Tuesday, December 15, 2015

FCR Christmas Story Trivia Pop Quiz #3

Submitted by the fabulous Falls Chance Forum Moderators @Chris Dangerfield, @Trisha Louise, @DeeDee,  @Mackenzietwin and @Ranger52899

1.       What are the names of the Shire horses Riley and Dale are riding?  (Freeman’s Field)
a.       Petra and Jordan
b.      Boris and Natasha
c.       Petra and Boris
d.      Boris and Karloff

2.       True or False:  In Shenanigan’s Overlook Flynn parks in ‘red zone C’? 

3.       What song is associated with all the stories in Twelve Days of Christmas?
a.       The First Noel
b.      The Twelve Days of Christmas
c.       Silent Night
d.      Oh Come All Ye Faithful

4.       What is the name of the switchboard operator for the Sheriff’s office? (Keeper’s Yard)
a.       Dory
b.      Drizella
c.       Kate
d.      Doris

5.       In Shenanigan’s Overlook where did they decide to have lunch? 
a.       The pizza place with bright neon lights and singing penguins
b.      An over decorated Mexican restaurant
c.       An Italian restaurant with waiters dressed as elves
d.      The food court at the mall

6.       What are the shape of Theo’s glasses? (The Taverners’ Inn)
a.       Round framed glasses
b.      He wears contacts not glasses
c.       Rectangular, frameless glasses
d.      Red rimmed bifocals

7.       At the end of Frontier Mall, what is it that Philip, Riley and Jasper hear?
a.       Lowing of cattle
b.      Jingle bells
c.       Flynn softly singing on the porch
d.      Paul playing Christmas songs in the house

8.       Which six men went into Jackson the day before Christmas Eve?  (The Taverners’ Inn)
a.       Gerry, Ash, Riley, Dale, Bear and Charlie
b.      Flynn, Riley, Dale, Luath, Gerry and Darcy
c.       Wade, Gerry, Darcy, Bear, Riley and Dale
d.      Luath, Darcy, Wade, Gerry, Riley and Dale

9.       Dale arranges for a wonderful gift to be delivered from what well-known London shop?  (Shenanigan’s Overlook)
a.       Marks & Spencer
b.      Harrods
c.       Harvey Nichols
d.      Fortnum & Mason

10.       In Keeper’s Yard Bear teaches Paul how to milk the cow.  What is the cow’s name?
a.       Clarabelle
b.      Mildred
c.       Elsie
d.      Moo

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