Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Second Strapping

Title: The Second Strapping
Author: Rolf
Matthew managed to get through that long day in his room. He was going stir crazy, but there was nothing he could do about it. He wanted to exercise, but couldn't do any sit-ups because of the spanking. He worked his arms a little with the small weights he had in his room, but that was about it. He tried to think of any way he could talk Rolf out of the rest of his punishment, but nothing was coming to mind. He was going to have to come up with something really, really good. He couldn't remember a time ever that Rolf had backed off from any type of punishment. There just had to be a way.
Matt managed to stay out of trouble for the next several days. He finished up the yard work on Sunday, and Rolf even invited him to swim a little after he was done. The day wasn't so bad. The next several went as usual. Rolf going off to work, leaving Matt chores to do. Rolf called several times a day, checking up on him, making sure that he was home, and not watching TV. Joseph also came by a few times unexpectedly to check up on Matt. Thankfully, he was never doing anything he shouldn't have been when someone dropped by. He got to take off for class, with Rolf calling 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after class to make sure he came straight home. Since his keys were in Rolf's possession, he had to catch the bus, which was not fun. He had two blocks to walk to get to the stop, and the bus was never there at the same time each day. One day he had to run at top speed to get home in time for Rolf's call. He worked two nights that week, and also had to work on Friday, from 3:00 till 9:00. Friday was getting closer, and the closer it got, the more worried Matt got.
Thursday night, Matt had trouble sleeping. He had no idea when Rolf would want to punish him the next day. He couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen when Rolf gave him that look, and told him it was time. He just about cried every time he thought about it. When he awoke the next morning, he was a nervous wreck.
Rolf hated to see Matt so upset, but there was nothing he was going to do about it. Rolf didn't want that time to come either. He'd decided to wait until Matt got off of work to punish him. No sense in making him work after such a hard strapping. Rolf and Matt ate breakfast in silence. Matt settled down a bit as he realized that Rolf wouldn't have time to punish him before he went to work. Rolf finished getting ready and left for work as usual. Matt realized that Rolf would probably not come home and punish him before he had to go to work, so it was going to be bedtime before he had to face the next strapping.
Matt tried to work off his nervous energy by doing his chores quickly, and then working out. His stomach never quieted down though. He knew exactly what was coming tonight, and there was no way out of it. Finally Rolf's call came at 2:15. "Matt, are you all ready for work?"
"Yes. Hopefully the stupid bus will be on time today."
"I'm sure it will be. You get off at 9:00, right?"
"I'll be by to pick you up then. See you at 9:00." Rolf hung up the phone.
Matt knew his time of doom. As soon as they walked in the house he would be sent to his room and Rolf would follow. Matt shuddered, then ran out the door to catch the bus.
Rolf had several meetings that afternoon. He made it through the first one without any trouble, but the second one he could hardly concentrate. When the meeting was finally over, he decided to call Stephen to see if he wanted to come by for a few drinks after he finished with Matt. He called and when he got the answering machine, he realized that Stephen and Todd had gone away for the weekend. Next he tried Joseph. Joe was at work, and wouldn't get off until 10:30. He'd stop by the house and then come over. That would be perfect timing, Rolf thought.
Matt made it to work on time, but could hardly do anything right. He had to redo drinks for several customers. Finally, the manager decided he needed to talk to Matt. "Matt, can I talk to you a sec?" Matt agreed, and they moved into the manager's office.
"You seem very distracted today Matt. Very unlike you. Is there anything I can do to help? Anything you want to talk about?"
Matt wanted to say, yeah, just break Rolf's right arm tonight when he comes by to pick me up. That would solve his immediate problems. It would take a while to heal. But he didn't want his manager to know what was coming. He would be embarrassed half to death if the manager knew he was so nervous because he was going to get his butt beat later tonight. "No. I just didn't sleep very well last night, and I'm having trouble concentrating. I'm really sorry I've made so many mistakes tonight. I'll try to pay more attention to what I'm doing."
"Don't worry about it. You're one of my best employees. Everyone has a bad night, now and then. Why don't you take off early, go get some shuteye. We can take care of things around here."
The manager was only trying to help, and didn't realize that Matt didn't want to go home earlier. "No, really, tha"
"I insist. Clock out and get outta here before I change my mind."
The manager left to take care of some business, leaving Matt wondering what he should do. He could take the bus home. He could call Rolf to come get him early. NO! Both options ended with the belt. He just could NOT make himself do it. He decided to call Chris, since Todd was out of town.
"Hello, Smokey's Bar and Grill."
"Hey dumb ass. Do you always answer the phone like that?"
"Matt! No, I was expecting it to be Joe. Hey, are you at work?"
"Yeah. The manager just told me I could go home early, since I was screwing up so bad."
"It's Friday. Has, has it happened yet?"
Chris was referring to the strapping. "No. Rolf was going to pick me up at 9:00, and I'm sure it would be then. I just can't call him. I don't want to go home. Can I come over?"
"Matt, are you sure? Rolf will be really pissed off when he finds out. Joe isn't home, and won't be until 10:30, so your safe there, but still."
"Chris you don't understand. I can't call him. I can't go home. I cannot go through that strapping again. It hurt sooooo bad. Please, can I come over?"
"Hey Matt, it's your ass. You're not thinking straight though. You'll get the strapping, and it will be worse 'cause you came here when you're supposed to be grounded." Chris heard a click and realized that Matt had hung up the phone. Matt was making a very stupid mistake, but as Chris had said, it was his ass that was getting in more trouble. Chris wasn't thinking too straight either. He didn't realize that he was going to be "harboring a fugitive," and that he was going to have a price to pay as well.
About 15 minutes later, Matt knocked on the door. Chris let him in and they sat and talked for a while.
At 9:00 Rolf arrived at the bar. Matt wasn't waiting outside, so Rolf went in. He didn't see Matt, so he asked the other bartender where he was.
"Matt left around seven. The manager told him to go early 'cause he was so tired. He said he was headed to home and took the next bus."
Rolf barely managed to get out a "Thanks" without exploding. He quickly left the bar and returned to his car. He got in and slammed the door so hard he was surprised that glass hadn't broken. Ok, Ok, chill man. No need to break anything besides Matt's neck. So, if he had left early, and taken the bus home, he would have gotten there long ago. So, where could he be? He certainly wouldn't have just taken off. Maybe he went to Todd's? No, they were out of town. Michael's? No, Eric would have called him. That left Chris. Since Joseph was at work, that seemed the likely place to be. Joe would have collared Matt if he would have been home. That must be it. Rolf headed out of the parking lot.
Matt looked at the clock and realized that Rolf was probably now at the restaurant looking for him. He could just see Rolf 's face as someone told him that he had gotten off early. The blood rising, the eyes turning into daggers, the fists clenching, the jaw too. Matt jumped up and began pacing, knowing the end was near. He knew Rolf would come looking for him sooner or later. He knew how furious Rolf would be. He was too terrified to do anything sane, like go home, or call. Chris just sat back, and watched his friend. Wow, he thought, that strapping last week must have been very bad. He'd never seen anyone so nervous, especially to do something stupid, like hiding. Everyone knew how bad that was. If you deserved a spanking, better you just face up to it, and get it over with, no matter how bad, because things went downhill real quick if you didn't. He couldn't even begin to imagine what Rolf was going to say about this.
Rolf pulled up at Joseph's home ten minutes later. He walked up to the front door and rang the bell.
"_s_h_i_t_ man, that's Rolf. Go back into my room. I'll try to stall." Chris walked to the front door as Matt scrambled back into Chris's room.
As soon as Chris got the door unlocked, it was jerked out of his hands by Rolf opening it up. Chris looked up into Rolf's face. He could almost physically feel Rolf's eyes cutting though his. Rolf grabbed hold of Chris's ear, causing Chris to yelp in pain. "YOU TELL ME EXACTLY WHERE MATT IS"
"Ow, Ow, you're hurting me."
"Tell me where Matt is RIGHT NOW, or you will be hurting much, much worse."
"He's, he's in my room. Ow. OOOWWW!"
Rolf walked Chris over to the nearest chair, sitting him down by his ear. "You will remain in this chair, no matter what you hear. I will be back to deal with you shortly."" Chris grabbed for his ear as soon as Rolf had let go. _d_a_m_n_ that hurt. What did he mean, "deal with me?" What did he do wrong? He felt sorry for Matt. Rolf was in a mood.
Rolf walked down the hall to Chris's room, unbuckling his belt as he went. He was going to deal with Matt, right here, right now. He heard Matt whimpering as he opened up the door. He entered, closing the door behind him. Matt was curled up, crying in the corner, trying to melt into the paint on the wall. Matt knew exactly what was coming. His stomach dropped. The words would come out, any second. Those horrible, horrible words, ones that couldn't be disobeyed.
"Matt, COME HERE!" Rolf said, in the most stern voice, one brooking no argument. Matt just continued crying in the corner. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way, your choice. COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" Matt cried harder, still not able to accept the inevitable. He saw the belt had been opened, and was ready to be pulled out. "The hard way it is." Rolf said, stepping around the bed and pulling Matt up by the arm. Matt couldn't bring himself to help, but he still knew not to fight. He was put face down on the bed, then his pants and underwear were pulled down to his knees. He again broke out in a sweat, and he was shaking like a leaf in a storm. Through his cries he heard the belt whoosh out of the loops, then sail through the air before it landed, branding him like a red hot iron. He took the first five licks without moving his hands, but that sixth one landed back across all the other five welts. Matt screamed, and grabbed for his tortured cheeks, rolling almost off the bed. Rolf put the belt down, grabbed both of Matt's hands and placed them in the center of Matt's back, pinning him to the bed with his huge hand. He then picked the belt back up and started whipping Matt again. Rolf wanted to lecture him, but he knew Matt wasn't going to hear a thing he had to say. Better to just get this strapping out of the way, then talk to him later. He'd decided to give Matt 60 licks, instead of the fifty, for breaking his restriction. Matt could feel every stripe, the sharp sting, the long burn, the ache as the belt hit areas already welted. By the time he had hit 30, Matt was about to hyperventilate. "You are making this much worse that it has to be. Settle down before you pass out. DO NOT move an inch. I'm going to take care of some other business, and will be back to give you the rest of your strapping in a few minutes." With that, Rolf doubled up the belt and opened Chris's door.
Chris was still sitting in his chair, hearing every lick and wincing at each one. Matt was crying harder than he had ever heard before. All of a sudden, the strapping stopped, then he heard exactly what Rolf said. He wanted to run! He was Rolf's "other business!" he was sure. His stomach tumbled and churned. Matt's cries got very loud as the door was opened, and Chris heard Rolf's footsteps heading his way. Rolf got to the doorway of the living room and heading straight for the chair that Chris was sitting in. Chris noticed two things. The first was the belt doubled up in Rolf's right hand. The second was that fact that Rolf didn't look any less angry than when he had walked in.
"How long was Matt here before I arrived?"
Chris was afraid, very afraid, but he knew not to play any games right now. "He, uh, he got here around 7:30, uh, sir." Chris felt very, very young. Rolf was towering over him, grilling him.
"Why wasn't I called the instant he walked in?"
"I, uh, I didn't think to do that, sir."
"You KNOW Matt is on restriction. You KNOW he shouldn't have been here for any reason whatsoever. I'm also sure you KNEW exactly what Matt had coming to him tonight. What would happen if you were in his shoes and showed up at my house?"
"Uh, you would, uh probably spank me, then call Joe. But I....."
"If you know that's what would happen, WHY DID I NOT GET A CALL FROM YOU?"
Chris knew he was in trouble now. As soon as he gave his answer, Rolf would spank him. Nothing else for him to do. "I thought I was helping Matt. I'm sorry. It won't happen again, sir."
"I should hope that Matt learns his lesson, so you're not faced with this same situation again. But, you need a reminder to follow the rules. Please stand up and drop your shorts."
"Yes, sir" a thoroughly deflated Chris said.
Rolf waited a second for Chris to vacate the chair, then sat down, waiting for him to get ready. When Chris had pulled his shorts down, Rolf pulled him across his knees. He raised the belt up and cracked it down upon Chris's white bottom. Chris grunted, and Rolf saw a nice, red imprint rising from where the belt had landed. He brought it down again, and this time Chris cried out, "Aaauuugghh" Rolf kept right on whipping Chris, watching him squirm and hearing his grunts and moans turn to cries. Then, of course, came the promises to be good. When Chris's bottom was very red, Rolf stopped. He set Chris on his feet and got up. He still had Matt to finish with. "Go stand in the corner and keep your hands off your backside." Chris hobbled over and faced the corner. He wanted desperately to rub the sting out, but knew better than to try. He heard Rolf's footsteps down the hall and the door opening.
Rolf walked into the room, and saw Matt curled up in a ball, his back to the door. He was still having trouble with his sobs, but his breathing was a little better. He wanted desperately to get this over with. "Matt, back on your stomach. Hands in the middle of your back. NOW!" Matt's sobbing turned back into cries as he did as he was asked. He didn't think there was any way he could take another lick.
Rolf again took hold of both of Matt's hands and pinned him to bed. He raised the belt up and sent it crashing down on Matt's already very red backside. Matthew screamed and kicked his feet on the bed. Rolf continued his assault on Matt's backside, watching each stoke turn red, with spots of white and blue here and there. Matthew tried to move for the first ten strokes or so, then was too tired to even try. He screamed till he was hoarse.
At this point, Joseph came home. He heard someone getting punished, and it took him a moment to sort out that at least Rolf was here, since his car had been out front. He walked into the living room and saw Chris, his pants around his knees, his bottom criss crossed with red welts.
"Would you like to tell me what this is all about, mister?"
Chris jumped, he hadn't heard Joe come home. He turned from the corner and started sobbing out his story. It took him several moments of retelling before Joe could understand what he was saying between his sobs. Chris was still crying from his spanking, but also from the sounds coming from his room. He felt so bad for Matt.
"Looks like Rolf took care of your backside pretty good. I want you to go get ready for bed. DO NOT even think of entering your room. Go lie down on my bed when you're done. We'll talk about this later."
"Yes, sir" and Chris quickly gathered up his shorts and ran for cover.
Joe went to get a beer from the kitchen and took a seat, waiting for Rolf to finish. Even he winced each time the strap fell. He knew, he'd been there. Thank God I'm not in Matt's shoes.
Rolf sat with Matt until his breathing was more under control. He was still angry that Matt had come here, instead of going home and getting his punishment over with. Rolf left Matt on the bed and went to see if Joseph was home yet. He found him in the kitchen nursing a beer.
"Sorry you had to be a witness to that. I still can't believe he came over here."
"Hey, you got to do what you got to do. I sent Chris to bed. Thanks for taking care of him. He really deserved that one. Here, have a cold one."
They sat, talking and drinking for an hour. Rolf decided it was time to get his miscreant home. He went back to the bedroom and found Matt dozing, albeit uncomfortably.
"Matt, time to go home. Get your pants on. Lets go."
Matt was still in a lot of pain, and totally worn out. He stretched a little, then settled back down.
"Matt, get up right now."
"I don't wanna. Can't I sleep here?"
"No, you cannot. I will not repeat myself again."
Matt knew not to push Rolf anymore. He had that tone in his voice. He could not afford another spanking, even if it was only one smack. That would send him right over the edge. Matt slid slowly off the side of the bed, then stood up. His shirt fell down and rubbed his torched backside. He groaned and pulled the shirt up. "Rolf, I can't put my pants on. It hurts too much. Please."
"You are not walking out of here bare. You have five minutes to get dressed and present yourself in the kitchen." With that, Rolf left, leaving Matt to wonder how he was going to get anything on his butt. He also had to figure out how to tie his shoes without sitting down, and without pulling the clothes tight against his ass. He finally decided to leave his shorts off, and only put on his pants. He slid them onto his legs, then put his shoes on with his pants bunched around his ankles. At least that didn't hurt. Now he had to pull the pants on. It brought fresh tears to his eyes when he buttoned them shut. He shuffled slowly down the hall, trying in vain to keep his cheeks from rubbing the pants.
"I think you owe an apology to Joseph."
"Yes, sir." Tears were running down Matt's face. "I'm very sorry that I came over here without your permission, sir. It won't happen again." Joseph nodded his acceptance. Matt was totally mortified that Joseph had to see him like this. His face and hair were a mess, and he knew that Joseph had overheard at least part of his belting.
"Thanks for the beer, Joe. Matt, let's go." Matt shuffled slowly out the door, thanking his lucky stars that Rolf had driven his SUV, and not the Mustang.

Copyright Rolf 2010


Sierra said...

why are some stories that would not pass muster in real life so hot in reading them?

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I never had a boyfriend like rolf, I don't think my bottom would have survived the beating that matt took. However I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next.

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