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Matthew’s First Spanking

Title: Matthew’s First Spanking
Author: Rolf

Matthew was sobbing in the corner. Rolf had just spanked him for smarting off. His mouth and cocky attitude always got him in trouble. He could just never learn when enough was enough. He knew he deserved it when Rolf punished him, but all the same, he hated it. Being put over the knee with your pants down is always humiliating and very painful. Standing in the corner just adds to it. He knew he was going to be standing there awhile. As he settled down, he thought back to when he first met Rolf, and the first spanking that he had received at Rolf's hands.
In 1995 Matthew was in his sophomore year at college. He had a wonderful roommate, Bryan, whom he shared everything with. Both were having a great time in school. They partied more than they studied and were barely hanging on with C averages. Both sets of their parents lived across the country, so they didn't have much supervision. This suited them just fine. Bryan was by far the larger of the two boys. He played football, and Matthew loved to watch. Matt didn't play any sports for the college, but you could always find him involved in any pickup games that got started. Matthew absolutely loved Bryan, and felt lost whenever Bryan wasn't with him. That love is what put Matthew adrift.
September 15, 1995 is a day that will forever haunt Matthew. Bryan was playing in the opening football game of the season. Matthew was in the stands, cheering for all he was worth. Their team was on offense. Bryan went out for a long pass, and as soon as he caught it, the opposing player's helmet thudded into him. Bryan landed on his head, instantly breaking his neck in the freak accident. He was dead before his feet hit the ground. Matthew was absolutely heartbroken. His family came for the funeral and tried to comfort Matthew as much as they could. They knew the boys had been like brothers, but what they didn't know was that they were also lovers. Matthew lost the guidance in his life and his will to do much of anything. He dropped out of college that semester, unable to face the room and all of the memories that were left of Bryan. He got a cheap apartment and a job as a bartender to help pay the bills.
One day in late October, Rolf went to the local restaurant to meet up with his friends Stephen and Joseph. Rolf was early, so he decided to get a drink at the bar. Rolf saw the cutest young man he had seen in a long time. The bartender was 5'6", ruffled blond hair, green eyes. He had a pretty good shape on him, and the most beautiful bubble butt he could imagine. He asked for a drink, and watched as the bartender walked away to get it. When he returned, Rolf noticed that the guy's name was Matthew. He filed that away for later reference and continued to watch him for the next few minutes. Soon his friends had arrived and they moved into the restaurant to eat. Rolf could not keep from thinking about Matthew. The next week, he got Joseph to meet him at the bar again. Rolf got there about 30 minutes early, and to his delight, Matthew was working. Rolf ordered his drink, and since it wasn't busy yet, tried to interest Matthew in some conversation.

Matthew was short with Rolf, and soon left to clean some of the bar. Rolf tried over the next several weeks to get Matthew to talk. He couldn't even get him to smile. He knew that there was something big that was troubling Matt, but he couldn't get anything from him.
Finally, Rolf wore him down. Rolf and his friends were going to the lake that weekend, and they had an extra bed. Thanks to all of Rolf's talking, Matthew knew all of the friends’ names, and a little about them. He had no bells and whistles going off about any trouble, and he probably wouldn't have listened even if he did. He was still unconcerned about his life. Matthew thought that maybe a weekend in the woods, with a long walk alone, would be just what he needed. He said yes, and was picked up by Rolf on Friday morning.
Matt got along well with Todd and the other boys. They seemed to separate into their age groups, even though Matt had come with them upon Rolf's urging. Matt, Todd, Michael and Christopher were playing football, while Rolf, Stephen, Joseph and Eric began meal preparations. Stephen yelled at them a couple of times to quit throwing the ball so close to the table, but the boys didn't listen as usual. Todd threw the ball to Michael, but instead of hitting Michael, it sailed onto the table, knocking off several beers and some food. Stephen told Todd to go to the cabin, and then followed him in. Michael and Christopher became a little quiet, but with Matt's urging, began to play again. Matt didn't think too much about Todd and Stephen. About thirty minutes later, dinner was ready and they all sat down, all that is, except Todd. Matthew was in his own world, and didn't pay much attention to that fact. About an hour later, Todd reappeared. Matthew tried to get Todd interested in a game of football again, but Todd was not in the mood. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in Matthew's head. Todd had been spanked! He was sure of it. He was quiet, walked gingerly, and his eyes were bloodshot. Matthew thought about this information for a while. When he walked past Todd, Matthew slapped him hard, right across the butt. "DAMN it man, why the HELL did you do that?" yelled Todd. Matthew just snapped. He lost it. He jumped on Todd, knocking him to the ground, trying to beat the crap out of him. Matthew was remembering the day before Bryan died. Matthew had come home late, very late. Bryan had stayed up, worrying about him. Bryan had never spanked Matthew before, but he did that night. Matthew was shocked, but it cemented their relationship even more, because Matthew was so happy, knowing that Bryan cared about him that much. Todd's spanking brought back all of Matthew's pain, fresh and raw as it was the day Bryan died.
Matthew felt himself being hoisted upright by his waistband. His arm was wrenched behind his back and he was pushed towards the cabin. He was bucking and cursing for all he was worth, and Rolf had a hard time controlling him. Rolf knew that this was an important moment in their lives. He was excited about spanking Matthew, because fighting was not tolerated, but he also knew that this could make or break a possible relationship with Matthew if it was not handled correctly. Rolf knew that Matthew's anger stemmed not from Todd, or what he said, but from something deep inside Matthew that had been bothering him since they met.
Rolf knew that no talking was necessary now. He wrestled Matthew into the cabin. Matt broke loose when they entered and he threw a roundhouse punch that just about knocked Rolf over. Rolf quickly recovered and wrestled Matthew over to the bed, pulling him over his knees and locking him into place, legs locked down, arm behind his back. He starting spanking Matthew as hard and as fast as he could. Matthew continued to curse, fighting for all he was worth, but Rolf was just too big, and in too good of a position to allow for much movement on Matt's part. Matthew was in so much pain, not from the actual spanking, but from his raw emotion. Rolf felt the fight begin to leave Matt, and loosened his hold on him. As soon as Matthew felt that loosening, he bucked off Rolf's lap. Matthew was quick, but not quick enough. Just as he made it to his feet, Matthew felt Rolf's hands at his waist, and before he knew it, his shorts and underwear were dragged down roughly to his knees. Matt turned to take a swing at Rolf. A little voice in the back of Matt's head was telling him not to even try to fight this man. The 6'8" frame towered over Matt, and the muscles on this man were very well defined. But Matthew was focused only on his pain and anger over Bryan 's death. He could care less whether Rolf knocked him senseless. But instead of finding himself on his back, Rolf caught Matt's punch, bent him over by forcing up the arm, and easily picked Matthew up from the waist. Rolf quickly sat back down on the bed and starting spanking Matthew again. The spanks rained down fast, quickly turning Matthew's bottom rosy red. Matthew continued to fight, yell, and curse. Rolf stopped spanking and said "Matthew, we're here for the long haul. I'm going to keep spanking until you settle down and quit fighting me. It's your choice." Rolf continued spanking, and Matthew continued to curse. Rolf kept it up for what seemed like hours. Matthew's fussing became cries, long heaving cries. When Rolf thought that Matthew was punished enough, he gathered him in his arms, and let Matthew cry it all out. Stephen and Todd were supposed to sleep in the same cabin as Rolf and Matthew, but they knew what Rolf was doing, and decided to join the other guys so that Rolf and Matt had their privacy. Matthew and Rolf both cried a lot that night, as Matthew's story unfolded, his pain laid out in intimate detail.
That weekend, two souls became joined as one. Rolf helped Matthew begin the healing process, start his life anew. Matthew found the loving guidance he needed to succeed. Matthew cried a few more tears for Bryan, and after about thirty more minutes he was released from his corner. He walked gingerly over to Rolf and gave him a big hug.
Matthew awoke late the next morning. He was utterly exhausted. His butt was still sore, but he had not been this happy since Bryan was alive. He had found someone to take care of him, love him, guide him. He looked around the cabin and realized that Rolf had already left. Matt walked out into the most beautiful, bright day.
"Hey guys, looks like the sleepyhead is finally awake. Now can we go down to the lake," Chris said, sarcasm dripping with each word. Chris was in a bad mood. He had been looking forward to a day down on the water. Having to wait for Matt to wake up was irritating as hell.
"Chris, I'm warning you. You had better bag that attitude. We will be going down to the water soon enough. Got it?" Joseph waited for a response from Chris.
"All right, all right. I got it."
Rolf wondered how Joseph could put up with such insolence. If that had been Matt talking like that, he would have already been turned over the knee and taught a lesson in respect. Joe was one of his best friends from way back. Maybe he could talk to him later.
After Matt had eaten, they all headed down the hill to the water. There was a big dock that they could all stretch out on and a speedboat to ride the waves. There were also two waverunners. Joseph wanted to take the boat out and asked Chris if he wanted to come along. Chris said no, he was going to take out a waverunner. Matt joined Chris on the other one. Eric and Stephen joined Joe, leaving the four "youngsters" with Rolf on the dock. Rolf didn't mind. He liked to relax in the sun with a book. Michael and Todd swam around the dock, waiting for the other two to trade off with the waverunners.
After 30 minutes, Michael and Todd complained to Rolf that they wanted to ride the waverunners too. Rolf got the flag and waved it to alert Matt and Chris to return to the dock. Matt saw it, yelled at Chris, and headed towards the dock. Chris was having too much fun. He decided to stay out for a little while longer. He came back in when he saw the flag again. By the time he got back, Todd was already out.
"Chris, why did you not come to the dock the first time I waved the flag?" Rolf stood with his hands on his hips, waiting for an answer from Chris.
"I didn't see it the first time. I came in when I saw it. What's the big deal?"
"Matt told me he yelled at you before he headed back. Is that true?"
"He yelled something at me, but I didn't hear him. It's no big deal, really."
"Chris, I think you saw the first flag, and heard Matt. We only have two runners, and they need to be shared. Michael has been waiting patiently for his turn. Even if I had not alerted you two to come in, you should have known that Todd and Michael deserved a turn as well. You can take a seat on the side of the dock and cool your heels for a while."
"Oh, come on, Rolf. What difference does a few minutes make?" Chris was digging himself in deeper.
"You get your tail out of the water and right here, RIGHT NOW, young man!"
Chris decided he had better do as he was told and swam over to the dock. He was mumbling to himself. When he climbed up the dock stairs, he slowly walked to where Rolf was. Matthew had been swimming around, but this looked like it was getting interesting. He swam closer to the dock to see what would happen.
"When I tell you to do something, I expect to be obeyed immediately, without any backtalk. Take a seat right there. Do not move, and do not talk. Is that clear?"
"Yeah, it's clear."
Rolf took a quick step forward, surprising Chris, grabbed him by the arm, turned him sideways and sent down five thunderous spanks on Chris's wet bottom. Chris didn't yell, but tears did well up in his eyes.
"I expect a ‘Yes, Sir’ when I ask you a question."
"Yes, Sir," said Chris.
"Take a seat. Anything more from you, young man, and I'll turn you over my knees myself."
Chris took a seat on the dock, sulking.
Matthew asked Rolf if he wanted to swim. "No, I'll just read my book."
About twenty minutes later, Michael and Todd came back. Todd got out to lounge on the dock, while Michael went back out with Matthew. After about 40 minutes, Rolf released Chris from the dock. "Chris, you can get back in the water now, but I would suggest that you be on your best behavior."
Chris just jumped on in. It had been getting mighty hot sitting on the side of the dock, not to mention boring as hell. He was not a "happy camper" today, and sitting in the hot sun only served to heat up his temper. When Michael and Matt got back, Chris wanted to go out again. Matt didn't get off of his waverunner, and Todd was already in the water trying to get on Michael's. Todd was quicker, and got up on the runner, but Chris wasn't about to let him get away. Todd went to gun the runner, but Chris grabbed hold of his waistband and jerked him off. The runner crashed into the dock with a loud thud. Matthew and Michael just watched as the two others tried to push each other under the water.
"What the heck is going on over here?" yelled Rolf. "Todd, Chris, GET YOUR TAILS UP HERE NOW !" Todd and Chris quit fighting and slowly swam over to the dock. "Matthew, check to see if there is any damage to the waverunner, then dock both of them."
Todd and Chris knew they were in trouble. Chris was still just pissed off, Todd was scared. "Todd, what happened?" Todd began to tell Rolf what the sequence of events was, but was interrupted by Chris. "Chris, be quiet. I wasn't talking to you," said Rolf.
Todd told Rolf what had happened. Rolf turned to Chris and asked if he agreed. Chris said, "Yeah, I guess so."
Rolf said, "Chris, you don't learn very quickly, do you? I told you to be on your best behavior, and I told you that I expected a ‘yes, sir’ when I asked you a question. Seems to me that you need a lasting reminder. I'll deal with you in just a minute." Todd had been standing there, thanking the gods that Chris had been the one who started the fight, and also that he was keeping Rolf's attention. But now those eyes of Rolf's were staring directly at him. "Todd, I expected more from you. Those waverunners are not harmless toys. With the motor on, the blades could do some serious damage to someone. You should know better than to start the motor with someone so close in the water. That wasn't very smart at all, and I think a spanking is in order. Come with me."
Todd's heart jumped into his throat. Hey, that wasn't fair he wanted to scream. There wouldn't have been a problem if Chris wasn't trying to fight with him. He didn't deserve this, didn't want a spanking in front of everyone. Did Todd say any of that? No, he meekly followed, knowing that it wouldn't do him any good.
Rolf walked over to a bench that was on the dock. He sat down on the end, and told Todd to lower his trunks and get over his knees. Todd did as he was told. Rolf gave him a very hard spanking, bringing Todd to tears. Todd didn't want to cry, but couldn't help it. Rolf's spankings always hurt like the dickens.
Matthew and Michael had swum around the dock to get a better look at the proceedings. Matthew was fascinated. He had never seen a bare-bottomed spanking before. He took it all in. He saw the hand falling, smacking into the reddened flesh of Todd's cheeks. He saw the clinching and releasing that Todd was doing to try to alleviate the pain. He thought he could almost see the pain's trail, straight from the butt to the brain, then the reaction it caused on Todd's face, the grimace of pain, the tears, the sobs, then the full bodied cries. And Matt was going to live with this man; wow. How was that going to work? He wasn't thinking too much of the spanking the day before. He thought that it was just what he needed for an emotional release, but not something that was going to happen all the time. If Rolf had no problem spanking these guys, what did that mean about him?
When Rolf was finished with Todd, he stood him up and ordered him to a bench on the shore. He then took a few steps to a box on the dock and opened it up, reaching in a pulling out a paddle. He walked back to the bench and sternly said, "Come here, Chris."
Chris had watched Todd's spanking, the fear building in the pit of stomach. His bravado of earlier had melted away. He knew he was next, and when Rolf got the paddle, he knew he was in for a serious spanking. He had been punished by Rolf before, and knew the power that was behind those muscular arms. He saw Matt and Michael watching, and he vowed not to cry, not to give in. This was all Matt's fault. He kept them from getting to the lake in the morning. Chris had been punished in front of everyone at the docks before, at one time or another, all except for Matt. Chris couldn't wait until it was Matt's turn in front of everyone.
" NOW , CHRIS!" Chris was brought back to reality, and slowly walked over to the bench. "You have worked all day on this spanking, and it's going to be a good one. What I want you to remember is this. You WILL do as I say as well as what anyone else tells you to do without questions or backtalk. You WILL show proper respect. If you fail to do that, you will find yourself in this predicament again. Now pull your shorts down, young man, and get over my knees."
Chris slowly reached up to pull down his trunks, and he realized that the boat was coming back in. So, everyone was going to see his spanking. Wonderful. Thrilling. Just what he always wanted.
Rolf thought that Chris was taking too much time and ripped the trunks down for Chris, before pulling him over his knees. He raised the paddle and cracked it down across both of Chris's cheeks. That first shot scared some birds from the trees on the shore. Chris's breath was forced out from his lungs from the pain of that first lick. He could hardly draw a breath before the next one hit. CRACK! He jumped forward, grimacing in pain. He still thought that he was going to keep from making a fool of himself, but he was very, very wrong. Rolf was going to make sure Chris didn't sit comfortably for the rest of the weekend. Rolf continued cracking the paddle down, and Chris began to sob.
Matt was again transfixed by this sight before him. He saw Chris's butt flatten and ripple each time the paddle fell. He saw him shoot forward, trying to get away. He saw the pain shoot across his face on each crack of the paddle. He heard Chris turn from a quiet, subdued person into a seven year old, screaming that he would be good, to please, please stop, that he was sorry, oh God, how he was sorry. Matt was sure that Chris's bottom could never have turned so many shades of red. Matt kept watching the muscles ripple in Rolf's arm as it rose and fell.
When Rolf finished paddling Chris, and Chris was set on his feet, he danced around, not caring who saw him, trying to rub the fire out that had torched his backside. He was sent to the other bench on the shore. When he got there, he fell face first down onto the bench, not even thinking of sitting down. He laid his head down on his arms and cried. His day had not turned out at all like he planned. He knew he would probably get a good lecture from Joe, if not another spanking, later.
It was a somewhat somber party that emerged from the boat. Rolf thought that that was a little strange, but put it down to the fact that they had seen Chris getting paddled. That usually quieted down anyone that had ever experienced a spanking before. What he didn't know was that those three had been drinking on the boat. They had stopped at another dock, out of site of Rolf, since he did not allow drinking on the water. Unfortunately for them, they had been stopped and given a ticket for open liquor on the water. Joseph had been the captain at the time, and given the officer all of the information, including Joseph's address, so that he could take care of the ticket with Rolf none the wiser. He swore the other two to secrecy, and since all had at one time or another faced Rolf's anger, they knew to keep this between them. Rolf wouldn't find out, would he?  

~The End~

Copyright Rolf 2010

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