Saturday, December 19, 2015

FCR Christmas Story Final Exam

Submitted by the fabulous Falls Chance Forum Moderators @Chris Dangerfield, @Trisha Louise, @DeeDee, and @Mackenzietwin

1.       What color jeans does Flynn refuse to buy or wear? (From Handbags At Dawn)

2.       Who started the phrase ‘Pull the other one, it’s got bells on’?  (Freeman’s Field)
a.       Gerry
b.      David
c.       Philip
d.      Flynn

3.       Fill in the blank (Twelve Days of Christmas):  “Saint (blank).”  Tom said abruptly.  “Patron saint of boy scouts, I thought it was appropriate.”

4.       Fill in the blank:  “Did you know (blank) was one of the green things brought into homes along with holly?”  (Freeman’s Field)

5.       What is the name of the stud stallion in Keeper’s Yard?
a.       Brigand
b.      Bandit
c.       Pirate
d.      Bootleg

6.       Finish this sentence:  “And if I’m expected to walk and queue behind people unable to make decisions, I want the right to use ???????????”  (Since this is a quote – you have to be exact.  Oh, and it’s from Shenanigan’s Overlook.) 

7.       What mountain does Paul mention in Shenanigan’s Overlook?
a.       The Eiger
b.      Mt. Olympus
c.       Mt. Wannahockaloogie
d.      Erebor

8.       True or False:  In The Taverners’ Inn Paul says the following to Dale:  “My Christmas is only complete when I can get Flynn to buy five pairs of jeans from Sears.”

9.       What did Riley do that made Flynn yelp?  (Frontier Mall)
a.       Stuck his wet finger in his ear
b.      Tackled him in the mattress department
c.       Accidentally kicked him in the knee
d.      Gave him a wedgie

10.       What are the names of the snowmen in Shenanigan’s Overlook?
a.       Bartholomew Shenanigan’s Overlook and Gluteus Maximus Hurtus
b.      Bartholomew Oliver Overlook and Moveyour Gluteus Maximus
c.       Bartholomew Oliver Shenanigans and Ignoramus Moveus Maximus

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