Friday, December 11, 2015

FCR Christmas Story Trivia Pop Quiz #2

Submitted by the fabulous Falls Chance Forum Moderators @Chris Dangerfield, @Trisha Louise, @DeeDee, and @Mackenzietwin and @Ranger52899

1.       The word ‘Sussex’ and the date ‘1929’ are on what item? (Keeper’s Yard)
a.       A tattoo on David’s forearm
b.      Engraved on a plaque on David’s sea chest
c.       Both of the above
d.      Neither of the above

2.       What new Christmas tradition is brought to the ranch from the visitor? (Freeman’s Field)
a.       Making plum jam and apple cider
b.      Taking a polar bear plunge for charity
c.       Riding around the ‘neighborhood’ to see the Christmas decorations
d.      Going wassailing

3.       Darcy tells Dale that Bear used to have what occupation? (The Taverners’ Inn)
a.       Mime
b.      Bouncer
c.       Horse Whisperer
d.      Juggler

4.       Why does Philip send Jake away from the dinner table in Frontier Mall? 
a.       He burped really loud and then laughed
b.      He threw a roll to Darcy when Darcy asked him to pass the bread basket
c.       He tossed a piece of roll into the air and caught it in his mouth
d.      He put his feet on the table

5.       True or False:  Dale and Riley ran naked from the downstairs bathroom to Dale and Flynn’s room?  (The Taverners’ Inn)

6.       Riley introduces Dale to the seasons Wyoming residents live by.  They are early winter, mid-winter, late winter and: 
a.       Damn-fer-sure winter 
b.      Is it STILL winter
c.       Winter wonderland
d.      I’m frozen to the ground winter

7.       In Keeper’s Yard, David and Paul do what for entertainment?
a.       Play Hopscotch
b.      Play Checkers
c.       They baked cookies
d.      Telling each other tall tales

8.       Dale’s PA, Marisa, arranges for Christmas lunch to be served to him at his hotel should he still be in what city on Christmas day?  (Twelve Days of Christmas)
a.       Milan
b.      New York City
c.       Paris
d.      London

9.       In Handbags At Dawn, Riley takes Dale to which two places?
a.       A bakery and a candy store
b.      A café for hot chocolate and a candy shoppe 
c.       A bakery and a nunnery
d.      A candy store then back to Sears to hide in the racks and spy on Flynn and Paul

10.       In Freeman’s Field what item does Dale keep messing with?
a.       Apples
b.      Holly
c.       Paul’s pastries
d.      Flynn

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