Monday, February 15, 2010

Through the Garden Gate

Title: Through the Garden Gate
Authors: Rolf and Gayspankee
Couple: Ben and Freddie of Crimson Blossoms
Warnings: More than handshaking is done in this one (but don't expect TOO IS their first time.)

Freddie looked up at the clock and swore quietly. It HAD to be five minutes earlier than when he looked at it ten minutes ago. He struggled, but lost the battle to keep his eyes open.

He was startled awake by a sharp clap on his back. He looked up as his friend Tyler sat down next to him.

"Staying up too late, are you?"

"Damnit Tyler, you really didn't have to do that," Freddie spluttered, trying to get his bearings.

"Unless you'd like to sleep through an accounting class you don't even belong in, I suggest you thank me for your wake up call."

Freddie looked up to see a few students entering the room. He slammed his book shut, threw it into his book bag and followed Tyler from the room.

"What did I miss?" Freddie asked once they'd reached the hallway.

"Four x's plus five y's equals thirty seven," Tyler said, rolling his eyes and laughing.

Freddie punched him on the arm. "The homework, wiseass. What's the homework?"

"Chapter seventeen, odd problems in section C. Due on Friday. Better not pull an all nighter on Thursday to get them done."

"As if I would," Freddie said, while inserting 'could' in his own mind, thanks to Ben. "Why would it matter anyway?"

"The party?" Tyler said, astonished.

"What party?" Freddie asked as they exited the building into the cold December air.

Tyler stopped dead on sidewalk, causing Freddie to stop as well. "THE party? Theta Pi? THE party to be seen at, the ONLY one to attend all year. It's Friday. You ARE going, aren't you?"

Freddie bopped himself in the head. "Right. Of COURSE I'm going. I wouldn't miss that party for the world."

"Hey, Freddie!" Matthew said jogging up to the two. Slightly out of breath he said hi to Tyler, then pushed Freddie down the sidewalk. "We're going to be late for Biology if we don't hurry!"

"See you later!" Freddie said as he started jogging with Matthew towards his next class.

Freddie was barely paying any attention to the professor, too busy thinking about the upcoming weekend. It was to be the final weekend he'd have to spend on restriction for the shopping cart incident. Ever since that weekend, Freddie and Ben had had an uneasy, and unspoken truce. Freddie tried hard to keep on top of his studies as Ben suggested, and Ben tried hard not to be overbearing or critical. Both were still unsure of what they had gotten themselves into when they decided that discipline for Freddie would help him excel in his studies. It wasn't an easy topic for either of them to discuss, so it pretty much remained untouched.

Freddie decided he was going to the party. It was only going to happen once, it WAS the party to go to, and he wasn't going to miss out on anything else for the semester. He'd paid his dues: three weekends staying at the house from after class on Friday until class time on Monday, just to please Ben. It was one weekend longer than he thought he deserved, since Ben had managed to get the estimate for the car cut by half- he should at LEAST be able to attend this party, and he'd even offer to stay in all the rest of the weekend, just to be a good sport.

Having got that settled in his own mind, Freddie tuned back into the professor and tried to look interested in the finer properties of dung beetles in the forests.


"So how are things going with you and Freddie?" Marc asked as he and
Ben walked across campus.

Ben shrugged, trying not to sound doubtful. "Things are pretty much at a standstill. Nothing has been spoken about our arrangement since that one night. And nothing has really been enforced, since he has been doing what he is supposed to be doing."

"That's a good thing, right?"

"I would like to think so. But that all just seemed too easy for me, you know what I mean?"

"I hear you. Never assume anything when dealing with a brat."

"What?" Ben asked, irritation clear in his voice.

Marc stopped and apologized. "Sorry, I wasn't calling Freddie a brat. I use that term very loosely, especially when speaking of Matthew. It's not meant as an insult. I just use that when I speak of someone on the receiving end of a discipline relationship. It's not like there are manuals with terms, conditions and rules to abide by."

"No, no, that's okay. I apologize. Whenever something concerns Freddie, I seem to over react more often than not," Ben replied, laughing. "Guess it's from living with him so long."

"That happens," Marc replied. "I need to take off here, meet up with Matthew at the library. See you later." Marc turned and walked away after Ben said his goodbye. He wondered briefly, how long it was going to take for the love that seemed just under the surface between the two, to blossom.


Things remained strained at home for the rest of that week. Freddie was distant, and kept to himself. He felt a pit in his stomach every time he thought about Friday, which was growing increasingly closer. He wasn't sure why he had this nauseating feeling every time he thought of how he may need to sneak off. He sat on his bed, working diligently on his homework, or at least trying to, and tried to keep his mind off it.

Ben knew something was troubling him, and had hoped that Freddie would come to him. Since he chose not to, Ben thought he would see if he could get Freddie to open up. As Ben walked up to his room, the phone rang. Freddie quickly grabbed for it.

"Hello? Hey Ty, what's up?"

"Just calling with details of the party. I just found out that entire football team is going!"

"They are?" Freddie asked excitedly.

"Yes, the ENTIRE team. I can't imagine how much beer they'll drink alone, so you KNOW they'll have kegs upon kegs. I'm really looking forward to that part!"

"I'm looking forward to it too. It's a date, I can't wait. Thanks again for asking."

"Who else WOULD I ask? Just BE there."

"I will. Friday. Bye." Freddie hung up the phone, his stomach twisting again as he thought about trying to talk to Ben about going, or else having to sneak.

Ben returned to his bedroom. He hadn't meant to listen, just overheard few bits and pieces of Freddie's conversation and he was crushed. It sounded as if Freddie had made a date with someone. This Friday. Well, Ben couldn't do anything about who Freddie liked, but he COULD put his foot down where he thought he was right, and Freddie's restriction didn't end until class time on Monday morning. There was NO way he was going to let Freddie go.

Ben stayed in his room the rest of the night, as did Freddie. Both young men tossed and turned as they attempted slumber, for different variations of the same reason. Once morning came, Ben knew he had to speak his mind, or at least stick to his guns. He waited until Freddie came down for breakfast.

"Hey. Sleep well?" Ben asked quietly.

"Guess so. You?"

"Had worse."

Silence fell, as both were thinking of Friday. Finally Ben took his stand.

"I think starting on Friday, you can paint the spare room upstairs. With the holidays quickly approaching, we are bound to have company."

"Friday?" Freddie asked cautiously.

"Yes, the day after next?"

"But I won't....I mean I have an obligation."

"Excuse me?"

"I have plans for Friday night."

"I know you do, and it's painting."

"No, I mean I have plans outside of this house."

"No. You are still grounded for that stunt you pulled last month."

"But Ben, I have been stuck in this house for three straight weeks! And I have done EVERYTHING you asked. You got the bill cut in half, I don't think it is expecting too much to have the same thing done to the punishment."

"I am sorry, but regardless of what happened to the bill, you are still grounded until Monday."

"I have plans on Friday night, I can't break them."

"You will have to."

"I am not gonna!" Freddie said, slamming a book on the table to punctuate his statement.

Ben stood to his feet. "You will break those plans, and if you continue to act the way you are, you will be going to class with a freshly paddled behind."

Freddie stood up and gave Ben the finger. "Paddle this!" Freddie shouted as he bolted out the door, books in tow.

Ben sat down, completed deflated. Not only was Freddie completely blowing off the discipline arrangement, he was blowing it off for a date with someone else. He moped through his bowl of cereal before taking his books and strolling, head down, towards campus.

Freddie made his way quickly to the fountain, his temper past the boiling point. He spotted a small rock in his way and went to kick it, missing it completely.

"Damn it to hell!" Freddie cursed, bending down to pick up the rock and hefting it with all his strength at the base of the fountain. It bounced off and Freddie picked it up again, throwing it again and again. When the rock splashed into the fountain, Freddie sat down, elbows on knees and head in hands.

"Why? WHY? Why does Ben need to be such an ass about things?"

Finally calming down enough, Freddie got up and headed towards his first class, anxious to get his mind off the party and the problems with Ben.


Ben sat through each class, never paying much attention at all to what was going on. He felt so insecure about his role as disciplinarian. He knew things didn't go right this morning, and was at a loss as to what went wrong. He just kept coming back, over and over, to Freddie's date. That must be it. He'd found someone, and they were going to end up growing apart. He headed home after class, wondering if Freddie would be coming home to eat lunch.

Freddie wasn't anywhere to be found when Ben arrived home. He threw together a sandwich and grabbed the bag of potato chips, crashing on the couch. His eyes strayed from the television every few minutes to the door, hoping that Freddie would materialize.

After sitting through, but not really watching a soap, Ben got up and headed back to campus for his next class. The walk took what seemed like forever, but Ben never saw Freddie's bright orange book bag anywhere.

Freddie waited until 2:15 before he went home, knowing Ben would be completely immersed in Economics by then. There were signs that Ben had been home for lunch, and he was glad that he had waited: it saved them both an uncomfortable encounter. He was just unable to face Ben at this time. Freddie quickly made his way upstairs to his room. He grabbed his other book bag, and filled it with a change of clothes. He needed his space, time to think, and that would certainly not happen with Ben under the same roof. He walked into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush, and headed downstairs. He stopped in the kitchen, and eyed the note pad.

"Would Ben worry?" Freddie wondered, grabbing the pen.

He quickly dropped the pen on the counter. Hell, if he did worry, it would serve him right. Freddie looked around then exited the house. He went back to campus, both bags in tow.

Ben went to the library after class, his usual hangout for an hour or two, depending on what assignments he had going. He usually ran into Matthew and Freddie at some point, but neither were anywhere to be found. He finished up what he needed, then headed back to the house.

Freddie finished his last class and headed straight for the library to find Matthew. He was in his usual area, but from what Freddie saw, was reading a comic book rather than doing any homework.

"Hey," he said, pulling out a chair.

"Hi. What's going on?" Matthew said, putting the comic book into his book bag.

"Nothing much. But.....I do have a huge favor to ask of you," Freddie replied.


"Think maybe I could stay at your place tonight?"

Matthew looked quizzically at Freddie. "What's wrong with your house? Having it fumigated?"

"Ha ha ha. No. It's.....well....." Freddie paused. "Can we maybe not talk about it now?"

Matthew was going to shoot back a smart alec reply, but he could see that Freddie was really bothered about something.

"If you can put up with my wolf, I don't see how he would mind you."

"Thanks." Freddie looked around. "Can we go now?"

"Uh.....sure." Matthew picked up his book bag and the two young men headed over to the house.


Ben came home and curled up on the chair, eyes on the front door, willing Freddie to walk through it at any second. After staring blankly at the door for nearly two hours, Ben came to the sad realization that Freddie wasn't coming home. He reached for the phone and dialed.

"I blew it." He said flatly.

"What? Who's this?" Marc asked, not knowing who was on the other end.

"It's Ben. I blew it with Freddie."

"What happened?"

"I overheard him on the phone last night, making a date for tomorrow. I was overcome with jealousy, so I used our arrangement as a means to keep him from his date, and it back fired. He stormed out this morning and I haven't seen him since."

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold on there before you start saying everything
is over."

"It is."

"BEN. I said wait a minute."

Ben unconsciously responded to the sharper tone and stopped talking.

"It's Thursday. How about we meet down at the coffee house on campus. I need to pick up some milk anyway, that gives me the excuse I need."

"Alright. Five?"

"Yes, five will be fine. See you there."

Marc hung up the phone and sat back, wondering what had happened to Ben and Freddie. It was becoming more and more obvious that Ben was very much in love, but he wasn't so sure about Freddie. And what was this date thing anyway? Well, at least some of the answers should be figured out in about an hour.


"Come on in. Put your bag over there, otherwise Rolf will make you move it when he gets home. Want something to drink?"

"Sure. Coke?" Freddie replied, dropping his bag on the designated chair.

"Hope caffeine free is alright, that's the only one allowed in the house," Matthew said, grabbing one for himself as well.

"Haven't tried it yet," Freddie said, taking a swig. "Not bad, not bad."

"Let's go downstairs. I'd like to see Rosie."

The two headed downstairs and got comfortable. Then the phone rang.

"Hello?" Matthew said.

"Fruitloop. How is you?" Marc replied.

"Hey Marc. I'm fine. What are you up to?"

"I'm going to head down to campus and have a drink with Ben."

"You are?" Matthew replied guardedly.

"Yeah. You wouldn't happen to know where Freddie is, would you?"

Matthew looked over to Freddie, deciding maybe it was better not to know anything.

"No? What's up?"

"Ben called and said that Freddie ran out this morning after a disagreement. Thinks everything is over. I'm going to go talk to him, see what's up. If you do hear from him, tell him Ben's a little worried."

"You don't think it's serious, do you?"

"No Fruitloop, I don't think so. I'll call you later and let you know, okay?"

"Yeah, please do. Later."

Matthew hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" Freddie asked.


"Sounded serious."

"Yeah. Said Ben called him, all upset about your fight this morning."

Freddie lost a bit of color. "Well....well he should have thought about that earlier," he snapped, grabbing the remote and viciously surfing through the channels.

"Freddie, maybe you should-"

"I don't want to. And I don't want to talk about it either," he spat as he clicked past another dozen channels.

"Okay, okay, do me a favor though?"


Freddie grudgingly glanced over, not sure he wanted to hear the request.

"Please, don't kill my remote. I don't get to watch much television, but what I do see, I enjoy."

Freddie realized that he was clicking fast and aimlessly, and smiled, laying off the channel up button.


Ben sat at the table sipping his coffee, tapping his foot and glancing repeatedly at his watch. Marc found him about fifteen minutes later.

"Sorry, never fails, traffic was backed up in my direction." Marc paused and took in Ben's state. "How many coffees have you had?"

"This is my second."

"I think you need to switch to decaf."

"What am I going to do? WHY did I have to go after him the way I did?"

Marc waved the waitress over before sitting down. "Decaf please. Black." When the waitress left, Marc turned back to Ben. "Alright then. Why don't you start from the beginning before you start beating yourself up."

"Things have been fine since .... since I punished Freddie for running the cart into the guy's truck. We haven't been talking much about IT, but things were moving along. Freddie did his homework, didn't complain too much, and stayed in on the weekends like I asked. Except this weekend. He was acting all funny, like he had a guilty secret. I was going to let him come to me with it, when he was ready. He never did, just -"

The waitress slipped the coffee onto the table in front of Marc and walked away. Ben turned back to Marc and continued.

"So I went down to his room, intent on asking him outright what was wrong. The phone rang and Freddie answered it. I overheard him making a date."

There was an uncomfortable silence as Marc tried to take in the information.

"Since you only heard half of the conversation, chances are you only know half the story."

"You are probably right, but that doesn't change the fact that Freddie isn't speaking to me, nor can I find him."

"I know it is going to be of little comfort, but they always come home. He's probably feeling suffocated, and doesn't like not being in control. My advice is to go home, get some sleep, and he will be home by the weekend."

"I don't know what he's feeling." Ben said miserably.

Marc's response was a snort of disbelief.

"Allright, so I can't tell you exactly what he's feeling. I do know that when Matthew first met Rolf, things didn't go completely smoothly either. It's a lot for a person to give up some of their autonomy. Freddie is doing so much better in school. Matthew is getting the biggest kick out of seeing how much he's changed. Freddie knows this too. But the last, and I guess only test so far of your discipline arrangement was nearly a month ago. Freddie isn't connecting being grounded now with what happened then. It's a long punishment -"

"Are you saying I was wrong?" Ben interrupted.

Marc raised his hands, waving off Ben's worry. "No, I didn't say it was wrong. It's just that the time between the action and now is a month. Not that Freddie shouldn't still be listening to you, but it's hard for him to forgo something he really wants to do because he probably feels like he's long ago paid back his debt to you. He'll figure out over time that the punishments stand and if he doesn't like them then he'll try to change his actions before the punishments are needed."

"And what do I do in the meantime? Stop worrying about him?"

"I can't pretend as I know the perfect and right thing to do. I don't have that exact kind of relationship with Matthew. If it were any time but the first, I'd tell you to go find him, bring him back, punish him again. Make sure he gets the message that it isn't over until you say it is. But Freddie has to come to grips with things himself, before he can work things out with you. He hasn't left you for good. He's not like that. Just try not to worry over things you're not sure of. He'll be back, that I know."

Ben finally put down his coffee cup. "Thanks. I guess you're right. We've known each other long enough that if I really look beyond this last month, I know he wouldn't do me that way without a word. I should head back, in case he comes back tonight." Ben stood up and held out his hand. "I appreciate your time."

"You're welcome. Don't spend all night tonight worried about him, get your own sleep. You'll need it."

Ben gave him a crooked smile and walked out. Marc's advice was good, he just wasn't sure he could follow it.


Freddie laid in the guest bedroom, staring at the ceiling. He was pleased with Rolf and Matthew's hospitality, but it wasn't home. He missed his bed and big fluffy pillow. He attempted to get some sleep, closing his eyes, but managed to only toss and turn for the better part of the night. Soon morning came, and he was less than refreshed, but ready to get on with the day. He slipped out of bed, and slunk into the bathroom to get ready.


Ben laid in bed staring at the ceiling, having hardly slept. He had hoped all night that Freddie would have come home, but it never happened. He dragged himself out of bed, and headed for a cold shower to wake himself up and face the lonely day ahead.


Freddie headed back to class, making sure he stayed away from the areas he knew Ben would usually hang out. He was near falling asleep when Tyler kicked his leg. He sat up a little straighter and just zoned out with his eyes open. When the clock finally hit ten till, he exited the room with Tyler.

"You don't look so hot," Tyler said in the hall.

"Thanks," Freddie shot back, his temper near breaking point because of lack of sleep and the worry about Ben.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it quite that way. You're still coming tonight, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Hey. Can I go with you?"

"Sorry man, but I've got dinner plans and I'm coming from there. I'll just see you there, okay? I've got to run." Tyler walked off quickly.

Freddie sighed. He was going to have to get himself something to eat and then try and figure out what he was going to do until time for the party. He'd asked Matthew if he was going, but he had plans with Rolf tonight. Tyler obviously had plans too, and it was looking like he was going there basically alone, never a fun proposition. He headed to the cafeteria and snagged a cheeseburger, taking it into the classroom building and finding a vacant room, settling down to eat. Once he was done, he settled his forehead down on his crossed arms and shut his eyes. God how he wished Ben was going with him tonight.


Ben finally gave up on Freddie coming home for dinner and pulled a can of soup out of the cabinet and put it on the stove. He'd barely been able to stay awake during his classes, much less concentrate. He'd wanted to call Marc again, but decided there wasn't anything that Marc could do for him.

He settled down with his bowl of soup, playing with it more than eating. He kept tossing around the idea of going to the party, just to see who Freddie went with. Finally throwing away most of his soup, he sat down on the couch and watched the clock slowly tick towards party time, fighting with himself every five or so minutes to not get up and go.


Having gone stir crazy, Freddie opted for a walk before heading to the party. He wandered aimlessly, wondering what Ben was doing. He was tempted to go home a couple of times and see Ben, but knew by doing so, he would never make it to the party. And while frat boys may not be the smartest or most articulate, they do know how to party. After struggling with himself for several minutes, he finally got himself set in the direction of the party. He made it to the fraternity house shortly after the party was under way. And how. There were men without shorts, there were men without pants, there were men without a whole lot less. Some of the guys looked just as Freddie had hoped. And others looked as he had feared he would never have to see. He was promptly handed a beer at the door. Freddie looked around, beer in hand, for a friendly face. Many were familiar, but none were that of a friend. None were Ben. Freddie stood in the corner, watching the young men make complete asses of themselves, and realized this wasn't how he wanted to spend his Friday night. If he had to spend it in the corner, he would rather it be with Ben watching over him.


Ben sat on the sofa, staring blankly at the novel in front of him. He
glanced at the clock, and realized the party was in full swing. His stomach tightened, and his face flushed, he couldn't believe how badly he messed things up with Freddie. He tossed the book on the coffee table and got to his feet. He knew there was no point in staying up. He walked to the front door to make sure he had it locked, and jumped back as the lock turned and the door slowly opened. Freddie popped his head in, making eye contact with Ben, then flung the door open, and ran to Ben, arms opened wide.

Ben had trouble keeping his feet when all five foot nine of Freddie crashed into him. He wrapped his arms around his friend and tried to make sense of what Freddie was saying. All he could catch were the words "I'm sorry" in bits and pieces. Ben realized the door was still open and kicked it shut, pulling Freddie over to the couch to sit down. Freddie was clinging to him like glue. Ben kept him close, trying to calm him down, wondering what in the world he was so upset about and fearing the worst.

Freddie was so relieved to be at home, and at home in Ben's arms, that he couldn't calm down for a while. He hadn't realized how upset he was that he had angered Ben enough to want to leave him and he was very afraid of letting go and finding out if Ben WAS going to be staying around.

"Freddie, shhhh. I'm here, it's okay. You're fine, I am too." Ben tried to sit back.

"Don't leeeeeeeeeeavvvvvvve meeeeeeeeeee!" Freddie said, clinging tighter.

"Leave you? I'm just going to get some tissues and some water. Come on, settle down."

Freddie let go slowly, trying to get his sobbing under control.

Ben got up and filled a glass with ice and water from the tap. He grabbed the tissue box and headed back to the couch, wondering what had happened to get Freddie this upset.

Freddie accepted the tissue and blew his nose and took another to work on cleaning up his face. He then took the glass of water gratefully and drank deeply. He nearly spilled it when he hiccupped.

Ben took the glass from him, then took his hand. "Why don't you start from the beginning, and tell me what's happened since yesterday."

"'s been horrible. I spent the night at Matthew's, and I am fairly certain I had dreamed about you all night, when I slept."

Ben nodded. "I know what you mean, there wasn't much sleeping done here either."

"Ben I am SO sorry. All I could think about was going to that STUPID frat party. And once I was there, all I could think about was YOU. I am just SO SO sorry for running off the way I did. You have been great the past couple of weeks, and I was certain I would return home and find you gone."

"Freddie, where would I go? We have been best friends forever, and I..." Ben wanted to declare his love, but didn't feel the time was right, and wasn't sure the feeling of true love was mutual. "I was certain I had pushed things too far yesterday. And I pushed them for the wrong reason."

"What do you mean?" Freddie asked in surprise.

"The other night I was on my way past your room, I was doing laundry or getting a snack, I don't remember. Anyway, I had heard you on the phone. I wasn't listening, I swear, I just heard you say 'it's a date'. That small crushed me."

Ben stared at the floor, partly embarrassed for listening to Freddie's conversation, partly fearing rejection. Freddie's eyes widened, as he realized that Ben harbored the same feelings as himself.

"Ben...Ben look at me." Freddie waited for eye contact. "Is that why you were all over me yesterday morning?"

Ben had a turned a shade of red. "Yes," he stammered. "I was afraid I was..."

"Afraid you were going to lose me?"

"Silly I know, considering I never had you to begin with."

Some things you never realize you had....

"Ben? I went to that frat party only because it sounded like fun to me. I was mad that you said no, I thought you were just being mean. I went to Matthew's because I didn't want you to take away my freedom. But you know what?" Freddie paused until Ben looked back up at him. "I realized that my freedom didn't mean a damned thing if you weren't there to enjoy it with me."

Ben was surprised, to say the least. "You did?"

"Yeah, I did. Why do you find that so hard to believe?" Freddie asked.

Ben blushed again and looked away. "I guess....I guess because I've.....loved you for a while now, and I wasn't sure you felt the same. I didn't want --"

Freddie shocked them both when he pulled Ben's face to his and kissed him soundly on the lips.

"Does that settle your mind?" Freddie asked playfully.

Ben took a moment to recover his senses. The kiss had sent him reeling, releasing all the pent up emotions of the last few days. He recovered his wit first, on his way back down to earth. "No? I think I need a refresher course."

Freddie leaned over and kissed him again.

Ben's arms found their way, almost of their own accord, around Freddie's shoulders, as the kissing grew deeper.

Freddie didn't take the time to be shy or embarrassed. His passion was burning at full force, a feeling he'd never had before. His fingers eagerly found their way to Ben's shirt, which he pulled over his head and tossed on the floor. Freddie's shirt was pulled off by Ben a second later.

Freddie fell back on the couch, Ben lying full length on top of him. Ben's cock was pressed hard against Freddie's leg. The kissing grew more passionate and the hands began to wander down the bodies, touching, feeling, rubbing and pinching. Neither guy was thinking of anything but the hot body in front of them and the swirl of feelings that were being awakened by each caress.

Ben sat up, still astride Freddie. He tried to catch his breath but was unable to.

Freddie's fingers found their way to the waistband of Ben's pants, and began tugging at them.

Ben rolled off onto the floor and pulled his pants off, never taking his eyes from Freddie's.

Freddie wriggled out of his pants, kicking them off when they got down below his knees. He arched his back and moaned, gesturing to Ben to come back and lie down.

"Just.....a.....moment" Ben panted, leaving the room. He was back seconds later with a condom in place, his right hand cupping something.

Freddie's eyes widened a bit. When Ben didn't move, Freddie held out his hand and pulled him back down on the couch, his kisses the answer to the unasked question in Ben's eyes.

The kisses grew hungrier as both boys were driven by passion alone. Ben couldn't stand it a second longer, he was about to burst. He slid backwards onto the floor, pulling Freddie along with him.

Freddie was tingling and shivering over every inch of skin, the feelings almost overwhelming. When Ben's fingers found their target and began loosening and softening it, Freddie moaned with desire, his orgasm threatening to happen any second. He dug his hands into Ben's back and held on.

Ben wasn't going to last much longer, but he didn't want the first time to hurt Freddie. He took his time working with the soft skin until he was sure it was protected. When his lotion was depleted, he rolled Freddie on his side and snuggled up to his back, whispering in his ear. "Are you ready?"

Freddie moaned, shaking his head yes, backing into Ben.

Ben put his hands on Freddie's hips, and gently pressed himself against Freddie.

Freddie arched his back and wriggled backwards.

Ben pressed harder and slipped inside.

Freddie's world exploded into a million colors as his orgasm hit him with all the force of an A-bomb. He shuddered and moaned, fingers clawing the carpet.

Ben tightened his grip on Freddie and moved in and out only a couple of times before he also let out a long moan, biting Freddie's neck as he also orgasmed forcefully. When the pulsing stopped, he slid out slowly, then snuggled against Freddie's limp form, nuzzling the shoulder and neck.


Freddie opened his eyes, the room lit only by the single lamp next to the couch. He felt the heaviness of Ben's arm across his shoulder. He stretched his toes, about the only part of his body he could move without disturbing Ben. His legs were screaming for a good stretch, he was uncomfortable on the floor.

"Hey sleepy head." Ben whispered.

Freddie jumped a bit, not realizing Ben was awake. He rolled over, now face to face with Ben.

"How long you been up?" Freddie asked.

"Who was asleep?"

"You mean you have been up the entire time?"

"Yes. I have been watching you, so at peace."

Freddie stretched out his arms and brought Ben closer. "You know I AM at peace, in your arms!"

Ben reached over to the couch and pulled down the throw blanket, covering them both.

"Then perhaps now is a good time to continue our discussion."

"What about?"

"About using discipline."

That wasn't the discussion Freddie was hoping for, but it was one he was willing to tackle.

"Ben, I have known you forever, and I trust you completely. I know you would never do anything to hurt me. I know that even better now. I can't promise that I won't make waves. When you told me I couldn't go that party, I didn't like losing my freedom and control. I know I didn't handle the situation very well."

"You are right, I would never do anything to hurt you. While I may have been driven by the wrong reasons, I wasn't wrong to insist that you not go to the party. I didn't handle the situation very well either. I should have went after you, I should have been able to find you."

"And what if you had?"

"I would have given you what you needed, right then and there."

"You would have done that right then and there, no matter who was around?"

"If that is what you needed, then YES!"

The idea of being disciplined in public scared Freddie a bit, but he knew he was in capable hands.

"I know I should have done more than sit here and worry."

"I am sorry I made you worry." Freddie replied.

"You are back now, and that is the important thing. And you are grounded for the rest of the weekend. You aren't leaving this house for anything."

Freddie looked into Ben's eyes, and smiled wickedly. "Well if you insist." Freddie replied, before pulling the blanket over their heads, and rolling on top of Ben.

"You wicked monkey!" Ben exclaimed.

~The End~

Copyright Rolf and Gayspankee 2010


jen vieira pinto said...

"You wicked monkey." LMAO! I love these two, so sweet I have a toothache now! LOL! I'd love to see more of them and follow along as they work out the boundaries of this new and improved relationship! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I loved these two, hope you do write more one day x

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