Monday, February 15, 2010

Tides of Change

Title: Tides of Change
Authors: Rolf & Gayspankee

"'Do you still love me?' I still can't believe that phrase escaped my lips. I had never seen Bradley look so hurt," Justin said as his finger circled the glass.

"What was his response?" Craig asked cautiously.

Only14u: How could you doubt that? I am still here!
UpperHand: Since you are still talking with me, I gather that didn't fix everything with a bandaid.
Only14u: No. I told him we need help.


"I guess I can be naive sometimes. I assumed he was suggesting counseling. I don't know where you find a counselor for our problems, but what else was I to think?"

"What did he mean then?" Craig asked as he saw Justin's demeanor falter.

Only14u: The look on his face was devasting. I wanted to grab him and tell him how sorry I was, and forget what I just said. But I knew I couldn't.

"Something has to change. I just don't know if I can go to this extreme. I mean, the thought of watching someone else manhandling Brad - is almost unbearable." Justin breathed in heavily.


"Are you sure you are ready for this?" Brad asked as he set the table.

Justin wanted nothing more than to say yes, and let it be. But he'd promised himself to be as truthful as possible with Brad about anything and everything. He set out the silverware he was holding.

"No, I'm not sure. But I agreed to this meeting because I want to fix us. If Anthony is what it takes, then I'll do it. For us," Justin finished.

Brad nodded and continued with setting the rest of the table. He wasn't at all sure about any of this either, but he also wanted things to be fixed with Justin. The last few weeks had been nothing but awkward and upsetting - for both of them. Brad kept looking surrepitiously at Justin's tense face. He hated the look of stress that had taken the place of his usually bright smile and dancing eyes.
 He walked over to him, intending to tell him he was sorry - again.

"Justin? I -"

The doorbell rang. Brad swallowed, shot a look of panic mixed with relief at Justin and went for the door. Justin remained in the kitchen.

"Anthony, right on time," Brad said after opening the door. He stepped to the side, allowing Anthony to enter.

"Very nice place you have here," Anthony said as he perused the living room.

"Thanks. Why don't you come into the kitchen? We're just about ready for dinner," Brad replied.

Brad followed Anthony into the kitchen. Justin kept his back to them as they entered the room, casually wiping a tear from his eye. He stirred the sauce on the stove for good measure, and turned to greet his guest.

"Hello Justin."

"Hi. Find the place alright?" Justin asked, shaking hands.

"Yes, you gave perfect directions."

"Good. Have a seat, everything is ready. Brad would y-" Justin stopped himself, unable to finish the request.

Brad looked at Justin, then turned back to Anthony. "What would you like to drink?" Brad asked.

"Iced tea?"

"With lemon?"

"Of course," Anthony said as he sat at the table. He watched Brad and Justin interact in the kitchen. Neither one spoke, but he could see how well they had synchronized their movements.

Brad returned to the table with iced tea for all of them. Justin soon placed the entrees on the table as well. Dinner conversation was stilted at first, but Anthony wasn't going to let that continue. In between bites, he began to speak.

"There isn't any reason not to discuss why I am here, is there?" Anthony asked.

Both Brad and Justin shook their heads.

"From what Brad has told me, I am guessing the discipline bond is completely nonexistent for you two?"

Brad nodded. "We had agreed to try and repair us, before complicating things."

"How is that going?"

Justin chewed his food rapidly, trying to keep the tears from falling.

"Slow process," Brad said quietly.

"Have you been, intimate?"

Brad shook his head while Justin concentrated on not choking. "We share a bed, but that is about as far as we have gotten."

"Not to say that you are doing anything wrong, but I think you need to work on the entire package at one time. You can't really separate discipline out of your relationship, if that's what you both wanted, and needed, from this relationship. Brad, you're not going to easily, and I stress easily, be able to handle your own control all at once, after relying so closely on Justin. And Justin? You can't turn off your stronger caring/mothering aspect like a water faucet. This IS who you are, and I doubt very seriously that either of you could live as happy lives without both parts than you do with. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," Justin said, pushing food around on his plate.
  He could give credit to Anthony for those comments to himself, but not to Anthony directly.

"I see that too," Brad said, having about as much fun eating as Justin was.

"Brad, stop playing with that and eat it," Anthony said firmly. Brad almost visibly jumped and began eating. Justin realized he had been doing the same thing and started eating as well.

"I've been in and out of discipline relationships enough to know how much trust, on both parts, it takes to keep them working. Without that firm base, you're not going to be able to build upon it. My suggestion would be to have you both come to my home on the coast for a weekend, and we'll start building back that trust, one step at a time."

Justin looked up quickly. "I'm not...I don't think -"

"This isn't a snap decision. I don't expect an answer right now. I just wanted that out in the open, and for you two to talk that over after I leave," Anthony said, finishing his dinner.

"We'll think about it," Justin said, also finishing what was on his plate.

"This was very good," Anthony said as he drank the last of his iced tea.

"Thank you. Can I get you coffee?" Justin asked, getting up.

"Yes, please."

Justin worked on clearing up the table.

"So, Brad, how are you doing with your schoolwork?" Anthony asked.

Brad squirmed a bit, not wanting Justin to know just how badly he'd been doing. He had a hard time with it with Justin's help, and now that he and Justin were having problems, that had slipped badly.

"I asked you a question, I'd like an answer," Anthony said firmly.

Anthony's tone made Justin wince, and wonder why, again, that they had Anthony there. But Brad's quick, and truthful, response surprised him.

"Not good .... sir. I'm behind in three of the four classes," Brad said, coloring slightly.

"Have you been putting the time and effort into the classes that is necessary?"

"Well, it's hard when -"

"Yes or no," Anthony cut across Brad's excuses quickly.

"No, sir," Brad responded.

"I'd like for you to go get your schoolwork, please," Anthony said, accepting a cup of coffee from Justin. "Thank you."

"I didn't think we -" Brad began.

Anthony turned right back to Brad, nailing him with a very stern look.
  Brad thought about continuing his sentence, but with both Justin and Anthony looking at him, he shut his mouth and went upstairs to get his book bag. He returned a minute later, trying to hand the bag to Anthony, who didn't accept it.

"I don't want your book bag, I want the stuff inside it, with an explanation."

Brad sighed as he pulled his bag back towards himself and opened it up.

"What kind of explanation?" Brad asked, borderline sarcasm.

"I can do without the attitude," Anthony replied firmly. "I want to know what can be done to ensure you pass these classes with the time you have left."

Brad felt like a five year old at show and tell as he rumaged through his book bag and explained his classes and the work left. Anthony interuppted frequently with question after question. Justin sat stunned, amazed at how responsive Brad could be. Once Brad had explained every class and all his options, he restuffed his bag and stared at Anthony.

"You certainly have a lot of work ahead for yourself, though I am certain you can pass all of these classes. Starting tonight you will spend 45 minutes reading each text book, followed by 45 minutes of questions," Anthony said, matter-of-factly.

"But, that's almost five hours of work!" Brad replied.

"Four and half hours, yes."

TOO much! WHEN am I supposed to have some ME time?" Brad snapped, in a manner Justin was more familiar with.

"'Me time'? Your 'me time' days are over. I think you have had enough 'me time'! Your only objective now is to pass your classes.
ALL of them!"

"There is NO way I can spend that amount of time each night. I HAVE a life!"

"Unless you want to end up over my knee right now, you will watch the attitude!"

Brad's eyes widened, as he shifted his eye contact from Anthony to Justin. Justin remained stone-faced. He was surprised by Anthony's comments, but didn't necessarily disagree with them.

"I think you should get upstairs and start on that work. It will be checked every night, so I suggest you put effort forth in it," Anthony finished.

Brad didn't reply, just walked upstairs in silence. After he had left the room, Anthony stared hard at Justin.

"He's not gone yet," Anthony said quietly. "Brad isn't seeking just your love. He needs your guidance and a firm hand."

Justin stared at the floor, uncertain as how to respond. Anthony got up from the chair and walked behind Justin, placing his hand on Justin's shoulder.

"I know this can't be easy for you. I can see that. And I don't blame you. It takes two people for a relationship to work, and two for it to falter. But you have a chance to repair this. I know a weekend would be awkward for you, but the house is only about 45 miles north of here on a nice strip of beach. It would play out much as you just saw.
  Hopefully you both will be interacting with each other more by then. But if something isn't the best it should be, I WILL step in and fix it, hopefully without stepping on any toes. I would like to think of myself being there to...back you up. Reinforce rules you have set."

Justin was silent for a moment, then just gave up. "When do we leave?"

Anthony laughed, then helped Justin clean up the kitchen, all the while talking to him about staying firm with Brad, and not letting ANY questions he had about what he was doing transmit themselves to Brad.
  When the dishes were cleaned up, Anthony started looking at dates for the weekend.

"Next weekend is fine for me. You?" Anthony asked, looking at his calendar.

"I think so," Justin said. "I'm not sure about Brad."

"I'll get him," Anthony offered, walking over to the bottom of the stairs. "Brad? Come down here a minute, please."

"I'm a little busy!" Brad shot back in his usual attitude.

Anthony turned to Justin. "May I?" Justin nodded, wondering what was going to happen. Anthony started up the stairs, making no secret of his presence. Brad heard the footsteps and realized that Anthony must be on his way up, and with the extended internet conversations he'd had with him, knew he was close to, if not already, toast. He quickly got up and headed down the short hall. "But I have time for you," Brad said quickly as Anthony topped the stairs.

Anthony stopped, giving Brad a long, hard stare. Brad felt every inch of that stare and nearly started shaking in his shoes, but somehow managed not to. He quickly looked down, not able to hold the gaze.

"Look at me," Anthony said sternly.

Brad swallowed hard and looked up.

"If you EVER sass me like that again, you'll find yourself over my knee without question, and your mouth thoroughly scrubbed clean. Is there anything you don't understand about that?"

"No, sir," Brad answered, quickly and sincerely.

"Then get yourself downstairs."

"Yes, sir," Brad said, passing by Anthony and making sure his backside was kept well out of range of his hands.

Justin couldn't help but overhear the conversation, and was, again, shocked at how quickly, and without arguing, Anthony got Brad to do what he wanted. He still wasn't sure if it was just because Anthony was a new challenge and Brad was playing with him, or if Anthony just had that power. He knew HE'D do whatever Anthony told him if it were his butt on the line.

Brad walked into the kitchen and grabbed a coke, intending to sit at the table and drink it.

Justin immediately tried correcting him. "Water or juice. You don't need the sugar and caffeine right now."

Brad started to argue but caught Anthony's eye. Figuring he was close enough for the night, he returned the coke quietly and pulled out a bottle of water, sitting at the table without a huge sigh.

"I have invited you and Justin to my home on the beach," Anthony said, looking at Brad.

"What for?" Brad asked cautiously.

"Well, for more of this. To see what happens between the three of us, and the two of you."

Brad swallowed several mouthfuls of water quickly, before speaking. "When?"

"That is what we are trying to decide. Next weekend would be ideal for myself, and Justin. Do you have any obligations?" Anthony asked, as Justin watched from the background.

"None that I can recall. Wh-whats going to happen on this weekend?" Brad asked, concerned that too many hands may be over his buttocks.

"Life is going to happen," Anthony replied, causing Justin to smile with relief. "Nothing is going to be forced."

No one spoke of the awkwardness, and uncertainty, but the silence made it known.

"We will plan on next weekend then," Justin said, needing to hear voices. "Unless Anthony needs you for something else, you may go up and continue your homework."

Brad turned and looked at Anthony. "Just be sure to bring it with you next weekend, I WILL be checking it all," Anthony said.

Brad sighed, but headed upstairs to his dungeon. Once Brad was secured in his room, Justin spoke.

"I know I haven't been the world's best host, but I want to thank you." Justin had more words to say, but they got lost in his throat.
"Even though I have known him only a short time, Brad means a lot to me. He has a quality. And I can tell you too care a great deal for him. I don't know where things may lead, but I hope you are open to alternate ideas."

"What do you mean?" Justin asked nervously.

"I just wonder if you are open to whatever it may take to get Brad and yourself back on track."

"Has Brad said something to you?" Justin asked.

Anthony looked up at the stairwell, then back at Justin. "People say things when they are frustrated and upset. They don't always amount to anything."

"What has he said?" Justin asked, almost pleading.

"He has mentioned on an occassion or two that things might be easier if you weren't the...only one watching over him."

"I'm not sure I follow."

"Bradley has hinted that bringing in a third person may be an answer."

"And we have."

"No, I mean, on a full time basis."

"Oh?" Justin replied, before he understood. "OH!"

"Please, believe me when I say this, I have NO intentions of forcing anything. But if things should click and feel right, this may be the answer you both seek."

Justin could only nod, shocked to say the least, that Brad thought there was a need for a third individual in their relationship.

Anthony could see that that was a bombshell for Justin. "I really appreciate your invite for dinner. You make a great meal. I'd like for you to check that Brad is keeping up with the homework as we discussed as I think that will go a long way in settling his outside worries down and leave him with more time to devote to your relationship. I'll contact Brad with exact directions to my cottage.
  Good luck," Anthony said as he held out his hand to Justin.

Justin shook it, then snapped back into host mode, showing Anthony to the door and thanking him graciously for his help that evening. After shutting the door, he leaned hard against it. He snapped back to the present when the phone rang. It was a friend of Brad's, so Justin took the phone upstairs and entered their room.

He held out the phone and Brad took it, then headed into the closet and started to separate their clothes so he could do a load before he headed to bed. He took down the darks and got that started, then headed back up a few minutes later. He found Brad stretched out on the bed, talking.

"Off the phone," Justin mouthed holding out his hand for the receiver.

Brad shooed Justin away, and held up his finger, suggesting one minute. Justin turned to exit the room, but stopped. Justin turned around and held out his hand.

"Off the phone." Justin said quietly.

Brad shook his head, and held up his finger again, his eyes bulging angrily.

Justin breathed in deeply and held up one finger. "One," He mouthed clearly.

Brad continued to talk, laughing at his friend's conversation.

"Two," Justin mouthed, holding up a second finger.

Brad stared blankly at Justin.

"Three!" Justin said firmly, holding up a third finger.

Justin walked over to Brad and grabbed the phone from him.

"Sorry Jim, Brad will see you in class tomorrow," Justin said as he hung up the phone.

Brad sat upright, swung his legs over the side of the bed and stared flabbergasted at Justin. "What the HELL did you do that for?! I was in the middle of a CONVERSATION!"

Justin tossed the phone down on the bed. He sat down on the bed next to Brad, and without warning, pulled him over his knees. Justin firmly held him in place, and yanked Brad's pants down to mid-thigh, beginning a fast barrage of hand swats.

"Next time I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it without question." Each word was punctuated with a hard smack. "Am I clear?"

"Yes, sir," Brad said, breathing a little ragged.

Justin pulled up Brad's pants, then helped him to stand. "I think you
have homework to do?"

"Yes, sir," Brad said, going back over to the desk and sitting down.

Justin went back downstairs and fell into a chair, wondering if he should have even spanked Brad. He was just too confused to deal with things now that had come so easy a few months ago. That scene had been played out before, but it just seemed so out of the ordinary now. Curling up in the chair, he gave into his doubts and allowed himself a good half hour of serious doubting. When the silence of the washing machine broke through, Justin got up to finish the load of laundry he had brought down.

An hour later he was ready for bed. His hand rested above the light switch as he surveyed the room. The couch that Brad had insisted on purchasing, to replace Justin's orange and red plaid college special. The recliner that they'd added a year later that never had a chance.
  It was broken the same night it came home, stretched beyond it's limit during a passionate moment. The pictures on the side table, taken at various points in their relationship. He smiled as he remembered the one at the seafood restaurant outside ofDaytona Beach . He was behind the cutout of a lobster, and Brad behind the cutout of a crab. They'd eaten the hell out of the all-you-could-eat buffet, then headed straight for the beach chairs, looking for all the world like beached whales. Those days were what he missed now. He turned the light out and headed upstairs, finding the bedside light on, Brad already curled up and asleep.

Justin brushed his teeth, slid out of his clothes and found his shorts, pulling them on. He pulled up the sheets and got into bed, trying not to disturb Brad. He turned out the light and laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. A moment later Brad curled up to his right side. His hands went automatically around him, brushing the hair back from the face he loved.

"I'm sorry about earlier," Brad said, sincerely.

"Thank you," Justin said, his voice hoarse. After a tight squeeze, he heard Brad's soft snore as he sank back to sleep. Justin closed his eyes and was soon asleep as well.


"Bradley turn it off 
NOW !" Justin demanded.

Brad's eyes locked tightly onto Justin's. His finger gently massaged the ‚power' button. Instead of turning it off, Brad turned it up. Justin walked over to the television and turned it off. Brad's jaw stiffened as he turned it back on with the remote. Justin snapped it off again, and stood in the line of the remote.

"Get your tail upstairs 
NOW and get that homework completed," Justin
said firmly.

Brad craned the remote, and managed to turn the tv back on. Justin could see this was a battle that wouldn't end well. As his mouth opened, he thought of a different approach.

"Suit yourself. Guess we will have to see what Anthony thinks about that this weekend."

Justin walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. He listened carefully. In less than a minute, he heard the television turn off, and Brad quickly walking up the stairs. Justin smiled, shocked that it worked.

Brad worked hard for a half an hour, completing the critical assignments. He tossed the notebook onto the floor and laid back on the bed. He stared at the ceiling, recalling some of his conversations with Anthony. He slid his hand under his shirt and gently rubbed his left nipple. Brad thought about the threat Anthony had given him early that week.

"If you EVER sass me like that again, you'll find yourself over my knee without question, and your mouth thoroughly scrubbed clean." The promise still vibrated through his head.

Brad's crotch stirred at the idea of Anthony's large hands disciplining him. He slid his hand down his pants and started slowly stroking his growing cock. He was lost in the moment, and didn't hear Justin enter the room.

"Hard at work?" Justin asked.

Brad's heard jerked up, startled.

"I...I was a..."

"I can see what you were doing."

Their eyes met and silence fell for a moment.

"Want a hand?" Justin asked seductively.

Brad nodded slowly, his cock hardening further still as Justin pulled his shirt off over his head and slid down his shorts and underwear. Justin then pulled Brad to a sitting position and pulled his shirt off, before letting him lie back down and pulling his pants off, depositing them in a pile on the side of the bed. He crawled further up the bed, straddling his young lover, bending down to kiss Brad on some of his most sensitive parts. Light kisses, followed by a deep, sucking one on the neck sent shivers of desire through Brad.

Brad wrapped his arms around Justin, wriggling every time Justin's lips connected with any part of his body. His breathing was ragged as Justin did what he did best, awakening every sensation of pleasure in his body.

Justin grabbed a pillow and flipped Brad face down across it, grabbing some oil from the bedside table. He warmed it in his hands before kneading it into the small of Brad's back, working his fingers ever so slowly up Brad's spinal column.

Brad could only moan, trying to hurry Justin up by wriggling his ass seductively. Justin paid no attention, other than one gentle swat as he worked every inch of Brad's back. By the time he was finished with that, Brad was as limp as overcooked spaghetti. He laid, spent, until Justin's fingers started to work his tender skin between his cheeks.
  Brad couldn't reach his cock because of the pillow, and it was driving him crazy.

Justin parted Brad's cheeks and pushed gently at the opening, teasing.
  Brad moaned and tried to back up, but couldn't. Just when he thought he'd scream, Justin dove deep within him, and at the same time, one hand found Brad's cock and pulled deeply, stroking.
It was too much for Brad, who orgasmed instantly, and hard. Justin continued with a few short thrusts and his moan signaled pure pleasure as he came. Justin collapsed to the side and Brad curled up to him, his head snuggled deeply in Justin's shoulder. They both fell into a deep, dreamless sleep, waking up sometime around three am and making a quick attempt to get situated in the bed as they should have.


"Sex ALWAYS complicates things!" Craig said matter-of-factly.

"It just felt right at the time," Jusin replied.

"And probably set you back five steps."

"I keep hoping this weekend is the miracle cure I have been praying for," Justin said quietly.


"What if it's not?"

"And what if the world implodes?" Craig replied.

Justin laughed. "Okay I get your point!"

"Good. Don't look for the deeper meaning until you figure the small stuff out."


"Anthony wants us there at 12 sharp. If that is going to happen, we need to leave five minutes AGO!"

Brad didn't reply.

"Bradley we have to go 
NOW !" Justin barked as he stood holding the door open.

"In a MINUTE!" Brad barked back.

"Bradley do NOT make me come up there."

Brad continued to rummage about in the bedroom ignoring Justin's demands. Finally, Justin slammed the door shut.

"Fine. YOU can call Anthony and tell him we will be late. And YOU can tell him why," Justin said in a calm tone.

Before Justin had a chance to turn towards the stairs, Brad was at the bottom of them. Justin stared hard at Brad.

"Are we going or what?!" Brad snapped.

Justin walked over to Brad, grabbed his arm firmly and spun him around, landing two sharp swats to his backside.

"I suggest you leave the attitude at home!"

Brad pulled free and rubbed his rear end. His eyes once again met Justin's.

"Well?" Justin asked.

"What?" Brad asked, in mid-pout.

Justin picked up the phone and handed it to Brad.

"You weren't serious!"

"Dead serious. Now CALL!"

Brad stared at the phone, not making any effort to pick it up.

"If I have to call, you will NOT be sitting comfortably for the ride," Justin said firmly, pushing the phone towards Brad.

"I'm sorry! Please..." Brad said, afraid to touch the phone.

Justin held it out. "The longer you wait to call, the longer it'll take us to get there."

Brad finally took the phone, knowing he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He found the note with the number and dialed, his stomach sinking. As the phone rang, he tried hard to come up with an excuse.
  He was able to swallow when the answering machine picked up.

"Anthony? We're running just a few minutes late, but we'll be there by 
12:30 ." He was about to hang up when he caught Justin's glare. "I...I couldn't find the swimtrunks I wanted. Sorry, we'll be there soon."

"Thank you. Now go to the bathroom before we leave," Justin said, hanging up the phone for Brad. He made one final check of the room and made sure the front door was locked, before shutting the door behind him and locking it, following Brad down the few steps to the car.

Justin slid into the driver's seat and waited until Brad was in and buckled before he started the car and pulled out of their driveway. He still wasn't sure what the weekend was going to hold for them, but he was more than ready to get it started. The sex was hot, but the friction still remained between himself and Brad and he didn't know how much longer he could stand that tension.

Brad leafed through a book that he needed information from in order to write a paper for one of his classes while Justin paid attention to the road. They left their smaller town and skirted around the big city, headed northeast. When they left the clutter of the city behind them and the road opened up into the country, Justin started to relax as he normally did. They went through several small towns and caught a few glimpses of the coast as they neared Haven Cove where Anthony's cabin was located.

"What do the directions say again?" Justin asked Brad when they entered the town of 
Haven Cove .

"Turn right onto 
Main Street , which is the second light. Must be right up there," Brad said as they passed under the first light.

"Yes, that's 
Main ," Justin said, slowing down and making the right turn. "Beautiful town," Justin remarked, looking at the older buildings lining Main Street .

"Yeah," Brad said, not really paying much attention. "You go to the stop sign and turn left onto 
Palm Grove Lane . Do ALL beach towns have a street with palm in the name? I didn't think palms grew here."

"There's a few right there," Justin said as he made the left turn.

"You go a half mile down here. His drive is marked by an old wagon wheel with '
 Bend 's End' on it. There," Brad said, pointing out the wagon wheel.

Justin turned off the paved road, heading down the sandy driveway. The front of the property was a mass of trees and bushes, blocking the house from view. Coming around a short curve, the trees gave way to light grass, a small white cottage, and the blue ocean beyond that.

"Wow," Brad said as they went down the drive. "This is fantastic!"

"It's gorgeous," Justin agreed. He parked his car next to Anthony's, and turned the engine off.

Anthony stepped out onto his front porch and waved. He walked down to the car.

"I see you found the place alright," Anthony said, patting Justin on the back.

"Yes, you gave Brad good directions."

"Good." Anthony said before he turned to Brad, who was in awe over the majestic ocean. "How was the ride?"

Brad shrugged. "Alright."

"Bring those swim trunks?" Anthony asked.

Brad nodded as he blushed several shades of red.

"Let me help you with the bags and show you to your room."

They divided the bags up amongst the three of them and entered the house. The little cottage seemed roomier inside than it did outside. Anthony led them down a long hall into a large guest bedroom.

"Nice place you have here," Justin said, still looking around.

"Thank you. Put your bags down and we'll go out onto the rear deck and
have some lunch."

Anthony left the room, and after placing their bags in the corner, they too followed. Brad immediately sat down, passing Anthony who was at the grill. Justin gave Brad a look, but it went undetected.

"How do you like your burgers?" Anthony asked.

"Well done," Justin replied.

"In a frying pan," Brad replied.

Both Anthony and Justin gave Brad a look. Brad's gaze fell from their eyes to the table, before mumbling 'well done.'

"Can I do anything to help?" Justin asked.

"Yes, sit down," Anthony replied, getting a smile from Justin.

"Couldn't have asked for better weather," Justin said as he settled comfortably into a chair.

"It rained here yesterday, but I think the weather forecast was for sun the rest of the weekend," Anthony replied as he turned the burgers on the grill.

"That will be nice, though I don't think it would even be unpleasant if it DID rain."

"It's an amazing sound when the rain's falling on the water. The waves settle down to a low rumble. It's one of the nicest sounds to fall asleep to."

Brad was fidgeting, not interested in the banter of the conversation.
  "I'm going to take a walk -"

"No, you can wait until after we eat," Justin said firmly.

"It's just -"

"The burgers are almost done," Anthony said as he turned them a final time and draped a piece of cheese over one. "Cheese for either of you?"

"Yeah," Brad said as he slumped back into the seat.

"None for me, thank you," Justin said.

Anthony finished up the burgers and served them with chips and drinks on the back deck overlooking the ocean. Brad's mood improved tremendously when lunch was over and he could explore the beach as he wanted while Anthony and Justin lounged in the chairs in the sun.

"Brad! Time to come in!" Justin yelled down the deserted beach.

Brad waved and turned towards the house but made no attempts to walk quickly towards them. When Brad did finally make his way to Justin and Anthony, he found them laughing heartily in their lounge chairs.

"What's so funny?" Brad asked, half smiling, anxious to be in on the joke.

After a moment of gasping for air, Justin spoke. "I was telling Anthony about the time we went to the water park, and-"

"And you came up from the slide in your birthday suit, instead of your swim suit," Anthony finished, laughing.

Brad's smile fell, not happy that Justin was sharing HIS stories with HIS friend.

"Brad, tell Anthony about the time we went camping," Justin said, still smiling.

"You seem to be doing just fine yourself, YOU tell him," Brad snapped, and continued towards the house.

"Hey, what does THAT mean?" Justin asked.

Brad continued walking to the door. Justin got off his lounge chair and stood tall.

"Bradley, you do NOT speak to me in that manner and then leave."

Brad stopped walking and turned, but he remained silent.

"Come here, please."

"Why?" Brad only stood there a moment as he felt more than saw TWO men's hair raise. He walked over to Justin.

"What brought on that comment?"

Brad shrugged, not wanting to say he was jealous.

"That's not an answer," Justin said, feeling Anthony's eyes on the both of them and not liking it too much.

"I'm sorry. I just wasn't ready to come back in yet," Brad said
sincerely, though not completely truthfully.

"We've got other things that we need to do, and you're going to get burnt," Justin said patiently. "Neither of us have gotten this amount of sun."

"I'll go shower, I guess," Brad said.

"Sounds like a good idea. Then let me put some lotion on your shoulders to make sure they stay cool."

Brad nodded and turned to go inside, heading for the bathroom.

"You were entirely too soft with him," Anthony said, staring at Justin's back.

Justin jumped at Anthony's tone. He turned slowly and faced Anthony as he sat in his chair. "Oh?" Justin managed.

"Yes. Bradley's action showed no respect for you, and you did nothing to let him know that was inappropriate."

"He apologized!" Justin replied defensively.

"He was feeding you a line."

"I don't think he was."

"And that is why you are here," Anthony replied.

Those words cut through Justin and took his breath away, like he had been sacked by a 400lb football player.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that to sound as harsh as it did. I just can see how Brad plays you and there is never an excuse for that."

Justin nodded, Anthony's words making sense in retrospect. "And what would you have suggested?"

"I suggest the next time you get fed a line of rubbish, you handle it in what ever manner you see fit. I personally would have had him over my knee before he knew what hit him."

Justin stood quietly.

"If I see you buy into Bradley's lines again, I will take YOU over my knee. Understood?" Anthony asked, completely serious.

Justin's gaze focused on Anthony and he knew there was no nonsense there. Justin started to nod, then finally managed to speak. "Yes sir."

"And you're right, you haven't had this much sun. Let's head inside before you burn as well," Anthony said, getting up.

Justin turned and headed into the house, his head swirling.

"Can I get you something to drink? Iced tea?" Anthony said as he shut the door behind him.

"Thank you, yes," Justin said, sitting down at the kitchen table to avoid staining any fabric chairs with the sunscreen. He could hear Brad in the shower and looked forward to his own.

"How were things this past week?" Anthony asked. He set down the tea in front of Justin and took a chair himself.

"Somewhat better than they have been, but still very strained," Justin

"You know it's not going to be an immediate fix," Anthony said after sipping his own tea.

"Yes," Justin nearly barked. He turned his gaze towards Anthony. "I'm sorry. I'm still not ..... comfortable."

"I know this can't be easy. But you need to remember one thing. Brad loves you. The only reason I am here, is because he loves you and doesn't want to lose you," Anthony said, holding Justin's gaze.

"And I-" Justin started, before being cut off.

"And you obviously love him, or you wouldn't be here with me. I know that." Anthony said. "I am not looking to replace you, or the love you give Brad. So don't look at me as an obstacle, but rather a helping hand. Literally I guess," he finished with a chuckle.

Justin half smiled at the bad pun, and sipped his tea. He knew Anthony had everyone's best interest at heart, but he was still a stranger, an outsider. They sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the shower water run.

"How did Bradley do with the homework assignments I gave him?" Anthony asked, breaking the silence.

"As far as I know-"

"That is no way to begin a reply to that question," Anthony said.

"He spent several hours a night in a pile of school work," Justin replied, as he gritted his teeth slightly.

"Did you check over the work? Look and see what he did specifically?"

"No," Justin replied, becoming annoyed.

"And why not?" Anthony asked, unamused by the attitude.

"Because it was your assignment and I knew you would be asking him."

Anthony shot a look at Justin, disapproving of his lack of interest.

"Besides, the mere mention of your name seemed to get him to push harder," Justin finished his thought.

"I guess we shall see if that did the trick then."

On cue, Brad entered the room. His hair was damp from the shower, but he was refreshed. He went directly over to Justin and took his tea, drinking it down in two large gulps.

"May I refill?" he asked Anthony.

"The pitcher's in the fridge," Anthony replied.

Brad refilled the glass, drank a little more, then settled at the table, putting the glass back in front of Justin.

"Thank you," Justin said.

"You can have your own glass," Anthony said.

"That's okay," Brad said quickly.

"We were just discussing your homework," Anthony said, before Justin could get up and shower. He watched as Brad started to roll his eyes. "You were supposed to complete your assignments nightly, without fuss, and allow Justin to review them. Did that get done?"

Brad stared at the glass on the table and shrugged.

"That, young man, is not an answer," Anthony replied.

"What did you tell him?" Brad asked, staring at Justin.

Before Justin could reply, Anthony spoke again. "I am not interested in what Justin has to say. I am speaking to you."

"What?" Brad sighed.

Anthony slid his chair back from the table, but didn't make any other effort to move.

"It got done," Brad said quickly. "Mostly," he added, after glancing at Justin.

"Mostly?" Anthony questioned, his eyebrow raising up.

"I told you that was a 
LOT !" Brad said, his voice raised a bit.

"And I told you, school work would come first. Did you bring the results of those two graded assignments with you?" Anthony was single minded.

Brad shifted uncomfortably, turning to Justin and silently begging for protection.

"Bradley, Justin didn't ask the question, I did. Look at me, and give me the very simple answer," Anthony said firmly.

Brad turned towards Anthony, but eye contact remained nonexistent. "No," he said, barely audible.

"Why not?" Anthony persisted.

Brad shrugged, very uncomfortable.

"WHY NOT?" Anthony repeated, much louder.

Brad jumped, his eyes finally meeting Anthony's. "I didn't pass either one," he said, still very quietly.

"And why not?"

"Because," Brad said softly.

"BECAUSE why?"

"I didn't follow the schedule you set up. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Brad replied sharply, knowing he was sunk, and sunk good.

"Unless you want that smart mouth washed out, I suggest you watch what comes out of it!" Anthony said firmly, causing Brad to blush profusely and slouch further in his chair.

Justin remained quiet, watching the interaction and feeling guilty for no apparent reason.

Anthony eyed Brad, then stood to his feet and left the table. Brad quickly looked at Justin, then back at Anthony as he entered the kitchen. Anthony returned with a large wooden spoon. He pulled his chair away from the table and sat down, gripping the spoon.

"Come here," Anthony said quietly.

Brad's eyes were large as he stared at the spoon. He was frozen, unable to move. His secret inner desires were coming true and it wasn't feeling
  anything at all like what he expected.

"I SAID, come here!" Anthony said sternly.

Brad slowly rose as he looked at Justin, panic clearly visible in his eyes as he pleaded silently for help. Justin's heart ached, but he knew now was not the time to interfere. Justin motioned with his head to do as Anthony said. Brad finally made it to his feet and walked to Anthony.

"I left you with a very tight, yet effective schedule. One that surely would have gotten you on track, had you bothered to attempt it." Anthony stopped and allowed that to sink in. "What did you do instead of the studies?" Anthony asked, waving the spoon around.

Brad's gaze fixed onto the spoon, as flashes of the previous week entered his mind. The numerous television shows, the chats with friends, the incredible night of passion with Justin. Brad didn't speak, only shrugged.

Anthony placed the spoon on the floor and reached out towards Brad. He placed his hands on the waist band of his shorts, and slid them down, leaving Brad in his white briefs.

Brad's skin was immediately covered in goosebumps. His thoughts were barely coherent. This man that he had been talking to, who seemed firm and unruffled on the computer, was now about to spank him, in FRONT of his partner, with his partner's seemingly full approval. Brad felt Anthony pull him to the side, and then down, towards his lap and full surrender. Brad wanted to ask Justin to make this stop, but he was too embarrassed and ashamed, particularly since it was at his own urging that they were here in the first place. He knew he had given approval to Anthony to allow this, and as he deserved it, didn't feel right in changing his mind now, if Anthony would even allow it. The only problem was, his panic was rising too fast to control. Once he was across Anthony's knees, he twisted hard, to see Anthony's face.

"Please?" he begged.

Anthony could see the panic in Brad's face. While his hold on Brad didn't lighten at all, his voice did.

"Are you the one that got yourself in this position?"

The change in Anthony's demeanor only served to make it harder on Brad to speak around the well of emotion threatening to overtake him.

"Yyyeesss, sir," Brad stuttered, swallowing hard.

"Didn't I warn you what would happen if you didn't follow that study plan?"

Brad quickly nodded, still holding himself up on the rung of the chair to be able to see Anthony's face. He didn't trust himself to speak.

"Then you have nothing to worry about. You're going to get the spanking that you deserve," Anthony said, not unkindly. He watched as the tears overflowed and ran down Brad's face, but he felt Brad relax marginally. He bent down to pick up the spoon from the floor.

Brad turned away from Anthony, tightening his grip on the chair rung as he had no doubt that this wasn't going to be a pleasant experience. He struggled to hold back a sob before Anthony even began, wondering if there was any way he could keep quiet while Justin looked on. He couldn't bring himself to look towards Justin, but he did wonder how this was effecting him.

Justin was more than ready to run into the other room, or better yet, down the beach and away from this very uncomfortable scene. Aside from thinking that Anthony would not take kindly to that, he did feel as if he should back up Anthony on this decision, as well as wanting to be there for Brad, to make sure Anthony didn't hurt him. Watching another man spank his lover was one of the harder things he'd done. He began to question his own actions, not having pressed Brad to things each night, knowing if he had, even if he had to spank Brad, it wouldn't have allowed the problem to become so big, and the spanking as severe as he was thinking Anthony would make it.

Anthony picked up the spoon, and without another word, landed it squarely on Brad's right cheek. The loud swat startled Brad, and he jerked upright, gritting his teeth.

Justin jumped also, his stomach clenching horribly as he knew how much that had to hurt. He couldn't figure out what to look at, whether the floor, the table, his lover, or his lover's disciplinarian. He swallowed hard and brought his eyes over to Brad, watching intently for any signs of injury. Feeling very protective helped to fight back the other emotions he wasn't sure he was ready to deal with.

Anthony continued the spanking. After a good two dozen swats on Brad's brief covered bottom, he stopped only long enough to drop the briefs to just below Brad's bottom. Brad didn't even have time to think about how awkward he might have felt with his bare bottom over Anthony's lap before the first swat on skin brought his mind back solely to the sting. Anthony covered every inch of blushing flesh, leaving no spot unspanked, and leaving others spanked many times.

Brad's dignity only lasted for the first six or so spanks. The spoon didn't cover much ground each time it landed, but the sting it had behind it felt like a hundred beestings. He tried in vain to kick himself, or lever himself off of Anthony's lap. Finally he realized he wasn't going anywhere, at least not until Anthony decided he could. He gave in completely to crying, even having lost all voice to beg with.

When Anthony felt total surrender, he landed another dozen spanks to Brad's backside, and finished up with a final dozen right below the underwear, on Brad's thighs. That caused Brad to squirm and the cries get a bit more high pitched. Anthony allowed Brad a couple of minutes of hard crying, then lifted him to his feet. Brad's hands immediately tried to rub out the furious sting in this thighs, as he couldn't even begin to touch the fire lit on his bottom.

Justin went to stand up, wanting to comfort Brad. Anthony shook his head and held up a hand, which Brad missed.

"Face the corner, hands at your sides unless you'd like more," Anthony said firmly.

Brad walked quickly to the corner, his underwear still in a tight line below his bottom. The shorts had long ago been kicked off. He fought hard to keep his hands at his sides as the pain continued to wash over him in waves.

Justin couldn't look at Anthony, and couldn't stay in the same room and not hold his lover. He escaped into the bedroom, diving into the shower to drown out Brad's sobbing. He caught himself just before he was going to let his fist fly against the shower wall. His thoughts were in turmoil. Justin stood under the cool shower, the water cascading down his back. He wondered if coming to Anthony's was the right thing to do, as he had wondered many times that day. Even as he tried to rationalize the need to come there, the only image that came to mind, was his lover, his partner, in pain. Justin shook his head, and turned around. He snapped off the water and exited the shower. He quickly toweled off, dressed and left the bathroom, his hair in disarray. He walked into the kitchen, ready to rescue his prince from the wicked queen. But once he entered the room, he was dumbfounded by the sight. Brad stood at the kitchen counter, eyes bloodshot and puffy, cheeks tear stained and still moist, and a huge grin as he listened to Anthony's supermarket story. Justin stood in shocked silence. This was a far stretch from the scene he had witness mere minutes earlier.
Finally, his eyes locked on Brad's.

"Everything okay?" Justin asked, his own eyes pleading for the truth.

"Yes. Anthony is making steaks on the grill for dinner. I am doing the salad."

Justin looked long and hard at Brad, astounded at the lack of the anger he expected. When the silence grew long, Brad stepped over to Justin and hugged him.

"It's okay," he said quietly, before stepping back to the counter to work on the salad.

"I could use help with vegetables," Anthony said to Justin.

"Sure," Justin replied, snapping out of his trance.

Dinner was completed with a minimum of fuss, and enjoyed on the back deck under the shade of the palm trees. Brad used a towel to make himself a little more comfortable while he ate, though he still shifted his weight often. When they finished, Justin cleaned up the dishes while Anthony went over every detail of Brad's schoolwork through the end of the semester. Justin was briefed by Brad, with Anthony listening in to make sure that both sides knew exactly what was expected and what the consequences would be for failure to follow the plan exactly as laid out.

With that complete, the three young men took a long walk on the beach. They watched as the sun settled slowly behind the sand dunes, casting an orange glow across the ocean. Anthony listened while Brad and Justin took turns talking about how they met, then told a few stories about how he managed to own the beachfront house. They returned to the house after dark.

Anthony lit several torches around the back deck, and Justin settled down with Anthony's urging for a quiet glass of wine. Brad begged off, heading into the bedroom as he was tired after his long day. Justin almost followed him, but decided he needed to sit with Anthony for a few minutes. Twenty minutes later when he'd finished his glass of wine, he also plead sleepiness, and said goodnight to their host. He walked into the bedroom he and Brad were sharing, and found his lover straddling both sides of the bed, snoring heavily. He'd wanted to talk to him about the evening, but it didn't look like it was going to be possible tonight. Slipping out of his clothes and into his sleeping shorts, he gently moved Brad enough so that he could slide into the bed as well.

Brad instinctively moved to cuddle up to Justin, never waking up.
  Justin wrapped an arm around Brad, taking a long time to fall asleep, his mind going over and over the day and whether he wanted to leave in the morning, or that evening, as was the plan.

Justin glanced at the clock, and saw it was nearing 
midnight , and he was still wide awake. He looked around the room, then fixed his gaze on Brad, who's head rested on his chest. After a deep exhale, Brad began to stir. His head rose from Justin's chest and looked around the room, then his eyes focused on Justin.

"What's wrong?" Brad asked, startled that Justin was staring back.

"Not sure," Justin replied, gently stroking Brad's back.

Brad put his head back on Justin's chest, and made lazy circles in the exposed chest hair.

"Is this about...the spanking?" Brad asked.

Justin stopped the stroking, and his hand became heavy on Brad's back.

"I think we should leave first thing in the morning."

"What?" Brad asked, as his hand stopped circling.

"Or now, we could leave now," Justin replied in a loud whisper.

"No. I don't want to," Brad said, as he sat upright.

"I think things got out of hand this afternoon."

"NO! It was me, my fault. Things are as they SHOULD be," Brad replied, waivering out of a whisper. "I want to stay. Don't you want us to be right?"

Justin pulled Brad back down onto his chest. "Of course, why else would I be here. It's just, he hurt you."

"No." Brad said, pausing for a moment. "He gave me what I deserved."

Justin leaned forward and kissed Brad on top of the head. Brad snuggled in closer, and fell back to sleep, content in his lover's arms. Justin felt a bit more reassured, and was willing to continue the weekend if Brad was content. Justin soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

Justin woke to the smells of bacon and coffee, wafting through the crack of the half open door. He turned to wake up Brad and found his side of the bed cold. He stretched, now hearing the gentle hum of voices in the kitchen. Getting up, he headed into the bathroom to rinse his face, then padded out to the kitchen to see what was up.

"Good morning," Justin said, wrapping his arms around Brad and kissing
what he could reach of his cheek.

"Morning sleepyhead," Brad said, laughing when Justin nibbled his neck. "Hey! Breakfast is just about finished, you can wait."

"Morning Anthony," Justin said, accepting a cup of coffee from him after letting Brad go.

"Sleep well?" Anthony asked as he turned back to the stove.

"Once asleep, yes. The sound of the surf is quite amazing to sleep with."

"I find I miss the constant sounds when I'm at home," Anthony admitted easily. "I can see why people like to purchase the wave machines, though it's nothing compared to the real thing."

"I'd rather just purchase the beach house," Brad said as he flipped the bacon over in the pan.

"Wouldn't we all," Justin said, laughing.

"I'll take care of the bacon, you get the table set on the deck," Anthony told Brad.

"Where are the dishes?" Brad asked.

"Get those, there," Anthony said, pointing towards a cupboard.

"Anything I can do?" Justin asked, watching almost in awe as his usually grumpy in the morning lover quickly set the outside table without a cross word.

"Hand me that bowl, please," Anthony said as he turned off the eggs. He transferred them into the bowl, then set the bacon on a paper towel to drain. A few minutes later, breakfast was being served on the deck.

Brad put his fork down. "I'm going to go swimming," he said, standing up.

"Not yet," Justin said.

"Why not?"

"You just finished eating. Wait a half hour or so before you go out."

"And you need to use the binoculars over there," Anthony said. "There's a lifeguard station a mile down the beach that way, and they fly a huge red flag if the swimming is dangerous. We have currents that kick up every once in a while and it's best not to swim when they're moving fast. You'll find yourself a half mile down the beach without knowing, and that's if you're lucky you've not been pulled under," Anthony finished.

"Okay," Brad said, getting up and heading out onto the sand. He walked slowly down the beach, searching for shells.

"I'll help with the cleanup," Justin said, standing up with his and Brad's plates.

"Thanks." They headed inside and Justin found the dishsoap and started the sink of water for the dishes. Anthony headed into the bathroom.

Justin worked away at the pile of breakfast dishes. He glanced out the window that overlooked the deck, and saw a few more stray items in need of cleaning. Justin finished what was in front of him and walked out onto the deck. He grabbed the items on the table, and looked out at the surf for Brad. Brad was ankle deep in the water trying to inch out further and further.

"Bradley," Justin called firmly.

Brad jumped at the voice and faced Justin. "What?" he asked innocently.

"I told you to stay OUT of the water."

"I'm not IN the water," Brad replied.

"Would you like to spend the day sitting on the deck?" Justin replied.

"Jussstttiinnn," Brad whined.

"Would you like to spend the day sitting on the deck?" Justin repeated, not batting an eyelash.

Brad stared at the water, then back at Justin. He sighed heavily and stepped back several feet, getting out of the water completely.

"If I see you in there again before thirty minutes are up, you can forget swimming altogether." Justin nodded, then returned inside to finish the dishes.

Brad mimicked Justin to the waves, but did as he was told.

Twenty minutes later, Justin walked out and yelled out to Brad. "You may swim now!"

"Tell him to check for the flag, first," Anthony said from the chair on the deck.

"Brad! Check the flag, please!"

"You check!" Brad yelled in return, dipping his feet in the water.

Justin went over and grabbed the binoculars, checking for the flag. He didn't see it. "It's clear!" he yelled back to Brad, who immediately dove into the waves.

"Why did you let him speak to you like that?" Anthony asked, conversationally.

That grated right over Justin's nerves. "He's out there, I'm here by the binoculars. I didn't see a point in making him come all the way over here," he said, shortly.

Anthony could tell that his comment got under Justin's skin, but that didn't change the way he expected to be addressed.

"There's no reason to get an attitude," Anthony said firmly. "I asked you a question, I just wanted your answer."

Justin nodded curtly before going back inside. He wasn't sure what he thought about the lecture he'd just received. Justin hid in bedroom for a bit, and pretended to organize some of their belongings. After straightening various items for the better part of fifteen minutes, Justin returned to the deck. He sat at the table and watched Brad enjoy the ocean.

The wind began to pick up and some clouds started to roll in.

"It looks like it could start to storm, you should call Brad in," Anthony said, glancing up from his paper.

Justin pondered the thought for a moment. Then decided as much as he didn't want to, he agreed with Anthony.

"Brad, sweetheart, I think you should come in for a bit, looks like a storm is coming," Justin called out.

Brad stopped swimming and craned his head towards the lifegaurd station. "Is the flag up?" he called back.

Justin picked up the binoculars and took a look. Anthony watched quietly, his eyes narrowing.

"No, but-" Justin began speaking.

"Then ten more minutes. I'm FINE!" Brad replied, enjoying the water.

Justin exhaled and opened his mouth, but felt a pair of eyes burning into the back of him. Instead of saying what he wanted to, he managed to only agree.

"Ten more minutes, that's 
ALL !" Justin said as he placed the binoculars down and took his seat. Anthony placed his paper on the table and gnashed his teeth. He rose from his seat and stood at the end of the deck.

"Bradley on deck 
NOW !" Anthony hollered out.

Brad's head snapped back at the tone. He hesitated for less than a second, and slowly emerged from the water towards the deck.

"That wasn't neccessary. Ten more minutes would have been fine," Justin replied sharply.

Anthony spun around quickly and shot daggers at Justin. Justin unwittingly shifted in his seat for no apparent reason.

"Please go inside to your bedroom and wait for me," Anthony told Justin firmly.

Justin heard the words he said on numerous occassions to Brad, but it didn't seem real.

 NOW !" Anthony snapped.

"I am HERE!" Brad said, coming up without being heard.

Anthony turned his attention towards Brad for a moment, then fixed his gaze on Justin, who slowly rose and entered the house. He tried to make eye contact with Brad, but couldn't. Anthony then faced Brad.

"You can take a seat at the table."

"I want to go with Justin," Brad said, heading towards the door, unaware of their conversation.

"You will sit at the table. I have to speak to Justin in private." Anthony replied, directing Brad to the table.

"Talk?" Brad asked nervously.

"I expect you to be seated there when I return," Anthony finished as he headed inside.

Justin paced around the guest bedroom, uncertain as to why he was sent there. And more importantly, why he went there so willingly. After a minute of pacing, Justin knew it was time to leave. He exited the room and headed to the deck to collect Brad. As he rounded the corner to the dining area, he literally ran into Anthony.

"I thought I told you to wait in the bedroom?" Anthony said in a no nonsense tone.

"I think it's time-" Justin's declaration was cut short by Anthony.

Brad watched in shocked silence through the glass door as Anthony escorted his lover to the table by the arm.

Anthony pulled out a chair and sat down in it. In one smooth motion, he yanked Justin's pants and underwear to his ankles, fully exposing him. Anthony roughly guided Justin across his knees, and began a fast barrage of swats to his bare backside.

Brad continued to watch through the door. It was a scene he had wished for many times. And now that it was a reality, it was a sight he couldn't bare. He stepped backwards away from the door, and stumbled into a chair. Brad looked every which way, his head swirling. He didn't know what to do.

Anthony administered a short, but very sharp spanking to the totally shell-shocked Justin. Every once in a great while Justin had wondered what it was like to be over someone's knees, but now that he was faced with the current reality, he didn't like it. He would have fought hard to get up, but for some reason not yet known to him, he laid there and accepted the spanking without fighting it, aside from trying to slide from Anthony's lap when the swats started to really sting.

Tears were coursing down his face, but he was holding tight to his sobbing. He wasn't sure if Brad could overhear, or see, and he wanted to minimize any trauma to his lover that he could.

"What are you going to do in the future?" Anthony asked above him, pausing in the swats.
Justin swallowed hard and managed to speak. "Be firm when I think it's necessary," Justin choked out.

"Very good. That surf can change AHEAD of the storm, and Brad could have been in danger. He belonged on deck, not in the water, and when you're caring for a brat, you keep his safety in mind above ANYTHING else, including his wishes. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Justin replied quickly. He groaned when Anthony delivered another series of very well placed swats before letting him up.

"Get yourself cleaned up and presentable before you see Brad," Anthony said.

Justin escaped quickly into the bedroom, his pants still bunched at his ankles, shutting the door and leaning against it for a moment, trying to gather his self esteem, his dignity, and his emotions.

Anthony walked over to the sink and washed his hands, looking out the window and seeing Brad in the chair. He also spied lightning on the horizon and the wind was picking up. Opening the back door, he walked over to Brad and put a hand on his shoulder, which Brad quickly ducked out from under.

"Brad? I think you need to come in."

Brad rose from the chair and stepped backwards away from Anthony. He stared blankly into the house and continued walking backwards away from their host. The wind began to blow harder, tossing around a few loose items on the table.

"Brad, inside now," Anthony said more firmly.

Brad looked at the door, then at Anthony. He began to quiver and turned towards the stairs.

"Bradley!" Anthony hollered as he went after him.

Brad continued down the stairs, not acknowledging his tone. Anthony reached the top step and grabbed at Brad, getting only his shirt sleeve. He pulled hard, tearing it at the seam. Brad ran in fear, down the beach, leaving Anthony with a shred of his shirt in hand. As Anthony headed down the stairs, a gust of wind blew, knocking the table umbrella down.

Justin stood in his room, listening to his heart pound against the door. His hand cascaded down his side, around to his freshly spanked behind. He massaged and rubbed it, trying to ease the pain to no avail.
  He walked to the dresser mirror and stared intensely at his battered bottom. He was startled back to the present by the howl of the wind and muffled shouting. He carefully pulled his pants up and exited the room. Walking down the hall, he followed the shouts as they got louder. Justin watched from the deck doorway as Anthony tore Brad's shirt. Anthony's head turned sharply as the umbrella blew over. He jumped when he saw Justin standing on the decking watching him. After the inital jolt, he spoke.

"Take the umbrella inside, I will collect Bradley," Anthony dictated.

Justin walked towards Anthony, stopping inches from his face. "You, have done MORE than enough. Stay. Away. From. My. Brat."

"What did you-"

"Your services are no longer required nor desired," Justin said firmly, his teeth grinding and his eyes narrowing. He wasted no more time on Anthony and headed down the beach after his lover.

Brad was running hard, the sand stinging his tear stained face as it was whipped up by the wind. He thought he heard Justin's voice but paid no attention, only stopping when he stubbed his toe on a tree root and fell to the sand.

Justin was there almost immediately. "Brad! Are you alright?" he asked, looking over Brad with an expert eye, checking for obvious injuries.

Brad's tears overwhelmed him. Justin settled in the sand, wincing only momentarily as he pulled Brad's head against him, soothing him.

"I don't want -"

"It's alright. Neither do I," Justin said firmly, holding Brad tightly as the heavens opened up.


"And I allowed it," Justin said against Brad's ear. "Just like you allow me, I allowed him. He's helped the both of us as much as we need," Justin finished, the rain coursing down their faces. He looked up to judge the lightening and found it fast approaching them. "Come on sweetheart, we need to get back to the house."

"But Anthony -"

"Will not touch you, nor bother me. Come on, the weather is getting dangerous."

Brad accepted Justin's extended hand as they stood up together and
  walked briskly through the pouring rain towards the house.


Justin looked into the rearview mirror as the lightening flashed far
  behind them. He turned off the windshield wipers as the light sprinkle ceased altogether. Both Justin and Brad remained quiet, still digesting the day's earlier events. Justin shifted some in his seat, still feeling the after effects of his spanking. Brad watched from the corner of his eye, and couldn't resist cracking a smile. Justin readjusted his postion again, searching for a comfortable spot on his backside.

"You're not going to find one," Brad said with a smile.

"Find what?" Justin asked, glancing briefly at Brad.

"That 'itch' will last you the rest of the day. You might as well just
  sit still, you're only making the car jiggle," Brad replied with a laugh.

Justin's eyes moved from the road to his mirros, then he pulled to the side of the road. Brad immediately tensed.

"I'm sorry, I was just teasing," Brad said uneasily.

Justin turned off the car and turned to his lover. He looked deep into
  Brad's confused eyes.

"We've made a 
LOT of mistakes in the past. I allowed you to run the  show and do as you please. And you allowed me to let you get away with it." Justin said softly, holding eye contact.

"It wasn't like that," Brad said, before Justin interrupted.

"Yes it was. But that doesn't matter now. What matters, is that it will

NEVER happen again. We have committed ourselves to each other. Not
  because we were forced to, but because we love each other. Correct?"

Brad nodded in agreement.

"Things are going to be different now. That leash you were once given
  has now been cut in half. I am NOT going to allow you to hang yourself  again and try turning to another for what I SHOULD have been giving you."

"I just want you to remember all that squirming you are doing.
  Remember how that sore, aching butt feels."

"If you would like, we COULD have matching sets right now," Justin

Brad stuck out his tongue, then smiled. Justin leaned over and sealed
  the new deal with a kiss, their eyes locked on each other.

Justin readjusted himself in the seat again and started the car. He
  looked in the mirror. Brad glanced over at Justin as he squinted.

"Particularly tender spot?" Brad asked, still teasing.

Justin looked at him with a cocked eyebrow and motioned for him to
  turn around. Brad followed Justin's lead, as they both stared at a vivid rainbow appearing in the sky. Brad continued to stare in awe as Justin continued the drive home.


Brad casually walked through the door and kicked off his shoes.

"Do you know what time it is?" Justin asked impatiently.

"I don't know. Fiveish?" Brad shrugged.

 Five THIRTY ! You know full well you are expected to be home at five SHARP."

"I was running late, Brad replied.

"That is why you have a cell phone."

"I was stuck in traffic, you know that would be illegal."

"Yes, if you were driving. If you were stuck, you wouldn't be driving."

"What's for dinner?" Brad asked, changing the subject.

"Another three days grounding, Justin said firmly.


"I don't think I need to repeat myself."

"That's not FAIR! We have that party Saturday night!

"We will not be attending that now."

"That SUCKS! Just 'cause I was a little fricken late!" Brad said,
  throwing himself on the couch.

"Would you like a whole week?"

"Justin! Give me a break!"

"You know the rules-"

"Oh stuff the rules!" Brad said,rising to his feet and heading for the

Justin blocked Brad off at the pass, fully steamed now. He took Brad's arm firmly in his hand and escorted him to the dining area. He quickly pulled out a chair and sat down, never letting Brad go. In ne smooth motion, Brad's shorts were at his knees and he was over Justin's lap

"Nothing seems to get to the bottom of things like a good spanking,"
  Justin announced before beginning a barrage of swats.

Brad kicked and squirmed, mumbling pleas and promises all the while.

"Today COULD have been the last night of grounding, but you just
  couldn't wait. What was so important?" Justin asked, but not hearing a proper response, continued the barrage of swats.

"Alright, alright!" Brad insisted on the verge of tears. "I went to the video store and got talking to Kenny."

"That's all you had to tell me, on your cell phone!"

"I know, I'm sorry!" Brad sniffled, still kicking gently to try and
  ease the fire.

Justin landed two more swats, then helped Brad to his feet. He pulled up his shorts and swatted him upstairs.

"Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes, go get cleaned up."

Brad quickly bounded up the stairs. Justin shook his head and headed
  into the kitchen to check on dinner. After Brad cleaned himself up, he  checked his watched and peered over the banister. Seeing the coast clear, he headed for the computer and quickly logged on. His instant messenger immediately chimed.

Tom&Jerry: Hey stranger, long time no see. Thought you bailed on me.
Only14U: Sorry! Things have been insane here.
Tom&Jerry: Nothing serious I hope.
Only14U: It could have been. Justin and I hit a rough patch.
Tom&Jerry: Oh no!
Only14U: It's okay now. We got a little, a LOT, of outside help, and we are better for it. 
Tom&Jerry: Sounds intense.
Only14U: It was. If it wasn't for Anthony, I don't know what would have happened to us.
Tom&Jerry: Who's Anthony?
Only14u: Long story. I promise to fill you in though.
"Bradley, dinner is ready." Justin hollered upstairs.
Only14U: Dinner is ready, I have to fly. I promise to write you soon.
Tom&Jerry: You better! See you soon?
Only14U: You bet.
Brad quickly signed off and headed downstairs. He walked up to Justin and snuggled in for a tight hug.

"I'm sorry for earlier," he said into Justin's shoulder.

"Thank you," Justin said, smiling over Brad's head. Things weren't perfect, but they were definitely going in the right direction.

~The End~

Copyright Rolf and Ranger 2010


Tori Barnes said...

I enjoyed this story, but I think both Justin and Brad owe Anthony an apology. He only gave them what they both wanted and needed. I would like to read more about Anthony. He is a very interesting character.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anthony had some nerve. He was a terrible teacher. Justin didn't have the knowledge or experience to understand what Anthony was telling him to do, and rather than stepping in to discipline Brad himself, he should have instructed Justin on what to do.

Rather than watching and grinding his teeth when Justin didn't "do it right," he should have given them both the tools they came to him to get. He was just a bully in the end. And I can't believe he thought he could muscle his way into their relationship and top them both. Ugh!

I'm glad they got away without anything worse happening.

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