rolf picked up the drenched clothes. When he picked up the shorts, something dropped to the ground.
Oh, it was just Matt's license. No, wait a minute. A resident of Las Vegas? And twenty-two and a half years old? This didn't look good. Rolf had a decision to make. Confront Matt now, or head out to dinner. Rolf had planned a fun evening together, and it looked like Matt's inability to behave was going to put a damper on it. Well, Rolf was hungry, and he decided to see if Matt would confess, on his own. Maybe it was only a joke, a dumb one at that, and totally illegal, but that was what Rolf was hoping for. He sat down, waiting for Matt to finish his shower, and tried to decide how he was going to handle this situation. If it was as bad as it looked, he couldn't leave Matt unsupervised for the rest of the trip, could he? Matt finished his shower, got dressed and went to get his wallet from his other shorts. He rifled through the pockets, and couldn't find his fake ID. He had forgotten to hide it when he came in, since he was shocked to find Rolf already there.
"Hey, I'm hungry, lets get going." Rolf said. Matt wasn't about to ask Rolf if he had found the ID, he just looked around on the floor on the way out the door. Rolf watched him, and his hopes for a joke were quickly fading. He had looked a little worried about not finding something. Oh well, Rolf was going to enjoy dinner, and if Matt was in the hot seat, so be it. They headed downstairs for the super buffet. Rolf related some of his day, and then asked Matt about his.
"So, you looked like you had fun today, and it looks like you were going full throttle. What exactly did you do?" Matt was sure that Rolf would be very unhappy if he knew what he had done. The casinos were off limits to him, unless Rolf said so, and gambling on his own was illegal, something that would send Rolf into orbit if he knew. He had to come up with some plausible explanations, or his vacation would turn out to be not so fun. "I just walked all over the place. The hotels are mind-boggling. I went and looked into about 8 casinos and was amazed at everything. Can we go and bet later? It looked like a lot of fun. I mean, I know I'm not twenty-one and all, but just a few quarters? In the slot machines?" "We'll see about that later. You know, it really is illegal, but I don't think a few quarters would hurt. So how much money do you have left?" Matt had to think a second on that one. He had gone over the limit by $5, but he also had the same amount of cash that he left with, thanks to the credit card.
"I, uh, let me think." How was he going to explain the credit charge that would come later? _d_a_m_n_, this was the problem with lies. He had no purchases, and he had spent $100. He thought that maybe he would try some truth here, and hope that the $5 over the limit could be overlooked. "I spent quite a lot on lunch, actually. I got a buffet at one of the hotels, and it was expensive. Then I went to play some video games at the arcade down the street. Me and a few guys got into this game, and we kept feeding quarters, a buck at a time, to keep playing. Before I knew what happened, I ran out of cash. I thought I should have some, so I took $100 cash advance at one of the hotels, and I have all but $5. I think I did pretty good, only going $5 over the limit, don't you?" Matt was getting an eerie feeling that something was up, he just didn't know what.
"You spent close to a hundred, in an arcade? That would take some time. How long were you there, because you've certainly made the rounds today. No wonder you were dripping when you came in." Rolf was getting increasingly upset that Matt was lying. He could see it in his face. There had been absolutely no mention of the fake ID, so it was obviously something that Matt didn't want to disclose. Matt was starting to get nervous. The questions were becoming harder and harder to deal with. Lying always made life hard, especially if you had to keep making up more and more as you went along. "It took about four hours. The rest of the time was running around the hotels. It didn't take very long at each one, since I'm not supposed to be on the gambling floors. No big deal, really. What are we going to do tonight? Maybe see a show, or let me gamble some? Come on, be a sport. Nobody will know I'm not 21. It just wouldn't be any fun if I can't gamble, since that is what this whole town was built for." Matt desperately wanted to end dinner, and get out and do something, get out from under Rolf's questions, before he was found out.
Rolf had had enough. "Young man, you don't know how disappointed I am in you right now." Matt's wonderful dinner was now threatening to come back up. Rolf knew, he was sure. Rolf's tone of voice alone told Matt he was in serious trouble. That man had extra sensory powers, or a nice well paid staff of spies. Rolf continued. "I bring you out here for a nice vacation. I plan on showing you everything that's here. All I ask is for you to simply behave yourself when I'm not around. I don't think that's all that much to ask. But no, you selfishly decide to do whatever you want, not even thinking about how that will affect me, and the plans I've made." Matt began to feel ashamed, no, he hadn't thought about Rolf, or the plans that he could have made. Rolf pulled out the fake ID, and Matt about passed out when he saw it. Rolf said in a tone brooking no argument "I think it's time we head back up to the room to discuss this."
The walk up to the third floor had never been so long. Matt just hung his head, a million thoughts swirling around. He stayed good two, three steps behind Rolf. He knew he was in for it, but what he was in for was more than he had bet on. Rolf entered the room, and turned on the light. He pulled a chair out from the table and sat in the middle of the room. "Sit!" Rolf said firmly. Matt did as he was told. "I gather from your silence that this is in fact your fake ID." Matt just stayed silent.
"Is this YOUR ID?"
"Yes sir," Matt said quietly deciding he best answer.
"Did you use it?"
"I just..."
"Did you use it, yes or no?"
"Yes sir."
"So you lied to me. You sat there and lied straight faced to me. I come here after a day of meetings after meetings, and find that you have been doing something illegal. You do realize that it is illegal, don't you?"
"Yes sir."
"Yeah, you knew it was illegal, and you didn't care. So you bought a fake ID, you used it. I also gather that you lost a good amount of money too, and decided you best try and cover it up, by GAMBLING SOME MORE!" Matt was feeling so ashamed of himself; he just stared at the floor. Rolf continued to grill, lecture, and yell at Matt for the next few minutes. He just wanted it to end; he wanted to know what he was facing. He knew a spanking was in store, but how severe?
"I just don't know what to do with you anymore. Apparently my spankings alone aren't getting through to you. Everytime you do something wrong, you cover it up with lies. It’s your mouth that gets you into trouble. And it’s your mouth that is going to pay the price. When I'm through tonight, you will think twice about lying to me, I guarantee it." What the hell did he mean by that? Matt was really scared now.
"Stand up! I want you to strip to your underwear." Matt stripped nervously, but quickly.
"Go stand in the corner, hands on head, and don't think of moving!" Matt got in to position. A few seconds later he heard the door open, then close. He had no idea where Rolf went, or what was ahead of him. He just knew it was going to be bad. About 10 minutes later, Rolf returned. He immediately went into the bathroom. Matt heard some rustling then the water running.
"Get in here Matt!"
Matt quickly scooted into the bathroom. Upon entering, Matt realised what was in store for him, he saw Rolf with the sudsy bar of soap. This was something Matt had never experienced, let alone something Rolf had ever done.
"Get over," Rolf motioned in front of him with the soap.
"Oh please Rolf, don't, there has got t...."
"Enough, you had your chance to talk, in the restaurant, instead you spoke lie upon lie. Do you think this is how I want to spend my night in Vegas? You left me no alternative. Now pay the price! Now get your ass over here, before I come over there and drag you in here!" Matt was scared but had no choice. And if he could take one of Rolf's spankings, how could this be much worse? Rolf grabbed Matt by the arm, and ordered him to open his mouth. Matt reluctantly did so. Rolf shoved three quarters of the soapy bar into Matt's mouth. He shifted it left, then right. In and out. Matt began fighting to get the wretched bar out of his mouth, but Rolf was going to do this right. Rolf continued to force the bar around Matt's mouth while the suds started falling all over the bathroom. After about five minutes of this, Rolf pulled the bar out Matt's mouth. Soapsuds flew across the room as, Matt began spitting feverishly. Rolf then ran the water rinsing his hands. Matt thought he would be allowed to rinse, but Rolf had other plans. He grabbed Matt by the arm and led him out the bathroom. "Now for the rest of your punishment."
Matt inadvertently swallowed when he heard that. As soon as he did, he broke free of Rolf's grip and started praying to the porcelain gods as the nervousness and soap caused him to lose his dinner. Rolf hadn't expected that. He had a full head of steam going, and now he was going to have to calm down. Rolf felt a slight twinge of regret, but Matt had had it coming to him. He walked back into the soap-covered bathroom and helped Matt to clean himself up. Matt was a mess. Everytime he had ever gotten sick, he turned into a complete baby. All he wanted was for someone to hold him. Rolf walked Matt over to the bed and they both sat down, Matt burying his head into Rolf's shoulder, crying hard because he had gotten sick, as well as for what was in store for him. Rolf comforted Matt for a few minutes, until Matt had his crying under control. He took Matt's chin in his hand and guided his eyes to his own. "I'm sorry you lost your dinner, but that doesn't change anything about the rest of your punishment. As I've told you already, your actions today were dumb, dangerous, and highly illegal, and I'll not ever stand for you lying to me."
Matt didn't know what was worse. When Rolf was as angry as before he threw up, Matt would have already been kissing the carpet, getting his ass beat fifteen shades of red. There would have been no discussion, no time to do anything, other than take what you've got coming. Now though, Matt still had to wait, wondering when the boom was going to be lowered, and in what form. He couldn't hardly stand Rolf's tender voice, telling him in no uncertain terms that he was going to be really, really sorry for his actions today. He knew he deserved it, but he most certainly didn't want it. Rolf had quite a way with punishing a person enough that you thought long and hard about making the same mistake twice. Matt was brought back to the present when he heard Rolf say that he was going to make this a memorable lesson, so that it does not happen again.
"Matt, I've never punished you like this before, and I hope that I don't have to again. You have no idea how much legal trouble you could be in right now. These casino owners have cameras on everyone and everything. If you had gotten caught with a fake ID, you would have gone straight to jail, no questions asked. You don't get a second chance in this town. On top of flat out disobeying me, you lie straight to my face. I hope that soap did some good, but I don't think that will be a lasting reminder. While I went out for the soap, I also purchased this." Rolf pulled a quirt off of the pillows. Matt's stomach tightened considerably. He was looking at a horsewhip, a thin rod of leather that looked like it would cause excruciating pain. Matt turned his head away from the whip, and looked at Rolf with puppy dog eyes, wide open, full of fear. He saw no mercy returned from Rolf's gaze. "I am going to thrash you like I've never done before. I want you to remember this lesson for a long, long time to come."
"Rolf, please sir, I beg you, not with that." Matt's voice was shaking, as well as his body. He started to sweat, but he was chilled to the bone. Rolf got up, pulling Matt up by his arm. "Get over to the wall, hands against the wall, now." Matt tried pulling away from Rolf, begging for mercy. All that earned him was a stripe across the front of his thighs.
"Aaauuuggghhh." Uh oh. That hurt like hell.
"Matthew, I'm not going to fight you. Get over to the wall, NOW, or I assure you, I'll shred that ass of yours like hamburger." Matthew was pricked into action by Rolf's tone of voice. Rolf rarely, if ever, cursed and when he did, Matt knew it was serious. Somehow, he managed to walk to the wall. He put his hands against it for leverage. "Get your legs spread, your arms too."
Matt widened his stance, and his arms went out a little to the sides. So far, no mention of the underwear coming down. Too early. Matt felt Rolf pull his shorts down to his knees, that was as far as they would go. The cold air from the air conditioner set Matt to trembling again. "I am going to tan your backside for you, good and proper. Keep your eyes on that wall. You WILL NOT move from this position until I say so. NO MATTER WHAT. Is there anything, anything at all you don't understand about that?"
"N..No, sir, ...but..."
Rolf snapped the first thwack across Matt's backside. He was finished with the discussion. The force of the blow surprised Matt, and a second later he yelped as the whip lit a line of fire from one side of his butt to the other. He barely had his mouth shut from the first blow when the second one landed, leaving him breathless. The third landed, and he yelled again. He hadn't felt such excruciating pain before. It wasn't a sting, followed by a burn, like the belt, it was an instantaneous fire lit in small thin lines. Rolf landed one across the other welts, and Matt began crying in earnest. He begged, pleaded, begged some more, and promised things he had never promised before, anything to keep the whip from falling again. Rolf paid no attention whatsoever, all his thoughts focused on Matt's dancing backside, as he worked it up one side and down the other, taking care not to draw blood. He was amazed that Matt never lost his position. He was taking one hell of a beating. When he thought Matt had learned his lesson, he stopped. Matt collapsed in a heap on the floor, totally worn out from his struggle against his natural reaction to get away from the whip. He had gone past the crying stage, and was just letting out moans from the depths of his soul as his breath allowed. Rolf gathered Matt up, and half carried, half dragged him to the bed. Matt was in so much pain, he hardly knew what was happening. Rolf grabbed a cold cloth from the bathroom and began mopping Matt's face. It was covered in sweat, tears, and snot. Matt continued moaning, all his thoughts centered on his flaming backside. Rolf stayed with Matt until he was quiet. It was now 8:00, and the night was just beginning.
"You are to stay in bed. I am taking both keys; so don't even think of leaving this room. I'll be back in a while." Rolf didn't have anything to fear. At least tonight, the only thing on Matt's mind was the wretched taste in his mouth and the pain in his backside, and even if the pain miraculously disappeared, he had no strength left to even move.

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010

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