Saturday, February 13, 2010

Untitled Poetry

by Ranger

May I ask, the young brat inquired of his top,
When I KNOW there's no mirror in sight,
How you saw that I did - though your back was full turned
Make a face you infer impolite?

In my youth, the top did reply to his brat,
I broke carrots and fish with my bread
And apart from the benefits made to my health
I grew eyes in the back of my head.

Tell me this, the young brat did demand of his top,
When you flatly deny ESP
You still claim you are sure that the coke in the fridge
Was all drunk by no other than me?

I did hold, so the top did explain to his brat,
An inquiry to study your claims,
But since the cat and the rabbit deny the offence
Only one living culprit remains.

So explain! the young brat said, arising his voice,
When although you were out until three,
You insist, despite lack of forensic support
That I spent the night watching TV!

I have ways, the top said, of establishing fact-
Though the evidence may appear faint
I can estimate time by the rings beneath eyes,
And yours say you were up rather late.

You have answers for everything! This is unfair!
So the brat exclaimed, kicking the wall
You're perfection itself! Youre no qualified judge
Of the acts of mere mortals at all!

I'm the best judge of you, his top wryly replied,
And to me your acts seem very clear.
You have narry a problem that I cannot solve
And so little one, hush and come here!

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