Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brat Law Regarding Property and Possession


Conditional upon convenience at all times
no refunds, no guarantees, no soap, no corners, see small print

What's mine is mine

What's my top's is mine.

(And whatever I can slide into the cart and get through checkout without him knowing.... is mine)

If I say so it must be right

If I want it, it must be right

If I like it, it must be right

And I need it

(and if my top says no, then my civil rights have been violated)

What I say goes.

What my tops says goes… in one ear and out the other.

If I do not have it with me, yet want it, buying another is a perfectly
acceptable solution

If someone else has it in my house, it is mine.

If I see it first, it's mine.

If it's yours, and you put it down, it becomes mine.

If it's yours, I probably don't want it anyway

Anything in my vicinity may be mine. Please check before touching and allow time for a decision to be made.

If I can't have it, I definitely want it.

If you can't have it, that's only fair.

We are aware you are due a turn, which will come right after mine.  Please enjoy the hold music while you wait.

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