Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The DP Slashfic Drinking Game.

The DP Slashfic Drinking Game.

To be used (at least fairly responsibly) with the story of your choice. With coke or milk, naturally ;)

Take One Sip:

  •  If somebody cries (If the top cries - finish your glass)
  • Any time any top shows wilful loss of memory ("What did I say about....")
  • Any time the brat breaks/loses/forgets/throws an item.
  • Any time a pet appears.
  • Whenever the cast go near a cabin
  • Any time anyone gets swatted. (one sip per swat)
  • Any time someone curses
  • Any time the top uses any form of pet name.
  • Any time anyone puts on pyjamas or has a shower (one sip each)
  • Whenever anyone heats soup
  • Whenever anyone eats chocolate or drinks coke.

Take two:

  • Any time someone gets stood in a corner/mouth soaped out/sent to bed.
  • Any time someone gets their temperature taken (If they get the full monty temperaturewise, finish the glass)
  • Any time the brat hits anyone
  • Any time two or more brats have an argument. (probably safest sticking to two sips per entire argument)
  • Any time a top counts (if they get to three and don't act immediately then glasses DOWN- the last person with their glass down buys the next round.)
  • If a couple manage to fit sex into the plot. (Since implicit sex is virtually mandatory, you may need a referee to call this. If it's explicit sex, finish the glass)

Take three:
  • Any time there's a spanking (If there isn't a spanking, drink the whole damn bottle)
  • Any time the top comes up with an argument that makes the brat realise he's been wrong all along
  • Any time the brat has a terrific justification for his actions that the top shoots full of holes. (Metaphorically. If the top actually shoots the brat, become teetotal.)
  • Whenever anyone has a flash-back.
  • Any time someone's ex pops up
  • Any time the cast go fishing
  • Any time a pet, friend or relative dies a tragic death

Drink the whole glass:
  • If the top asks the brat if he wants a spanking
  • If the brat explains any part of the plot to the cat or the dog
  • If anything burns down, blows up, floods or involves a ghost.
  • If after a long discussion, the top apologises for being wrong, takes a couple of aspirin and orders take out.
  • If the top bursts into tears and wants to go bowling instead

Head for the bar and finish the stock:
  • If the brat asks the top if he wants a spanking, or worse still, administers it.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Too funny ...

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