Monday, February 15, 2010




Soft sometimes,
wiping away a stray tear when I'm upset.

Gentle and insistent sometimes,
massaging out the knots when I'm stressed.

Happy sometimes,
clapping when I've made a great accomplishment.

Supportive sometimes,
helping me up when I've stumbled.

Welcoming sometimes,
waving at me when I've returned from a trip, even if only gone an hour.

Thankful sometimes,
clasped together in church on Sunday mornings.

Estatic sometimes,
giving me a high five when our team scores the winning goal.

Stern sometimes,
pointing and expressive when he's lecturing me.

Hard sometimes,
landing across my rump when I've done wrong.

Calming sometimes,
rubbing my back, my head, my neck, as I cry out my pain after a spanking.

Hands, they're all of these things and more, sometimes,
but always, they're love.

Copyright Rolf 2010

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