Saturday, February 13, 2010


by Ranger

The BAFB has just passed a weighty resolution
Circulated to all its members, regarding current story scenes
That unless certain measures are immediately undertaken,
Action will be instigated through the following means:

Ties will not be worn. (T-shirts are in order.)
Bedtime will be inordinately late.
Video games shall be played more or less ceaselessly.
Sprouts and other unwanted veg may be left upon the plate.

Breakfast will consist of chocolate and of milkshake.
Chores and homework may be left undone.
Swearing will be mandatory. As will be door-slamming.
Toothpaste will be uncapped and all taps left to run.

Lights will not be put out. Fights will be applauded.
None of our members will be seen to be polite.
Lawns will go unmowed and indoor rollerblading encouraged.
Locked doors and windows will be optional at night.

Our conditions are these:

1. All plotlines shall end happily.
(i.e. for the brat with the Top's full support)
2. Brats shall be appreciated and inventive excuses recognised
3. Actions shall be judged by outcome, not by lack of forethought.

These are our conditions and should they not be well received
The resolution outlined above will be enforced across the land
With an international appeal for worldwide brat involvement.
Now we 
ALL know where we stand.

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